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If you are on the stock market I give you this advice. I work for one of the largest banks in the world and we are a primary dealer. Management has had calls / meetings all day with government officials that are trying to pressure us into not selling. They are threatening and promising all kind of things.

But a decision has been made to offload a large block to the markets. I tell you this because most of you guys here are cool.

I will not tell you my name (duh)
I will not tell you my bank (duh)

do as you please and see you on the other side. But if you buy the dip you son, are a retard.

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Post timestamped dick or gtfo

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nice try pajeet

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Nice larp faggot. Suck a niggers nick soy boy cuck

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We’re in a similar situation here, getting calls from the top to perform a pretty huge sell off.

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>I will not provide any sort of legitimacy
>I will just larp

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The only thing you and your company ever dumped was thicc poo on a comfy street corner, faggot.

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Listen faggots all I am saying is don't buy the dip. Nothing more nothing less

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when are you selling?

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And we are saying suck a niggers dick

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OK go all in and BTFD. Then let's meet in nigger-alley and suck em together.

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suck nigger dick OP

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You will notice pretty quickly

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Seriously what dip? Wall street?

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15 minutes boys then I will be vindicated on here

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like a few days? weeks? how soon

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For what reason are you selling? So you can get into crypto perhaps?

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pathetic larp

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About right fucking now. so minutes

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WTF NOOO you faggots i need more time!!

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can I go to sleep or do you mean soon

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>15 minutes boys then I will be vindicated on here
15 minutes till larping OP begins sucking nigger hose until his mouth gets preggy

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I'm ready for it, which chart should I be watching? BTC?

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We need 24700

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He said stock market, not crypto.

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Ya, if you're gong to larp, at least take the time to learn the terms.

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OP seeya in nigger alley, Friday night at 11pm.

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yep my bad

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This is a coins board. Mods delete this shit, off topic

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>bussines and finanze
>not related

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Which exchange are you going to use while binance is down?

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DOW just tanked
>omg larp
We’re selling on our side too btw

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holy fuck. read you pajeet. STOCK MARKET.

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Can you post some screenshots of the market tanking? Not sure if you're LARPing though.

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Which coin is that?

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This is the Dow, we sold a while back, algorithms have been set to prioritize selling

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the DOW is a shit index though. S&P is a much better indicator of the entire market.
ATM, it appears OP is not a larping faggot, although he still sucks BBC. DOW is -375

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...The dow just plunged in the last 20 minutes

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k-keep me posted

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OP here. just to be clear faggots I am not telling you idiots to SELL anything I am just telling you to wait before you BTFD. Comprende nigger fluffers?

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Me and op are in similar situations. The consensus on the floor is to sell

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I actually believe you. Even I you are as an individual lying. You are in fact describing what is actually happening. Monkeys and typewriters and all that. Waiting for it to start raining bankers near skyscrapers again.

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Well it is not a bad thing. Just relax and wait a bit and re-buy at better valuations.

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Why don’t you just buy when it hits -4.00%
That’s what we’re aiming for

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OK technicals are all fucked up. We were supposed to hit 24700 but some fuckers are less greedy it appears.

This could actually become worse than calculated.

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I’m guessing it’s a negative feedback loop exasperated by weary altos.
That’s just our take tho

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hey faggot, the dow is only 300 pts. stfu larper and get back to your cube doing work.

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This is why I come here. Thanks biz

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OK there we go. Enjoy the rest of your day bitches. time for meetings

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yeah thats right. get back to work wagecuck.

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Gaslighting and pajeeting

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Op is right. Massive pressure. France, Germany . Offloading is on the way. It’s starting with the money you don’t see, then the obvious. If a stock drops 30%, it’s not a dip, it’s a needed correction. Watch the 10y fed bond. It will give the dance tempo.

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Stock market? Is that new or something? Do they have Eth pairs as well as BTC? What's the max daily withdrawal without verification? Might look into it, I hate bittrex

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big if true.

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Dow's in freefall HOLY FUCK

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ok its falling again
nvm ur not a pajeet anymore OP

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OK faggots I will leave this thread now before someone identifies me and puts me in jail.

Last piece of advice because some of you faggots are cool non-autistic dudes.

Shit is about to get fucking real. Don't be a fucking idiot.

