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How do you cure severe brain fog?

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Iodine drops
Hold up I have the iodine redpill on my phone

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Exercise, diet, sleeping well, meditation, and not staring at a computer 18 hours a day tend to help.

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Tick borne diseases like lyme can cause brain fog, such as babesia or bartonella.

Look it up, testing is hard af.

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Mental exercise.

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>not staring at a computer 18 hours a day
but anon what else is there for me to do ?

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Boom. Consider yourselves redpilled.
Also make sure you're doing
Of course

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>not staring at a computer 18 hours a day

What am I supposed to do with my day then?

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that and fix gut flora, eat well what anon above said

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Buy jpmc

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>try hash once in my teens
>feel kinda weird
>worried I've fried my brain forever
>go to like five different doctors
>they all tell me I have OCD and stop worrying about taking one hit like seven years ago
>tfw feel like my brain is retarded from it and cant stop thinking about it
sorry for blogpost but how do I know if it's just normal brainfog from living a degen lifestyle

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NAD+ IV infusion.

Healthy eating.

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• Vitamin D
• Magnesium
• Potassium

Get the levels of above checked for deficiencies.

Then, get your thyroid checked.

If none of the above are the cause of your brain fog, then it's likely what you eat is causing inflammation by creating additive oxidative stress. Try limiting your diet slowly by eliminating certain elements once every week or 2-3 days to see how you feel to find the cause.

If still no, then get a MRI of brain for brain tumour/clots & a full spine/neck as well.

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This. Bluelight is proven to contribute towards mental fog, take a 5 min break every 30-40 minutes & take a walk, also good for your eyes.

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Anon if you never listen to anyone on 4chan at least listen to this>>7578313
At least give it a shot

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staying healthy, eating right, getting sun and exercise.

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Adding on to this: Lyme gets worse with time & either more symptoms start showing up or the current ones increase become more severe.

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so you're saying we should stick to the red boards?

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2 tablespoons of raw, organic coconut oil at least 3-4 times a week. Make sure it's the raw, unprocessed one or it won't do anything.

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drink aids

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eat low calorie
drink lotsa water
no vaccinations
7hr sleep <--- more important

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Weed did the same to me desu

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Anon >>7578285 explains it well, but apart from that, you can also check if there is something physically wrong with you (some hormonal issues and other diseases can cause brain fog when not controlled properly).

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Not sure if sarcasm.

Well, bluelight is produced by every screen. You can download 'bluelight filter' apps which sort of block some of it but the solution really is to limit screen time to 4-5 hours at max. if you want to retain your proper circadian rhythm.

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Diet. Start eating/drinking probiotics

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Got mine from lyme disease :(

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is it possible from one session?

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OP, if you want quick, temporary relief. Have some chicken soup. It reduces oxidative stress which is what causes mental fog.

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wow - I wasn't expecting this robust of a response.

thanks /biz/friends

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Avoid foods high in histamine and salicylates,
Stop dairy, grains, simple carbs, sugar,
Meat and greens

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>most americans aren't using iodized salt

I find this hard to believe.

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Experienced it myself and it sucks, honestly. No amount of research was enough, eventually by experimenting & reading a lot, I've learned some things along the way which I've shared with you. Hope it helps.

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I meant to say just eat meat and greens

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This. But do it in a gradual fashion & keep notes.


Short-lived solution which'd cause long-term damage. not worth it.

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Curry for strong ambition sirs

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Been smoking for 5 years daily and didn't even know what brain fog was. Must suck desu

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Yep, exercise combination of weight training and cardio, good diet is super important. I’ve found recently that dropping carbs helps a lot and I’ve also been taking Rhodiola capsules. Felt a lot lighter, clearer mind and lungs if that makes sense. Good luck OP I’ve struggled for years with that shit

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im waiting, how did it help you?

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Shocked at some of the good replies on here. Sounds like my doctors. Help me out...

Been low T for a long time. Limp dick, no sex drive, sore all the time, brain fog most the time, memory doesn't work as good as it should. Energy increased (I can stay somewhat awake) when I ate healthy and now I have abs - very strong and in good shape. Tried paleo, still have sex issues, brain fog.

Doc gave me T shots for a bit, didn't work. CPAP was tried next, didn't work.

Did some scans, pituitary is 2/3 normal size.. doc said nothing to worry about.

I'm very healthy, eat good, but the memory issues, brain fog, and not even wanting sex AT ALL are still with me every day.

Literally had to jerk a soft dick and place it inside my wife to get her pregnant this second time... it's a boy lol Go figures. Havn't been interested in sex since softmore year in highschool, had plenty as a freshman.

I've tried everything else so any suggestions would help. I also have psoriasis, not bad though and genetic.

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Don’t fuckin touch this shit unless you want to be a mindless drone owned by big pharma. Also look into Holy Basil, they don’t want you to know about it

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Also, reduce masturbation to max. twice per week. Might not help as much with the fog as diet correction, but will make you feel better.

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Your source of illness appears to be mental anon, physical checks will come up empty. Depression likely.

