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Give me one reason why LINK won’t be $1000 by the end of the year

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No. You're claiming that it will be, burden of proof lies upon you.
Tell my why the fuck it would.

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Because every time a new shit coin is released, it serves to remind people that all the other shit coins have no value.

Bitcoin will have value for a little while longer because they were first out of the gate and it's the only coin most people know.

Ether will be around for a while because it's the poor man's bitcoin, and because they will get investors when bitcoin is regulated in the next few years.

The other coins are all shitcoin. They exist because someone decided to capture lightning in a bottle 1500 more times. It won't work, they're pyramid schemes.

Link has nothing to offer that the other 1500 shit coins don't already have.

Does that answer your question?

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btfo boomer do you even know what Link does

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Because it will take a bit longer to get there with selloffs. Weak hands will drop at 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 750. Very few here will actually make it. My guess is probably 18 months to 2 years for 1k link.
It's already assumed that link will hit 1k, only a matter of when.

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Because it's shit. End of faggot.

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Sure I do. But what you young whippersnappers haven't learned yet is that an idea isn't worth anything. The implementation is.

You think that "block chain" automatically gives a coin value, it doesn't. You think that "smart contracts" automatically give a coin value. It doesn't.

And the reason is this... both are non-proprietary technologies. Anyone can use them.

So the Chainlink website talks about the power of blockchain and smart contracts, but it ignores the fact that people can do both without needing any of these coin.

So let's say you're a big bank. What do you do? Well, you come up with your own system, one that doesn't require you to pay Yaheeb who lives in the basement, and you just ice them out of the whole deal.

That is why most of the 1500 coins out there is shit. They all think that someone is going to pay them for a technology that is already free.

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one trillion marketcap KEK

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What's it like being a brainlet grandpa?

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Pretty horrible. If it weren't for the pile of money and the 20 year old I'm fucking, I'd have nothing.

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Becaus Sergey will not deliver. Mainnet will never release or it will be full of glitches and nobody will want to use it.

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Please dont buy any link, either u troll or u borderline retarded.

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>Marketcap meme

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Dream on. Every generation has their get-rich-quick scheme, and they all end the same way for most people.

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2$ the most you'lll see. 10$ if you are lucky and Skergy pulls a rabbit out of his hat

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You cant be this sad and delusional this must be bait

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to be a chainlink investor. The hints are extrenely subtle, and without a solid grasp of the banking system most of the hints will go over a typical newfags head. There’s also Sergies optimistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from satoshi nakamoto's literature, for instance. The investors understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this coin, to realise its not just brilliant- is can change peoplea LIVES. As a consequence people who dislike chainlink truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in sergies existential catchphrase “See you at SIBOS” which itself is a cryptic reference to the international banking conference. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as the chainlink development team's genius wit unfolds itself on their binance trading screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to be a chainlink investor. The hints are extrenely subtle, and without a solid grasp of the banking system most of the hints will go over a typical newfags head. There’s also Sergies optimistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from satoshi nakamoto's literature, for instance. The investors understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this coin, to realise its not just brilliant- is can change peoplea LIVES. As a consequence people who dislike chainlink truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in sergies existential catchphrase “See you at SIBOS” which itself is a cryptic reference to the international banking conference. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as the chainlink development team's genius wit unfolds itself on their binance trading screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

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Why are you

typing like this?


depressed low T


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See, almost all of your comment reflects several of the classic symptoms of all bubbles / ponzi schemes....

1. Some new tech/theory that is going to change the world.

2. Telling potential investors that most people "aren't smart enough" to know to invest.

3. A jumble of words that say nothing

4. The promise of great returns while being WAY fuzzy on the details.

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>seriously replying to one of the stalest link pastas there are

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Because I am typing on a PC, and it's easier to separate thoughts and points if you do them in paragraph form. Because when you read a long unbroken comment that seems to go on and on forever without making a point it's very difficult to read and you tend to skip over what the person is saying and my brain is going to explode if I can't hit the return key soon.

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why did you stop. keep fudding you piece of shit

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you know /biz is a secret pedo network right? much safer and legally wise to stick to reddit. better info there anyway

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The fat fuck will exit scam by the end of the month. In fact, he most likely won't even appear at the conference.

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I think I lasted about 10 minutes on reddit. I left as soon as I found out that speech is not free, but is controlled by either an individual or group who decides what is and isn't allowed to be said.

Chan is sometimes full of shit, and I can do without the endless coin shilling in /biz/ all day, but I'll put up with that as part of living in a world where free speech still exists.

In other words.... I'd rather be here than with the greatest people in the world.

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you're seriously making me sad about the state of /biz. lurk more

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just kill yourself

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Blame CNN & Fox News. If they hadn't kept telling me about the fappening and Kate Upton being part of it, I never would have heard of this place.

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Hello, Mr. Boomer.

Give me your explanation of a smart contract.

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I first came to 4chan when some warlock on world of warcraft told me to 10 years ago. Any other anons want to share their introduction to freedom?

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Same reason why it won't reach 5K eoy - it will first reach these price levels when it is "adopted", which i doubt will happen before 2019.

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>So let's say you're a big bank. What do you do? Well, you come up with your own system, one that doesn't require you to pay Yaheeb who lives in the basement
You are a brainlet.
To have a solid blockchain network like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Chainlink you have to spend more the the whole budget of USA.
No bank in the world has this kind of money.

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Because that would make me a millionaire and God knows I don't deserve it

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You're assuming they give a flying fuck about pow/nodes

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POW and nodes is the whole point of blockchain, brainlet.
The only reason blockchain is a thing, because due to decentralization it runs forever, whatever happens, has no downtime and the information stays unchanged forever.

Unless you can guarantee that you have enough nodes up to survive a 51% attack or a nuclear war, there is no point of moving your data to blockchain.

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This guy fucks

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13 years ago, someone was posting /b/ memes in an IRC channel. And I didn't understand why /b/ stood for Random. It just didn't make sense. Now nothing makes sense anymore.

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> Big banks can't afford to do the same thing that a handful of people from BTC and ETH did for free themselves.

Solid logic there.

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there aren't any fellow linkie

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Solid strawman there.

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Who the fuck has ever said it will hit $1000, that's just bullshit newfags came up with, it was always between $100-$300 in 2years you stupid fucks

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>>actually believing link will be sub $100 at EOY
imagine being this gay

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Link will almost certainly surpass bitcoins highest-high.

