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What did The Pirate Bay mean by this?

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really makes you think

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The same thing everyone laughing out loud means when thinking of bcash

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big thonk

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>Bitcoin Cash. Laugh Out Loud

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Seriously, who the fuck uses bcash

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Only niggers would buy bcash, oh.. and normies above the age of 70, who were advised into crypto trading by their grandsons. IT's essentially he same demographic was roped into buying bitconnect, anon

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that* (intentional so that I can upload more pics with the corrections)

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Low intelligence brain washed fags who fell for the deceptive marketing "Bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin".
Bcash is a fork but some people don't understand the technical so they rely on other people to shape their understanding.

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bcuck containment thread

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Indeed, they don't understand that there is already far more efficient crypto which has been produced. Ver is such a faggot, I don't get why he has such a high normie appeal.

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piratebay is run by globalist leftist cuckolds so it makes sense that they would love a centralized shitcoin like BTC

when you think of the archetypical weak swedish man, thats the type of people who run piratebay

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Social proof authority. He was early therefore he must be good is what they think. He is retarded and faggy on top of that his marketing is very fraudulent.
He owns bitcoin.com and uses it to advertise bcash but he only writes it as "bitcoin" there. The real bitcoin site is .org but again I don't think normies understand these type of things

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Flippening this year, and then BCH will gobble up the alts like tic tacs. All alt functionality can exist on BCH, and it will. This coin will scale globally, and it will be not only the only Bitcoin, but the only widely used crypto.

Fucking screen cap me. The true Bitcoin eoy 2018, the true Crypto eoy 2025

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I'm sure a huge portion of crypto traders hate BCH though? Do you think the 2nd normie invasion is gonna cause the flippening after BTC drops to a low price again?

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These pirate bay people probably don’t even have degrees in economics, business, or psychology like super smart people.

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Its just comical to see anyone supporting BTrash.
All you newfags have not been around here when Roger was considered the biggest smuggfag of this century.
When he consistently tried to profit out of shit, scammed his way to an bitcoin HARD FORK
and was trying consistently to kill bitcoin. If BCH successes, it will be over for the whole crypto market.
Its shit, its like really shitty version of Bitcoin.
Imagine buying a PS4 from China, build by someone who never really cared for the product and just increased the memory x2.

God I cant wait until it dies out, its unneeded and its bad for everyone except roger and his puppetshow of idiots.

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I need whatever the fuck drugs you are on stat

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old news

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This is correct.

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>an absolute emotional retard who understands nothing and thinks HARD FORKS are a bad thing

BTC use to hard fork all the time before Blockstream stopped development. BCH just HF'd like a couple months ago, XMR HFs like quarterly for updates. You should be made about the SOFT FORK that altered protocol which was enforced by UASF not consensus causing a chain split. But since you're a fucking idiot I'm not expecting you to understand.

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The Enemy wants to change the whitepaper. Why? Because they absolutely HATE Bitcoin and hate what it's supposed to be.

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the state of biz

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> "Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. A distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without the need for any central authority whatsoever. There is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank."

That description doesn't describe BTC anymore. BTC (since Blockstream took control of it) is going in the opposite direction of that description. Blockstream is turning it into the opposite it of what it's supposed to be.

And in fact, Blockstream-paid shills are now trying to change people's "idea" of what Bitcoin is supposed to be. They want people to now think "Bitcoin was not meant to be a currency" and that it's only supposed to be an investment and a store of value for very rich people, and nothing else.

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The state of Blockstream shills.

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they have a super sikrit wallet with a super rare adress LOL

bcash confirmned to moon

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le core shills xxxxxD
le r/btc xxxxD

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The state of Blockstream shills.

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You can tell how much BITCOIN CASH is bothering people. Absolute butt hurt lmao

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TPTB hates it because they can't control it. Anything they see as a threat -- whether it's financial or political -- they try to take over, infiltrate, subvert, etc. Their big hope was they could ruin Bitcoin and take it away from the people - that's why Blockstream was created in the first place.

Maybe they'll succeed with their takeover/destruction of BTC. But it's impossible for them to do the same thing to BCH; that's why they try sooo desperately hard to attack it online with their shills. Which actually has the reverse effect because they make what's going on more obvious.

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>All you newfags have not been around here when Roger was considered the biggest smuggfag of this century.
You mean the guy known as oldfags by Bitcoin Jesus? That guy? Lol you are the newfag, newfag.

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that's pretty ignorant, i thought they were smarter than that

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>Bcash is a fork but some people don't understand the technical so they rely on other people to shape their understanding.
A fork is just an update. It has nothing to do with with which one is the legitimate coin. Which coin is the legitimate coin is detailed in the whitepaper. I think you shouldn't have eaten so much paint as a kid. If you are still eating paint now I would recommend you stop.

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>all these non-arguments
core fags really are pathetic. Don't even have a dog in this race, think they both suck. But sheesh, this is sad.

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this is so damning

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big if true

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holy even bitcoin.org is pushing border abolition now? soros really does control everything...

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I hate BCore shills
Whats so fucking special about BCore anyway?

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>literal thieves support Bcore thievery
How surprising.

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tpb is obviously a bunch of core cucks

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Not gonna lie, former faggot here. I love watching /biz/ crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let them have the moon.

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SegWit is a fork too. Do you even know what you are talking about?

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bcash b trash my dude

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They're actually all paid FUD posts, you can thank Blockstream for this garbage - it will continue until Bitcoin Cash overtakes Bcore.

It's quite cheap to attempt to change public opinion online with paid pajeets

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as an impartial observer, this feud between core and cash shills is hilarious

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>Imagine buying a PS4 from China, build by someone who never really cared for the product and just increased the memory x2.
Would be pretty neat with double memory desu

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Blockstream doesn't give a flying fuck about the tech of Bitcoin. To them it's just a brand name.

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Pardon my ignorance, but would BCH have privacy capabilities like XMR, or ZCL?

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Not quite. It has Cash Shuffle which his basically just a mixer. If it gets extension blocks in the future it could get ring signatures and zksnarks.

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It is an actual website


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It means don't trust us because we're not operated by libertarians anymore, we will sell your information for money.

That's what I read from it anyway.

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So you're saying that those coins will still have a place in the market even if BCH dominates the end game?

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God damn, that is so pathetic.

Along with these:

Is there even an equivalent of this level of FUD coming from the Bcash crowd?

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Yes, until BCH adds strong privacy things like Monero have a place. I'm nearly 50/50 BCH/XMR in my folio as is.

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Pirate bay owners know bcash is a scammy altcoin and won't even give an address for free bcash shitcoins because it's fucking garbage like all the other 1500+ altcoins

That's what they meant by it, op. Now resume choking on cocks

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...we're literally fucked. like below 4k fucked. get ready to lose everything anons. not trying to FUD, just trying to prepare. THE STORM COMETH