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Big News coming!

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Comfy on 135k

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Back so soon?

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Congrats on this

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Going for a second time.

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i can't log into Kucoin....anyone else?

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just let it alone faggots, let it grow to $5-10 at least

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Kucoin US based IP's can't log in........we now know where the whale lives that has been holding down the price

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damn should have bought that dip. coulda 2x

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lol for real?

coulda woulda shoulda

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according to Kucoin Telegram, it's only a US server problem....people in US using VPN's where able to change location and log in no problems.....i'm in Cali and don't use VPN, still can't login......can't watch my moon mission

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PRL $1000 Q4?

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lol was it you silly fagget who dumped at 40 cents

You were suppost to listen and biy dip when I was posting here 2 days ago

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Consider its fully anon decentrilized storage that cant be shutdown by any goverment I wouldn't see why not

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haha no I bought 10k € at 0.07, sold half my stack around ATH, held the rest and bought 50k PRL extra yesterday.

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i've got 7000 of 'em dude

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27k since 0.07$ reporting in

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We're gonna make it

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So fucking hold to $6-8 why do you need to login to kucoin ?

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neevermind you already dumped at 88 cent
>what kind of dumb faggots really are you lol

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another euroshit going to dump at every 10 cent increase, really shitty life out there huh jamal ?

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Hold and double again


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holding my prls.....i've got other business on that shibox, thin volume, whaleshow

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Binance pump quake pays 15 trx (~$0.5) per invite! That's insane! 100 legit invites and you get paid $50!
Link: https://discord gg/2ug6M95

Fair Organized Alt Pumps (FOAP) Is an pump server without time advantages! That's right, meaning everyone will get the signal at the same time! They're also currently hosting a giveaway for 1 ltc!
Link: https://discord gg/N4K8Gzc

The People's - rocket to the moon is a pump server, that's actually for the people! Yes, that means no pre-pumps! There's knowledgeable staff that are always willing to help!
Link: https://discord gg/XFfZTEX

Crypto Pump is yet another amazing pump server. When i say amazing i absolutely mean it. They're doing a 1 btc invite comp. YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, 1 BTC! They've already provided proof of paying members who have invited. 1 btc is insane. I wish you all good luck when participating in this invite comp as 1 BTC is crazy!
Link: https://discord gg/87Ux7Pp

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ahhhhh....here is the rumor-become-news responsible for this bump......NICE

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Good fucking lord that 200 eth wall was PENETRATED

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Lads I only have 64 PRL should I try to sell at the peak and buy again at the dip or is that a bad idea

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just hodl faggot we're going to $100 by tomorrow screen cap this shit

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Ok nigga eskedit

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Damn that 26,314 buy

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>Selling this coin before its mainstream

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Oh shit we are actually going to the moon right now, fuck yes it's good to be back baby.

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there was multiple 30k, 50k buys that tore down teh 180 ETH wall

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So in the next month and a half we'll have another testnet, 10mil burned from total supply, 1:1 airdrop.

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yup, should easily see price boost (might already be priced in but doubt it since ATH is ~$4)

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>not even back to 1 dollar after an ath around 4


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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WAS GONNA BUY THIS TODAY! But Binance withdrawals didn't work so i waited like 8 hours ago and now it's 2x since then. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

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I only bought 41 , did I fuck up?

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still plenty of time to buy more

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felt so comfy accumulating this in the crash, picked some up as low as $0.35 desu

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Did anyone notice in the medium post they say they're working with exchanges for the SHL airdrop? The only exchange they're listed on that supports airdrops is Kucoin, so this kind of indicates they're getting listed on another exchange that supports airdrops (Binance).