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God you cunts are fucking retarded, please enlighten me to why link will be over $1000, I am a pink holder, 50% of my portfolio is link but I even don't think it will hit $1000, maybe $400 at most and that wouldn't be till atleast 2020

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Not a strawman. He said...

>To have a solid blockchain network like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Chainlink you have to spend more the the whole budget of USA.
>No bank in the world has this kind of money.

If it would cost that much for the banks, why did it not cost that much for the people who put together bitcoin and ETH?

The point is... the tech is free, anyone can use it. All that matters is the implementation.

Once the banks come up with their own version of blockchain and smart contracts, the only people who will still want to use the existing cryptos are those who deal in the black market. And there aren't enough of those people to support the coin or for it to grow to widespread use, and certainly not enough to support the current price.

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>I am a link holder

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Market cap. That's the only thing standing in it's way.

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this is the dumbest thing that I have ever read on this board...perhaps even 4chan all-together. My only hope is that it is spill-over from reddit (I woulen't know; never been) and that your stupidity is not contagious.

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>enlighten me
supply and demand you fucking retard go back to plebbit.

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>arguing with copypasta
KEK, fucking retard, don't buy link

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You are the reddit fag, guess you came to biz in December, if you were here before November you would know Link was never shilled to hit $1000 you fuck tard

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Ok, let's do some math here -
Bitcoin hashrate is now around 20 million TH/s.
AntMiner S9 runs at 13.5TH/s and costs $2500 MSRP.
To run a network compatible to BTC you'd need 1,481,482 Antminers.
This makes $3,703,705,000 for hardware to keep the network running at the base level, without the pooling servers, without the masternode mainframes, without the whole internet infrastructure you need to build to make sure is accomodates these units.
Then come the connection costs, the electricity costs, maintenance costs and wages to the people working on the network.

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It's an erc20 token

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Calling someone a newfag, reply on copy pasta, kys.

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>there are people on /biz/ in the year 2k18 who believe this

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What ever faggot, you hold till it hits $1000 bitch, I'll be selling in between $100 and $200 before it stabilises back to $50. Good luck fuckwit

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>why did it not cost that much for the people who put together bitcoin and ETH?
Because the chinks do it for BTC and ETH, retard. You don't even understand how blockchain works, you are one dumb cunt.

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>big banks would rather have a centralized network and completely defeat the purpose of what the technology they are trying to use
>supercomputes on every city

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Copy paste where faggot, please an hero

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because i'll never be rich in this timeline.

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>supercomputers are free
>keeping supercomputers running costs nothing

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But you're skipping over my main point... banks have no reason why they would WANT to be comparable with bitcoin.

Anything that bitcoin does, they can already do. Any technology that bitcoin improves on, they can use for free.

Now, if the people who created blockchain owned the tech, then they would have something of value because people would have to come to them and pay.

But using your own math, a system that requires that much money and energy to verify transactions in inherently flawed.

That doesn't even touch on the idea that if the so-called "miners" are paid in bitcoin for the "work" of doing these calculations, you eventually reach the point where the miners hold all the supply of coin, and which point they are worthless.

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market cap makes it an inevitability. look how much room to grow there is!

TRX is $3 billion + market cap with 65 billion circulating supply
LINK is $146,800,850 USD market cap currently with only 1 billy supply ever.

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Hey don't sweat it my man, I'm a no-coiner myself and these people simply don't want to hear the truth. Cryptos can be useful, but I'm tired of people comparing this market to the dotcom bubble or other important inventions.
The best proof of this is as soon as someone gathers a large amount, they sell it for fiat money... even though this new revolutionary technology is supposed to rival and win over fiat

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Also is this the only agreement you children can make, any real anon will know this is not copy pasta shit, so please go fuck yourself with a big black dildo and then kys

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That should read compatible, not comparable.

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That was before chainlink was truly understood by any meaningful amount of users. Since then the chaos levels have unbounded, the memes have converged. Sell at $10 though, I truly don't give a fuck if you don't make it.

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>Anything that bitcoin does, they can already do.
All bitcoin does is provide thousands of miners worldwide, so it can't be shut down, ever.
That's the whole point of bitcoin, tardo, nothing more.
You don't even understand blockchain of the basic level. Like I said - one dumb cunt.

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Wait, you think it's not?

>> No.7537987

That’s the spirit. Let him do what he’s going to do. I bet he’s out at $5

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>even though this new revolutionary technology is supposed to rival and win over fiat
>he still thinks all cryptocurrency is supposed to be used as currency
You have no idea what LINK even does do you?

>> No.7538009


I think a closer comparison would be either the pog bubble or the baseball card bubble

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Millennial Logic...

> doing calculation for a meaningless currency creates value

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I never looked into it, no. Tell me more

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>grandpa still thinks blockchain is about currencies

>> No.7538166

Do some research you lazy parasitic nigger kill your self holy fuck. STOP SPOONFEEDING THESE FAGGOT NORMIES.

>> No.7538175

So how old are you exactly and how did you make your money?

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Is link gonna be treated as a security? help a brainlet out please.

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lmao yeah supply and demand is a meme

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>Tech that provides the bridge making it possible to automate the 1 quadrillion+ dollar derivatives market.
>Nodes that prioritize the largest stacks creating incentive to horde.
>Largest banking co-op is the first likely adopter followed by big name tech companies.
1 Trillion marketcap is low.

>> No.7538266


Which, once again, proves the point I was making earlier.

Blockhain <> crypto
Smart contract <> crypto

Therefore Crypto doesn't have value because it uses either block chain or smart contract.

Crypto has no real value. The prices people are paying now are entirely speculative.

>> No.7538309


55. I made my money as a computer programmer and financial investigator.

I'm now retired, and make my money trading stocks and collecting dividends on my investments

>> No.7538331

It's a network, that takes real world data and coverts it to the blockchain smart contract formats.
Let's say you buy a dildo on eBay. You create a smart contract for purchase. The FedEx/DHL guy delivers it to you and you give him your electronic signature, like you always do. LINK reads the signature and sees that the dildo has been delivered, it converts your specified shitcoin to fiat at the best price, using the external data from exchanges and sends it to the ebay seller.

>> No.7538344

I see your screen name you faggot ripple shill. LINK has value and it can be proprietary if they want it to be. Coding is protected by copyright and business practices can be patented or protected as trade secrets. Lots of options there. And guess what, making a quick fucking hamburger is not proprietary but McDonald's did it first and they are doing pretty well for themselves.