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>The US recommended daily intake is 150 mcg/day. However, Japanese people often consume 50-80 times that much (5-13 mg/day), primarily from seaweed, and have less of the health problems associated with iodine deficiency
Really not surprised the japs are always the ones consuming the greatest nutrients thanks to their traditional diets. They also consume the most vitamin K2 which slows down wrinkles. They're practically the complete opposite of amerimutts

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how many hours of sleep are you getting per night?
do you feel refreshed after waking.

what do you do for work?

do you stay mentally active?

and how fucking old are you?

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honestly look at this though. i bought kelp off amazon, each pill has 225mcg of iodine, and it's much cheaper than buying lugols, AND kelp has more natural shit in it to balance out the iodine so you dont take too much.

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I wish I could agree. When I'm not exhausted for no reason I'm always happy, no where near depressed. I have literally the best family in the world, own a perfect house, make good money, gorgeous wife and 2 amazing kids. I couldn't be happier. I gave up and just live with it but the fog and sex drive is rough.

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Stop smoking weed like a fucking nigger

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Interesting, thanks anon. I know something is wrong, probably a combination of things we’re eating or lacking. I’m pretty sure most carbs are fucking poison and have the same effect on our body. I’ve stopped eating all bread and most grains, eat a lot of sweet potato now instead. I’ll try iodine too

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im ADHD brain fog is apart of my existence
any other anons have it?
have you tried the methods suggested by other anons in this thread, how did it work out?
and i just found out nootropics is a thing
any experiences with that?
i trust you faggots more then i trust blog posters

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It’s not just a meme

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yes i had it
just keep simple solution...
less computer.
better food.
more sun.
more excercise.
more spring water.
no video games.
1 fap/week

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I tried getting 6,7,8 hours of sleep for weeks at a time to see if that was the issue. I can sleep for 12 hours every day if I want. Wife is awesome.

I do work shift work but this happened way before that. 4 on 4 off, 12 hour shifts.

Work requires me to be active and I was ATC while in the military so I'm still ok there but even then I was foggy, just dealt with it.

Just turned 30. Feels good mostly. :)

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This is good advice + exercise

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memory doesnt work as good as it should it quite subjective.

get a neuropsychological assessment and they can test that. costs a bit though. couple thousand.

keep learning new things etc can help

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Pregnenalone 50mg every day
B12 inection 5000mcg monthly
Bupropion if your brain fog is from low mood or depression

T med fag

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Tanning beds make a big difference. I've been taking D as well but tanning made an actual difference. I just use the weakest tanning bed for 10 minutes twice a week and it works wonders for me.

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You don't.

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I will get that done. Thanks! I just know from experience that most people recall information 100x better than me.

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>I've been taking D as well
That's what she said.

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Surprised to come across this on /biz/ as I've been experiencing brain fog episodes the past month, along with derealization and intense impending doom / panic episodes. Not entirely sure what's causing it, or if it's purely mental but I have lots of ideas.

Go the fuck outside and immerse yourself with reality and nature. Make new memories, and decisions to create character and personality development. Be mindful of what you're doing in the present, sit in crowded public places and listen to people. Talk with people if you can. Basically be a normie, shit helps immensely.

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Ignore all the brainlets here, and do it the old fashion way: water fasting for atleast 7 days. Useless hormones will get purged during that time-span, making your brain very very stable. This is what I do when I program, and I do notice a significant improvement with my code.

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What do you think about this? https://www.amazon.com/Minerals-Iron-free-Vegetarian-Seeking-Health/dp/B004JGTKX4

>Iodine (from potassium iodide and organic Icelandic kelp)(Laminaria digitata)(stem and leaf) 250 mcg, Zinc (as TRAACS zinc bisglycinate) 30 mg, Selenium (as SelenoExcell High Selenium Yeast) 200 mcg, Copper (as TRAACS copper bisglycinate) 2 mg, Manganese (as TRAACS manganese bisglycinate) 4 mg, Chromium (as TRAACS chromium nicotinate glycinate) 200 mcg, Molybdenum (as TRAACS molybdenum bisglycinate) 200 mcg, Potassium (as potassium chloride) 99 mg, Shilajit Extract (Asphaltum punjabinum)(mineral extract)(50% fulvic acid) 50 mg, Boron (as Bororganic Glycine) 500 mcg, Vanadium (as TRAACS vanadium nicotinate glycinate) 150 mcg, Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)(aerial parts) 100 mcg. HPMC (vegetable capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, ascorbyl palmitate, medium-chain triglycerides oil and silica

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some people have better memories. also learning more shit when you're younger tends to produce better memories than people who don't do a whole lot when they're in school.

good education can make all the difference in brain capacity and function

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>Stop dairy, grains, simple carbs, sugar
Yeah right bread kills.
Fucking brainlet believes everything he reads on the internet.

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useless hormones that you can't name and don't know about.

you're a fucking retard. just kill yourself

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Alot of intelligent people fast aswell. Just look up billgates, steve jew when he was younger or heck, even vitalik.

