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How do you day trade? I know you just need to buy something and sell after it goes up 5-10% but then what? Do you leave it in BTC? What if it dips?

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try not to be an emotional faggot

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>Do you leave it in BTC?
up to you

>What if it dips?
you lose money

I don't think this is for you OP

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wait somebody has to buy for me to sell?

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Unless your a pro at analysis I would join a decent chat to help decide what to buy.
https://discord gg/pFGxB6r this ones pretty good :)

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>how do I sell low buy high
well its simple op, you just buy high, then sell low

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whenever you are unclear of btc price movements tether up. profits realized is profits realized

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lol why? USDT/BTC and $/BTC are about the same ratios. One pair falls in rates and the other pair follows

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are you trolling?

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Here's the dealorooni OP.

You need to look for high volume, volatile stocks. Then you need to pick a meme pattern to look for. ABCD is a good one. Don't be an emotional faggot and try to stay objective. In other words, don't force yourself to see an opportunity where there isn't one. Set your stops a bit below where you buy, know where your targets are, and them like a fucking hawk. Do that with autistic levels of dedication, make rational/non emotional assessments and adjustments over time, and you can make money.

Where people fuck up is fixating on opportunities they passed on that would have been big, then start lowering their stops in an attempt to catch them. Surprise, now you're losing money because you're betting against your entire system.

Another place people fuck up is being afraid to scale. If what you're trading only went up 40 cents and you sell 100 shares of it, congratulations you made $40. Minus brokerage fees, that is. Not really worth your time for the effort, and you'll burn out on watching screens all day to make shit tier money.

Having already made it by biz standards helps, because then you can use significant capital for your trades without risking a large portion of your total assets.

Same situation as above, but suppose you have 1000 shares of it. Well, now you made a 400 trade and the fees are a smaller part of your world. That kind of money might be worth it.

Final thing. If you don't have a $25k account, you're only allowed 3 trades a week with US brokers. Tough to make money that way. Your options are to use an overseas brokerage that doesn't have that rule, to split accounts, or to swing trade instead.