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So does noone care that the stock market is starting to crash?
It's spreading pretty fast

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How does this affect my Satoshis?

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i think i'm going to wait for it to bounce back a bit and then close some positions.

sode comment: i'm worried that crypto won't see a big pump off the stock market selling off because people won't see it as a safe hedge. in fact they'll probably want to get their money out of that volatile market as well and then crypto dumps big as well.

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Which coin is this

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Jokes on you my stock has been crashing since December it can't go any lower

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I'm happy to see it, I''ve got lots of cash I need to deploy.

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They crashed my crypto, so I hope they die.

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>green 12 months in a row

No this is just a loid, but healthy correction. I've been waiting for this for a month now after I pulled half my money out following the DOW's 5% run up in only two weeks. Time to get back in

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3rd impact habbenings everywhere and i'm numb to it all. what do?

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It's a ponzi coin

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>So does noone care that the stock market is starting to crash?
Do you expect /biz/ to know and care about actual business happenings?
This board is here to contain the polroach kiddies shilling their shitty virtual nothingcurrencies.

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By Wednesday the stock market crash will have made crypto recover.
Screencap this.

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I hope the entire world economy collapses. At least I can take refuge in the fact that other people lost way more than I did then, especially the nocoiners.

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crypto is a fun meme when it crashes
stocks are too real

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Oh god why do I hope we enter a recession so bad? In Aus our stocks are falling too, housing is in a huuuge bubble, electricity is so expensive it’s ridiculous and is about to rise again, wage growth has been stagnant for years and cost of living is now constantly talked about on national TV. I feel a recession would be hard now but nesessary for the long term.
That and it would make me feel good about half a million peak 2 weeks ago in crypto bleeding out to 150k.

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People just got their Fidelity tax forms and realized that they owe the IRS. It's been a few years since the stock market was as good as in 2017 and the tax bill is taking people by surprise.

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when stocks crash people flock to crypto

this is unironically good for bitcoin

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No crashing until I get the equity from selling my house....reeeeeeee

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They all flee to the bond market, screencap.
That old alzheimer faggot wanted markets to go parabolic to have something to twitter about, it's (You) paying the price for his abysmal boomer retardation now.

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Just sold all my long term positions to wait this one out. No significant correction in a long time. Charts look toppy. Burger gov bragging about prosperity in the stock market. Run.

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This is pretty fucking bad.
1929 happening?

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I would argue the opposite. Crypto is a risky strategy.

When the market is tanking, people want to go risk off. They don't want to go into plays that have the risk of dropping 40% per day

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time to gold up

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No. Central banks will step in to prep up markets and keep them stable.
FED even has agreements with externals like BOJ which are allowed to help out during extinction level events.
Did I say FED?

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it's called a correction

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Wrong, gold bug. Do you see gold rising?
That's what I thought.
Nobody is interested in your shiny meme.

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god you're fucking retarded

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I wish Hitler had saved us from modern day degeneracy. We wouldn't even be thinking about this Jewish bullshit and instead we would be work towards a brighter future for our peoples according to our abilities and talents.

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Okay and after it crashes despite them doing that then what

This is the start of another economic recession. Growing consumer debt, wealth disparity and local consumers having to compete with global buyers is making the economy go bust finally

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is this unironically how it looks in the stockroom on a crash day like this? damn, this is suicide inducing.

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no. When has ever in history have we gone straight up and straight down? No, we are still in an uptrend, a choppy future is ahead but new all time highs will continue to be hit, thats just basic knowledge of indices. Dont worry about this correction and dont listen to analysts

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more like, time to realize the true value of crypto for normies. also, crypto oversold. my dick is hard thinking of the oncoming pump

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The sooner it crashes the sooner that sweet boomer money will lift my bags back to space

Fuck the stock market it can suck a cock (it won't though, because it's just a dump and scare to shake out the weaklings)

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All of my Canadian weed stocks are green. AMD was the only red which I sold to wait this one out.

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it crashed itself because people suddenly realized it was worthless and dangerous

fucking idiot. If stocks crash bitcoin hits fucking 0.00

no you fucking moron

no you fucking moron

its china from 2015

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Start of another global financial crisis? 2008 again?

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kek good meme breh

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Within the next 2-3 years yes

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Nocoiner here. Literally all my assets are better than Friday. Stop the FUD.

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>trying to meme influence the stock market

Kek. Keep in mind that the trump botfarms are meme-ing the opposite.

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>it's all falling down

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It's the end. 2018 is the year the world ends and everybody dies. Screencap this post.