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The obvious ones are proper sleep, exercise and diet which includes drinking alot of water. Take a good multivitamin and fish oil, for mental stuff you want higher DHA than EPA. Pretty much everyone is deficient in magnesium, vitamin d and zinc so take those. Lab door does testing of supplements since the FDA doesn't regulate them. r/nootropics has a lot of good shit

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Are you that much of a brainlet to even google?

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>Steve Jobs
And eventually he died
He's autistic..of course he's mathematically smart

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No one here will pin point what your exact problem is the best thing to do, at least this is what i think, is having a very traditional mindset. Disregard all those modern body washes that have the ability to alter hormone levels, modern dairy (get your milk from goat or sheep), plastics, pollution is a real killer, non organic food (pesticide residue can block male hormones), synthetic fabrics like polyester can affect your nuts https://www.popline.org/node/318863
Also i was looking at vitamin k2 a few weeks ago and saw some studies that it can raise T levels https://lipidworld.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1476-511X-10-158
Natto which is fermented soy has the most k2 kind of funny how it doesnt align with the soyboy myth

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>And eventually he died
>along with creating one of the most successful and influential company to ever exist.
Thanks for proving my point

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>Go the fuck outside and immerse yourself with reality
I tried today and it ended badly.
Went to in-n-out burger, and this group of 4 Mormon teen girls started taking pictures of me and laughing.
I couldn't believe it, it was my first time leaving the house in a while. I feel like I look normal. When I confronted them they just laughed, and the leader said "yeah, I took a picture, so what?" It felt unreal.
I called them "stupid Mormon cunts", and cussed them out for a couple minutes, made a big scene, then left my fries on the table, untouched.
Life is suffering.

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cant fucking see shit

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Start exercising 3x per week
If after 2 weeks there is no improvement, start meditating. I recommend Headspace.
If after 2 weeks there is no improvement, try to quit masturbating so much (or at all).

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I'm gonna double check this. Not to be a dick but I don't trust rando health advice from anyone.

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Drink water. Stop using drugs or stimulants. Wear a buttplug.

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Also start using Himalayan salt. It contains most of the trace minerals needed, as well as iodine.

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If you have a mental illness, then yes.

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1. Avoid all unsaturated fats.
2. Raw foods, including meat.

Read/listen to these people: Ray Peat, Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

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Why the fuck were they taking pictures? What were you doing out of the ordinary?

>> No.7579309

Sweet way to get skin cancer bro

>> No.7579312

Aren't saturated fats even worse?

>> No.7579332

No, the more saturated the better, which makes coconut fat the best fat and dairy fat the second best.

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I have OCD but nothing like schizophrenia or so

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Just eating my burger, then I got up to go to the counter.
It really wrecked my confidence, as I had been feeling depressed already earlier.

Mormons are smug cunts, they were all dressed up in their Church clothes, yet are bitches.

>> No.7579423

This sounds like some good advice. Not going to hurt to change some things up and maybe it works. I'll put this on my reading todo list. Thanks!

>> No.7579429

I am pretty awkward in public settings, so maybe that's why

>> No.7579480

Anon, you got bullied by teen girls? That's hilarious.

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Get mercury and lead out of your body

>> No.7579498


It's also hot, I mean, for some of us at least.

>> No.7579508

It's actually very depressing. Especially since I have a good job interview tomorrow, but they crushed my confidence. I don't even think I'll go

>> No.7579529

>letting some random retards ruin important stuff

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>7th grade
>girl keeps pushing me from behind, hitting me
>she was obviously into me but I couldn't tell at the time
>tattle on her
I still remember sitting in the principals office and him letting slip a laugh when I said it was a girl that was bullying me

>> No.7579557


What the fuck man. You go there and nail the interview. Don't ever let some white trash insecure whores ruin your day.

>> No.7579582

sounds like something a schizo would say

>> No.7579604

can you go into more details? what do you look like? be specific. they took pictures of you when you went to the counter? do you walk weird? act very submissive and depressed/beta?

>> No.7579610

Ex wife got Lyme. Shit sucks. Had to move out because she basically went crazy

>> No.7579623

It's legit. BTW it is chloride, specifically, that helps with "detox".

>> No.7579689

I think I look fairly normal, I do have very dark purple circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.
I probably look depressed and unkempt, my hair was probably messy.
Nothing too unusual, I don't look like a degenerate.
I'm just awkward, because I don't leave my parents basement much.

>> No.7579729

>Go the fuck outside

it's 9 degrees outside

>> No.7579748


> this is the average neo nazi

I am kekking hard at this post. lmao you can't even get a burger without sperging somehow

>> No.7579765


I think you're LARPing about the Mormons, but if you're not, you need to not give a shit. No one is going to remember some awkward guy at an in-n-out. It literally doesn't matter. Especially what some deluded Mormons think. Start makin changes, and don't let shit get to you because you will improve if you keep it up.

>> No.7579812

>think you're LARPing about the Mormons
I'm not. I live in the a very Mormon teen in Utah.
I'm gonna try not caring, for fucks sake I need to get my shit together, I just need a place to start.

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where are more redpills? how did i miss this?

>> No.7579915

Why are Normans so much happier, healthier, friendlier, more content with life, better looking, more intelligent in school, and generally better people than us?

