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is this faggot just a closeted homosex?

apparently he put $1k on nay for gay and got booted from firefox

is this really the only reason BAT exists?

i have 18k of these shitties

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this is serious

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when this moons it's going to be hard and fast. don't miss it

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this shit will be on coinbase retards

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newfags can't batforce

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are you really about to buy a coin that at most can only go up 150% from here?

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>contributes to not-gay political cause
>is he gay

FUCK YOU and fuck the Jews for normalizing this faggot BULLSHIT that now literally everyone is under suspicion of being an oven-ready buttsexer.

Burn it. Burn it all down, Gary. We’ll oven the degenerates and move on to a beautiful new world.

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Eh... I mean... is it really...