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that picture again...

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these were probably the best four posts i ever saw on this website so i thought they were worth sharing again for people who missed them

especially since they give you some perspective in this crash

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Based Augustus

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>see the next picture for real market research and strategy

>next pic has nothing to do with that and is mostly retarded

Ok faglord

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What an enlightening post, crash agnostic, if that's a term. The subtle shill made it perfect.

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I stopped when he said calculators were electric

>can't buy the dip of a crash

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>putting 100% capital in daytrades
>TA is a meme
>IOTA has no market

Shoo shoo gains goblin.

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Thanks OP

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>le fuck fuck faggots cuns
That Augustus faggot needs to make his way back to plreddit, and all his dick strokers too.

ps. you are completely clueless as to why bitcoin is crashing

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>Nice subtle XRB FUD
>There's no market for instant, feeless, infinitely scalable transactions

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But still no explenation on how to do actual market research, plus not all the that he said is really true.

It isn't like companies aren't investing billions in being equipped with the best technology for the stock market.

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damn that was actually some pretty good advice, thanks for sharing OP. SAVED

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>what is xlm

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They are great posts, and he's right on the money, but it seems like it still just comes down to one thing. luck.

I get it, diversify and only put in what you're willing to lose. That's simple.

I was lucky enough to get into ETH early, but not early enough and not big enough of an investment. feelsbadman.

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Not feeless is what it is

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It is not all luck, if you can find a handful of really strong projects, one will make it and it will make it HUGE. The caveat is you have to put in the time and reasearch EVERYTHING. Don’t just throw money at random shit, especially shit /biz/ and reddit promote.

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this bloke sounds like the absolute stereotypical insecure ALL CAPS raging superior aspie who writes 8000 word star wars reviews on reddit before upvoting it himself.

absolutely embarrassing that anyone would listen to him.

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the key is a good whitepaper

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You sound like someone incapable of coherently stringing together 8000 words. Keep making fun of people more intelligent than you, that'll show everyone!

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you really think they won't pull the rug out from underneath you lmao

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This was a good thread

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Diversify. LINK for example is amazing, but hinges solely on Sergey and his health. If he does for example die in a car crash as previous FUD suggested, the project is done.

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You're wasting your time stating the obvious like this.
The ones who need it won't listen.

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TA is fucking nothing more than people believing in magic

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