>> No.7579933

it can when they spary the grain with glyphosate just to dry it off after harvesting

organic bread
also wheat is a shit-tier grain. won't kill you but... go for the rye bread

>> No.7579973

vitamin b12
methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin (cyano is safe but methyl more digestible by far)
the kind that dissolves under the tongue, or a liquid. not the pills

>> No.7579982

In my case it is because of ADD, so I have the symptoms of ADHS but instead of being nervous and hyperactive I just daydream literally every second of my day and my brain at this point is just exhausted.

After I wake up I feel normal for a few hours ( 3 - 4 ) but soon after I just completely drift off.

>tfw in my free time I pace around my room imagining all kinds of shit
>tfw sometimes do that for an entire hour straight
>tfw taking nightwalks and daydreaming is my favourite thing to do in summer
>tfw my performance at my job is decreasing day by day because monotony is the absolute WORST thing I cannot deal with

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it's the main ingrediant in those 5 hour energy drinks by the way, lots of b12, just fuckloads. thats how it works

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>> No.7580064


m8 normalfags are the ones justing themselves with booze, heroin, and prescription drugs. Well adjusted ones exist but when most of them get drunk it becomes apparent how much of it is a facade. For some reason making yourself damaged is fashionable now.

>> No.7580090

A lot of kids/adults these days can’t handle reality. No wonder things are fucked up

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I've been outside nearly every day the past month and it's fucking cold here (pic related). Dress well and you'll be fine or go for walks indoors like a mall.

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This is true. I’ve suffered from terrible, debilitating brain fog for years along with hypothyroidism. I have a teaspoon of ground kelp mixed in with water every morning, it’s really been helping me.

>> No.7580130

Yeah, and the worst thing is that I found all this shit out when I was 23 years old already.

Tried fucking everything before, lifting, getting t levels checked, meditation, no computer, etc. but it all didn't help.

Now I'm trying to get my life back on track and get out of wageslavery.

>> No.7580138


you faggot. here's the tier list

redpilled bros that front as normies and succeed in the normie world (steve jobs and bill gates tripped lsd, mike tyson and jon jones aware of govt bs and sociopaths, etc)

normies that are unaware of governmental regulations and corruption, the financial system, wars, and think life is lala land. their life is one of bliss, ignorant bliss.

these are the same as the upper echelon, but just low iq/not talented and thus not able to hide their redpilled nature. This includes neo nazis, incels, virgins, neets, sjw's, and so on.

so normies aren't "better" than us, they are better than some of us, their peace and happiness comes from ignorant bliss. A redpilled man has more potential to succeed, but also more potential to become an autist.

>> No.7580150


You're not too far from me

>> No.7580169

Im the ADHD poster from above
I feel ya on the daydreaming, it is constant, makes it hard to work
I will no shit spend 6-8 hours walking around the house daydreaming

>> No.7580257

This is the only thing that worked for me. I also had anxiety, lack of energy and other symptoms of ADHD/SCT

>> No.7580332

You need to find the cause. The immediate cause is neither a deficit (probably either B12 or D) or inflammation. If inflammation, you have to find its cause. Allergy? Parasites? Something else?

>> No.7580570

You’re actually the brainlet in this argument dude. Everything anon listed is sending us to an early grave like semi retarded sheep. Dyor or shut the fuck up, you clearly have no idea about this subject.

>> No.7580593

NoFap + Exercise + Meditation.

You're welcome

>> No.7580641

Fungal infection of sinuses for me. Took 3 fucking years to figure it out because doctors in my area are stingy brainlets.

>> No.7580688

Grains? Rye is factually excellent for your gut because of more fiber than anything else, how would you replace them?

Meat? Surely you should eat some amount of meat. Nothing else contains as much vital amino acids. People have always eat meat.

Greens? Are these unhealthy now?

>> No.7580740

Or maybe it was just weird formatting

>> No.7580843

I was doing this 5 months ago
>iodine supplement
>b12 supplement
>organic green veg/fruit mix
>working out
>cutting out fast food
>quit drinking
I gained 20lb of muscle and my brain fog was mostly gone. Then I started hanging out with townie bums again, started drinking again, and Im back to square one again.

Im probably gonna go back to this real soon. But working out and getting proper nutrients helps.

Also depending on your own body chemistry, going on a keto diet may help, in some people carbs and sugar cause brain fog and fatigue.

>> No.7581033

id love more info on this

>> No.7581072

Exercise, include stretching/yoga
Disciplined, mindful breathing
Good breakfast with eggs and fatty stuff

That's the generic ground stuff to pick yourself up

>> No.7581075


not a meme

>> No.7581109

Shit you take is probably iodide and not iodine. Good for you though on saving a few bucks :]

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File: 29 KB, 263x314, Severe Goiter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's sad but fascinating how people latch onto things, seeking some specific and solvable ill that will make everything better when resolved. You see it in the nofappers too, and in the attitude toward /pol/'s other scapegoats.
As he mentions but is apparently unable to think through, iodine deficiency results in goiters (swelling of the thyroid). They used to be reasonably common, but now are basically never seen in the first world. Because of iodine supplementation. If iodine deficiency was widespread enough to be responsible for all junk food and depression, there would be goiters everywhere, as there used to be when iodine deficiency was common.

