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Mooning tonight. Strap in.

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Oh shit

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burn in hell linkposter

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Jesus Christ

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Praise kek and Jason Parser

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Why does this keep happening

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How can we moon if Binance is closed?

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The amount of digits Chainlink threads have its staggering. I believe in the meme magic

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Responses like this make me wonder if Biz has any real ppl left

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Pls sergey hold off on the moon mission until I get paid so I can buy more.

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stinky linkies always get last laugh

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I have never been more sure of anything than the fact that LINK will allow me to retire in my 20's.

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Do you have a script that posts this text with image combo every 3 hours?

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I'm actually not that guy, just doing him a favor

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Sucks you didn't register. I'll bring you back some moon rocks from my trip.

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kek continues to speak to us
heed kek's words

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>guy screaming in all caps on Tibetan barrel clamping message board tells everyone else they're delusional

enjoy remaining poor

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Repeating digits made trump prez

They will also make stinky linkies the top 100 richest fags in the world

Link to 100k

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Digits are getting stronger. Testnet release must be close

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Kek this is good fudpasta for anything link related

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chinance going down tonight kinda shit all over that street, no?

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Fishing for a sign

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Strap in boyos

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$10 chainlinks by May.

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I have a PhD in crypto economics and mathematics. Crypto incentives in Chainlink are a legitimate concern. I saw Ari Juels speak at a conference recently where he mentioned tokens and asked him about the token economics of a node staking system like the Chainlink network is planning to use. The problem is that node operator incentives are fuzzy at best and not even figured out fully by the team (see the gitter for Steve stuttering about this). When I brought it up to Ari Juels, I told him that in the way the network is expected to be used, the fees payable to node operators would actually decline as requests become more ubiquitous because as the network grows it becomes cheaper to use. This makes sense if you took a few advanced cryptoeconomics courses. Ari admitted that it was a great question but that they were "actively pursuing research in that area." I sold my LINK immediately after that and saw a significant dump on the binance charts. It's pretty clear these guys are pulling you along making you think they're doing something revolutionary when the incentives aren't even fully determined yet..

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We must be getting closer.

My god. The singularity event...

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discord gg yuAPsnY

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KEked and checked

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Tripness the singularity boys, were going back to the big bang.

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ChainLink $1500 EOY

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I feel it too

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I believe in the singularity

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Absolute madmen.

Link threads are blessed. May all our stinkies be blessed.

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I believe!

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Chainlink will be picked as the defecto Oracle network for swift. Just give it time. We're on our way

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Another based link thread. the golden age is coming

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Then you will be rich, anons

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I am immune to this fud because my family thought I was delusional and retarded even before crypto.

The digits in this thread make me feel compelled to take what I have out of zrx and neo and put it into link. Ill leave my xlm stack alone tho.

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You should definitely go all in.

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So close to what sevens let me reroll digits for you.

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Many blessing has been bestowed on this day to the true believers!

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Fuck it. I will. When binance gets back up. I need to get enough money to buy a house to leave my disabled bro if anything happens to me so he doesn't end up homeless

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What does kek mean by this?

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Too bad Binance was hacked and everyone's link is gone

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too bad you're a flaming soyboy

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Latest from Riddle Anon

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lmao, no

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can i be a part of digits? will 5k linklets make it?

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dubs and I drop 1k into LINK friday

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God I hope so. Sold my OMG stack for link yesterday.

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You mean it's going to get fucking dumped like usual.

Delusional linkies.

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I have a hard time believing.

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rolling for you brother

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Satan wills it.

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It's about damn time

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6k linklets will make it

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I was going to buy it two days ago when it was at .30 now its .40, have I missed out on the moon mission? Is it too late for me?

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>Sweet Sergey of Nazarov

pic related

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The one true Oracle.

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anything sub $10 is good

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I want the mods to make loadsamoney play on /biz/ the day it hits $1k.

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I'm a stinky linky and a pretty deluded one at that, but can anyone answer some questions for me? I hang out in the telegram and on the many threads here but can't seem to recall seeing the answers to these questions or need further clarification.

Do we have exact dates or time frames (with source) for test and main net launch?
Do smartcontacts/chainlink have initial partners ready to use the network on day 1? I am aware of Swift POC etc. but I have seen no confirmation of intention to use once launched.
I know of linkpool.io but are there any other pools for nodes?
Any details on the new hires? Who and what they are doing?
Can anyone give me any examples of its use case. I already know it has massive implications - insurance, finance etc. but can someone elaborate or post some solid examples. It's got to the point where the use case is so big its frying my brainlet. Help clarify.

