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Watch Super Bowl commercials tomorrow. Then again it might be too late.

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Lol where did this rumor come from? I keep seeing it even through Brave isn't stupid enough to waste millions on an ad that will just confuse people

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If anything it would be an ad for Brave . Then millions would install Brave see how buggy it is and drop it forever.

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trust and patience

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Advertising coins are not gonna happen. Stop trying to make it happen.

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>do you want to pay money to youtubers? Download this shitty browser! Oh and go buy some of this token too. How? Oh go buy bitcoin first. Ok then move it to binance and buy this shittoken

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What kind of shitcoin calls their product Brave!? Don’t they know those are death wish words in the tech industry thanks to “brave” Apple?

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>too late to jump on the rocket so now they are venting on /biz/

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Nah dog just trying to protect brainlets from taking your heavy ass bags. THESE COINS DO NOT NEED BLOCKCHAIN AND WILL NOT SUCCEED.

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Kek weak FUD. BAT is the only working use case of a blockchain for services besides Steem. Try harder next time.

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BAT accumulates and distributes in the background
Bat is a product of brave

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Basic attention whores never gonna make it.

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Apple's "vision" on ads is the same as Brave's though. they dealt a swift Fuck You to Google and online advertising when they allowed iOS to natively block ads and trackers