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>not buying the dip

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But i bought the dip at 1240 sats anon

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Buy the dip
Buy the dip
Buy the dip Buy the dip
Wait....what....Buy the dip
Just one more dip dipitty dip buy the dip
just buy the dip until im dead or broke dippity dip buy he dip im gonna wash my junk in a garbage can cause I bought the dip because i bought the hype gonna buy the dip

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It's dead.

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If only I had more money to buy these dips with. If only I sold at the top and bought these dips. Sad life of a brainlet.

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Everytime these threads come up I'm convinced its whales wanting to unload because the dips get lower and lower everytime

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Shit is dead. Been over numerous times about not being useful over current solutions etc..

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>Buying braindeadchain
Thanks bought 100k

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>not killing myself

Fell for the memes

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It's a deadcoin. 300 sat graveyard incoming. cut your losses now.

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>Not buying better shit that will moon harder.
>Bagholders be all like "muh-NEO conference"
>Price tanks before NEO conference tomorrow.
Stay poor

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LOL been out less than a month and "its dead". These autistic kids are something else.

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....all prices tanked. Are you retarded?

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>Buy the dip
>Can only be bought with rupees

Why would I do that?

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Buying the dip at 1 sat

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A 1 month old coin with tons of partnerships and tons of potential and you believe it to be dead when everything else is suffering? Have some faith and iron grip.

Yes, you surely know more about this than lenovo, samsung, disney, microsoft, and the Chinese Government. Please tell me A.I. master where do you find the time being the master of all A.I. to come to /biz/. lol

Thats what they said about multiple coins, and now they make regret threads about selling.

I guess every coin is a shitcoin to you considering it was a market wide tank.

I know man, it is like they havent done any research what so ever, even a guy like me who goes with his gut and emotion did research into this.


How are you holding my Brain Gang, hope you arent falling for fud and letting this market get to you. This has happened before and all will be fine. Just remember if it is too much to see just take some time off I will be here when you get back! Lovepeace and happiness to you always.

Work was rough today, real rough lol my back is killing me! I am not worried about this dip at all.

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lmao not this mickey mouse toy coin again

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> this damage control
Nice coping mechanism. Sorry that you lost money.

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... Now I am a nice person and hate stereo typing but man that phrase sounded so cringe to me like something a comedy show would have a fedora type person say. Seriously, just stop.

>> not this mickey mouse toy coin again

Like you even had to come to the thread rofl, you just came in to a party leaned against a wall trying to look cool. Stop man, just be yourself, no need to look cool you arent sasuke or vegeta just chill and be yourself.

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Is this pasta?

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I still havent lost much at all, and this is a market wide dip which will correct. Sorry you had weak hands and didnt do you research and sold your dreams out of fear.

Someday you will be in a regret thread listing DBC as a regret for selling. While a bunch of the Brain Gang are sitting atop their dreams on a BACON TOWER!

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Nope just some observation friend.

Laughing wont help what your feeling inside and neither will covering it up with a false sense of brushing off your mistakes.

Just stop, chill, go get a meal and try to be happy, watch a nice show.

Seriously bad for your soul to bottle up that stuff and try to put on a false persona.

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just buy the dead cat pls

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when is DBC gonna stop getting mauled

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> not seeing the writing on the wall

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When the market stops getting mauled, remember this has happened before, and much worse.

Just look at these examples, it could be far worse.

Writing on the wall would mean doing your research on DBC and the crypto market, knowing this is a small hiccup on the way to the future.

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Fuck off DBgoodbuy faggot

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Wow I actually thought that was funny and fun! lol Thanks I had forgot to watch it as I had been busy with work and life things when it dropped! :D

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No thank you friend. here is some ice cream to help you chill.

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Bumping for my biggest investment.

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Look at these normies trampling one another on their way out. I actually would buy this dip, there's some emotional selling going on here instead of the usual whale depression.

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all of my eggs are in the DBC basket

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Whats interesting is he knew it was going back to 13 cents otherwise why would he put that into a song when it was still at 20 cents he had time to change it.