I love this project and have a position in already - just need an excuse to increase it.

The memes are telling me to buy.

Help me stinkies.

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I've never really encountered Riddle myself. Has anything he provided panned out well? or just speculation.

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best fud

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I remember my passion for the internet in 1993 and trying to explain it to my family. They thought I was delusional.

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Is it a Fud or a fud within a fud?

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wonder how many are selling based on usd instead of sats

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damn man why aren't you rich already?

>> No.7450570

I am.

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I also have an exwife btw. Watch out for that one. Its a shit.

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aha, well fair play then anon. Sorry bout your ex we're all gonna make and you will make it again when link goes live

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If you don't mind me asking, what were your expectations for the internet like back then? What do you expect to see from ChainLink?

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It’s an organized link discord, we take turns. Jimmys up this round. Good work Jimmy!

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I unironically market dumped my stack of LINK yesterday and put it all into Mobius. I'm sorry but the lack of updates, developments, communication and quite frankly the tasteless overshilling of LINK around these parts has ruined my enthusiasm for it. I don't really think Sergey has his heart in Chainlink anymore. Something changed along the way, I can feel his enthusiasm for it waning similarly to how he just up and left NXT like a thief in the night. He probably had a great time raising millions of dollars with the ICO and being a famous celebrity on biz, and I'm happy for him, I really am, but he lost his hunger for success along the way and now he's just hungry for Big Macs. The Bitcoin superconference will likely be a total shitshow. I've no doubt the price will dump within minutes of Sergey staggering off stage after another tedious regurgitated speech where he doesn't even mention Chainlink. He's probably just going there for the free buffet, alcohol and hookers. Look, I really enjoyed holding LINK, it was a pretty cool bag to carry for a while, but Mobius is definitely the new wave of oracle tech and has all the momentum now. I can't let it pass me by.

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The satan get confirms that this man is the devil and a deceiver. OP had quads which has nothing to do with the number of the beast.
In gets I trust

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keked and checked your red666trips pajeet. it's all in service to the singularity

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Test net is live already

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>tfw when you're a newfag to /biz/ but already recognize this copypasta

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nice dubs new fag checked and kekd
link is magical

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nice dubs

if i get dubs im going all in link

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Thank you. Do you have any idea on who is using it?

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If dubs 1k eoy

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sorry guess you were meant to be poor

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$.10 by saturday

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I fucking hate you anon, don't just 'hang' around some chats and biz threads. Most of your questions are answered in the fucking new year update from Sergey. I'll spoonfeed you now but don't expect to go through life like this
There is a working test at the moment, there will be a simplified version on mainnet set for release by the end of Q1
There are companies (ZeppelinOS, REQ) that say they'll use or are at least interested in Chainlink but Sergey himself said he won't be announcing any partnership before things are absolutely sure, he clearly doesn't want to hype things up
It's too early to say man, jesus how much I hate you
We know they're hiring a marketing person and have hired devs but that's all we know
>use case
Learn what smart contracts do and now add any real world data in them, the sky is the limit.

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Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiinnnnnnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!
Open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

If we do this collectively my LINK brothers, the power of positive thought from a strong community such as ours will allow these desires to come true and manifest into reality, there is absolutely no doubt about it.
Keep believing anons, I love you all

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anyone got that "This is Sergey. Sergey's now a trillionaire." picture?

paying in shadowshadowlinks

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Thanks for your response, I'm sure I deserve your hatred.

I know what smart contracts are and I understand some of the implications of adding real world data to them but most of the responses I have read have been like yours. Yes I understand the sky is the limit - auto payout of insurance if flight delayed using GPS and external sources of flight data/persons location etc. But I'm looking for a few more answers to ponder to see if I've missed any.

Lay on the rage if you want but would love more info from you.

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how are you gonna reply to a copy pasta with a real reply

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We had such a good thread earlier with the Hyperledger email dump, but I guess that can only hold /biz/'s attention for so long. Back to pointless EOY predictions and Mobius FUD.

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If I was really raging I wouldn't have replied, relax. But it's true that you can go further than reading what the community is saying, read what the company and the people behind it are saying and make your own opinion.

