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>he sold the dip that came from no news

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>he's still holding crypto

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in one month from now i'll post this image again with this text:
> he kept holding when eth was still $1000

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t. salty nocoiners

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Easy to say if you 10xd last year...

Waiting for my rebuy at 6-7k, faggot

Make your own plan and stick by it

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>he didn't sell back when it hit 19k

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>rebuying BTC instead of a real coin

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The fact that the dip came from no news is way WAY worse than news forcing it lower...
It means its not a dip and will not rebound as new money has stopped flowing in.

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Kek it actually means futures played you fools like a fiddle

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yes im a nocoiner now.
some periods its better to hold euro.

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Well the news says it crashed because of the Pajeets FUD.

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more like I sold on your ass at the top

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if you sold this dip, you didn't sell the top. if you sold the top, this clearly isn't directed to you. did you just feel like sharing your story with us?

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No, not touching that one ever. ;-)
Flippening comes after the dip.

Granpa is a dead cat.