>> No.7581233

That wasn't enough? Ever heard of these things called search engines?

In my experience these only work if there's much nothing wrong with you to start with. If you don't eat trash and sleep reasonably and still have fog you gotta look at the more specific solutions.

I'm sure you can experience iodine deficiency based brain fog without having goiter. It's true that there's not much sources of iodine in your average diet.

But good multivitamins contain the daily recommendation of 150mg and that should be enough to avoid deficiencies. You should be taking multivitamins anyway.

>> No.7581244

Always weird as fuck seeing tobanons on here. Don't get arrested for wrongthink now.

>> No.7581435

no your right, but as far as my 15 mins research can tell, nobody is really talking about iodine except for pregnant women.

>> No.7581442

Nothing wrong with meat and Veg, was talking about grains and dairy of any kind. Highly inflammatory shit we shouldn’t be eating but you’ll never hear that unless you go looking for answers. And you won’t know how good it feels to cut these from your diet unless you try for yourself.

>> No.7581496

One of my friends discovered he was gluten intolerant after staying off gluten for a month. Seemingly random bouts of irritability, digestion problems and fatigue among other things. I'm thinking about trying what he did on the off chance gluten is also fucking with me.

>> No.7581552

can I still workout that week?

>> No.7581585

That seems unwise

>> No.7581619

Yeah I figured so, anon's formatting was pretty bizarre because he ended everything with a comma.

I've cut dairy, pure sugar and I suppose simple carbs mostly. Still eat rice and pasta though, gotta have those raw calories somehow - I don't think this is supposed to be unhealthy in moderation, we need some raw energy and everything just converts into glucose and whatnot in your body anyway. If there's a better option I'd be happy to hear about it. Replacing all carbs with meat can't be healthy either, and veggies and nuts can't provide enough.

I've heard grains cause inflammation but I'm still eating one loaf of rye bread daily because it's a great breakfast, keeps constipation away and I haven't noticed much difference when I've gone without it a few days, except slight constipation.

I think moderation is key here. If you eat a bit of those things it's not bad, but milk for instance was literally the devil for me. Severe acne almost disappeared after quitting it. No differences in mental state though.

Thoughts on NSAIDs (aspirin) occasionally to combat stress-based or any other sorta inflammation?

>> No.7581738

if you are white, dont stop consuming dairy, you dumb cunt.

>> No.7581752

Modifinal and racetams.

>> No.7581770

Bad news, there’s natural alternatives that actually work well - turmeric for example. Ibuprofen is terrible for you, low dose aspirin if you really need it but I’m trying to stay away from as much pharmaceutical shit as possible. Herbal remedies can actually work although I think most are bullshit. Curcumin is scientifically proven as an anti inflammatory, and Rhodiola has helped my brain fog a lot. Life changer

>> No.7581863

I'm not one of those people that think all pharmaceuticals are shit. They're mostly proven, they're the pure forms of the chemicals that make us tick. Sure there's shit like SSRIs and some vaccines, and most drugs have worse side effects than benefits. But herbal remedies can be just as bad, in fact even worse. I know a person who destroyed his liver by taking herb stuff and died at like 40 years of liver failure. He was trying to be as healthy as possible. Sad

Aspirin is a pretty well-understood drug so I figure taking it like once or twice a week is more beneficial than not. I'm more afraid of inflammation than the minor side effects

>> No.7582014

take a cup of warm water with diluted shilajit resin.

>> No.7582160

I'm nervous, anxious, have brain fog and memory issues, etc. I've tried to ignore it my whole life but I'm p much at the end of my rope. Do you take anything?

>> No.7582194


>> No.7582196

I forgot to mention I do that pacing and daydreaming shit too. As well as some OCD habits with my finger nails, or sometimes checking locks multiple times, etc.

>> No.7582208

Thanks. I think I'm finally going to see a doctor and try to get something. Hoping I get better hasn't worked.

>> No.7582216

Have you tried killing yourself?

Nice try, Rajesh.

>> No.7582283

I wonder what he was taking? I’ve heard similar stories hence why I mentioned most are probably bullshit. Just research the fuck out of anything you consider taking, and dig for the worst cases. For example turmeric (curcumin) I’ve tried but only found benefits. No nasty liver stories which is what I was looking for. Right now I only take Rhodiola and St Mary’s thistle (milk thistle) with probiotics. Probiotic is a HUGE one, bad gut flora is our biggest health problem besides actual diet. It’s even been linked to Autism and they’ve cured people by promoting healthy gut flora (microbiome). Which takes us back to square one, eating healthy..
Bad bacteria thrive on yeast (bread and shitty carbs) which creates bad enzymes which then affect brain function hence the brain fog. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you’re feeling shitty in general that’s a possible reason.

>> No.7582293

>fix guy flora

Ok but how

Pretty sure this applies to me since I was antibiotic scheduled out as like a toddler

>> No.7582294

Rhodiola helps alot with brain fog. Been my favorite supp for years now

>> No.7582298

i've stopped consuming dairy and started cumming inside girlfriend on average 10x a week and my hair started falling out. Should I eat more cheese/milk?

