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Bitcoin won't drag the whole market down soon.

Bittrex is going to change the game once they open up their fiat/alt pairs. You will just be able to transfer money to bittrex directly and trade usd for alts for what they are worth making btc-alt pairs irrelevant. When this happens is when the next phase of crypto evolution begins. Just wait for now.

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What's a bittrex
Not using that old crap anymore
Binance, Kucoin, Okex etc.
Hot, fresh, new chinky exchanges are in now.

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thats a good move for them and the whole community, less dependency on btc will let the market go up on its own.

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why not just copy paste anon?

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this poster is a nigger. I'm all in on LINK and I don't give a fuck about the diversification meme.
If he's nice about it I'll give him a ride in my lambo in the future.

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Now u can dl and share. go help other scared anons

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lel @ the hidden IOTA and XRB FUD

hope you guys paid attention to what this guy tried to teach you

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Tether is going to blow it all down.

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Awesome posts.

Message received.

I look forward to buying cheap on Tuesday, when the market crashes during the senate hearing on crypto regulation.

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