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>all the dumb millennials who were supposed to feed the crypto bubble are already in, no more fiat inflow to sustain bubble growth

>crypto is already mainstream in terms of media coverage, no more naive normies to get in

>no more moons

>regulations incoming

>tether about to implode and probably bring down a few exchanges with it

It was fun while it lasted, crypto is over.

Get out while you still can.

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nice, just sold at a loss

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It's called cut loss, you sell now and buy at the new low.

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>BTC at $12k

you know we're fucked when we're well below the price that Wojak is killing himself over

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>no more fiat inflow to sustain bubble growth
Umm sweetie Tether can resume printing at any time

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>People sold at a profit and sure as hell aren't buying in now.
>New money won't buy in now.
>Institutions won't buy in now.

But if you think all this money won't come flying back in at any sign of an uptrend you are retarded.

And some regulations are fine. I am all for the EU and its plans to ban btc futures trading. Regulation will give some form of legitimacy to this market and make new investors feel more confident. Maybe it will even help weed out shit like bzc, powh etc.

If you don't invest in utter shit you will be fine. Sure some coins will never recover from this and that's a good thing, means they were shit to begin with.

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Thanks just tethered 100k

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this exactly
i passed over btc twice, eth as well.
even if I lose money now, I'm buying the fuck out of whatever floor these prices come to. Never ignoring crypto again

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Hardly anyone is in. Also all the old money rich people about to enter in once it gets cheap enough. They saw the potential this year and know they can make bank. They can take not only America Joe's money, but also Hopeful Rajesh and Careless Ahmed

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>normies already in

You overestimate the computer literacy and motivation of the normie and underestimate just how fucking hard it is to actually buy bitcoin....

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no regulations yet. i have faith that some nerds will develop new tether and use it to artificially prop up market. next time i will sell at 3x profit not stupidly hope for 10x

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that's basically what jibrel is supposed to be

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Nice, just bought 100k.