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Good posts, I appreciate serious contributions to conversations like this. Good job OP.

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Thank you. Your advice is on point every time. Biz doesn't deserve you but I at least am grateful you're here. I already knew these things but I'm still comforted to have the reassurance. Hope others follow your advice.

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great post. thanks OP.

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do you like OMG?

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aww dont be such a tsundere OP. You do like us. actually you are one of us. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

btw thanks for the tips

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Thanks OP I will heed your words

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Your missing something: the blockchain tech might be revolutionary but all these coins are worthless
That's why you'll see all these big companies making their own blockahins, they won't start using your shitty erc20 token overnight to make you rich

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Appreciate the time you put into this but...

You had me until the very end

TA is very real you just aren't good enough at it to make it work.

Those that learn it and learn it well will make far more than you will

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could you point me to where to start to learn TA's? or which ones work the best? loves and kisses and tendies

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hey senpai why the hate on xrb? Is it because theres no passive income rewards?

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LOL FUCKING NO. The only people that actually believe in TAs are fucking indian retards and I think I can tell you're one. The best fucking investors of all time agree that TA is fucking retarded like reading tarot cards.

If you actually believe in TA, you are going to stay poor forever. >>7199065

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You are a beacon of light in the darkness

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only thing i disagreed with in all of this is not advising people to go all in on link

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the problem with TA is there is always someone better at it than you. Or there is someone who is only 80% your skill level but with 3x the capital.

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>only thing i disagreed with in all of this is not advising people to go all in on link

then why is it $.40 motherfucking cents? convince me NOOOWWWW

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fuck you ty lopez. burn in your lambo

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no actually please tell me why its good senpai :D

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Posting in a decent bread.

I like you op

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>secure your own financial future
>and that of your children
stopped reading right there

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Guys, srsly.. I've made like 7 or 8 threads in the past 3 weeks warning you about this.

Got pajeeted and MuhTAed to oblivion.

Now listen, if you didn't sell back then, don't sell now. Yes, there's a good probability that we're going to 7,5k, there's also a chance that we see 5k, but less probable.

And then, we will bounce and start a new cycle. Smart money is waiting to catch the capitulation, don't be that retard. You fucked up, tough luck, you'll have to wait 2 or 3 months to break even... and it's maybe the best thing that can happen to you, just stop trading and enjoy real life.

tdlr: if you have not sold above 10k, don't sell now.

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>this is good for bitcoin
stopped reading here, brainlet lol

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I like you. Can we be friends

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Follow Nicola Duke (she's the best, does a 1h live stream every monday) follow Tone Vays (does daily videos on BTC) Follow theDlavrov (gives good analysis and buy signals)

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>tdlr: if you have not sold above 10k, don't sell now.

senpai how can we retards know when its finished crashing? please advise

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i'm not gonna regurgitate all the reasons to buy link that are spouted off in every other thread but it's a long term hold. fill your bag, forget about it, and go trade other shit to mitigate loses if you're that worried about the short term value of something you won't be touching any time soon

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>the market will go up again

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Good post anon. What are your current holds?

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Basically don't be a retard, the post...

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but other threads about LINK is filled with shit tier memes and them not putting out any updates. why is it better than mobius

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OP, respond to this please. Been hearing this FUD today, not liking it.

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You have to look for a trend reversal... long ass capitulation candle with a long ass green candle in short, check volumes, MACD crossing,etc...but there's much more to this... I can't really extrapolate if you don't know the basics of trading I'd be just losing our time.

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>no market for xrb

what did he mean by this?

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too fucking long, only read first post. but it was good post op. i cashed out already tho

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>amazon and google create all their technology from scratch

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it's useless

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Thanks OP

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Also keep in mind that 2018 is will be a big year for crypto. Working products are set to appear in around q2, scalability solution for both ETH and BTC should be implemented, state actors are going on the crypto scene...

there's too much innovation and good thing comming for crypto to just go through sudden death.

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>instant transactions
>no fees

i can't see why this would be useless...

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You ok mate? having a psychotic breakdown because you havn't seen this comming boyo?

