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Keep on giving fiat to whales at the top, gj

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So many blinded by the +1000$ and 12 hour bulltrend. Dont get FOMO'd. Sustainable growth does not look like this.

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yep we are certainly looking to break into another bull run soon.
Just not before some final push to drop it. The weekend is the best time for this.

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you are saying this is just a dead cat right?

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Not a dead cat, just an overhyped FOMO bull. We might or might have not broken the bear trend, but we are on a local bull trend that is at its top.

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So do we just exit the market for now ?

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Loool FOMO buy the top you faggots

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Exit, short if you have balls.

9500 top has too much of resistance.

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This this this
It feels fake as fuck.

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Temporary ban is what is being thrown around. Something about national security threat, big sell off incoming.

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Bare minimum is that we see a drop of -250 USD before new attempt.

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>Temporary ban is what is being thrown around. Something about national security threat, big sell off incoming.

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Sorry, not sure what you mean.

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I just meant it will drop couple hundred bucks before reattempting to breach 9500 USD (aka dont buy the fucking tops). But NVM, it already went down.

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I hope you listened to anon and are now making some dough :)

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protip: Set short at 9400$. It might not get there anymore, but if it gets, you get lucky.

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What are your thoughts on the next 1-2 weeks?

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Where do you see this bottoming out? I have buy orders at 7k and 6k, is that too optimistic or not optimistic enough?

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>people think that 8k is going to get broken so easily
goddamn /biz/ really is full of retards
bitcoin will be back at 10k by tomorrow. TONS of money got in at 8k, you're delusional if you think that we're going back there.

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Absolutely no idea.
>Lightning is expanding rapidly.
>Tetherscandal is still unclear. By minimum they are intentionally pushing the price down by not giving audits.
>Tether is used to bypass regulations, it will be taken down at some point.
>Massive FOMO and FUD everywhere

It's absolutely unpredictable. I believe it is going to wander volatilely between 5K and 12K.

Don't listen to anyone who thinks they have any idea about the price in long term. Short term predictions may apply, but the truth is nobody has absolutely fucking no clue.

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>>people think that 8k is going to get broken so easily
>goddamn /biz/ really is full of retards
>bitcoin will be back at 10k by tomorrow. TONS of money got in at 8k, you're delusional if you think that we're going back there.

I don't think 8K is getting broken with this bear trend unless some new FUD news appear. If tons of money got in at 8k, it means tons of money can panic if 8K gets tested again.

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I dont think 6k or 7k is realistic yet, before we have a bull at ~8400 and see how it performs. What happens after that, I have no idea.

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Honest answer, thank you. Also I agree.

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>2 days graph


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What do you use?

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Seriously OP, 5 minute candles don't tell you shit. Use some 4h or daily and prepare for a change of mood.

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Closed my short at 9120 and opened new at 9200. Let's hope we don't bounce.

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I'll pray for you anon. Mostly because I want it to go much lower for buying purposes.

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We bouncing now lol, better close that short while you can afford it pajeet

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Do you think tether is safe?

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shorting since 9400 and I'm not covering

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hahahah get fucked

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I just doubled down at 9280 at x2 leverage.

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Yeah, good luck with that buddy. Will stay around just to see what happens

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buy book looks crazy thin, probably a good move. Any reasonable sell right now will take this down to 9200.

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I'm still comfy. First closed short gave me room to go negative for a moment.

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How you holding bro?

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lol the trendline has been up and idiots decide to short

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Thanks man. If this bounce fails go go up, I'm pretty sure the market confidence will be wrecked due to breaking the bull.

I'm squeezing my ball at the moment.

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Dead cat does not exist.

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Still holding. I'm now at +-0 after the first short.

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10k in the next 6 hours can we make it /biz/?

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so i woke up today and noticed that there at at least 10 - 15 "don't buy, it's a bull trap" and "don't give them your fiat" and "dead cat bounce" and "temporary ban"

don't listen to these pussies, what is happening here is that these people didn't buy in last night and now the prices are rising and will steadily climb back. we're breaking out now and it just started. how do i know this? because after 5 days of brutal assfucking, we did not dip at around non GMT. we were always dipping hard around that time for the past few days. it didn't happen today. no tethers were printed either, the bears are retreating because the pull is charging. GET IN NOW or buy back at 10, 11, 12k!!!!

always do the opposite of /biz/

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*Noon GMT!