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As of now it's a healthy correction, a recession is long overdue anyway.
You are right in that the arsenal of central banks to counter severe crisis' has been diminshed, still there is stuff left.
e.g. lowering interest rates or not raising them.
I remember all those brainlets like Schiff telling people ANY rate hike would crash the market and hee we are with a DOW still at 20k.
It should correct to 20k to be able to breathe again, the fat bubble is clearly visible:
Smart money pricing in tax presents, deregulation and further enslavement of the working class all while cutting subsidies and healthcare.
Look at graphs: Under Obama / Yellen the DOW / S&P were all quite linear, then Trump inflated the bubble.
A crash is necessary and healthy, it won't be as bad as 2008.
You did this to yourself burger:
While you were listening to Comey on TV reps silently got rid of deregulation, Dodd-Frank whatnot, pretty much the same minute actually.
The recession will be blamed on Trump and he will wish a fucking pee hooker tape would be his only problem.
I unironically believe it won't be 2008 again, but who knows with this clique of GS and friends in power.
Beautiful america is getting milked by the next swamp.

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>tfw Fed will have to print money to prop up the market

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*Dow at 25k

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>i think lowering the world's standards would be a good idea!!!

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It may not be as bad as 2008 again but if somehow the economy stays afloat for another 5-6 years automation will make it the biggest crash since the depression and it could take us a decade to recover.

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wow another worthless shitcoin redirecting to 0.00

how interesting

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Major, like 2008 and 1929 major, financial crisis happen about 70~ years.
We'll be fine.

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No, that was based on bad debt, which made some big banks insolvent. If this was based on defaults, I think we'd hear about it pretty soon. This is just a downturn that is probably due to expectations of rate hikes.

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>down 3.5% in past month

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>hurr what is margin call

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it's still up for the year you fucking monkey

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>11% is all it took for the depression

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its not even down on the month

its up 2% since the 1st

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2008 wasn't major. That was just a large recession and for most of the world it was minor.

1929 was a depression, much larger.

They also dont happen every 70 years, they happy more every 10 years with larger depressions coming at times of serious changes.


That's not even counting global stock market crashes. Recessions are a regular part of the economy, think of it as a forest burning in a natural forest fire to pave way for new trees and life.

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I believe automation will take longer to show impact.
America is turning into a service society, that's why it's braindead to try to compete with the chinese in manufacturing cheap underwear.
Automation will be a problem only if you let it:
basic income e.g. would easily counter the effect, but in muh socalism kill it! murrica? Doubt you are clever enough to see any benefits.

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2008 was the edge of fucking oblivion, it was so fucking bad you dont even know it.

this still isnt a crash tho

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I don't disagree with you there i'm just saying that automation is certainly a catalyst that could lead to 1930's level depression. All the other tools are in place, now it's just disrupting labor. Once unemployment goes up we're in for a rude awakening.

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>should have invested in real money like stock or god instead of imaginary BTC

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>4% dip is 1929
meanwhile bitcoin is down over 60% and shows no signs of stopping

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Invest into Aerospace/Aviation companies, only way your gonna make it.

>war happens
>they go up
>nothing happens
>they remain steady
>everything crashes
>they crash the least

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if the bailout hadn't happened, americans would be speaking another language right now

we were literally on edge of collapse.

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Interesting, you may be correct, but I doubt it will happen that quick.
These are slow changes, lots of automation already happened.
In the end it could be beneficial for all of us if it isn't just a single monopoly company building robots that build robots that build robots that do the work.
Maybe trailer park bubba gets his chance at painting and selling art one day instead of having bromance parties in the rust belt?

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I just shorted every stock on the stock market with 1000x leverage. How'd I do biz?

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Do you know what is leverage, retard?

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Nobody uses leverage on stocks you fucking idiot.

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They just delayed the inevitable by a few years. None of the structural issues have been resolved.

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not true btw

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Wageslaves such as yourself don't. Professional wall street traders do.

>> No.7325600

>The aviation company you invested in gets Malaysia Airline'd
Nah, now the renewable energy sources on the other hand...

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More money going into crypto. Also, the american economy going into recession again and millions losing their jobs, but who cares about you.

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and now we have Trump as president, who definitely wont do shit to restructure the economy

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My portfolio is 700k and i trade every single day. Wallstreet does not use leverage on stocks. Nobody leverages stocks. There are leveraged ETNs which are not actually leveraged, and then there are forex, options, and futures which do have extensive leverage.

You dont know what the fuck youre talking about

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>2008 wasn't major. That was just a large recession and for most of the world it was minor.

Get a load of this guy. Were you 10 years old when it happened?