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Give this guy a fucking clap

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Not from scratch, that's why you see sergey helping swift so they can build their OWN blockchain, MasterCard doing the same (source: https://developer.mastercard.com/product/mastercard-blockchain#blockchain-use-cases ).
It's not even that hard and these companies are huge enough to afford a group of people that can do it for them.
So yea, no, Facebook google amazon won't be using bitcoin, litecoin or any crypto that you know of right now. Lol.

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It's also the year that inflation kicks in hard. That's what caused the dotcom bubble to pop. Pay attention to 50 yr caps...

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cause OP is Sergey and he doesn't like hype

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What "verified billionaire" is this retard talking about and why should I bother listening to this stupid fucking pajeet? Jk. Great post OP, I love you.

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Hold on, what the hell does inflation have to do with crypto? It's an advantage for it.

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great posts thanks senpai
but doing my own research and finding coins that aren't shit/scams is too hard, time-consuming, and not at all foolproof
so I will simply dump my money in the top 10 coins and assume that other people have already determined that those coins are solid.

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what are TA, FAD and meme lines?

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You're literally doing the opposite of what OP is advising.
Go read if you're interested.
No one is going to spoonfeed you.

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thank you for post sir

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Are YOU paying attention?

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>listen up you dumbfucks

utter raging aspie confirmed. learn how to actually talk like a functional human being if you want anyone to read your little school project.

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thank you very smart not autistic person

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what investing books/resources would you suggest for somebody wanting to get into it but not knowing where to start

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Good fuckin post. I honestly thought BTC was gonna just keep crashing but this actually makes sense. I wanna get more into /biz/, and this is really helpful. Cheers mate.

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Just think. Why would there be so many coins with corporate partnerships? Why don't they all make their own websites and build their own PCs in-house? Why don't they have their own call centres? Why aren't all their contractors full-time employees with benefits? They focus on core competencies, and they can't make one faster than their competitors who adopt a ready made one, and beat them to market with a superior service.

Also, there's just no point in a private blockchain. That's just a database and a blockchain is a shit-performing database even in the best case. The verification of the data by a bunch of different parties with opposing/neutral interests is what makes it secure and immune to tampering.

This FUD is people saying "why would we need the internet? We can already communicate instantly by fax".

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Thank you for writing this. I’d send you a tip, but I’m poor af now
God bless

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thanks for the great read. 9/10
have a cocaine bump.COMPED COMPED

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when you see a post predicting support, rise, or basically predicting price, see the other 1 million "is this the floor/ support at x/ its going down to 5k/ etc" threads literally fucking everywhere

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it's like if gordon gecko was 110lbs, had a receding hairline at 23 and the posture of a question mark.

nobody who ever had a good point to make had to USE ALL CAPS to make it.

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What is TA?

>> No.7199984

Best post I've seen in a while. Thanks OP

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It’s a fun concept but Sellar already does it (very cheap fast transactions) better (ico’s, trading book, inflation pools etc) and has the community and partnership to pull it off

Same with ADA. It’s a fucking cool project, but NEO and ETH are already there with a working product.

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Technical Analysis
See >>7199937

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I love you Anon, what are you holding?

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Thanks op. We are in this for the Long haul. I just hope a better day comes sooner than later.

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Not reading your blog faggot. Tell me what the rich cocksucker gave you insider info about when the fanbois were raving about tron?

>> No.7200050

Post the picture of what "actual real market research and investment strategy looks like" pls

>> No.7200076

Is it pòssible you're the person that got me into XLM? I hate it here.

>> No.7200077

So I can just hodl and be fine right

>> No.7200078

>if they were real wouldn't people build machine learning systems that would invest automatically based on identifying these patterns
What the fuck? People do do this retard.

>> No.7200083

Holy shit op I needed this, I've lost 40k in a week almost too much to handle, thanks...

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XLM is objectively the only coin with a confirmed future at this time.

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Thanks for sharing this.

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This is probably the finest larp i've ever read

>I'm so fucking smart holy fucking shit fuck you

Get fucked OP.
Seriously, go lose your virginity

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You sure do have a love for Augustus though op.

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>XRB has no use case

Bro, decentralized money is what started crypto. Nice FUD attempt.

>> No.7200224

Part of the /biz/ part of the crew

>> No.7200234

He taking his own advice and FUDing it to lower price

>> No.7200237

Best post I’ve seen in a long while. Thanks OP.