For use cases here's a simple one. You bet on a sports game on a website, we've had that since forever but in this case, the bookmakers have implemented a smartcontract to payout the winning bets automatically from their bank. You, the simple user who's been betting online forever, don't notice anything different but you're surprised to find that 15 minutes after the game is over, your payout is already in the bank, ready to spend. This is a perfect scenario where the bookmaker made a smartcontract with two outcomes, the winner between teams A and B and the relevant payout. Chainlink here is the service that will read the correct outcome by connecting to sport news channels and will convey that data to the smartcontract. The perfect scenario here goes further if banks are using Chainlink as well to automate the bank payment which is why you got the payout 15 mins after the game was over

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haha top lel well baited

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We had confirmation today that IBM and hyperledger consider chainlink their best option for an oracle

>> No.7451498

Great example thanks. This is assuming swift and the relevant betting agencies use an oracle service like link? In this scenario would individual banks need to be on board or would this even need swift on at all?

I'm guessing betting agency pulls APIs from both data source of outcome of race/game and banking details from swift?

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Too bad Hyperledger has more cons than pros according to Swift, who are still 4-5 years away from actually implementing DLT.

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Chainlink solves at least two of those cons if you notice ;)

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Any ideas? Clue from Riddle Anon

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The scenario I imagined had everyone on board, the betting agency using a smartcontract internally in order to automate the betting process, swift using chainlink for faster bank transfers and banks I guess don't have to individually be concerned with chainlink if they are working with swift already.

Even if banks are not on board we're looking at a great tool here. Another simple example would be an escrow service for gaming items. Like trading a magical sword for a space gun between two different games on different platforms by using a smartcontract to execute the trade when both items have been fronted plus chainlink to read whether you did front them. But this example I guess needs game devs to be on board individually

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Except that the very fact that it has to use LINK to connect to the blockchain is in itself a con.

>> No.7451719

But if SWIFT also uses ChainLink, it's ok right?

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Essentially creating the incentivization framework for the consensus verification of real world data and statistics tracking.

>> No.7452006

Interesting. Do banks give authority to Swift to auto transfer? I thought it was merely a messaging service (of value). As someone from outside banking it's hard for me to understand the exact mechanisms in place, although it seems overly complex and complicated for simple value transfer atm.

Also the sword for gun transfer could be done using something like WAX right? Whats the benefit of using chainlink in this instance over a tailor made product for gaming ecosystems like WAX? I suppose WAX could use chainlink if both parties were not using the same ecosystem, but that would still rely on both using LINK instead.

I'm very much interesting in trying to understand not just the use cases - although this helps - but the volume we could expect to go through a network like this.

It seems like smart contacts + chainlink or an similar oracle service will be so disruptive that it's hard to see exactly how it will play out. It reads similar to the impact of computers and the internet. People speculated, people downplayed, but we are still seeing the impacts of these technologies and I'm sure we will continue to see them.

>> No.7452122

What the fuck is WAX? Never heard of it before. That coupled with the fact that its "gaming" related tells me that it's worthless.

>> No.7452208

Never heard of WAX either. It depends on many things, chainlink could be beneficial if you'd wanted to go beyond gaming and for example trade a real world object for an in-game one.

There was a thread with OP claiming to be an oldfag with big history in tech companies, he was saying chainlink would change the game for many things, it was an interesting read, I regret not remembering the specifics

>> No.7452486

Mike Novogratz shills it and it was a recent buy alert from Teeki.

Just because you haven't heard of it before doesn't mean its worthless. I have no stake in it but am aware of it. Also I'm not into gaming at all, but according to Mr. Novogratz, there are more people who buy and sell online clothing/skins etc. than there are that buy bitcoin and all other cryptos combined.

Now fuck off with WAX and tell me more about LINK!

Lets ponder more use cases shall we?

How about I buy a product from a physical store, chainlink reads the purchase and product through either my bank, ewallet, card or store terminal (if ID/loyalty associated) and then auto subscribes me to another product or promotion (eg: DLC, movie extras, free insurance etc.)

Also only two of my questions from this post >>7449710 have been answered - Testnet timeframe and examples.

Please respond.

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no wonder everybody hates stinky linkies, every day, every fucking the same thread about it mooning "tonight"

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Filter the OP and fuck off faggot.

>> No.7452694

How many days will it take for you to kys once all the linkies become millionaires I'm genuinely curious. 2? 3?

>> No.7453692

today is the day I bought into the meme
got myself 333 link, auspicious number
thread number is 6666
cant go wrong

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LINK going 2 da moon
screencap for further reference

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This is a top quality meme. I believe. Synchronicity. Singularity.

>> No.7454211

Link $90 EOY

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