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Got 12.000 USD from parents to invest in crypto. Can I make a million this year?

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Not with 12 dollars.

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>12 dollars
Never gonna make it

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All on Tron my nigga

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>$12... Enjoy staying poor forever!

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Unironically this
Coin burn in the next few weeks
Will hit $1 eoy at least that’s a 20-25x profit

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Invest in nano I here it's the real sleeper OP Ignore the FUD

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This is obvious larp by some european faggot.

They use periods over there instead of commas, so 12.000 = 12,000

bunch of slack jawed faggots, go kill yourself eurotrash

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hearing a lot of good things about bitgrail and nano

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put it in tether

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He said 12k USD you fucking moron he could be in Europe and have gotten 9k Euros he probably figured most people understand USD here. Fuck how old are you

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>9 Euros
definitely not going to make it

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Incest in LINK

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Master race european

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Yes I got 10k €

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Unironically all in on XLM. Easily top 3 EOY.

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since when there are 1000 cents in a dollar

> 12$
dude, if you try hard you can make it 5$

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Audiocoin definitely

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Burger too retarded to understand EUR-> usd lmao

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ezpz you just need to double your money 8 times.

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If you go 50/50 split on two high potential players
Sell when we fee euphoric again but back at 40% dip,
Do that for two dips,
You'll be close to 7 figs

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buy these
thank me eoy

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>since when there are 1000 cents in a dollar

>> 12$
>dude, if you try hard you can make it 5$
You are a special kind of stupid

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no thanks, ill take some risks and invest in:

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>>7554792 >>7555477

What about IOTA?

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so do you ever say this stuff in your head before writing it?

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No, they don't. Because using a period instead of a comma is clearly shitfuckretard level 13.

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Sign up for BitMEX since you're European. Open up a 50X long, have your 1 million in less than a week. Truly simple as that anon. Use my reference for 10% off in fees. https://www.bitmex.com/register/SVU1C1

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I actually didn't do a good job explaining this so here goes. With 12K USD of BTC you can buy as much as 1.2 MILLION dollars worth of BTC on margin. I would recommend 25X margin though, which would give you ~37.5 BTC. For every dollar that BTC goes up, you make $37.50. If BTC were to go to 9K you would make about 37 thousand dollars after fees.

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It's called thousands seperator. Most of Europe uses a dot for this instead of a comma.

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Sounds very risky lol

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Sounds very risky... I don't want to gamble the 10k away like that.

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hey you giant fagotty collection of grease, gtfo out with your clinton ideology of trying to press your shitty half assed ideas onto other people.

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The same guys who use commas instead of periods, still use the retarded imperial system

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Only if you invest in JNT

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Burgers are so fucking stupid. Oh wait, they just pretending they are retarted.

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i made 101.9 dollars in 2 days, come at me bro

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digits upcoming confirm congo-tier lifestyle

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European her.

Most of my friends (also biz nerds since years) are seeing IOTA very positive and have 10-20% in it. Me just a 1%, but I am very diversified.
My point for IOTA is, first autonomous cars have to be on streets, before IOTA gets interesting. I think this will not happen the next years. But anyway IOTA maybe can be used for upcoming autonomous trucks. But also trucks (Tesla, Mercedes, ...) need a few more years.

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TL;DR: Iota maybe too hyped in europe, cause european country and Germany 30% automotive GDP.

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Learn TA and use test net for a while until you get good at it. It's the only way in crypto that you can get massive gains even in a bear market

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All in JNT. Not kidding.

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Nothing more needs to be said

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go all in tether OP

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Most of the World*

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any tips please?

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discard eth
discard ltc
buy bto
buy hpb

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Use low leverage starting out, less than 5X. Yes you can make a fuck ton of money using 100X but you can also lose a lot of money that way. I recommend just throwing like .10-.05 in to start out with that way if you completely screw yourself, you don't lose much sleep over it

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if you are a noob dont use all 12k at once start with a hundred. you will make many mistakes and lose alot of money at first before you start making any imo

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yes but only if you go all in on chainlink

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