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Nice caps

>> No.7200270

Bravo OP

We’re gonna make it goys

>> No.7200276

It's because he's a fucking nigger and he just made it all up. Had massive gains from chadcoin

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>muh emerging markets

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Fair enough, decent post, some obvious stuff here, but good broad-scale perspective.

So what are your bets for 2018?

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>investing in tulips
even cinnamon was worth 14x more than silver at some point in history

crypto is no better than fiat. the underlaying value of crypto is in the internet black market, other than that it's just speculation

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Op is a pretty cool guy, top 1er% apparently but his posts are very coherent, modern day philosopher. All of his posts are good reads. God bless op if you're reading this.

>> No.7200353

OP has posted as Augustus a few times

>> No.7200376

Can someone post more of his previous posts? I'd be grateful for more wisdom from Augustus

>> No.7200458

yeah, find some from 16k.

you could've doubled your money if you ignored him.

>> No.7200472

What's wrong with trx? Sure the project is a baby but they have been delivering what was promised with good consistency.

>> No.7200478

cool, thanks for sharing.

>> No.7200486

Do not sell. Last crash I sold, and it started recovering 15 mins later and cost me 10% of my portfolio before I bought back in. Made it back swing trading once I learned how to not be retarded

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My long term value investments are:


Looking for other ideas backed up with some solid data.

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Think his point is TA doesn't work for long term investing.

>> No.7200587

qsp is an absolute steal right now

>> No.7200610

So basically all the memecoins shilled here, outstanding.

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Holy Shit OP, how long have you been on Biz? the thing that blew my mind from the article was what he mentioned actual super rich people on Biz, its fun as fuck. Also OP is right, this is a one in a life time opportunity. Anons even if you have to Wage Cuck 2 jobs to get that Fiat to invest do it. There will be no other time like this in our life time.

>> No.7200637

I sold my QSP for XLM.
In theory QSP is kinda cool but...
1. Coins that need audit (doesn't QSP charge at least 10% of the coin) will be shit. It's basically paying for advertising. You know how movies that are advertised the most are shit? Same thing.
2. Automatic smart contract auditing. Kinda worthless. If it can be automated, it will escape QSP and be done elsewhere for almost free (if not free). Exploits can slip past auditing anyways.... that's kinda the whole point of exploits.

In short, QSP is like the coin version of McAfee (the person and the software).

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I greatly enjoyed reading this last one.
Cheers OP.

>> No.7200703

>your one word response that you will research

>> No.7200742

>do do
Pajeet detected.

>> No.7200777

anybody have a cap of the billionaire?

>> No.7200796


dumbfuck detected

>> No.7200918

anyone have more of his posts?

>> No.7200933


OP is about as non-pleb as it gets.

OP is the reason I come to biz to dig through 99% of the bullshit here.

Well done sir. I salute you.

>> No.7201016

What's with the xrb fud? It's cheaper (free) and more than 4x as fast as stellar and it has a working product. It's spam resistant and supercomputing resistant. It can be used for free international currency swaps and arbatrage.

>> No.7201046

This is why we need to stay in it. Working products aren't even here yet. This is the beginning of the digital age.

>> No.7201073

In all honesty I was thinking of selling but I had a similar thought
Even with the Tethering upon us doesn't USDT only make up less than 1% of the total crypto market cap? Even if every Tether was deemed worthless the market shouldn't crash this hard, this must be manipulation to shake the weak hands

>> No.7201097

Falling for plebbit meme coin XRB.

>> No.7201215

Heil Caesar!

>> No.7201283

i like qsp but I think Americans won't qualify for airdrops due to securities laws so MEH
>land of the free
>oy vey we can't let you go investing in that goyim...

>> No.7201308

So with XRB, my understanding is it is kind of irrelevant because it's an overkill solution to a problem that really isn't that much of a problem yet.

It is great solution to the actual "digital cash" idea, but that's not really why people are buying bitcoin and other crypto right now. People are buying them like commodities that appreciate in value, and XRB is a one trick pony; it can do a ton of transactions with no fees.

To beat bigger crypto CURRENCIES (platforms and utility tokens are different) with bigger network effects, XRB would have to offer something more attractive to hodlers because it's use case of fee-less digital cash is worthless without adoption.