Fuck off Ripple fag

>> No.7538345

the whole community fuds it to death.

>> No.7538347

>Blockhain <> crypto
>Smart contract <> crypto
You are one dumb cunt, aren't you?

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>You're wrong, I don't know why but you are

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You glorious bastards made the news with the fappening and now I have found my internet homeland and family

>> No.7538461

Ok... but why would I want to pay with cryptos instead of fiat?

>> No.7538496

Do you own coins? If so which ones?

>> No.7538501

ChainLink got hacked and all the logos were compromised, the only backup they had was a 56kb PNG file.

Sell all your LINKs now or regret later. They can’t continue development because a guy named Satoshi Quasimodo was their lead graphic designer. He died in a car crash and was the only one who knew how to make the high res logo. Because of this Sergey and Rory were forced to “shadowfork” the network. Unfortunately their internet is so slow in the Jewish Donut Shop (where they rent a desk to work) above the lesbian Nail Salon they can even upload any back ups (hence he 56kb low res png Logo) this is forcing them to Exit scam

>> No.7538519

Because crypto is faster, brainlet. That's why SWIFT wants to move bank transfers to blockchain.
You do realize that even the BTC dinosaur is 100 times faster than bank transfers?

>> No.7538588

You're so fucking stupid and ignorant that I am actually impressed at this point. This is either a good troll or you've gone to some kind of tibetan retardation monastery in the mountains to study the ancient art of becoming a supreme retard, and wish to demonstrate this to everyone on this board.

>> No.7538593

It's going to be our win-coin! $1001 EOY 2018

>> No.7538614

Lambo when

>> No.7538644


I haven't until now, but I've been debating for about 3 weeks whether it's time to dip my toe in for a small amount.

At this point, if I DID get in, I would probably hold ETH as a speculative instrument, and BTC as a store of "wealth".

It's pretty obvious that we are reaching a point where BTC is going to be regulated. Which is a good thing in the end but will piss off all the anti-government types. When it happens, they will probably all default to ETH as a store of wealth, which should raise the price.

inb4: no one wants regulation.

Real investors want regulation. They want to know that all of their coins won't be stolen by a shady exchange.

Example: if markets were regulated, nearly everyone hit by the Nano event the other day probably would have been covered under SIPC.

Also... legitimate exchanges like CBEO and CBO now have bitcoin futures. That's going to require regulation.

>> No.7538722

Yeah, that's actually exactly my thoughts as fellow no-coiner. Glad to see an older, richer guy shares my opinion. Have a good evening

>> No.7538757

linkie, it is an inevitability. in time you will know.

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>I have 40k linkies
>I'm too autistic to trade. I just buy and Hodl.
>Didn't sell anything since I started in crypto 8 months ago.
>would rather see crypto burn than sell any coin of a project I think it's solid.
>i would get to the point of having 40k links @ $1000 without selling.
>I would be rich
>the universe hates me. It won't happen

>> No.7538892

>reaching a point where BTC is going to be regulated
Oh no, they are going to arrest Satoshi!
>ETH as a store of wealth
Oh, yes. Inflationary PoS shitcoin is a store of wealth. Makes a lot of sense
>They want to know that all of their coins won't be stolen by a shady exchange.
What will they do if they are? Call the Hong Kong police and tell them to do exactly what? Make more coins to pay everyone back? Find the stolen anonymous untraceable internet money?
>nearly everyone hit by the Nano event the other day probably would have been covered under SIPC.
That would make a NANO event happen every day. I'd steal my own NANO twice a day. Thank god crypto is anonymous, VPNs exist and every offshore exchange would happily accept my "stolen" NANO.

What a retard you are, that's pretty fucking shameful. This isn't stock market gramps, the whole point of this market is ruin others. And it's beautiful.

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>cashing out

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get a load of this grandad

>> No.7539052

Boomer logic
>doing calculations creates no value

>> No.7539056




>> No.7539102

Because smart contracts are a meme and that won't change this year.

>> No.7539158


>Oh, yes. Inflationary PoS shitcoin is a store of wealth. Makes a lot of sense
As I've probably mentioned more than a few times in this thread, I think ALL cryptos are worthless. But as long as other people don't, there will still be money to be made in them.

If BTC stops being the darling of the anti-government types, their only real choice will be to use ETH as a store of wealth much as they are currently using BTC today.

> What will they do if they are? Call the Hong Kong police?
> That would make a NANO event happen every day

Under regulated markets, the exchanges would be required to have verifiable security, and follow other securities rules. They would then have to pay the fee to get SIPC insurance (the same way that banks have to pay for FDIC insurance).

For example... when was the last time you've heard of someone like Fidelity or Vanguard being hacked with users losing their securities? Why do you think it happens less there?

> the whole point of this market is to ruin others
Which is why you can't attract serious investors. Which is why all of these coins are a joke.

>> No.7539204


Let's say that every morning I hire someone to dig a hole in my backyard, and every afternoon I hire someone to fill it back in.

And I do this every day for a week.

Was there work done? Yes. Did it have value? No.

>> No.7539218

I'm a huge retro gamer and like 7 years ago some vr fag redirected me to /vr/ for actual retro discussion. Never looked back.

>> No.7539234


Voted most likely to study Gann Charts.

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>what is decentralization
>what do you mean a decentralized network defeats the purpose of smart contracts as defined by ChainLink?
>what do you mean me or a middleman needs LINK to make a smart contract?

>> No.7539275

What do you think regulation will entail? There is no way to regulate peer to peer transactions, 'shady' non-US exchanges or decentralized exchanges unless the government bans crypto related internet traffic and makes otc fiat purchases as from localbtc illegal, both of which will never happen because they are completely infeasible. You're in for a big surprise these coming years, old man. The free market resulting from cryptocurrencies is going to bulldoze every notion you and your generation have about everything.

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holy shit youre dumb

>> No.7539322


>> No.7539334

>their only real choice will be to use ETH
The whole black market runs on Monero, tardo.
The only reason ETH has any value is because it's used to create tokens. Once the token boom is over it will be worthless.
ETH can't be store of wealth under any circumstances. You should really educate yourself about crypto, before posting your laughable uneducated norman opinions here.

> the exchanges would be required to have verifiable security, and follow other securities rules
By whom? Under who's jurisdiction? You do realize that most exchanges operate in lawless offshores, right? Not mentioning the decentralized exchanges are starting to roll in and will overtake the market by the next year? Owned and controlled by no one. Etherdelta doesn't even have a physical server.
What will they do to shut them down? Turn off the internet?