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>this is /biz for you

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>More money going into crypto
thats why its down 60% right? all that capital inflow? The economy is the best its been in over a decade and the last jobs report added 200,000 jobs.

You are 16 years old.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Trump is a big shit talker. He can't really do anything. How's that wall doinv btw?

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>the stocks are crashing
>better pull my money out
>and put it into an even harder crashing market

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seriosuly interested

do you think that there is any non-shitcoin out there?

dont mention btc or monero pls

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I don't live in america so my economy wasn't affected by your sub prime crisis.

>> No.7325721

theyre all worth nothing.

then you live somewhere that isnt relevant in the world

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this shit makes me so happy.
When the stock market pajeets move to crypto as safe harbour after the SEC shit tomorrow we will see a rise like no one has ever seen before.

>> No.7325797

>When the stock market pajeets move to crypto as safe harbour
that will literally never happen. If the actual market becomes a bear market crypto will literally hit 0 overnight

>> No.7325799

>dumbass gets embarrassed and tries to use semantics to safe face
Yea, don't forget to add the extra ketchup

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It's great news because people invest in our shitcoin when stock market does bad

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Pretty much the entire rest of the world was largely unaffected. In Canada we had a slightly recession just because of our reliance on American trade but overall it was hardly a crisis. Our mortgage and lending controls were much stronger. I kind of wish it did crash though, our banks are now richer than ever and housing is through the fucking roof

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people dont use leverage on stocks. Its just not a common practice. what the fuck would you know about it

>Pretty much the entire rest of the world was largely unaffected
you are clearly underage then

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>it crashed itself because people suddenly realized it was worthless and dangerous

Fuck off boomer.

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They are consumers for actual the manufacturing ones. You don't invest in the consumers. Renewable are fundamentally shitty thing to invest into because they "grow" up to meet demand of usage but inevitably by nature their demand quickly depletes. Especially in nations where populations are declining.

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oh sorry, global governments and financial institutions saw how dangerous it was to have morons buying speculative trash on margin and put an end to it

>> No.7325951

Fiat currency?

>> No.7325975

You know its true. All the conspiracy BS are lies people sell themselves to avoid the hard reality that people are rushing for the exit.

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We were propped up by oil. The world isn't america centric. Many economies were largely unscathed by 2008.

>> No.7326050

>brainlets first market correction

>> No.7326089

>to meet demand of usage but inevitably by nature their demand quickly depletes.
I beg to differ, there's always a demand for energy, especially for "clean" energy nowadays.
Also aviation manufacturers suffer as much as the airlines in the case of a air crash.

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b-but your fucking meme retard said he was making stocks go up KEK

>> No.7326117

thanks anon.
will try that while looking at Standard & Poor's chart a bit later.

>> No.7326137

they have
they went up a lot

>> No.7326157

Gold is the real world version of tether you dumbass, it's not about going up, it's about keeping your money safe.

>> No.7326187

>Its just not a common practice.
Not amongst wageslaves. what the fuck would you know about it

>> No.7326200

Stock market is not crashing yet right you, just wait.

Also, "no you are."

>> No.7326216

>Cut off the power supply

>> No.7326327

Now they're going to crash.
>hurr drumpft u sayd wez gun beee rich n shiiieee. Whey dey muneee ehh eyz dun voted fo u

>> No.7326336

Bond market is having trouble too. Its all crashing. ITS ALL CRASHING. WE ARE ALL FUCKED. I AM CONSTIPATED FROM FEAR.

>> No.7326421

Yeah nah the rest of the world didn't really care. I was just entering the workforce then (ausfag) and there was some pessimistic talk but the actual impact on life was pretty much unnoticeable.

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>mfw shorted yesterday

>> No.7326531

Agreed. And it is even more than that. Record low interest rates for so long. Soo much money printed out of thin air by the fed. The slow death of the petrodollar. The need for war to distract from the global depression that (((they))) have created. Anons, buy gold silver steel and lead. Buy seeds. Buy crypto.

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excellent progression

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>the goyim thinks they can be free
>we will show dem the way

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Where can I read more?

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Who cares about a 10% loss on some stock?
Crypto is down 60-80%.

>> No.7327398

on >>>/pol/

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Not according to ozzy kid.

he predicted this shit before it happened so go fuck yourself bruh



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i've been waiting for years for this, the market has been in a bubble for years now and it might finally be correcting as it did in 2008 however looking at the general trends comparing to 2008, this crash might be titanic

>> No.7327514

Not looking so good. Is there any realistic chance this is gonna stay as a peaceful correction? The upswings seem really weak and people are gonna get scared.