It's kind of like the reason the metric system still isn't used in the US. It is better than customary system of measurement, but not better enough to get the whole network to switch.

>> No.7201317

technical analysis

>> No.7201319

>He doesn't know how to use a VPN

>> No.7201348

I salute you anon
Thanks for the read

>> No.7201438

I think you also have to do some other shit to qualify for "proof of caring". I can just buy some other shitcoin instead of having to deal with this.

>> No.7201449

high quality post OP. keep posting

>> No.7201454

thanks anon

>> No.7201528

desperate whale making his final plea before it all rreturns to nothing detected

LOL eat shit

>> No.7201539

Fuckn based post, anon. Sincerely appreciate your insight you wonderful faggot. See you on the moon.

>> No.7201563

If I had read this last year, I would have a serious wealth.

Fortunately, agonizing research and going deeper than surface, I found VEN and made my first lifetime coin. I am still buying because most investors think it's about wine, or like Walton and are lazy. They are greedy and think because it's 2 billion CMC, they have to find something 100m CMC. They don't realize what the Ethereum of the Fortune 500 is going to be worth in short order. They don't realize they can take risk off the table and still see a ceiling with the highest of highs. They deserve their shitcoins.

You shared, so I wanted to add a tasty nugget. Spend 20 hours researching VEN or any project and buy real world shit. It's going to take over crypto.

>> No.7201597

>Spend 20 hours researching VEN
they don't even have a whitepaper

>> No.7201598


>> No.7201693

Sergey has blessed us with another opportunity to pick up discount LINKies and you mock him? SAD!

>> No.7201723

normies have no interest in using crypto unless it's to buy illegal shit

>> No.7201805

Great read thanks op.

>> No.7201945

makes me want to cry for nobody knowing VEN IS EXACTLY AND EVERYTHING THEY WISH CRYPTO COULD BE yet they won't even Google their partnerships and spend 5 seconds realizing they are going to be very rich if they could actually take those FIVE sec.

>> No.7201995

nailed it, wonder why that is....

>> No.7202048

wait could it be they don't need one... hmmmm..

>> No.7202061

Kek smiles upon you, soothsayer

>> No.7202104

thank you dad

>> No.7202295

>> 7198564

Thanks OP. Great advice. Question, what was the project the billionaire was talking about with you?

>> No.7202352

>op actually shit on iota and xrb
>op says TA doesnt work

im saving his posts so i can make fun of this idiot years down the road.

>> No.7202375

when are you XRB losers gonna learn....desu baka senpai

>> No.7202732


>> No.7202780

Cheers mate, nice blog.

>> No.7202854

How would this stop fake reviews?

>> No.7202855

So TA does work? Screencap your trillions in a few years then you dickhead

>> No.7202927

I don't get what you mean about "Why are you investing" will it not work if I only want to get rich enough to work till I die?

>> No.7202940

How do I suck your dick OP?

>> No.7202988

anons again forget that owning coins =/= holding any kind of equity in the tech. The tech is great, but remember that this is a purely speculative bubble, act accordingly .

>> No.7203008

cheers mate decent post

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Posting to bump this on top

>> No.7203139
File: 32 KB, 657x527, 601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Fags, if you see this on 1st page or the catalog, GET THE FUCK IN HERE AND READ, when you are done reading you SHOULD SUCK OP's DICK, no homo if you want

>> No.7203250

kneepads motherfuckers

>> No.7203264

Abundance is our birthright :) We are collective manifestors
Love and Peace
All is One

>> No.7203342

how fucking low is your iq? modern day philsopher? LMAO what? for saying "its just a dip"?

Jesus christ gtfo of this board or read a book ANYTIME you nigger brained retard

>> No.7203393
File: 19 KB, 201x251, 1512914710444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

probably the most informative and valuable post in the history of this shitstain site. literally a step by step guide to getting rich.

>> No.7203412

Op is a pseudo-intellectual larp

Literally dunning kruger in motion

>> No.7203458


>> No.7203468

Thanks brother

>> No.7203479

Compare the quality of his posts to yours and others on this board.

>> No.7203555

>TA is all bullshit
Stopped reading there.

>> No.7203569

I read it all senpai and I appreciate the knowledge

>> No.7203599


Single digit IQ bizlet are so impressionable. OP is like a worst Ernest.