>> No.7582306

grains are linked with auto immune disease, enjoy your Alzheimers FAG

>> No.7582328

Dude check my previous posts and try that before taking a fucking tablet the doctor will hand over straight away. Been there, done that. Works for a few weeks then your back at square one. Try treating the cause (most likely diet) don’t just pop a pill and mask the issue.

>> No.7582345
File: 80 KB, 1236x1320, 1517482905610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Was probably just your shitcoins.

>> No.7582365

I’m about 3 weeks in and it’s definitely great for my stamina and motivation too. Can’t find any bad side effects or stories which is great, also love to try Holy Basil which is supposed to be equally as amazing. Fuck SSRI’s they should be illegal

>> No.7582379

>no vaccinations
found the retard

>> No.7582383

Take a probiotic every day it’s easy, stop eating bread and feeding the badness in your gut. Good bacteria ABSOLUTELY LOVE veggies. Simple

>> No.7582392
File: 114 KB, 569x305, 1517298312478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hate you ='(

>> No.7582463

I was almost in the exact same situation as you. Turns out my brain just didn't work right. There was always this kind of lump there that stopped me from being able to think, and it didn't disappear with home remedies. It was the lack of dopamine and others, plain and simple.

Don't let >>7582328 dissuade you because I'm sure he hasn't gone through what you have. That's like refusing glasses if you have bad sight. Sure there's negatives but they're nothing compared to the positives if you are responsible.

He was taking all sorts of herbs, but I don't personally know which ones and how many. Just heard so from a relative after he passed and saw he kept all sorts of herbs on his shelves.

>> No.7582495

Be sure to try improving your lifestyle too, there's tons of great advice ITT. But if you already are doing ok, people saying "just live healthy" bro are just depressing.

>> No.7582542

Been using rhodiola since high school (uni now) it's pretty safe in my experience. Tried holy basil. It's alright. Black tea and rhodiola is a great combo in my experience

>> No.7582544

stop masturbating

>> No.7582577

Add almonds to this
soak them overnight in salt water and notice in 1 week how you can solve difficult problems
You will forever thank me for this

>> No.7582602

>Disciplined, mindful breathing
Pure and utter faggotry.

>> No.7582630

Good food and workout with lots of water and sunshine

Masterbate all you want don't listen to that guy

>> No.7582642

Show jawline, you moutbreathing faggot

>> No.7582646

Stop eating ALL carbs for 2-3 weeks. If you can't do that, just skip wheat.

You might have celiac disease.

Source: I have.

>> No.7582663

jump into a volcano

>> No.7582730

Yeah never mind that grain has fed and kept humanity healthy for centuries.
Clearly if everyone eats it, it must cause terrible disease.
Every ameriburger somehow think in the past 10 years that they have a chronic disease to do with wheat all of the sudden. I'm sure it's impossible to find higher levels of retardation anywhere else in the world.

>> No.7582739

try keto diet

>> No.7582800

All three have shit asses

>> No.7582821

>You might have celiac disease.
>Source: I have.

What symptoms did you experience?

>> No.7582826

Yep, if grains impact your health negatively the effect can't be big. Otherwise everybody would have alzheimer's and every farmer back in the time eating mostly grain would have died before reaching 30. I'm seriously sceptical about some grain existing in your diet being horribly bad for you.

>> No.7583013

I've always been a bit of a sleepyhead, often having a lot of trouble to focus on monotonous tasks, especially reading. I'm above average intelligence, but it made learning way more difficult for me. Teachers were always surprised that I alternated between getting really high grades and really low ones.
I tried all the basic stuff, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy, no salt, exercise every day, etc. It helped, but not much. The real game changer for me was modafinil, it's like my brain got cleaned the fuck out. I could watch paint dry without even blinking, so to speak. Currently in med school and it's like a walk in the park.
I'm still going to get my blood levels checked though, maybe see a neurologist. Maybe I have an underlying problem that's easy to fix. I suggest you do the same.

>> No.7583034

Yeah those asses are pretty shit

>> No.7583060

>10 ejaculations per week

Sperm is insanely high in protein and minerals. Your body losing/having to produce this much to replace it in your balls is a huge drain on your system.

>> No.7583073

Literally more likely to be depression than any of that other stuff, especially if you browse 4chan. Either that or dehydration.

>> No.7583098

>so much brain fog he doesn't notice brain fog

>> No.7583129

If i inhale a brap straight into my skull, does that count as brain fog?

>> No.7583146

In the UK last year a man killed his wife by farting and holding her head under the duvet.

>> No.7583170

Was not able to focus on things for long / general brain fog. Upset stomach (but not that much actually. Reduced amount of carbs / upped intake of good fats (think of omega 3, good quality olive oil) --> brain is back.

>> No.7583198

For me it was vitamin D3, but I'm also a eurofag, no clue how iodine is here.

>> No.7583294

>How do you cure severe brain fog?
Sleep in 90 minute cycles (90 minutes, 3 hours, 4 and 1/2 hour, 6 hours, 7 1/2 hour)

Seriously, this will correct a majority of people's "brain fog." If your sleep cycle is fucked up you will suffer, regardless of how much coffee you drink the next day or how much adderall you pop.