>Which is why you can't attract serious investors
No one cares about "serious investors". The dumb money is more than enough to get us to the $20 trillion mcap.

>> No.7539351


But why is a decentralized network of any more value than the existing networks?

> try to answer without falling into the whole anti-government argument, since that would prove my earlier point.

>> No.7539488


Well, the purpose of regulation would NOT be to prevent investors from losing money, or even to protect them from the consequences of their own decisions. It would probably be more toward regulating the exchanges as to reduce the risk of fraud, and to protect people on both sides of the trade.


1. Exchanges that operate in or do business with anyone in the united states must follow existing securities rule.

2. Banks are not allowed to transact business or transfer currency to/from any exchange which is unregulated.

3. Exchanges must be audited to verify their books and to verify that they are not stealing everyone's money.

4. Exchanges must have a competent security policy and the policy must follow standard security guidelines.

5. All exchanges transacting business in the US must issue 1099's.

Stuff like that.

>> No.7539573

>stinkies actually believe this
Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.7539574


>You're in for a big surprise these coming years, old man. The free market resulting from cryptocurrencies is going to bulldoze every notion you and your generation have about everything.

As far as this goes, this will only work if one of two things happens...

1. People using cryptos have the ability to convert from crypto to dollars, euros, or other national currencies.

2. Enough goods and services companies get onboard and mutually decide to accept crypto X as a currency when doing buying and selling B-to-B.

As far as I can see, you're going to have a hard time doing 2 if you don't have 1.

Right now, the only reason a few companies accept crypto is because they can immediately convert them to fiat at the time of the transaction.

If you have a company that takes bitcoin, they can't keep it in bitcoin because if there's a chance that the value of the bitcoin is going to drop by 30% overnight, there is no way for them to restock their shelves from their sales.

>> No.7539583

No middleman to alter or delete the agreement.

>> No.7539588

>Exchanges that operate in or do business with anyone in the united states must follow existing securities rule.
Already in place.
Most exchanges don't operate in US, it's stated in their TOS no one bothers to read. Most ICOs state US citizens aren't allowed to participate, no one gives a fuck.
>Banks are not allowed to transact business or transfer currency to/from any exchange which is unregulated.
Already happened in a few countries, everyone is cashing out through HSBC Hong Kong or Swiss banks.
>Exchanges must be audited to verify their books and to verify that they are not stealing everyone's money.
Already exists, no one gives a fuck, because the exchanges don't operate in US.
>All exchanges transacting business in the US must issue 1099's.
Already exists. No one gives a fuck.

You. Can't. Regulate. Decentralized. Assets.
How hard is that to understand, tard?

>> No.7539605

It's decentralized so it has greater protection from attack. I you are using a network contained netirely in one city or in one country or in one region of the globe then if a big problem in that region occurs that network can fail. This is global and therefore more protection from disruption occurs.

And it is transparent, which is not an inherently anti-government reason except there are lots of governments who do not like transparency.

>> No.7539679


If you go back and read my comments, I'm not saying that you can't regulate a deregulated market.

What I'm saying is that serious investors don't want to trade in an unregulated department. That is why crypos are just a fringe business right now.

>> No.7539727


But don't we already have that with backup servers in multiple locations?

As far as transparency goes, I'm not a big fan of every transaction I make being public knowledge on the internet.

inb4: but it's only by ID, not your name.

You'd be amazed how easy it would be to identify ID's with real individuals. The only reason it hasn't been done already is because no one has wanted to do it.

>> No.7539737

Surely you're joking Mr.Chainman?

>> No.7539749

because it's a pumpndump scamcoin

>> No.7539760

So in the 70's I assume you were the guy talking about the absurdity of having a phone that can travel around with you wherever you go and that owning your own computer is pointless? Please answer this question honestly.

People will eventually have little choice but to use blockchain technology. The only question is who the survivors will be. LINK will survive.

>> No.7539761

>What I'm saying is that serious investors don't want to trade in an unregulated department.
Their loss, we are making good money without them.
They will run to us anyway when the derivatives bubble pops, because there will be nowhere else to run.
And why would we want serious investors in a speculative market? Why would they want to get into a speculative market? That's like saying "serious investors won't get into VIX"

>> No.7539794

You contradict yourself

>'regulation is not to protect people from the consequences of their own actions'
>list regulations that are designed to protect people from the potential consequences of trusting a middleman

As for the list itself, this is all benign and has been in the works for the past 2 years anyway. It is also totally anciliary to the operation of the market in general. At best, regulation is a rhetorical tool to get conservatively minded people on board to funnel money into legitimate projects. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any serious crypto investor who doesn't understand this.

>> No.7539833

So let me get this straight:
1. You don't understand how crypto works
2. You don't like the way you see it works anyway
3. You keep shitposting your nigger-tier opinions on a site for 18 year olds anyway.

So what's the reason of your shitposting? Do you like being called a retard by kids? Is this a fetish you have?

>> No.7539869

If you want to be anonymous then there is a blockchain for you called Monero. Which will make you much more anonymous in your transactions than you currently are.

>> No.7539928

Yea exactly, and what does this guy think you call all the whales investing hundreds of millions into crypto? If they are not "serious" then what the fuck are they?

>> No.7539934


No. In fact, I was an early adopter in the PC revolution. I was one of the few people who would hang out at the old teletype machine and use it for what it was worth (not much, but better than nothing).

And I attended all the computer shows, including when Apple and Microsoft were just another booth.

Back in the 70's, there weren't a lot of people talking about carrying a phone around. The big thing then was the rise of cable TV.

I think I've been very clear here.... I don't disagree with the technology. I see a certain amount of value in blockchain and smart contracts.

But believing in that technology is different from saying that it's married to any of the 1500 cryptos that exist right now.

And, as long as people continue to think they are, cryptos will remain overpriced, and essentially have no real value as a utility.

Random coin examples.... Zilliqa (ZIL) is priced at 0.05005. PIVX is priced at 5.82256

Why is one "worth" more than another? Why is either "worth" anything at all?

It's not utility. Neither offer anything that the other 1498 coins offer. It's only real "value" is speculative. It has value because people THINK it will have MORE value later.

back during the dot com bubble, people would add "dot com" to their name, and people suddenly thought it had value, because, you know, it was the internet and the internet was the future.