>> No.7203664

You've never seen my posts so you have nothing to compare with, you utter fucking tard.

What did he actually say?Sweet FA, that is what.

Lol fucking psuedo-intellectuals need to fuck off back to plebbit I swear.
Posting a picture of Augustus and avatar posting doesn't change a thing

>> No.7203712

such a rare and valuable pepe

what a day, oh what a lovely day!

>> No.7203745

I'd ask for you to do better, but we all know its not possible.

>> No.7203753
File: 1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180201-203200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Legendary bread

>> No.7203775

Thank you for this. Your words of wisdom are humbling.

>> No.7203856

This kind of advice is cancerous. People like you telling others not to sell all the way from 19k, they all could have waited the "dip" out and bought back in for more than 2-3x what they got initially.

>> No.7203863
File: 979 KB, 640x360, d1a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

somebody tldr this for me
too busy watching shitcoin break 8300 and eth plummet to 800

>> No.7203880

So what are some legitimately good products? I've been pumping money into LINK while avoiding FUD because none of the white paper goals have been hit yet? What else has the same potential as this stuff? OP pls respond and I'll research them.

>> No.7203881

I do better all the time. As I said, you stupid fucking nigger, you've never seen posts of mine.

This is literal waste of time shit. Its likely written by a Pajeet. Barely even coherent.

Fuck off back to plebbit

>> No.7203923

It's a bubble.
Diversify into actual projects and hodl.

>> No.7203931

AION my friend, research and be happy.

>> No.7203964

it's the crown jewel of my collection

>> No.7203972
File: 121 KB, 680x345, 0ea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can i buy ripple when it goes to ten cents fren?

>> No.7203978

Metric adoption in the US has nothing to do with better/ good enough.
Because you are a lilly handed desk monkey who wouldn't know a hard days labor if it fucked your wife, you don't realize what the cost to industry would be. Go look up pipe fitting standards. Go look up hydraulic pump sizing. Go look up anything related to industy and think about it.
Adopt metric? Fuck you. Are you going to buy all new tooling for everyone? There is no monetary incentive. There is disincentive.
If I switch to selling metric doodads only people with metric tooling will buy them. Joe Sixpack isn't buying them because fuck you.
Everyone everywhere knows metric is better, but who is going to pay for it?
Digital currency is the opposite. Visa/MC charge 2-3% for the luxury and crypto wants 0%.
There is monetary incentive to switch.

>> No.7204029

Ay senpai, I just value posts on here that aren't link meme tier shit. Believe it or not this board was bearable a year ago, but when November came which is when you stumbled here things changed. But at the end of the day I have the luxury of returning home from a long day at uni or a tough exercise at the gym and I get to reflect how the people who were apart of this board then are now rich. Sell your loses now because you won't make it my man.

>> No.7204057

Idk. Can you see ripple being used in the future for what it's meant for? Then by OPs advice, yes.

>> No.7204073

Thanks OP, bought 100k

>> No.7204089

Kek this

>> No.7204096

You're larping hard you fucking autist
Its people like you who are new here

If you think this post is good then you're a faggot and new here

Go the fuck back to plebbit

>y I have the luxury of returning home from a long day at uni or a tou
Whats your point you fucking faggot? What does this have to do with shit?

>Sell your loses now because you won't make it my man.
I shorted from 16k you fucking retard
I've made more money this week than you made last year

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>> No.7204156


>> No.7204168

this was genuinely nice

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i think the only project i like and understand is lumens but they gonna get a lot cheaper.
hard to buy low when you in freefall m9

>> No.7204208

I fucking love you. I will never stop checking this shithole, it always surprises me with random shit like this.
See you on the other side you fucker.

>> No.7204238

>Alright you fucking DUDES all ya gotta do is BUY SOME COINS OK? Stop worrying you frigging BROS we're all GONNA MAKE IT SHIT can I get a HELL FUCKING YEAH ?

>> No.7204290

I was here for the "vitalik is dead in a car wreck" that spawned the panic of 8$ Ethereum, I was here for the xby craze, I was here for when Stratis was 86 cent, that made me a bucket of money alongside waves. Not to mention the Ark biz group that some 16 year old ran and fucked everyone over. Remember when Bancor over hyped this market and was the start of the end of the golden age? Har Har Har, never the less I hope you make it Anon. I agree that pseudo-intellects are a cancer and I deal with them in my profession and in college, but this board has been filled with great memories and it is sad to see it go to shit.

