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>91 BTC Volume

Press S to shit on grave

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Looks like BAT bag holders have officially been filled in

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They FOMO'ed over to PRL so they can get in on the airdrop

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Told you stupid faggots that pearl chads would come out on top

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Kek BAT is the only token worth holding on to. Peabrained faggots in here

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Very little going on with the coin in fairness, i dont know why they did the ICO so long before the browsers, plugins, partnerships or wallets were complete. I imagine it will pick up a tonne when some of these are done but I think it will be dead for a few months.

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PRL isnt up to much either. I think the market is stagnating as everyone is wising up to coins not doing anything.

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But going over 1 dollar defeats the purpose.....

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> coins entire purpose is not yet ready
Of course there's no volume, it's not usable yet. Wait until ad companies sign up.

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> PRL isn't up too much either

It's almost tripled this week

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just think. if you were going to accept micropayments, or a twitch/patron like system, would you prefer

a shittoken that lives and dies with its own payments company, with very low liquidity, high volatility and no uses other than cashing out
or a well established multiple billion dollars a day volume coin that you can buy/sell on hundreds of exchanges or use directly as payment through many processors, and if the underlying company thats paying you dies, your earned money doesnt immediately drop to zero

difficult choice

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Literally all your points are incorrect.

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absolutely none of my points are incorrect

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Still not too late to buy ADST

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> not tied to brave
> not volatile
> can be bought at exchanges


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you idiot, BAT was the least volatile token in 2017 outside of tether. fuck off

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the token is 100% tied to the company, what use does a shittoken have that was printed for zero dollars when the underlying company no longer is there to provide utility for it. and i dont think you understand markets if you think a very low liquidity coin is going to be less volatile when people have to start selling it.

>bought at exchanges
never even mentioned anything about buying bat, people are going to want to sell it to receive real money.

bat isnt a closed loop, the companies, publications, individuals getting paid need a currency they can actually use to pay for their expenses, employees, or to simply de-risk from the bat tokens price. the quality of what theyre being paid in is the single most important aspect of the entire system.

nobody other than bat bagholders would rather get pait in bat than btc.

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PRL is up because of a major announcement and airdrop. Regardless, the two cryptos can coexist in this stage of things.

BAT has a working product that is already paying out content creators and a browser that is leagues beyond others while still in the beta stage. the team behind it hasn't even begun mass marketing because they are not stupid and in need of money to keep the operations going. BAT has funding by some of the biggest angel investors out there.

Smart money is on BAT but I don't know why I try since everyone on here is an impatient NEET who thinks they are going to "make it" in one month by dropping $1,000 on some shit flavor of the month coin.

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because nobody is using it you brainlet. what do you think is going to happen when people start sending all their bat to people and they have to start selling it? the liquidity is so pathetic the slippage is going to be huge unless it magically gains tens of millions of more volume.

its always going to be significantly worse to try and cash out bat than a real liquid asset like btc. and if they want tether-like stability theyre going to have to back their token with something. right now bat is backed by hot air.

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lmao I would much rather be paid in BAT than BTC. you're either shit tier trolling or just seriously confused

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you do know that BAT has a built in mechanism to automatically convert BAT to fiat currency for content creators and advertisers, right? And via Uphold you can immediately convert it to fiat without having to go BAT -> BTC -> fiat. From what you are saying it sounds like people have to go PRL -> BTC -> fiat? How is this preferable to going straight to fiat?

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Brave has well over 1 million active users. If you think no one is using it, you are even dumber than I thought. I'm paying out a dozen creators on the 16th. You're going to have to try harder to FUD because it's not working

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thats just your bag holder status showing, that's all.

right, and what does that entail? a sell of course. someone has to be sitting on the other end willing to buy that bat after all. a funding token like bat is always going to have an uphill struggle when trying to get people to accept as or prefer it to a real asset.

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not fudding anything, these are simply the facts. of those 1 million people i'd like to see the real statistics about median amount paid instead of the typical shtcoin hype these companies love to push.

you'll find out sooner or later what the greater population actually prefers.

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you are ignorant as fuck. Who do you think is buying the BAT? Uphold is, and they keep a reserve of BAT assets. Also monthly payments reduces the token velocity. If tokens are only turned over 12x a year that is a good thing, not a bad thing you inbred fuck

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uhhhhh I think you don't understand how all this works. when content creators/advertisers cash out BAT it is held by Uphold and redistributed back into the ecosystem, which drives volume.

Explain to me how the PRL payout works, I have plenty of time.

And on your point re: volume, BAT is at 4.5bn 24 hrs with no news, and PRL is at 6.4bn in 24 hours on the heels of the biggest announcement they have probably ever had. Really a high volume coin

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One million is jack shit. Like embarrassingly tiny.

