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Bought this fucking shit at 3700. Where's the fucking volume? I'm getting pretty tired of being a BATcuck.

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nice jsut bought 100ik

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Well there's a large fundamental problem with BAT. It's not widely known although it is an open secret in Silicon Valley. Brendan Eich wasn't black listed for the anti-gay marriage donations he made it was something else. He is addicted to smoking crack and fucking black hookers. He goes down to the tenderloin neighborhood every night then freebases a bunch of crack and rawdogs black hookers all night. I would dump your BAT now he probably won't live out the year.

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>tfw everyone on earth suddenly starts using the busted ass brave browser and dump all their money into BAT so they can continue to do something the browser already does without paying

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You realize the coin being over 3500 defeats the whole purpose, right?

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you realize you're a fucking faggot, right?

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>tfw waiting for $1 to sell for 5x gains
>tfw was sleeping when it was $1 for like 15 minutes
>tfw wanting to justify these bags so now gonna wait for $2

I'm in the green, but god fucking damn it when's the next big date for this basic bitch token

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Didn't mean to quote you

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>blscklisted because gay marriage

> bankrolled by gag peter think

Thanks just bought 100k