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the only people who truly get wealthy trading are the ones collecting fees

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>The house always makes money

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Coinbase isn't an exchange you moron.

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Their exchange is gdax and they make a fortune

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When GDAX receives its 0x update I will be the one collecting fees.

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coinbase charge fees

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where did he say it was?


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They also only have taker fees, which makes it better than most exchanges.

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You can be the digging sifting for gold or sell the supplies for it.

You can be the idiot taking a chance of striking Oil or refine it (rockefeller)

You can be the idiot buying bitcoin or the one facillitating the trade (coinbase)

ez monies

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I use gdax and never pay fees, unless I market order. Why the fuck do you care about a bunch of normans using coinbase to buy/sell bitcoin. Those fees are a stupidity tax

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Crypto exchanges are literally stock brokers

Collect fees for trades, good or bad trades doesn't matter, and they won't let you cash out

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why would you use coinbase to buy crypto?

Bank transfer fiat to Coinbase = 0 fees
Transfer fiat from coinbase to Gdax = 0 fees and instant
Buy main coins on Gdax 0.25% fee.

Fiat bank transfers directly to Gdax has a fee.

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Can you cash out on gdax though?

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>the only people who truly get wealthy trading are the ones collecting fees
That's why COSS holders are going to be quite happy by EoY IMO.

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So buy chainlink?

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yes, you can even avoid the 0.25% fee when buying crypto by doing a limit order.

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yes, you can sell to USD on GDAX and instantly transfer to Coinbase where you can cash out

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That's interesting, I'll look into that

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Anyone remember Dragon Dyce?

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Yes, I am.

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What I think about fees and taxes.

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This is why we need a decentralised exchange

Enter kyber

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>tfw you bought coinmetro, the coinbase killer

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Which means you can't. You're eventually going to have to transfer your money back to Coinbase to cash out, and they charge fees for that. Also, it takes fucking forever to do a feeless bank transfer to Coinbase, might as well just pay the fees for convenience unless you're moving a huge amount.

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>hurrrrr durrrrrr da middleman makes it hardrrrrrrr

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ACH transfer from GDAX to my bank account took one business day and there were no fees.

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Are you in the US or the UK? How so?

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US. Transferred LTC to GDAX, sold for USD, withdrew USD to my checking account.

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Blockport opening up this year

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(levi strauss) could end your first line in the future

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These scumbags changed the merchant code for Credit Card and Debit Card purchases to a cash advance. So not only do they still collect a 4% fee for CC purchases but they don't have to pay CC processing fees and the customer gets fucked over with a Cash Advance Fee. FUCK COINBASE!!