But it doesn't work that way. Something has value because it has utility. And if there is no utility, there is no value.

>> No.7539985
File: 704 KB, 1136x640, 7AA2D021-ED74-451E-B40E-F598EA5428B6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao this guy is the most clueless poster I’ve seen. Literally no knowledge and wrote 500 words.

Ryan? Is that you?

Lmao get your ass back home dickweed, your wife wants to know where you are.

>> No.7540012


I don't think I'm contradicting myself. Consider the purpose of regulation in companies that allow you to trade stocks, like E-trade.

Regulations don't protect you from your trading decisions. For example, they're not designed to protect you if you buy a stock and the price goes down.

But they ARE there to protect the transaction and the honesty of the trading system.

So... to protect you from the company taking your money and not giving you the shares, or by quoting you inaccurate prices.

That's what I'm talking about.

Serious investors don't want to risk real money trading in an environment where there are no clearly established and enforced rules.

>> No.7540086

Blockchain based platforms, such as Neo, Ethereum and Vechain still can't go full rogue, they need to abide laws and have government support (approval) behind them to go fully mainstream.
People and businesses are not going to pay extra for some cool new blockchain technology just because someone shills it, it needs to add value to the company and be implemented as smoothly as possible.

And I'm not buying into Link, but good luck to everyone who does.

>> No.7540088
File: 37 KB, 586x578, 1516560101545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is one "worth" more than another?

>doesn't understand how free market works
>doesn't understand how supply and demand works
>doesn't know that PIVX is used to wash money ZIL is another XLM clone

Please stop posting, it's embarrasing.

>> No.7540100

And what was the price of Amazon stock before, during, and after the dot.com bubble and what is it now? Yes there are shitcoins out there, hence the term. But LINK is not one of them. There is always uncertainty in this world and something could fuck with LINK, Sergey could get fucked to death by a rabid animal tonight, but it's only .50 per token for so long. Both opportunity and risk come and go as they please.

>> No.7540188

So you're saying buy xlm

>> No.7540220

Thank you for reminding me I need to buy this fucking XLM dip!

>> No.7540283

>almost three hours deep into FUDing

>> No.7540324

I asked him the same question. He didn't answer. I think he might be retarded.

>> No.7540365

You 2 are dumb shits. Everything he has said is very logic.

>> No.7540368


You will give so much more credence to your complaints on cryptos if you can simply answer me: What is a blockchain in your own words. All of your replies reek of ignorance and it is very clear you dont have much of an idea what you are talking about.

>> No.7540388


Yes, there were winners in the dot com bubble, and a few people made serious money on them. More power to them.

But a vast majority didn't. With roughly 5000 companies going under at the time, those who bought simply because it was the "new thing", usually lost big time.

I did though, when I was talking about speculation.

Crypto's aren't like silver, where the value can be divided into the speculative and the utility (silver has a built in demand from industry)

>> No.7540404

>is very logic.
Vey logic. Much fud. So boomer. Wow.
They don't teach English in Delhi, Rajeet?

>> No.7540409

Because Linkies guaranteed it'd be $5 by end of January and here it is at .40

Link is one of the worst performing coins that I've seen shilled here.

>> No.7540412

I wonder what percentage of people posting that pic don't know the meta joke that the mathematical formula has no correlation to the graph.

>> No.7540444

>where the value can be divided into the speculative and the utility

>what are utility tokens
>what are privacy coins
You just went turbo retard.

>> No.7540452

You have to have a very high iq to truly understand and post this meme

>> No.7540469

confirmed turbo retard

>> No.7540482


Tell you what, I'm going to play the game fair and not look it up before I answer.

From what I've read, I think blockchain is....

1. A means for two people to have a transaction that is verified by a third party (trustless).

2. A series of transactions are are linked to the prior transaction to create a continuous chain of verified transactions. (as in... hash code of last prior transaction is encoded into the next transaction, so that transactions can't be modified later without breaking the link in all further nodes in the chain.

3. A system whereby the security is based on the uniqueness of the hash of the transaction (the ID's and amount within each transaction)

4. A system whereby "value" is derived by decentralized users who race to verify the hashcode math of each transaction.


>> No.7540489

It was something I overlooked for a while. Somebody could correct the equation (x -> 0).

>> No.7540528
File: 260 KB, 449x1197, 1454177000611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, tell me you're baiting!

>> No.7540660

i dont think you guys give the geezer enough credit, hes not saying that crypto has no inherent value, hes saying a specific crypto cannot have an inherent value; the premise behind bitcoin or link or any other cryptocurrency can have an inherent value as a useful system but nothing can stop a copy cat coin from coming along and stealing the glory, or even a coin from adding one or two small features that make the original coin irrelevant. Until a coin has some serious backing by business and government the coins price is completely speculative, thats not to say the underlying system is bad

>> No.7540756

It's an encrypted spreadsheet, where every entry has to be confirmed by multiple 3rd party participants and once they are confirmed an updated copy of the database is sent out to everyone on the network, so nothing can be changed anymore.
It's literally that simple and the value is derived from it being secure, anonymous and unkillable. There is no race, people are getting paid only for keeping the network running.

The value in the real world is that anything can be stored on the blockchain, even porn.

>> No.7540779

Blockchain is a distributed database. Then there are platforms (such as Venchain, Neo, EOS, ETH) that utilize that system.
Then there are projects that are working in close co-operation with those platforms and their developers, such as ETH and Omisego, and Vechain that's working with fashion and agricultural industries, listening to their needs.

Can you now tell me what you think makes Chainlink so special in all of this?

>> No.7540785

This has been around since 2008 btw so the dot com bubble is not a good comparison. And the accessibility of the internet hedges against massive fraud. BTW the massive fraud of the Mortgage Bubble of 2008 is what inspired the cvreation of blockchain...

>> No.7540837

those blockchains have no way of using real world data in smart contracts, which everyone agrees are the future. Chainlink is the best poised to be the oracle service that can feed smart contracts with the data from the real world they need to be useful for anything other than just making tokens.

>> No.7540898

Pretty much. The tech has value, but nearly all of the coins don't, because they offer nothing that can't be used by someone else for free.

I was under the impression that you had a bunch of miners who try to verify transactions, and that the first person to come up with the correct answer gets the fee as a reward?

That's what I meant by race.

> spreadsheet
I though it was more along the lines of a serial string, where each block is an independent unit that is linked to each prior/future block by matching hashes?