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Thanks op I will sit on sidelines with my gold and wait when shit hits the fan

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Any advice on time frames anon like will something else be sold tomorrow?

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Buy Monaco for some sweet gains

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thank you non-pajeet finance wizard OP

sry for my autism
have a nice day and dont suck too many nigger dicks

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Big if true.

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>OP is NOT a faggot

Well now I've seen everything...

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Buy the dip

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only a total dumbnut wouldn't read that red signal 2 days ago

what should I buy when shit hits the fan ?

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but the goldprice does nothing?

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Hey guys Warren buffet here. I'm selling everything I have tied up in stocks because trump promised to make me king of wakanda if I did. I'm telling you guys here first because I like the pink wojack memes. Good luck.

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S&P is starting to look like the BTC graph.

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I also have a bank and we doing the same

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>tfw nostocker
What does it mean for my memecoins?

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>i have insider information

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big if ture

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you’re full of shit. I actually work for an investment bank. We’re pumping in massive cash reserves at market open tomorrow. Rumors are a major break through in either AI or quantum computing by a US company. So we have a widespread tech strategy. My hunch is Microsoft, but we’ll see.

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probably IBM. But I'm full of shit so don't count in what im saying

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>op is confirmed not a fag
>you speak like you’re in a video game
Whomst’dv do you think I believe

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Quantum Computing?

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I didn't really need this info though.

I sold all holdings on Tuesday.

The signs are all here. Sure we might get another 2 years of growth, but do we really want to take the chance when your portfolio could drop in half in just a few weeks.

Shit look at XIV.

IF I get back into stocks it won't be until Summer. We need to see how the next 2 or 3 months shakes out.

>Been trading stocks for 4 years

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>AI breakthrough
>quantum computing

lol, get fucking real. Nice try.

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>Microsoft creating a useful innovation

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What changed between the peak and now? Why wouldnt you have sold in jan rather than after it already tanked, weak hands bank?

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thanks op just bought 100k stock markets coin

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Ok, get FUDed into selling your tech stocks for cheap. You’re only helping me.

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If we have any knife catchers itt please let me know. The dead cat is bounceth.

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Dude it's been nothing but growth for 10 years.

Why would this time period be any different than the last 100 years...?

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There is a slight feeling of panic starting to materialize. If we go below 24000 CBTs will go bezerk (my own opinion not based on anything really)

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14 year growth, 1985-1999

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Notice the FUDers are careful to disclaim their rumors. That’s to avoid SEC enforcement.

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Not saying it can't happen, but betting on a long cycle could really fuck people.

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>actual market data shows your wrong
>larger vanishes

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>OP notices market having a correction with some more room to go
>"Im responsible for this guys, we are about to sell off more"

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why would OP do that though? what's the point, we're all anonymous here, it's not like he'll gain anything from building a reputation

also unlike some low market cap shitcoin, it can't be shilling, cuz a bunch of autists on /biz/ aren't going to move the DOW or S&P500 at all

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He was proven wrong already.

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regardless, even if its just a pure larp, it's still a good call

I'm on vacation and haven't been paying attention to the market, pretty glad I popped on /biz/ and saw this thread lol

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Wew lad! This one was 2spooky4me

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are you joking? because he wants (yous) obviously. You should be asking: why would a bank analyst come on 4chan and spew out insider information?

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? my positions are still lower priced than when I sold... I saved a few grand selling it when I did

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>make dire prediction at 12:20 eastern
>1.5 hours later, market has changed .3%

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why would someone fish for (you)s posting about the stock market on a crypto board? 99% of you fuckers here don't even own stocks

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Just keeping this alive. Anons need to know to never trust a larper.

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What was the DOW at when you sold?

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Cool just sold 100k

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Hope everyone bought the dip

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Hello I would like to sell

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K just sold 100k for you, Mr. Boomer have a nice day

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Holy shit! are you me?

I actually moved C-Funds (Large Cap to match S&P 500) into G-Fund (Government fund to match inflation).

I think S&P 500 will go down to $1,700 and as low as $1,500.

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I work at a stock brokerage and our clients are selling off their positions in droves. No interest in holding any other stocks. Could be pretty bad if this is the general sentiment of stock traders.

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pump it up.