>> No.7583416

I had virus fatigue, aka chronic fatigue syndrome, aka cfids when I was in my early 20's. One of the main symptoms is brain fog, along with crippling fatigue. I'm 41 now and mostly over it but some of the brain fog never left.
Anyway, I came down with this after a series of back to back illnesses. Nothing crazy just bad stomach bug, followed by sinus infection, followed by flu etc for a couple months. I was working 50-70hrs a week, welding in Florida. Also was a drinker., and also had severe allergies. Blood tests showed antibodies for epstein barr virus were through the roof during this time. Whether or not 1 of the illnesses I had was epstein barr, or mono is arguable. It is just as likely that my immune system was just going nuts and producing antibodies for latent diseases I had earlier in life and it was the immune response I was really suffering from.
Case in point if you have noticeable brain fog and you are living healthy an infection might be the culprit. Even if you aren't necessarily infected right now.

>> No.7583513

Sorry to hear about that. This is case in point why I think NSAIDs might be helpful. They've been shown to combat depression, which is often caused by inflammation.

>> No.7583543


Noopept nootropic

>> No.7583750


Doctors prescribe low as fuck doses of testosterone. Go buy testosterone enanthate and do research into a 12 week beginner steroid cycle, but maybe only go for 300mg/ week and see how you feel midway in when the ester is fully coming in.

In addition to this, cold showers, krill oil, vitamin D and start weight training if you dont already. Feel the sensation that is known as the pump and report back to us bro.

>> No.7583776

This is dumb, don't do it. Modafinil drastically reduces your sleep quality. Good quality sleep is the cornerstone of health.

Put these on after 8.30 pm every night if you are browsing the internet. It tricks your brain into thinking it's actually in a dark cave with no light.

I've worn these every night for last 3 years.


If you want really good sleep, simply:

- cut out sugar
- cut out or reduce caffeine in the day (try drinking tea)
- and dont induce any adrenaline inducing activities before going to bed (i.e. FPS shooters)

>> No.7583794

i'll give this a shot, thanks for posting

>> No.7583828

maybe, don't know that I ever had a doctor suggest that. On a side note the only thing that ever really helped, other than time, is I had a doctor give me a series of peptide shots. This is common in europe from what I hear, particularly england. Oxford University has some propitiatory rights over the practice. Thats why its not common in the US because pharma can't make any real money on it so the US insurance companies don't cover it. I had to pay for it out of pocket and it was like 150 a shot.
First shot worked like charm. It was like boom everything was normal again. But it gradually faded until they weren't doing anything. From what I gather in England if you have the same treatment they examine your blood and specially tailor the injection to fix the exact problem you have. No one in the states does that and I didn't have the option of sending my blood to england.

>> No.7583856

What is that pic from anon

>> No.7583865

i started taking vitamin d and fish oil and it helped a lot

>> No.7583896

See if have mold in your house

See if you have a deviated septum

See if you suffer from Sleep Apnea

See if your D3 Levels are alright

See if you test levels are alright

See if your B Vitamin levels are alright

Take lugols iodine

>> No.7583899


my mum buys that shit from Alex Jones, I should start taking them again

>> No.7583921

help me what's that pic from anons help pls it's killing me, I don't even sauce for porn

>> No.7583951

I literally gutted my room and cleaned out all the black mold (basement flooded a while ago) and still have problems. At least I have a nice ass renovated room.

>> No.7583955

i've never seen this pasta before

>> No.7584025

no carb diet

>> No.7584043

Those plus lions mane extract.

>> No.7584062

Did you use a protection mask? If you inhaled get on a detox protocol.

this guys a faker but this shit works https://blog.bulletproof.com/top-11-ways-toxic-mold/

>> No.7584077


I got bitten by a tick in my younger years, I think I was 8.

What are the symptoms, how do they progress?

>> No.7584102


shit adhd here and I do the pacing around the house thinking of stuff to, I mean it's good when you're creative but I hate it

>> No.7584164

Making bad trading decisions is a key indicator to the presence of Lyme Disease

>> No.7584340

I suffer the same.

Water, Iodine, Magnesium, Exercise

Also review your internet habits.
Social media has us jumping around from unrelated article to unrelated article, post to post, comment to comment and its FRYING out brains and damaging our IQ.