>> No.7541041

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere ETH has already been working on their own oracle solution.
And why not? ETH is currently the leading dApps platform, pioneer in a way, and is very attractive for the best developers in the industry.

>> No.7541084

I think the old geezer doesn't understand that we do understand what he is saying and we still dont care. We are going for a ride in the strange creepy crypto van based on the promise of some sweet sweet candy down of the road. And maybe we will get fucked in that van, we already thought of that before we got in, and if it comes to that then AFTER the fuckin we will still get our sweet sweet candy cuz we Hodl with iron hands.

>> No.7541100




>> No.7541125

>privacy coins

>> No.7541166


See, that, at least, is an honest answer.

And frankly, if I ever decide to get into crypto, that might be the way I would do it.

Just throw a small fixed amount into each coin, and just hold.

Nearly all will become worthless, but if at least one goes up to cover the price of the transaction, you're ahead.

I'm not against people speculating. I don't fault someone making money.

I just have a hard time with all the "to the moon" posts where are claiming that their latest shitcoin is going to change the world.

(not to mention I DO have a problem with the idea that most of these coins were set up just to rob the suckers, or that this is somehow not wrong)

>> No.7541214

im willing to risk getting my prepubescent little dick getting fucked with for the chance to get lambos h

>> No.7541363

> I just have a hard time with all the "to the moon" posts where are claiming that their latest shitcoin is going to change the world.
90% of the coins are being shilled to create market volume so the shills can dump their bags on clueless retards.
LINK will unironically be $1000 by the next year tho. Along with NEO and EOS.

>> No.7541554

Yes, because YOU made it valuable. Makes sense?
Anything that is valuable is because somebody somewhere is giving it value. That's all there is to it.

>> No.7541575

What makes you think LINK will be 1000 USD by eoy 2019? The marketcap would be insane.

>> No.7541678


you really have no idea what you are doing here do you?

>> No.7541717


no value in clear utility. got it

>> No.7541733

90% of tokens will be taken out of circulation and staked with nodes, which will create insane demand. Marketcap is a meme.

>> No.7541744
File: 108 KB, 500x333, Rai_Stone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, you can pick anything as being a store of wealth, but in order for it to be sustainable, you need either...

... worldwide acceptance, like gold has had for 2800 years.


... a monopoly on the right to declare something legal tender, like with the Federal Reserve note.


... isolation, like with the people of Yap and the Rai stone

>> No.7541784


exchanges are about to be nothing but decentralized smart contracts floating around on the great big internet. Good luck regulating that. Look up Kyber, Loopring, 0x protocol

>> No.7541823
File: 119 KB, 1200x630, 1516285689927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LINK bagholders are fucking deluded. The price of LINK will never exceed the price of a Big Mac, because that will defeat the purpose of this coin.

>> No.7541843

>Ether is the poor man's bitcoin
Jesus christ dude, go read some whitepapers and come back when you're not retarded anymore

>> No.7541902

you know that coins themselves aren't exchanged for every smart contract r-right anon?

>> No.7541914


you bring up zilliqa.

Zilliqa will likely be a top 10 coin and maybe the #1 public blockchain. First chain to use sharding so it will be able to process orders of magnitude more TX/Second than any other truly decentralized chain right now. All of these transactions occur on chain and thus benefit from the massive security of the POW done. Chains like NEO are fast but have 7 centralized nodes and need side chain solutions to scale (eth). ZIL is one of the few cryptos that WILL MAKE IT. Zilliqa could be one of the true currency coins; perfectly suited for financial transactions. How dare you compare Zil to trash like PIVX

why is one worth more than the other? obviously because one has more potential future utility than the other.

This has to be bait looking at that example.

no way you are this much of a brainlet

>> No.7541918

So why do you think cryptocurrencies couldn't reach either of your first two remarks?

>> No.7541951


I agree with most of what you say but ZIL is an XLM clone? WUT?

XLM is forked XRP protocol centralized trash.

ZIL is one of the first truly scalable decentralized public blockchains

>> No.7541955

Hmm...realistically when do you think LINK will start seeing drastic price increases, early 2019? Late 2018?

>> No.7541958
File: 184 KB, 1236x700, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.27.28 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better funded competition is gearing up to steal its lunch.

>> No.7541964


I didn't mean to offend your coin bae, I said it was a random choice

>> No.7541979

>trusting chinks

>> No.7542049
File: 14 KB, 400x400, 42tu9J9I_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mainnet is released by Q2 2018, golang version is in Q1.

Before summer, the oracle network will be completely operational. Expect the price to reflect accordingly.

$10 LINK before the end of June.

>> No.7542103


For reasons too long to explain, I think the market could support THREE coins. One higher priced coin used as a reserve, and two lower level coins that fight over who is in second place.

Theoretically it COULD take on worldwide acceptance, and both gold and the rai stone, I think, proves that it doesn't matter WHAT people decide to use as a currency /store of wealth, as long as enough people agree to it.

As I said in an earlier comment, the tipping point will be when enough businesses support the coin in B2B transactions, and as a currency for the same.

For example, if I own a store that sells shoes, and choose to accept coin X, unless my supplier accepts payment in coin X, I can't restock my shelves without first converting from X into another currency.

If that is how things continue, then coin X really has a limited potential, since it never frees itself from the fiat that you have to convert to to do B2B transactions.

Now, imagine the opposite. Imagine we wake up tomorrow and the entire business world has decided that coin Y will now have "value". At that point it would, because the value of any currency is in it's ability to be used to buy and sell things.

I mean, I get the philosophical argument that if the US gov't can just decide that dollars have value that there's no reason why everyone else can't make up their own currency. I understand that.

But the devil is in the details, and the transition from fiat to crypto; going from being something that was a computer exercise into something that represents true value.

>> No.7542110

Thank you.

>> No.7542139


Never a good idea. Fraud is one of their leading industries.

In the legitimate world, I would never own stock in a Chinese company.

>> No.7542174

tell me about it. I have 15k trx because i listened to my normie cousine

>> No.7542178

It'll be $1500

>> No.7542193

Who's gonna take them out of circulation? Owners? What stops them from just pumping&dumping it, if it goes over above .xx?

>> No.7542205

Welcome to crypto, where 90% of the market is ran by chinks, pajeets and russians. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.7542250

Encyclopedia Dramatica

>> No.7542281

Increasingly nervous LINK virgins ignore the TRX chad running up to steal their lunch.

