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Sixth straight day of 150k+ BAT/BTC buy walls. Accumulation period about to end. Come on /biz/ open your eyes.

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2k batlet here. Will I make it?

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I need to know OP...

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conservative EOY estimate without Coinbase $8-10
with Coinbase, $15-20
with Coinbase and Brave goes viral $30-50
plan accordingly

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BAT can have any value and it will work absolutely okay. 1,10,100 it has no point of price increase.

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supply and demand. there is a limited supply of BAT in demand by advertisers and speculators

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But even it would only stand to benefit its creators and investors to be worth more, even if the price is speculative

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>the level of delusion

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you brainlet, I don't recklessly speculate.


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The creator of coinbase said it's fits the criteria perfectly. The writings already on the wall what's gonna happen don't be too stupid to read anon

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You're right. It's a really stupid fucking idea. Get me off this ride!

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Right now virtually every fucking coin is total and complete speculation. You can either cry about it or make some dosh

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You're literally waiting for an exit. You have no faith in this project and you know it.

I bet you didn't even download the fucking browser.


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posting from Brave right now