>> No.7204293
File: 13 KB, 252x200, Kazza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow my emoshuns n sheeit give me your bags pajeet

>> No.7204322

thanks OP. always nice to read a level head person out to make real wealth on a realistic timeframe.

>> No.7204333


Don't open OP's images, it just says "your mom will die in her sleep tonight unless you reply in this thread" over and over again

>> No.7204362


Only valuable post on /biz/ in too long. Lambo land or die nigga

>> No.7204376

The word document man said things that agree with what I hope is true.
Sure, his spelling is atrocious and my meme tokens fell another 5% while I read it, but it confirmed my worldview.
I wish /biz/rael had more posts like this to upvote.

This is the worst Cambodian spoonfeeding board I have ever posted on.

>> No.7204379
File: 182 KB, 226x224, 1517465513443.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good to hear something like this once in a while, Thanks OP. I read it a while ago, but letting it sink in makes me feel a lot more confident in my investments. I'll see you on the other side.

>> No.7204391

I got put off of ripple by the shills here, they literally post the same charts and comments over and over which sets of major red flags

plus don't the founders own like 50%+ of the coins? that's another red flag

>> No.7204446
File: 46 KB, 576x635, 1212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


the truth

>> No.7204455

oyy major respect to bruvaman
from a billionare that live on an island
great points
one love

>> No.7204461

Get trips so I can listen next time you give some advice. Too many retards on here like op who are fresh off the boat from reddit to filter through

>> No.7204546

cute. you don't even know whats causing the crash do you?

>> No.7204565

please do tell us then

>> No.7204572

also OP is samefagging this thread with proxies

>> No.7204581

whats causing the crash genius

>> No.7204613

>waaa op is getting too much attention im jealous
kys you fat homo

>> No.7204696

Some of us are gonna make it brahs

>> No.7204713

if you're so smart then why don't you tell us?

>> No.7204825

more people cashing out than buying in


>> No.7204838
File: 362 KB, 840x348, Ripple Architect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy the dip.

>> No.7204869

found the coked out frat boy

>> No.7204870

theres no point in having centralized and/or private blockchain. blockchain is revolutonary exactly because its decentralized (no central authority to bribe, corrupt or become authoritarian) and public (its permissionless and anyone can join and leave as they please). if you dont need decentralization or public security, its way more efficient to use already existing databases, like google and amazon already do.

>> No.7204890


>> No.7204924
File: 185 KB, 852x480, XRP IS LIBERTY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7204929

Amazing quality post. More of this.

>> No.7204946
File: 256 KB, 1200x1200, SUCCLE AT THE RIPPLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7204959

>as real as physics

stopped reading there. remote viewing is used in the military.

>> No.7204971

theres a thing called network effect. why dont google or amazon use their own internet? they are huge enough to afford a group of people that could implement their own version of tcp/ip or even figure out a new and improved protocol.
big corporations will most likely not use bitcoin, but i think its most likely that they will create their own second/third layer on top of bitcoin.

>> No.7204975
File: 219 KB, 600x400, Nuclear Ripple.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7204995
File: 173 KB, 1280x958, Ripple Wind Power.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7205003

wish i read this earlier, thanks op

>> No.7205006

This should be mandatory reading. Thanks OP

>> No.7205023
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"This Is Only A Market Correction" Says Increasingly Suicidal Coiner For the Seventh Time This Week

>> No.7205180

How do I invest in good new coins/tokens? What about LTC?

>> No.7205215


>> No.7205246
File: 1.88 MB, 288x288, well huh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw wagecuck with a solid union job
>still young, haven't put much thought into investing yet beyond opening a 401K
>only come on /biz/ to laugh at coiners freaking out about Bitcoin crashing
>mfw these posts

Well shit. Looks like I need to buy some books off of Amazon and get to learning. Anyone got any recommendations?

>> No.7205278

You have seen.

>> No.7205323

disable spellcheck squiggles before you screencap ya jabroni

>> No.7205376

Debt: The First 5000 Years.
Understand the origin of currency and wrap your head around the markets and how they came to be. After that, dyor.