>> No.7542288

LINK is used as a collateral, so if you want to run a node for high-priority contracts you have to stake a shitload of LINK. Because if a $1 million contract fizzles out because your node fucks up, the contract holder still expects to get his money back, so he gets your LINK.

>> No.7542293

Checked and confirmed

>> No.7542295
File: 81 KB, 645x671, 1514156505252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you're all retarded, this isn't real

>> No.7542318

block chain is suppossed to be trustworthy and anything going on within the borders of China is certainly not that. China will have its own blockchain and it will be successful but LINK will be just fine for the rest of the world

>> No.7542333

Give me reasons why LINK should have a $1 trillion market cap.

t. LINK holder

>> No.7542353

Market cap is a meme.

>> No.7542388

This is true, marketcap on CMC is inaccurate...I'd wager that the true marketcap at cyrpto's peak was not 800 billion but closer to 100 billion, this is one of the reasons why the prices are so volatile.

>> No.7542393

Lmao yeah market cap means nothing! Tron will be $1000 EOY!

Fuck off normie. Learn basic market info and come back if you arent still retarded

>> No.7542410

My favorite chinese fraud story....

.. a guy who tracks and exposes fake chinese companies calls one posing as a person who might want to be an investor. He says that he wants to see the factory.

... they say sure, and tell him the address, telling him to be there on date X for the tour.

... he flies in 2 weeks earlier, and sets up hidden cameras overlooking the property.

... the chinese people were taking an abandoned building, and shipping in furniture and trucks to make it look like it was a real factory.

... they had a truck that would drive into the loading bay, out the gates, around the block, and back in to repeat all day to make it look like it was a real factory.

So he goes for the tour, goes home, shorts the living shit out of the company stock, publishes the report with photos of the fake, and makes a shit load of money when the stock collapses.

>> No.7542411


>> No.7542448

look how many times this kike larper posted LMAO

>> No.7542483
File: 132 KB, 307x464, Tulip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's called conversation. Someone directs a comment at you, you reply.

It's just that everyone seems to be replying to my comments, lol

>> No.7542497

Market cap is just spot price multiplied by coins in circulation.
If I make a shitcoin with 1 trillion circulating supply and sell 1 coin to myself for $1 the shitcoin will have $1 trillion market cap.

If you are taking market cap seriously, you're a brainlet.

>> No.7542526



>> No.7542533

37 posts who's paying you shekelberg

>> No.7542571

>LINK is used as a collateral, so if you want to run a node for high-priority contracts you have to stake a shitload of LINK.

What makes you think that? ETH will run it's own oracles and Vechain's got it's own token.

>if a $1 million contract fizzles out because your node fucks up, the contract holder still expects to get his money back, so he gets your LINK.

Well that makes up for it.

>> No.7542592
File: 167 KB, 1431x626, Bubble.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one. It's just the intersection of a few interests....

1. I like talking about business, stock, speculation

2. I will argue any subject with any person at any time.

3. The real market is closed on the weekend

>> No.7542644

is this legit? i want to fucking do this shit.

>> No.7542653

down 10%
Link is crashing

>> No.7542664

>What makes you think that? ETH will run it's own oracles and Vechain's got it's own token.
You are truly a brainlet. ETH will never run oracles and VEN isn't even competing with LINK.
Meanwhile LINK is working with SWIFT on moving the global banking to it's smart oracles. Every penny in every bank in the world will be moved through Chainlink nodes by 2020.

>> No.7542708


Here's a list of companies he's exposed; what the share price was before his report, and what happened after


I think the company I was talking about was China Integrated Energy

>> No.7542738

>LINK is working with SWIFT
everyone keeps saying that.

Aeternity does the same thing and is up 2.69

>> No.7542748

JESUS tell me you’re kidding

>> No.7542760

Not really paul

>> No.7542768

i wish i was i want to run headfirst into a wall

>> No.7542800

bro thats like $500 worth don't have a stroke

>> No.7542832

thats a bout right its tying my hands u though. I wanna buy all the link i can

>> No.7542833

A little off topic but do you anons think RLC and ENG are also great holds in addition to LINK? All three of these projects are aimed at making smart contracts viable for the future.

>> No.7542884

Ok bro. Shitcoins are shitcoins

>> No.7542895
File: 22 KB, 680x392, 27994460_1785409621523180_1710675599_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

link, req, eng, and GVT

>> No.7542922

Why no RLC?

>> No.7543017
File: 5 KB, 241x209, 1518239424642s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.7543032

Dont worry bro, market cap is meaningless :^ )

$10,000 eoy

>> No.7543072

The highest non-retarded estimate (i.e. people that DYOR and not blurt out what they want to happen) that I've seen is $150.

>> No.7543147


the entire crypto market corrected in a big way you dumb motherfucker

>> No.7543168

What about eoy 2019?

>> No.7543180

because distributed computing is for scientific applications and normies don't touch that stuff

>> No.7543257

Why is tron a shit coin?

>> No.7543279

Holy fuck have I really been on 4chan since I was 12? I came here in middle school, the Boxxy vids were only a few years old at the time and I remember being a part of that “you dun goofed” shit, that’s the oldest 4chan memory I have... I’m fucking 22 years old now, almost half my life I’ve been a member of 4chan.... fuck

>> No.7543314

lol you have no idea how wrong you are

>> No.7543343

are you a millionaire? I was on /b in 09 but got distracted by life. Didn't come back until last year.

>> No.7543375


>> No.7543461


>2009 was 9 years ago
>23 now
nearly half my life too fuck

>> No.7543610


That's kind of fucked up, and I bet at least one research scientist would love to study you as you go through your life.

Since most of us are a product of our education, interest, and environment, it would be interesting to see what happens in the long term to someone raised by 4chan.

>> No.7543780
File: 21 KB, 228x320, 1511141106168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because nobody will take LINK seriously from all of the people that spam memes of Zelda.

>> No.7543932

>To have a solid blockchain network like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Chainlink

you are the dumbest fucking cunt on the internet right now if youre comparing link with btc and eth

>> No.7543938

literally me

>> No.7543941

holy shit it really is crashing
under 39cents now

>> No.7543983

Kids raised by the internet in general are very screwed up. That'll be the findings.

>> No.7544033

Saves the princess. Obviously.

>> No.7544193

Everything is crashing.

