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poor /newcoiner/ here, I only have 340iost that I got from shilling. I need gas to transfer it to an exchange. Want to hold some reqs, then buy more whenever a dip occurs.

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>that pic

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You shouldn’t even comment in a thread like th-

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You really shouldn’t use that pic. You are not ready to understand it. I am serious. It will hurt you. Google it. Some people have been....

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Mod, close that thread. Please.

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You faggots are starting to scare the fuck out of me

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please delete this. now.
im shaking

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oooh spooky polack painter this thread is reddit

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Those are just the ancients buried under the Antartic, nothing to fear.

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You are too young to know those things.

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Can you explain? Is that a cursed Image or some shit?

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I might be, I did read about how he got murdered,
and his paintings being cursed.

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Can i get redpilled?
Idk how but i'm getting a headche rn

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He wasnt killed by a teenager or whatever bullshit was in the news. I can’t say more. This pic will kill again.

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No kill pls

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>satan trips

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I just read, the painter did lose his wife, his son killed himself, and then he faced the miserable fate of getting stabbed 20 times.

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He also had an accident and States in coma for a while and he said he saw hell. Damn

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whew lad

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You are not ready for this. Very few people are. Just listen. Stay away from it. Don’t try to understand. STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!!!

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I'm going to fund and expedition to Agartha when I make it.
The ancients shall live again, to destroy the Jew!

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Plz explain
I'm a /x/ faggot

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b-but I love eccentric,what am I in for?

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Please remove this thread. I've put myself at great risk even posting in this thread.

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but you're free to flag it. that was fun.

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Yes you have.

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Look at my colour. And my name. I was ready . Stop posting here. You are not ready.

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Probably just a dumb meme and nothing cool with this image
I couldnt find anything unusual about it
Its just anons being cryptic to fuck with people

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Gotcha haha

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Good luck. But luck won’t be enough. pXnS

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I know this world. Comfy place, if you like horror trips.

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Oh great now i'm going to die

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You don’t know what your talking about. I done what I could. pXnS

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You scared having real power. Bet you sell dips. Rather sell your soul anon.

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What the fuck are you guys talking about

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I never come here. But I knew I had to. I came 2 weeks ago for the same pic. To warn the poster. He comited suicide since. I don’t need money. I have plenty. So you think you a big boy?Read b.yishak 1717 édition.good night. May you sleep in peace. pXnS

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Come on now, i'm into paranormal but this shit doesn't make sense
Is the poster a satanist trying to curse us or some shit?

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The poster didn’t know. Some stuff are better where they are. Not said. Goodnight I can’t help more pXnS

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this is a wallpaper you stpuid fucks

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You fzcking faggot i googled your b yishak 1717 bullshit and couldnt find anything valuable
If you dont start talking now i will hunt you in your fucking dreams and bertstare you to death

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The book is not on the web. You have to go and reach it. Beware of what you wish for my dear friend......

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Well thanks for the reply
Im a very curious person but not so curious to go out of my way and find some obscure book
Im out