>> No.7205403
File: 11 KB, 200x235, AHHHHHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this post is alright, dont come to BTC tomorrow

>> No.7205521


>> No.7205549

thanks mate, just read all your threads.

>> No.7205605

Good place as any to start, I guess. Don't want to go charging in with my head up my ass.

>> No.7205631
File: 22 KB, 599x434, muhnigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That last sentence.
A scholar and a gentleman!

Well written OP.

>> No.7205691

A lot of people think TA is a magic bullet, which isn't true. It merely lets you pick a better exit/entry point. Pure TA is a meme, people should be using FA as well. I remember a lot of people were saying XVG would moon because there was a bull flag forming and then it ended up moving sideways and then falling because fundamentally it's a shitcoin.

>> No.7205723

Sorry OP, i actually prefer to go all in on the most promising projects. December back it was VEN, who went up in sats while BTC and most were down. Now when VEN showed downside i immediately jumped to other promising project that doesn't dips back in ether now. I am still holding 5 figs in value. I dont feel not risking in this market

>> No.7205736

tl;dr if you sell now you're retarded

>> No.7205853

85% chance OP is an institutional investor who bought in last month near the ATH.

The samefagging is obvious too.

>> No.7205950

>intrinsic value
>do your research

what do you mean by this
Everyone always gives this vague advice yet they must know that literally none of these coins are used for shit and their whitepapers are full of cookie cutter buzzwords about new paradigms

>> No.7205956

solid post but the amount of samefagging in this thread is so shameful that you've ruined what appreciation I had for the good parts of it

>> No.7206046

Actually my balance is higher than it was @19K, plus I didn't have the risk of missing the imminent moonshot

>> No.7206058


Fucking wall of text when all I want ia to be told which coin will 20x by EOY so I can stop being a wagecuck and go to lamboland s.m.h.

>> No.7206614

>Debt: The First 5000 Years.
I heard it's full of generalizations and inaccuracies

>> No.7206715

Why of course... that's why you cross research ,compare to competition, and monitor communities. Ultimately, it's all just an educated guess, unless you have actual insider info

>> No.7206758

It's all based on metacognitive evaluations?

>> No.7206875


>> No.7206998

Post of the year so far! Good job OP

>> No.7207044

The thing about the FUD on 4chin is solid advice, nice

>> No.7207074

Some attention whore makes attention whoring thread, whole board gives him attention
>the state of nubiz

>> No.7207151

At this point,yes. This is how the market balooned to 750bil cap last month, not from actual value

>> No.7207188

It's a solid post, faggot. Or you prefer we direct our attention at random /shill/pajeet/wojak thread #32713912871?

>> No.7207310

Do you have advice on how to examine the tech's worth? I mean, what should I learn to be able to do that?

>> No.7207432

Thanks for the tip money Snek

>> No.7207433

learn what smart contracts are. educate yourself on eth and start reading whitepapers. even if you cant understand the whole thing get to the point where you can understand if it is a worthy project or not - or if the tech is actually that novel.

>> No.7207513

Thank you, anon.

>> No.7207536

I'm not really a programmer or an investor, just hoped on the crypto bandwagon in 2017 and made baby steps ever since. A lot of lurking on reddit and /biz/, sifting through mountains of pajeet dribble and shitposts, followed the big PnD, trying to identify the cycles and behaviors of shitcoisn and hype machines. Just lurk, sponge as much info as possible, and filter the useless stuff.
Right now holding only FUN and ZCL, trying to hodl through this shit storm. Things will pick up at some point in 2018.
Basically, the best strategy for a pleb such as myself is HODL

>> No.7207587

What does that mean? The only value it has is what people are willing to pay. There's no reason why any random alt shouldnt be worth 1 penny or less if it's not actually used for anything. I know all market stuff is speculation but when you buy stocks in a dildo company you are hoping a bunch of people will buy these innovative new dildos and thus this translates to a higher stock price

>> No.7207618

Thanks for the honest answer.

>> No.7207715

Why are you holding fun? An online casino token? It sounds like it has no use case besides pump and dumps.

>> No.7207821

great post op, appreciate it

>> No.7207826
File: 2.55 MB, 509x710, 1517070617847.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best post i've seen on /biz/ thus far. thanks OP. Here's a rare Pepe for your efforts.