>> No.7544914
File: 503 KB, 1082x695, comfy link.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm glad to be in that screencap and be part of meme magic history

>> No.7544929


Most coins are redundant and useless because they are trying to utilise blockchain tech for everything that we can already do. This is reminiscent of pets.com.

You are right, banks have always tried to screw over FinTech and ChainLink isn't some exception. They will eventually come up with their own private blockchain and private decentralised oracles that ices everyone outside their banking network. That or Intel SGX does what it says and banks don't mind paying LINK contractors living in basements like you say. In any case, ChainLink will be a first mover in this tech, just like BTC was for cryptocurrency, like ETH was for smart contracts. By the time the banks adopt this free tech, the early adopters of LINK will have sold out and gotten rich enough to sensibly retire.

You are right that you don't necessarily need a LINK token to use a decentralised oracle network. I'm sure a network like this without the token could exist but it doesn't yet. What I think is that by the time someone else does make one LINK holders will already made out with their money.

>> No.7545027

Nazi digits and 9/11 digits, what did Kek mean by this?

>> No.7545155

same fampai, posted that alien green wojack :^)

>> No.7545347

I don't think it's fair to count LINK out yet. The lack of communication does suck, but I'd only start worrying if the main net launch is shit. It might be a tiny chance, but if it is really as revolutionary as claimed, I don't doubt it could hit current ETH levels.

>> No.7545368

binance is charging 20LINK withdrawl.
Isnt $20k a little steep to withdraw?

>> No.7545437

Fucking "Jewnance"

>> No.7545486

So how many LINKS do you own?

>> No.7545513

consequences will never be the same

>> No.7545566
File: 854 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180201-232957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because of this, Grandpa.

>> No.7545650

20k? More like the price of a decent house

>> No.7545671

I've got around 2000 right now I traded for with a bit of profits. I'm cautiously optimistic about the project. Debating whether or not to increase to 10k and just hold a while.

>> No.7545710 [DELETED] 

just run a fucking node on each computer the company owns. done.

>> No.7545773


there's obviously enough responces to this, but here's my summary for you:

You don't understand the tech, so you do not see how it is valuable.

>> No.7545860

> yfw

>> No.7545971

I have 80,000 TRX. Unironically. I cannot wait to unload. Blueballs so bad.

Worst part is that I've been in crypto since 2013 and I still fell for the meme.

>> No.7546124


You are so colossally stupid in so many ways it’s actually baffling. Most posters have already covered it, the thing is you’re the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect whereby you have this vastly inflated sense of self worth because you have achieved the most cursory level of knowledge about technology, investments, valuations etc. and are now so deep down the rabbit hole of self congratulatory arrogance it will probably be impossible to persuade you.

Instead I suggest you actually look back at history and the rise and multi billion dollar valuations of social networks, do you believe it would be remotely difficult to copy twitter? Yet it is worth billions. When you realise why then maybe you’ll begin to understand that blockchains are just social networks because money and the entire legal system itself is just a highly complex social network (if you found 10MM USD cash tmrw in a suitcase you would have great difficulty spending it because you did not acquite it within the social network of life, money is simply entitlement, blockchain is a trustless way of recording entitlements) ChainLINKs value will be determined entirely by how many nodes the successfully get up and running this year.


>> No.7546140

Everyone knows the max LINK token total is 1 billion right? It's currently at 350 million

>> No.7546288


When BTC was worth 10 USD people like you said the exact same shit, and when it was 100 USD and when it was 1000 USD. I’m not saying it will go up forever, I expect a multi year bear market, but I am actually astounded at the degree of mental gymnastics boomers and nocoiners go through to somehow claim that BTC is doomed to fail. We are in unprecedented territory and in ten years bitcoin has grown by stupidly high amounts. The absolute truth is you have no idea what society will be like in 10, 20, or 30 years but being dismissive of crypto now is the absolute height of ignorance. Progress cannot he stopped and whether or not you believe that crypto is the next stage, you are absolutely delusional if you think central banking are here to stay forever. As technology improves simple game theory dictates that the efficiency of decentralised trustless systems (be they cryptographic or some new tech invented in a decade) will eventually cause them to replace current systems. Minimising the significance of crypto in heralding these changes is equally foolish, crypto is AS big a leap, in terms of social impact and disrupting conventional systems, as the internet itself.

>> No.7546358

My mate came over and showed me /b/

8 years ago

>> No.7546389
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>> No.7546428
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been here since duckroll

>> No.7546484
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>> No.7546515


>> No.7546533


> Governments have controlled the money supply for the last 4700 years, but we're going to overturn all that because we know how to code.

And you call me delusional.

>> No.7546554
File: 3.15 MB, 2000x1377, linkwef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7546602


LINK is equal to the financial valuation of the volume of all the smart contracts that have existed and that can/will be created.

the only thing stopping LINK is people's lack of creativity

>> No.7546619

It's not actually possible to run without some sort of incentive. Why the hell would anyone run a node for free to help a bank out?

>> No.7546810
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>> No.7546882


>Governments do something for long time
>This can never change because they do thing for long time already

How you can be surrounded by constant change yet still be so oblivious is actually impressive. Even the way you try to be dismissive of “coding” as if computers themselves are not immensely revolutionary and have fundamentally changed the entire course of human history.

Pro tip friend: change is the only constant.

>> No.7546929


Been 17 years for me

>> No.7547007


nevar 4get

Also LINK $1000 EOY

>> No.7547126


You are a dumb faggot if this is what you remember as 4chan being good

>> No.7547164

>as 4chan being good

I'm old enough to remember that 4chan was never any good.

>> No.7547198


Because I had enough of the hippie logic in the 70's to last me a lifetime.

> we're going to start a commune, and in 10 years, we'll re-make the world.

> we're going to start our revolutionary group in the kitchen, and in 10 years we'll be running the county.

> if we all hold hands and chant, we can use the power of our spirit to levitate the pentagon

And the same shit is happening today. The goals may be slightly different, but it's the same crazy dreams showing a total lack of understanding of how the real world works.

> ya, antifa, we're going to bring down the world government with the power of our burning newspaper boxes.

> occupy wall street.... wow, we brought them to their knees when we weren't trashing the bathroom at starbucks.

> crypto, ya; we're going to overturn 7000 years of economic theory and fight the man.

It's just the same old pseudo-revolutionary BS of the 60's. And it's going to fail the same way.

>> No.7547268

I'm older than you

>> No.7547292


>> No.7547306




>> No.7547816

cringe ? why...
would ''4chan'' be cringe ?

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