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considering every other utility token (REQ, ICX, etc) has 0 users because they don't even have working products, I'd say >1 million is pretty decent fuckhead

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It's quite literally not tied to Brave, plugins are being produced for wider use. Twitch integration soon. Brave really just provides the native ad block and targeted ad information.

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1.4 million

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your adorable personal attacks really show how heavily emotionally invested you are in this coin. maybe go out, have a walk, and realize your losses dont mean much in the grand scheme of things.

they can only buy so much, they dont have infinite reserves. besides now we're back to a centralized platform, whereas a tiny little layer on top of the lightning network would get you the exact same thing but cheaper, and more widely accepted, obviously at the expense of any automatic cashing out, but that's just the centralized part.

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the insults are well deserved. congrats on this, brainlet

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i dont think you understand, the bat token itself lives and dies by the company that created it. it's not like bitcoin, it was a coin specifically created by one company and has value purely because of the fact that the company that created it accepts and supports it.

theres no world where brave shuts down all operations and bat somehow magically can keep being used as a micropayment token, unlike a real currency or coin like bitcoin, which is bigger than just a single project, and wont budge when brave shuts down.

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sorry for your loss :)

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Brave isn't shutting down. They are funded enough to last decades. Stop wasting people's time with this garbage

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Where do you think they got the capital to fuel all that shit?

Jesus christ you're fucking retarded

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or rather not brave itself but the company folding, the browser will never get anywhere in the first place, it'll have to be used via plugins

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loss? I've been accumulating for months- I don't think you understand what BAT was trading at before December lmao

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provided they dont spectacularly fail like 99%+ of all startups do, sure. the point is when they do, the token does not live on, and everyone that accepted it and is still holding it gets fucked, but if they wanted to de-risk themselves while still using a completely open and decentralized platform, they would have to use a real currency like btc/eth.

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Right because Javascript and Mozilla showed us that Eich is likely to fail? God damn this is shit tier bait at this point. I'm embarrassed to respond

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What does BAT do that PRL doesnt?

BAT literally requires user adoption on a massive scale (both the willingness to switch web browsers AND to implement a payment method for streamers)

PRL just allows content creators to enter a little copypasta code in the beginning of their of their website when they visit. IE: it doesn't require the user to fundamentally alter their internet preferences.

Don't get me wrong, i'm holding BAT but this is just something thats irked me lately after reading PRL's whitepaper

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past performance is not indicative of future success. you think if mozilla hadn't been around for 15 years+ it would be a competitive browser today? times have changed. we'll see if he's able to compete in this world.

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does PRL use some in browser mining shit? because that's DOA, otherwise it still needs adoption by users.

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Isn’t Brave still technically in Alpha?

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does PRL natively block trackers and ads? does PRL have plans to expand to other apps? does PRL have the potential to become the default token of the internet?

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"they dont have infinite reserves" ofc no one does. what is coinbase's reserves like? the point is they have an extremely strong company backing the cashouts IN ADDITION to the capital on the secondary market.

but yea - Uphold is just a fly by night operation so partnering with them was a stupid idea by the Brave team

"Former Ripple Exec Invests $57.5 Million in Uphold"

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you can argue this point all you want, but the liquidity of a token like bat is always going to be leagues away from a currency like bitcoin. besides, it's centralized, the advantage of "direct conversion" only exists when you agree to use a single centralized processor.

you cant look at that and seriously think people would prefer that than being paid in bitcoin and having conversion happen through any number of competing payment processors.

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It wouldnt be magical mate, go read the whitepaper.

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it uses iota, so it's never going anywhere. but lets be serious, neither of these tokens have even a remote chance of being the "default token of the internet".

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you mean the paper written by the team working at the company that's the basis for BAT's value? and what happens when they disappear? tokens with centralized value never make any sense in the long term.

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Brave has been around for years, hardly a failing start up.

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why would people prefer to be paid in slow and expensive bitcoin? if ethereum doesn't scale, BAT will move to whichever blockchain does scale. this is a complete non-issue

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I think you are right. version .2 and yet still becoming my browser of choice for 75% of my browsing. doing my first payouts on 2/16 to the big youtubers who got on board like Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco (I don't follow them, but pinned contributions to them because people like them with millions of followers and the YouTube clampdown will drive adoption once they start seeing the $)

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Mining codes that are already blocked by adblockers?

>> No.7540543

the entire purpose of lightning is to enable these kinds of micropayment services in bitcoin once again. bat is sure as hell not going to be doing an ethereum transaction for each transfer either.

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lmao it must be hard to be so shortsighted and ignorant even when people try to spoonfeed you the obvious. BAT has the purpose, tech, and team to do it. PRL doesn't. goodbye

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Yes BAT is made by them but not centralized and not ultimately dependent on them once running. As stated in the paper.

