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still not selling this shitcoin

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Spend some more time using Brave

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you and me both brother I got 50k. just hoping i'm not a complete idiot

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Even when it "tanked" to $.38 mid January, that 's still $.10 up from where it was a month before. It's steadily climbing in value and building new floors along the way. I think that has to be a good sign. Hopefully by mid-February we'll see new highs for BAT

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I hope you guys realize it'll never go higher than $1 because that would defeat the purpose of the token. Enjoy your .5x over 1 year...

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sold all mine tonight for ven

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Good anon, let everyone blow it off as a shitcoin until it's too late. Can't wait for everyone to FOMO in at $10

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I hope a family member of yours gets cancer every time you write this.

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Tell me first how it works on mobile and iot devices.

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Also, sending cancer vibes your way.

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You tell me what other crypto currency has an 8ft tall, all seeing and all knowing, ancient babylonian vampire on it's dev team?

you can't!

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>Bought at .92
Still hodling with platinum fists

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That’s gotta hurt a bit. I bought in at .68 and I’m feeling it

Considering accumulating more though

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take my cancer vibes too

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not an argument, read a whitepaper for once

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I read the white paper then dropped $10k on BAT. You're a brainlet if you don't get in soon

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Change bat for prl now!

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> requires brave browser
Lol nah thanks. Ill keep my xlm where it is retard.

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I believe in the project, I believe in Eich, plus a bunch of different analysts (kek, I know) were saying a buy up to $1 was a good value. Top it all off it was during the massive FOMO when we thought there'd at least be another few weeks of insane rising but then CHINA and worst korea happened. Alas, I have learned my mistake but am also considering putting more fiat into this one.

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The new floor for it seems to be 49 cents. Assuming bitcoin doesn't shit the bed all the way down to 4k, getting in now wouldn't be a bad move.

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when I have 100k BAT, i'm tapping out. over half way there. this will be condo money in 6 months