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Not trying to get rich quick. I want steady long term gains.

What is the safest thing to invest in to 20x by 2025? I'm thinking about the long term. Pic related is my guess

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ETHORSE isn't really "safe" since the project isn't off the ground yet, but you can easily see well above those gains by then.

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>1k EOY
>#1 blockchain by 2020

Pic related certainly is the best long term hold

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And pic is ?

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>1k EOY
>#1 blockchain by 2020

Pic related certainly is the best long term hold

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probably tether my man

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Crypto will be dead by then

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I'm deep in NEO, but what is going on? Seeing multiple neo threads. Is someone trying to make a pump happen on a $7b coin?

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Literally anything in the top 100

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Link $1000 end of year

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NEO and OMG.

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I agree with these

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Thirding OMG, although I don't know much about NEO.

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XLM is probably the best bet

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Will have a price drop as soon as people realize it's a centralised by it's nature.

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This fucking arguement is so old. Go blow a goat.

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Nice arguments there

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Will be 20x by eoy anon

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Safe with upside..I agree... XLM

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Eww get that landwhale out of here. At least pajeets pick attractive woman when they shitpost.

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QASH, WTC, IOTA, ETH, NEO are here to stay. REQ and NANO probably as well. From the lower cap ones I think GVT, LUX, DLT ans RLX are interesting. And for the sake of gambling I'd add XBY and ETBS.

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There's just a lot of people invested in it and not much else to talk about.

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This chink copycat coin is gonna be one of the big disasters of crypto

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Goddamn you're a cunt. Elected representatives != king. Ethereum consensus is the equivalent of direct democracy and leads to analytical paralysis or endless forks.

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For people that spend a lot of time actually researching coins and what makes them valuable, NEO is the nobrainer investment. Been trying to help my /biz/bros into the rocket since $4

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Nothing is safe until 2025. By then crypto should be regulated and the value proposition of ICO gambling will be priced out. You have a few years before these things need to be ubiquitous and tested enough to be priced purely on tech.

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Not QASH, and prob not Req and Nano/Rai. IOTA is dogshit and shouldn't be considered... They're not 100% decentralized, which could be fine to be a hybrid in the future but no. Walton is meh. ETH is obvious and I like Neo. You're moon mission low cap picks suck man.

II have C20 index (BTC. ETH, VEN, LINK, XLM, etc) fund. Outside of that is Ardor/Ignis(Jelurida), Grid+, TEL and GAS are solid.

DBC, LRC, QLC, and MTH are my High Risk/small investment.

Cheers M8

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