>> No.7540568

By no means am I an expert or even fairly experienced in this tech, so take it with a grain of salt.

But yeah that sounds about right

>The Oyster Protocol is very simple for Website Owners to enable. They need only add a single line of code to their website HTML to fully enable the Oyster Protocol and receive automatic payments in Pearls . . .

> For example: a person is browsing four of their favorite websites on their laptop, two of which have the Oyster Protocol enabled. When the Oyster enabled website A is visited, the visitor's laptop will become a Web Node and attribute any active treasure hunts to the Website Owner of website A. Therefore, any discovered Pearls would be claimed in the Oyster Contract under the Ethereum address of Website A.

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spoonfeed their desperate hopes and dreams of being rich, sure. it's a different world when you're no longer desperate for money, you can start to see these ideas in a rational light, something thats incredibly hard for people who get very emotionally attached to their investments.

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with this you have outed yourself as a moon mission chaser that does not really believe in the products you are putting money in. you just look at the daily trends and come on an imageboard to gloat. quality bait though i'll give you that

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Pajeet just stop, no-one gives a shit about adshares.

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thats just wishful thinking though. there's no reason to prefer bat over anything else if they cant manage to get the protocol working at scale, or enough adoption in the first place. bat is not a general purpose token, its a funding token than is being used for this very specific idea and implementation of micropayments on the net.

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Again, that requires massive scale adoption. PRL only requires adoption by content-creators.

They may be able to coexist since PRL does data storage shit and BAT has it's own webbrowser. BAT seems like an all or nothing type of thing and PRL seems like a hedge-bet

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what the fuck is adshares?

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>moon mission
entirely the opposite, given how everyone in this thread that's for bat is all about getting rich off of the token.

i have no investments in any of these shittokens whatsoever.

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>Therefore, any discovered Pearls would be claimed in the Oyster Contract under the Ethereum address of Website A.

I'm open to learning here so not trying to flame - but I thought the whole argument was that you are getting paid in BTC through the PRL platform? Please explain so I understand.

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in-browser mining malware gets blocked by any adblocker these days, so thats just not going to work for people.

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Everything I argue comes from logic, not emotion. you are deaf to logic because you seem a bit slow. Let me break this down for you like I would explain to a 12 year old.

BAT and Brave are developed by a team that is responsible for a huge part of how we view and work with the internet today. This is a fact (not emotion).

Brave user adoption is growing at an incredibly fast rate and Eich expects to have millions of more users by the end of the year based on the current growth rate. We have no reason to believe the growth rate will slow down because a huge majority of the user growth pool is still available. This is a fact (not emotion).

Thousands of YouTubers and sites are verified publishers, but only a handful have promoted it in any way. We can logically expect more to promote BAT after they start receiving their first BAT payments. This is logic (not emotion).

BAT will eventually be used in other apps besides Brave. This is a fact (not emotion).

The only emotion I have is disappoint when I read your posts.

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thats all great, but you do understand that if the company developing all of these things fails, then the bat token itself becomes worthless, right? no other development team is going to use a competing funding token.

and we'll see about youtube, right now everything is theoretical, and the biggest risk for bat is it get's adoption then either youtube bans it, or a competing protocol arrives that gives them a better deal or comes with an already huge user base attached.

it is way, way too early to talk about bat taking over the world or the internet, not just for bat itself, but for cryptocurrencies as a whole. everyone is far too interested in get rich quick tokens forgetting that we still are waiting on fundamental scaling upgrades for bitcoin and ethereum, and without those the entire market is stalling.

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not to mention of all of these theoretical millions of users are no more attached to this platform than any other competing one, because the vast vast majority of valuable users (i.e. not those in third world countries) are not interested in the pennies they'll be making per month by subjecting themselves to ads.

the whole ad part is doomer to fail simply because the people that will happily look at ads for pennies are the exact kind of people that advertisers don't want to pay for, fraudsters, and the poor.

where bat has an actual opportunity is really in the users paying, not earning, twitch, youtube, news sites, etc, and there's generally a lot more risk there because you can bet they'll be pushback just like there has been for patreon.

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you do realize that Brave's team is more active in their community and proactive in development than Bitcoin core is right?

You literally have no argument against BAT besides "what if Brave fails" and "use Bitcoin instead" which are both void of any actual substance.

YouTube cannot ban BAT- that doesn't even make sense. Brave is registered as Chrome in browser statistics so Google has no way of banning Brave users.

And no it's not too early to talk about BAT taking over the internet, considering that is pretty much the intended goal of BAT. You'll realize it too in several years, but you'll have missed the boat by then waiting for the "sure thing" to come along

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wrong, you clearly just proved how you don't understand how Brave ads will work. You don't simply get paid pennies to watch random, irrelevant ads. If you opt in for Brave ads, you will receive a small number of highly relevant, high quality ads that are hypertargeted to you when browsing Amazon for a purchase, etc.

