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This is not a drill.

I bought at 7k but this is looking grim, im out for a while.

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Will probs bounce off 6k then head down shortly after to around 4.5k. Then I would be confident the bear market has ended. Need to see some sideways movement then market will have finally stabilised

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>I'm weak handed so I'm going to sell everything for monopoly money that admits to having no real worth
Nah I'm good OP

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You don't make money holding in a bear market you passive cuck. Chad's make money on the way down

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All it take is tether to up and leave and you lose everything lol retard cash out in FIAT

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>sell everything for monopoly money that admits to having no real worth
how is that different from any other coin though? other than, i guess, admitting to it.

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you can sell btc for example for real fucking usd
you can't say the same about tether

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405 Cali in that pic. - that's how we roll in LA...on FAIYA

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I dont care if USDT is a scam, i only need it for a few days until we touch the 4,5k

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I have six figures in crypto. I'm going to sleep for a year. Wake me up in 2019 and I'll be a millionaire. Yeah, whatever, I'll miss selling high and buying low. But I can't be bothered stressing out over this, I'll win by holding and napping.

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It’s going to drop to 5k.

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that's what everyone does retard, you're gambling your entire portfolio on hoping the tethering doesn't happen in those few days

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Unlikely to happen but i will make a nice profit if it doesnt, we are all palying a risky game here.

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U sold the bottom. Congrats retard

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hahaahhh what a retard