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Thanks for the bump friend have no worry it will rise.

People who dont do their research are walking into a dark forest without a flashlight, of course they are scared. Sadly had they just done their research they could have seen their way.

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The food faggot forgot his tripolata

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Imagine when they hatch! :D

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tripolata dude that could be the name for a triple malt thing, like chocolate, peanutbutter and caramel latte! wow

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i hope youre right, im ready for a nice big fat deep brain child

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Reddit is adding about 50 new subscribers a day.
This will pump when it reaches 10k subs as a congratulatory party.
Screencap this

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DBC or QLC, I wonder which will see the best gains from the NEO devcon? Maybe not the best idea to be asking the emotional brainlets, but let's see

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Look guys. This is clear proof this coin is dead. Braincuckgoodguy is never mean or hostile. You can see even he is starting to lose it. Those bags must be so heavy

If there was ever a more clear sign, to get off this fucking shit coin

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Deep Brain Chicken farm! Speaking of chickens, what about these fudders? OHH i said it!

No need to screencap my friend I will remember your words and know them to be truth that DBC will rise.

Not sure but I suspect with a market crash this low both could see big jumps or a steady organic rise.

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You guys know you won't get access to Vallhalla after suiciding over this right...

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Good call. It's time to pack it up.

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Then you havent been in threads, that wasnt mean orhostile it was hard love to help someone not being themselves, because the worse side of that coin is living a lie all your life trying to be something you are not. If anything that was the biggest amount of advice and positivty someone has offered for that person.

Dont try to contort words of wisdom to steer someone towards happiness with the bitter hatred fudders let into their hearts.

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Fudding really wont work on the iron hands that are left friend.
hello satan, nice trips lol

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ITT: Hopeful losers lol.
Made an easy 2x on DBC then backed out at the exact right time. Everyone here on suicide watch.

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yet you are still here, fudding, interesting.

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Listen, I was in the first damn thread of dbc when we first decided to hop on. We saw what happened to bounty and missed that ship. The people who didn't buy bounty gathered and caused massive shilling for dbc. We wanted as much pump as possible for this coin to moon. And we also believed in it, neo and all.

I jumped ship around 3 weeks or so ago. I started fudding for shits and giggles. But now I'm serious. This coin is going nowhere. Let's say you finally break even in a year. That's opportunity cost you guys are all missing out on. There are no doubt better coins that will take you further, cut your losses ffs

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Why would we listen to someone who admits to fudding for fun, your hobby is causing others trouble. I dont think you sound too trustworthy friend, perhaps step away and find a hobby that isnt making you seem like a lier.

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And you're still here trying to shill some fake shit chink coin for baby brownie points on whatever cryptoshill discord you came from.

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I can only imagine the pain you are going through, sorry society has built up in such a way that makes you have to dream of being some fictional version of cool.

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I am here for DBC and the Brain Gang, i figured you were the same old fudder that tried to label me some discord pnd type. You outed yourself again friend. You lie, and lie, and lie, throw out hate and anger then expect people to believe what you say is truth and has good intention.

You should stop digging yourself further into this pit if you truly hate DBC as everyone seeing your slow decline into the truth will know to not believe you.

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i love you dbc senpai

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You poor cuck. Your ship has sailed, 60 cents was the absolute top. Now it'll slowly decay to tron. 5 cents

You are bringing people down with you , shilling pajeet. You are fucking people's lives by giving them false hope. You are not a good guy, braincuckbadguy

I know you are slowly selling into these poor anon buying.

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Just buy Tether, take a bite of the forbidden

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Love to you my friend, hope you are hacing a wonderful day even with such a market dip.

Now we see your truth, anger, hate, bitterness.
I was correct, you are one of those pnd guys who lot and now you lash out. When exposed for what you are you throw a tantrum screaming and crying out insults trying to wound with whatever you can muster.

It hasnt worked, wont work and never will work on me.

You are just becoming more and more pathetic, trying to hide behind false kindness. I feel very sad for you.

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rofl! that post was brilliant! got me rolling!

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Wheww that's quite a dip there lad.