You should honestly do more research before you keep making yourself look bad

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You still haven't explained how PRL users are paid in BTC when there's a line in the whitepaper quoted above that mentions deposits going to content creators Ethereum address.

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i dont see what a few bitcoin developers have to do with this, there is already a significantly larger ecosystem around bitcoin than bat, and expecting that to change is making a very big bet. my argument is given the bowser itself is never going to reach mass adoption (again, speaking about the market that matters, the first world) bat's success is all about infiltrating content platforms, or convincing people that they should remove their adblockers.

and youtube can do what they like, twitch already banned people form promoting content via patreon, or made it very difficult for streamers to try and convert people over there rather than on twitch.

it is a very real risk that centralized companies will try to fight other centralized companies that pose a threat to their revenue, espeically given the razor thin margins involved.

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i think you're replying to the wrong person. i have no idea about PRL, and given that it uses iota i have my doubts about it going anywhere.

>> No.7541108

users don't want any of those marketing buzzwords, understand your market.

>> No.7541146

You don't see what Bitcoin developers have to do with this? Seriously? You keep arguing "what if the Brave team fails" but you don't see why I am asking "what if the Bitcoin core team fails?"

I'm done responding to this brainlet. I don't care if you own BAT or not, and hopefully the people reading this can pick up on your lack of understanding and internal confusion

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>nobody other than bat bagholders would rather get pait in bat than btc.

you literally just said that above. what were you talking about?

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marketing buzzwords? Holy shit. Dumber than I expected. Good luck guy

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because one is a centralized company, and the other is a decentralized loose group of developers. conflating the two is a mistake.

yeah, via lightning or a similar second layer solution, even eth would be more valuable. i dont see what that has to do with some other shitcoin (prl?)

i have yet to see any real world examples of users en mass deciding they appreciate high quality targeted ads, and would prefer those from seeing no ads at all. that's contrary to everything the advertising companies have been complaining about over the past 5 years as adblocking has ramped up to significant numbers.

yet users have shown to be receptive to pay money directly to personalities they appreciate the work of, whether on twitch or patreon, even youtube red. this is the market that has potential.

you really, really need to look deeper into this market you claim to know so much about.

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They are willing when those ads allow for them to access paywalls, support sites, pay content creators, access streaming services or earn themselves. Remember in Brave they can choose to comprehensively adblock at any time regardless. Once running those who still adblock can purchase BAT to access these things.

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>i have yet to see any real world examples of users en mass deciding they appreciate high quality targeted ads, and would prefer those from seeing no ads at all. that's contrary to everything the advertising companies have been complaining about over the past 5 years as adblocking has ramped up to significant numbers.

BAT enables people with a desire to donate money to content creators the ability to do so via passive methods (time spent on a website), or through forced distribution (selecting who you want to donate to), and in the future a direct donation option like patreon/twitch. Whichever of these options the user picks, it is just as if not more seamless then the patreon/twitch methods, which require fiat funding upfront.

The ad portion is 100% opt in. Users have the option to receive BAT payments for viewing ads which will be able to be cashed out or donated back to content creators.

So, BAT hits the high market potential you describe and has an appeal for people wanting to make some money on the side, passively through web browsing. If you don't believe there is a market for this, you are obviously not tuned into things like Bing Rewards, Swagbucks, MTurk, and all the other sub minimum wage schemes that people aimlessly use so they don't have to leave their couch. The difference w/ BAT is that the users are paid a premium because ads are reduced by orders of magnitude and only appear sporadically.

>> No.7541503

i'm sure they will get people who are willing to do so, but the trend definitely seems to be complete adblocking with people paying direct side-channel payments.

there's no current support for anyone other than the poorest being willing to view ads/solve captchas/etc for sub-penny rewards, that's the true uphill struggle. people will quickly realize that what they earn wont be enough to pay for what they consume, unless they're interested in trying to farm bat, which i believe won't be allowed, lest fraud completely dominate the platform.

>> No.7541562

i agree with a lot of what you're saying, it's just clear that the "earning" part of the platform will be almost insultingly tiny, and people will quickly find out that regardless of what they have to do, they're going to need to buy some token in order to view the content they want to.

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is that brendan? why does he have ethernet cables all on his floor

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and the basis of this is simply that if you remove all of the shitty ads, you can't improve conversion of the non-shit ones enough to make them pay enough to cover the rest. if they can solve this problem, then they have solved internet marketing.

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i am genuinely interested to see if they can solve the ad fraud problem, something google has strugged and failed with for decades now.

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