>> No.7327608

This is the big one lads. 2008 will look like rainbows and unicorns compared to what's to come.

>> No.7327783

and as the rush to crypto happens. All those patient crypto investors will be able to buy themselves many lambos apiece with the profits.

>> No.7327787

Sure bubba, you will have a great time spending your crypto in madmax land.

>> No.7327872


Lol, its a correction you dunce.

2008 was once in a lifetime.

>> No.7327977

no its not, there are new bubbles but the central banks have a tighter grip now to solve it faster. hyperinflation is the only worry for now.
S&P only holds normies now, hedge funds have left like summer last year. normies always take the hit, like you did in crypto, like you did when your taxes saved the banks in 2008.
sucks man

>> No.7328074

kek, 2008 wasn't even that bad.

Just wait mate, this is global/planetary.

Markets are dropping globally/worldwide depending on your belief in the shape of the earth. But nevertheless - it's going to affect everyone and make crypto investors rich beyond all avarice.

>> No.7328107

Just sold out of most of my tech stocks and ETFs. Gonna wait a few days, see how things go, and re-invest maybe next week.

>> No.7328166

This is a very tame “crash.” I am already bored of it.

>> No.7328186

this is the real question.
i can't wait to see how crypto performs in a real world financial crisis similar to 2008.
this will be the real test

>> No.7328216

omfg my sides

please someone faceswap mom and baby

>> No.7328303

he's right retard, crypto has been around for a long time now and there are still ZERO tangible real world applications it doesnt take a fucking genius to realise that the market is currently useless in its current state

>> No.7328317

>Dow is headed to 15000
>SPX is headed to 1500

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If you don't believe me, go through all the markets, it isn't just the S&P

Russell 1000,2000,2000 is down
Dow Jones is down
FTSE is down
DAX is down
Nikkei is down

global market crash m8

>> No.7328408

>Russell 1000,2000,2000 is down

>> No.7328587

Kek, crypto crashed the fucking stock market ahahahahaha. Anyway this shit is going to correct hard prepare for another recession.

>debt is good

>> No.7328646

Don't forget 1,000,000,000,000$ student debt kek

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>Monero, bitcoin

Literally kill yourself, you are wasting precious air

>> No.7328886

>if it goes up it must be a bubble
Fucking short fags man

>> No.7328937

couldnt be more wrong. ven has a partnership with the biggest tobacco producer in the world, even fun will probably get something sweet at the ICE this week, how retarded do you have to be to think there are ZERO real world applications jfc

>> No.7329039

Glad I sold my property last month. Looks like 2018 will be the year of when everything costs pennies (for buyers) and nothing will be possible to be sold anymore (for business owners and investors).

>> No.7329104

stock market is a bubble too..

its been going up and up the past 8 years

nothing goes up forever.

>> No.7329156

>he’s worried about air supply

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>> No.7329221

Who I am going to show if the world ends?

>> No.7329271

Best business in recession?

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It is last chance to move into the true winner of 2018 bullrun.

>> No.7329301

How do I buy DOWJ?

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all the global markets are connected that's why, it's the bronze age collapse all over again nobody can cash out of this hell we're in for

>> No.7330118

We don't know yet, people are mostly bearish it seems.

>> No.7330194

>Recessions are a regular part of the economy,
fuck off kike

>> No.7330279

So is this the normies fault? I feel like everything's gone downhill since cryptocurrencies went mainstream.

>> No.7330329

invest in gold if you know whats good for you

>> No.7330430

Your economy was not affected because your government jumped in and used your money to save the banks.

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>> No.7330511

We had 9% and 8.5% corrections in 2015-2016 you weak hand cucks

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All currency is borrowed into existence at interest resulting in an endless borrowing cycle.

Markets dont react to NK firing missiles over Japan.

$700bn QE to keep the economy running in 2008 - no one notices.

The west has out commied literally communist China

The magician has revealed the trick and expects us to still be impressed

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Everyone meets their creator eventually. Show it to them.

>> No.7330755


>> No.7330793

>seeking a haven
>in a market that's just crashed for no reason

>> No.7330871

They will go up once people realise whats happening.

>> No.7331006

2008 is piddling compared to what will happen when the current derivatives bubble pops. It's why the Fed is desperate to raise rates now, as without another round of QE, they have nothing left to fight a complete meltdown.

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File: 1.42 MB, 1089x4677, 1517744285941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically they are doing this to stick it to trump.
Plus us crypto ppl. Cant be having the plebs get power now, can we?

>> No.7331140

Most of my stop losses have been hit already. Will start shorting soon if the dip continues.

>> No.7331292