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Hello /biz/nessmen, I want to ask you about something which seems very simple in comparison to other threads here.

I want to invest in improving myself from career and qualifications perspective. I live in London, have an income 150-200 per week because of the lack of skills. Lets say ill save 500 pounds, what should i do next? I want to earn more than 6.50 but at the same time you have to give money to make more money.

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Also interested.

It depends what your current gaps and plans are.
If your income is that low, I guess you are tenuously employed working in fast food or something. And not full time either.

To be honest, you probably don't need skills as such, you need to find an entry level job or apprenticeship that isn't dead end and crap.

Also, you basically pay for certification not skills. Skills you get by spending time. You can become a good programmer by just coding all day, 3 days a week, for a year or two. You can become a good electrician by watching a shit load of youtube, taking some books out the library, and doing some projects.
But you need certs and experience to show you have those skills right?

So, pick something you want, accept that it's gonna take a couple months before you get anywhere, and spend 3 days a week building those skills.
Then look for someone who will take you on to do work using them, or a certification to say you've got them to make it more likely you'll find that starter job.

Alternatively, you could use that as starter capital for some kind of ebay business like, buying 6 good but broken laptops, and building 4 working ones out of them for resale.

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I was gonna ask like, what skills have you been building?
What do you spend your time doing?

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Well, I do not really know what I want to do, I mean I like to draw, but its very hard to make decent money from this unless you are very skilled. I think I can adapt and learn pretty much a lot of things.

I am a cleaner atm, maybe I should pursue this one? Do professional cleaners earn a lot of money? I am not thinking about supervising.

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The best (only?) way you are going to make money cleaning is to run a cleaning business (easiest is commercial, you just need to win one contract), and hire people to work with you as freelancers, paying them less than you are being paid.
If you wanted to do that, you would look for new companies or buisnesses moving to new premisis, as that is the time they are looking for new cleaners.
The trouble is, cleaners always have to make less than the employees of the buisness, as otherwise the buisness would just order their employees to clean.

I don't know anything about how people make money drawing. I'm sure there are ways, but I don't know them.

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Try to get an apprenticeship as a plumber or an electrician. You'll end up with a degree and a job, while getting about as much or more money during.

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>but its very hard to make decent money from this unless you are very skilled
If you want a decent supplemental income, all you have to do is cater to a niche porn market. They talk about it frequently on >>>/ic/

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Not sure how it works in britbongland but I was a custodian at a middle school while I went to college. I made 32k a year and also had the option to work weekends for time and a half pretty much every weekend. Plus I got health, dental, life, and long term disability for free (which doesn't really apply to you). It was union too.

Plus you can get licensed here to manage and work on boilers, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and shit like that. Highest paid guy in the district made 60k+. So there is decent money in every field if you go looking.

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