>> No.7584342
File: 260 KB, 624x433, secret12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

op op opop optimum shilling

>> No.7584480

wtf is this from

>> No.7584490

enjoy your intramuscular injections containing proprietary aluminium compounds that will remain in your muscle tissue for the rest of your life

(by the way—aluminium is a neurotoxin)

>> No.7584600

>was doing this for like 3 days
>dropped my iodine bottle
>shattered all over the tile floor and stained it
>never bought another bottle

meh i guess ill go round 2 and try to make it longer than a week this time

>> No.7584614


>> No.7584616

I have lyme but its basically uncurable at this point so i basically just accept the fact that im retarded now

my latest symptom is mixing up words with polar opposites. ive literally got my lefts mixed up with my rights and my hots from my colds

feels bad

>> No.7584649
File: 559 KB, 2048x1536, uxFDJUy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't leave my parents basement much.
>I don't look like a degenerate
not sure if larping or not

if you can't find the problem then you are the problem

Also, I fucked a mormon so you're just bitching

>> No.7584662

or just get used to not enough sleep

>> No.7584665

gonna go ahead and guess prior to reading that this thread is basically nothing but broscience and /pol/ paranoia

>> No.7584739

Also you should cut your monitor brightness after sunset

It's not just blue light, but also intensity of light that keep you awake

>> No.7584758

I had my lyme treated in Germany. Google dr. Kleeman and get on the waiting list. Changed my life 100%, am now fit and healthy!

>> No.7584786

big if true

>> No.7584790

you dick

>> No.7584817

i will check it out but how much did it cost you and what treatments did you do
did u do iv rocephin?

i tried going to some guy here in the states but he was incompetent so i gave up

>> No.7584833

also can you provide a link to this dr kleeman because im not finding anything on google

i will actually get on the waiting list today if I can find the correct website

>> No.7584854

This. Those conspiracy theories are essentially fortunetelling, they rely on being relatable to your life experience by picking averages. If you happen to fall into the target demographic nicely, it sounds amazingly on point. If you diverge even a little, the whole thing falls like a house of cards.

i.e. I don't eat chips and pretzels and don't have any urge for it. No iodine supplement, no brain fog either. Meanwhile the gluttonous junk food eater will go "omg, that's true, i have brain fog! IT'S THE LACK OF IODINE" when it's really the junk food he's globbering by the bucket.

>> No.7584969

This is the website. The price depends on what meds you use. You buy them from a pharmacy and just pay to have a nurse administer them. I stayed there for a month to see what meds were the best and how much i could take, they do blood samples to see if your liver can handle the drugs and adjust accordingly. After the month i kept doing iv myself at home for about 6 months which was pretty cheap. The price depends on what type of drugs your body can tolerate and if you do iv or orals only. Total was around 20k euro for me because i did iv the whole time and one of the drugs was expensive in iv form.

>> No.7585028

yeah but how do you feel now compared to how you felt before

>> No.7585081
File: 63 KB, 480x480, 5a1952da9cecc8342f87a985ebe5d04760dd8c4fb04fcf3567341f097c0c95c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forget about thoses floppy cunts my dude stay with us it's comfier

t. guy who didnt saw the sun since 4 months and dgaf

>> No.7585102
File: 253 KB, 653x533, 1518395069524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spot the SWJ plebbitor

>> No.7585161

Maca root and red korean ginseng.

>> No.7585224

Before i slept like 14hours every day, if i worked out i was sore for 2 weeks and i generally felt like i had the flu constantly. My short term memory was totally messed up and cognitive abilities shit too. I was alive but unable to live and that made me pretty depressed desu. Now i wake up after 7 hours of sleep feeling refreshed and i can work out and actually recover, and my head is working again. I feel like i am back to 100% now.

>> No.7585275

well great you just described my current life
now only i have to figure out how to see a fucking german doctor as an american

>> No.7585289

Tianeptine for 1+ years

>> No.7585338

Just give them a call. I am not german or from the EU either, so its not a problem. You should ask if he can recommend a dr in america tho, he is one of the leading experts in the field so i am sure he has met some american experts on a conference or something.

>> No.7585433

OCD and Schizophrenia are linked.

>> No.7585454

Alright thanks. I have a couple questions then Ill stop bugging you. Did you have to apply for some kind of visa to stay there for a month while u were doing treatment? And where did you stay? A hotel or something?

>> No.7585472

Real life pink wojaks 10/10 nice

>> No.7585584

You can go on a normal tourist visa. I lived at a hotel nearby. You will go to the dr twice a day to get ur iv, so nice to find one close. I am glad to help dont worry about asking questions. Hope you get better anon.

>> No.7585641

Jesus christ..what's left then?

>> No.7585708

Thanks for posting, based anon. Will try this. I literally have all the symptoms, including autism, and my mother had hyperthyroid problems before her surgery... fuark...

>> No.7585714

Did you get a picc line in your chest or arm? Did that hurt? You also said you were there for a month so I assume you had to take your prescription back to your home country and get somebody else to adminster you the meds there

I just feel like trying to coordinate the medicines once you leave germany would be complicated

>> No.7585850

No picc line so you have to put the iv in different spots to reduce scarring in the veins. After watching the nurse insert the iv so many times i was comfortable doing it on my own when i got home, if you dont want to do it you can pay a private nurse to do it for you i guess. You will need to do bloods once a month to make sure everything is ok when you continiue the treatment when you get back, so you need to find a dr in the us willing to help you and he will write the scripts kleeman tells him to so you dont have to bring meds from Germany.

>> No.7585908

man that sounds crazy but if he cured you then its worth it. wouldnt you run out of spots to stick the needle after 6 months?

>> No.7585960

One other thing, you should get a friend or family member to help you set everything up for you as it can be very overwhelming to do it on your own in your current condition.