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>lol the trendline has been up
Only idiots look solely at the trend line

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nope, downforce is too strong.

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This alone makes me confident the price is going up. Biz wants you to lose money, if they want you to sell then price it about to skyrocket.

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5 days of assfucking? It's only been crashing since February 1st though

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ah man, where have you been?
it's been falling since last Sunday after the tether machine distorted cross exchange prices.
from 11.6k to low 9
and then from there into the 8k territory and then we were picked up by some fucking ninja at 7.5k. now we gradually go up.
as long as tether doesn't fuck up price discovery for us anymore. those bastards need to exit the market quietly

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wew lad, you seem to be pretty nervous lol (22 posts and counting)

Maybe close your position? you´re not even losing anything right now, don't be greedy and stubborn.

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Next crash i buy the dip

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We should be going down much more

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What level is safest to Enter a short on? Not enough volume to pass 9500
If I put liquidation above 10k I should be safe right

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Bulls are overbought from buying in during the last couple failed breakouts, so they have no money to push the price up. Thus, the now powerless bulls resort to spamming random shit on forums in order to try to get bears to buy back in to stop the decline.

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Most likely we'll go down a bit later, but the good dip looks behind us, did you catch it anons?

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Not that much actually. The patterns I see are still talking about the market reversal. I will close if it goes to 9400

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I would not be surprised to see as low as 4000-5000

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this exactly. every other bot and TA fag has massive buy orders at 8k and sold most likely around 12-15k when the downtrend was inevitable. easily increasing BTC stack by 50%. also the second attempt to break the support was ended much quicker at 8200$ instead of 8000$ because everybody wanted to frontrun this when they know about the massive support at 8k$. maybe it drops to 8,5-9k at best now. But I wouldn't bet my balls on it. this double bottom with such great support inspired massive confidence.

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Are you ready to see panic when it breaches 9100 and everybody realizes bull is over?

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Still holding my short. I'm away for a few hours then I come back and reevaluate the position.
sorry hodlers :)

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that is because you are quite the clueless moron

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Just short it if you're worried.

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Yea the same. I hope we dont get nasty surprises.


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maybe so. i wouldnt hold my breath on your "8k support" levels tho

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avatar fagging should be bannable

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about 1,5x

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Lol you know the market bull is gonna die when the trend is having a huge struggle breaching peaks that it made 10 minutes ago.

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>not using log scales 100% of the time

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Meant for OP

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Last chance to sell high!

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Last bulls about to realize their time is over.

See how much struggle it has had getting up after 18?

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Lower highs but also looks like higher lows, which means it's gonna breakout.

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You know what happens next.

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guessing you just got liquidated then? nice try

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Except if all your past lows are significantly higher lows.

I didnt expect a breakout anymore after such struggle even though second test is always likely after major move. Lol at dumb money flowing in after little green candles. . This was pretty accurate: >>7256147

However, still keeping my position unless it breaks the 9470 peak.

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Nah not liquitated. I'm only using 2x 3x and 5x shorts atm.

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I wouldn't even short BTC. There's too much blatant market manipulation in both directions.

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ah okay you're not a complete brainlet, well good luck

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are you unironically using 1 min candles? kys

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If we start the new week over $9500, will be very positive upward trend

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the bump at 8k was more technical of buy orders filling. I think we will go back up to 10k maybe 11k and then back to 8k to retest.

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>32 posts by this ID
getting nervous friend?

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Order book looking red

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Aaaand we are going down!

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look at the volume and say that again XDDDDDD

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I was nervous at the tops but I would have posted anyway.

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>not using log10000

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LOL i Hope you mean what a thin buy book means.

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More fake news? Now you go posting them on random threads instead of bothering writing an article? You guys are getting so fucking lazy.

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You can still short!

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>price going up while volume is dropping
>bearish divergence
I'll stay clear for few days
salty about not sticking to my original plan and not buying at 8k though

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try harder

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OP why the fuck are you using 5 and 1 minute candles?

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Because you can see 15 min 1 hour and 1 day candles from them.

I was holding my balls at 9480 shhhiit

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I hope the second high volume attempt to breach the top is enough to convince the market now.

This is op on phone.

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Still holding strong?

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Be ready to drop your bags if 9100 usd breaks.