>> No.7207847

Meme lines are no joke OP KYS I'll be taking muh tendies to the bank now.

>> No.7207918

Out of all the shit out there, FUN has one of the best chances of making it. Your comment suggests you know nothing about it, the market it's entering into or the well-connected team behind it.

>> No.7207930
File: 47 KB, 500x667, 1516246248210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hold rlc, icx, hpb, int, link, zrx, eth, bch, mobi, xlm, and xrb. Convince me what coins i need to drop from my portfolio or add to it and why. I'm only holding things long term. Potentially 3+years.

>> No.7208080

Redpill me on IOTA. The tangle and major partnerships look solid, in particular for the driving systems.
>inb4 refugee cities

>> No.7208349

Yes. Unless you bought link

>> No.7208356
File: 416 KB, 680x680, 100percent_sweetie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are real millionaires on /biz/

stopped reading there.
million $ monopoly money wallets are not millionaires.

Unless they can prove they have over 1M $ in real cash/usd bank account, it's all a joke

>> No.7208424
File: 38 KB, 650x705, 1517324732251.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what is compound interest

>> No.7208434

Fake and gay. OP sounds like a boomer who wasted his 20’s reading “muh illimitable man” and “dah wae uhv meeehhhnn” r/theredpill mouthbreather bullshit go shove your blog post up your ass you’re the only person who wants to read and you’re so far up there anyways you’ll have it next to you all day

>> No.7208499

Thanks McAffee.

>> No.7208514

His grammar is terrible.
Capitalizing random words. Rambling about his expectations for the future without any probable evidence except his excitement. Bad structure shows zero experience in writing. He probably never had a job in his life and is just sharing is euphoria.

>> No.7208520

>XRB has no market

Yeah, a decentralized currency with instant transactions and no fees definitely has no market.

>> No.7208573

>not eth
>not neo
>not xmr
>only the retard cousin of xrp has a future

>> No.7208602

If you're looking to invest, at any point below 10k is a good point to start. If you're looking to trade, you'd be shorting (if you are able to) or tiering your buys in every 100-500 dollars, depending on how you feel from 12k to 6k and will then diversify your portfolio based what CCI and EFI say.

>> No.7208617

I arrived at many of these conclusions independently. it's good to have my judgment confirmed.

>> No.7208682
File: 91 KB, 420x700, 1334386755973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally never been on the board before. Have seriously only read "investing for dummies" and everything op posted is coverd in pretty much the one book i read.

has no one in this board studied bussiness or read any about it..? that kinda fucking weird.

>> No.7208691


>> No.7208761


Dude everyone here came recently looking to quit their shitty ass job and get rich, should of been on /biz/ 2 years ago, when we had actual business threads.

I love crypto but I this place is cancer, only good for trolling and scamming.

>> No.7208976

huh...im thinking about doind a cross threw ever board and seeing how much each knows about their topic. So far I've got.

/co/ - pretty informed, but alot of it is shitty discussion of comic titties.
/fa/ - elitist faggots only care about name brand stuff, zero interest in the topic as an art or expression
/x/ - all sorts of weird shit, most thread are people trying to summons sex demons. And failing
/k/ - knows weapons, but is fairly retarded because they have no knowledge of self defense laws. Kinda go hand in hand.
/b/ - not really that random, the same 12 threads over and over
/fit/- a bunch of manlets calling other manlets, manlets

all i got so far.

>> No.7209298

Gud post, should be stickied

>> No.7209432

Go choke on a whale dick faggot

>> No.7209586


«His» euphoria, you fucking prick. Before patronizing individuals on their spelling be sure to check your own first, anything less and you might end up looking like a fucking retard ;).

>> No.7209644

Someone spending their own time to write an essay on biz, a handful of them would have read the whole thing and took your advice meanwhile the rest will be posting wojacks when their shitcoin is worth $0

>> No.7209734

As a tradition i have to call you a cock sucking faggot. But actually good job on this one.

I was wandering why no one is talking about DEX tokens, you can rarely see them on /biz, apart from ZRX of course.

And for some odd reason price rarely goes up or down as if people are not speculating on them, especially KNC.

>> No.7209874

pretty accurate

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