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please help me recover the faith, I'm losing it battyboys

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Just wait my man, i dont know why everyone is so jaded when the coin is nowhere near ready. That pump made no sense. If its still low when ad services are out then panic.

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*restores your faith*

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It’s not too late to buy ADST in the dip

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>muh browser plugin token

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Hey ladies want some tokens?

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Sup nigg3r

You deserve your stupid bags. That retarded project will never be worth anything lol. They’ll never get market share and media buyers certainly won’t be lining up to use autistic coins to buy advertisements in a browser that blocks all other ads. Rofl.

> b but muh javascript creator
> b but team

Horrible idea = horrible idea

Dump for EOS while there’s time

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If you want a moon, maybe this is not the coin for you, the way I see it.
But I see considerable gains once the full platform is rolled out, and massive fucking gains *if* BAT becomes a hit. But it's going to be long term.
If you're in, wait a bit more and once it's out, either take your profits hold for the long haul.

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200,000 new users every fortnight.