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>wakes up
>sell for 2% profits
>crash the market
>muh europoor got u gud :D :D :D

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This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal+

https://discord dot gg/pbN4G73

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you missed

>get shot

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I may be a low IQ high buying low selling piece of shit but at least I'm not a nigger ami right guys?

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no you're still a nigger, faggot.
also, clapping.

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>europe symbolized by Poland, Finland, Germany

only a fucking polak would have been responsible for making this literally no one else in europe would choose a polak to represent them dellusional faggot


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do europoors even have enough money to move the market lmao

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How many wars have eurofags been in the last 6 decades? Your armies is just a fashion show for effimate homos, while ours is hardened veterans

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>Happy to make shit in all the world

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Or a Finn. There's no more attention seeking retards than them. Everyone knows Europe is Germany, France and UK

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>stationing all your navy in one port
>allowing it to be bombed by flying japs

Literally American STRATEGIC CAPABILITES. I bet all admirals tipped japs afterward.

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>drop two nukes wiping out entire cities and makes the surrender immediately
Heh, nothing personnel, weeb

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>gets defeated by a country you disarmed and bankrupted 3 decades later until America saves your sorry ass
>proceed to lose all colonies afterwards

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divide and conquer shit ... funny and factual nonetheless -

at least it should be to non race mixed american > be real once you mix with mestizos or niggers its going down the DNA shitter

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you realize if america just stopped protecting all you faggots you would be so fucked? we are literally carrying your asses like we have done since world war II. How does it feel knowing a country that has been in existence for only 250 years has been blowing you the fuck out in every aspect?

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Daily reminder that European anti-Americanism is a Jew tool to keep us from noticing what that (((they))) are turning Sweden, France and Germany into le 56% and eventually wiping them out altogether.

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Nice cope Muhammed. I really hope it makes you feel better while your sister is being culturally enriched.
Thanks to us you don't even have to bother funding a military. Yet we still have more money and wealth than you. Imagine that.

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>blaming americans for choosing shit coins
if le creature sells he has to buy back in somewhere its a net zero game. Choose the ones that le creature buys or just hodl eth eurofag

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>implying the glorious union of soviet socialist republics wasnt who saved europes ass against third reich, followed by british intelligence (and ironically polish intelligence, and yes i am same poster that talked shit about poles earlier in thread)

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lmao all these asshurt yuros that are being turned into bagholders

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enjoy dem bags yurotrash

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Why would you want to be saved from the third reich?

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>dropped mass destruction weapons on civilian cities, killings children, women and man.
>heh, at least it weren't 6 millions

>supports financially and militarily England's colony fight for freedom by doing heavy lifting.
>200 years later rewrites history as USA potatoes farmers destroyed well maintained British regular army

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It sucks doesn't it. We know it, they know it. Yet everyday they post their cope-comics so the bantz-go-round continues.

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It was literally in purpose by FDR

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>>dropped mass destruction weapons on civilian cities, killings children, women and man.
>>heh, at least it weren't 6 millions

nips were not going to surrender until the last man woman and child was dead. as hard as it is to stomach, nuclear bombing japan was the option that preserved the most life. educate yourself on the fanaticism of japan during the second world instead of acting like a dumbfuck. millions would have died (including millions of civilians) if there was a land invasion

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In all seriousness, dropping those two bombs saved Japan from a devastating ground war that would have killed many more people.

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You're implying nips are human. Common mistake among weebish euros.

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Lmao they didn't even have a functioning air force or navy retard. They barely had fuel. Japan was finished retard. Look I'm an American and yurofaggots are usually way out of line but the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were purely a show of strength against the soviets and a genocide on the Japs.

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You are fucking stupid and you are embarrassing yourself with your ignorance of history. Jesus Christ get off /biz/ and go read a goddamned book kid. Are you 14?

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they [imperial jap government] were arming civilians and told them prepare to die for japan because americans will rape you and your children. you know nothing faggot

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"Go read a book" isn't an argument.

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except that japanese were already preparing the capitulation but truman wanted to test his new toys anyway

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Americans actually take that picture seriously, they have no self-irony. Amerimutt meme always gets deleted in /pol/ but if you post any similar meme that isn't about 'muricans, they won't delete it.

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What were the Japs going to do? Ride a door across the pacific and stab your grandmother with a sword?

WW2 was a war for Jewish interest. It had nothing to do with defending the lives of Americans. Deal with it

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bro are you kidding me? chinks have been killing us lately

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lel you sound just like amerifag who says "everyone knows that world is america". Yes, UK, France and Germany are part of Europe, but nobody thinks that entire Europe is basically just those three countries. Also, with you "Everybody knows" argument you can fuck your mouth with your own dick. It's not an argument you fucked shitworm.

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One of the defining qualities of a wealthy man is his historical, nationalistic dickwaving of his country

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Butthurt Finn detected. When Asians/africans/latinos/everyone think of europe, they think of those three countries, not your depressive shithole

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It is when it's a history book which is obviously something you have not read even once in your life.
Bull fucking shit.
Nobody takes your cope comics seriously, Muhammed. I see you have an inflated sense of self-importance though. That's probably a cope too.

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lol a war for jewish interest? go back to /pol/ you fucking faggot

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right, im not even of those three countries but i am not delusional

>even trying to argue that when people think of european customs/traditions they think of poland or finland

my sides

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Still not an argument. Japan had no means of causing damage to the USA at that point in the war. You cannot argue this fact. Their entire navy and airforce were completely crippled. They had essentially no fuel after being booted out of China and due to the fact that their suppliers of oil were all basically fighting the Axis powers. You have not refuted this point instead you keep telling me to "Read a book" as if its a mic drop lmfao

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You fucking missed, faggot. I am not from Finland, but what should I expect with your though processing capabilities. Europe is fucking continent with 50 sovereign countries. If somebody refers to Europe as in a way that you describe, they aren't smarter than you. Anyway, you should not talk about what people think, say or believe, based on your own beliefs, especially when someone like you thru his entire life has met around ten people, including your parents. Get the fuck out fucking twat and go fuck yourself with your "Everybody knows" knowledge.

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Truth but dumb goyim are okay with their slaughter.

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It is a mic drop when literally everything you are saying is trivially refuted by a cursory review of the facts as they were written down at the time by the people who were there. This is /biz/ not /his/ and I am not going to waste my time educating you so go read a book. Or don't. Live in ignorance if you want. Whatever dude.

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Imagine getting this butthurt from bantz. You're right, you're not a Finn, you're one of those savages from Balkan.

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Even the people that wrote the history books admit that Japan had no fuel or infrastructure to continue waging war in the pacific. If the US didn't drop the atom bomb Japan would have simply descended into a third world country and ousted the emperor and military leadership themselves. Japan's campaign across southeast Asia and the mainland was because they had essentially very little domestic resources and were relying on foreigners like the Chinese, the English, and Taiwan for most of their oil imports. This idea that the Japs were going to somehow swim across the pacific ocean and bonzai attack Californians is dumb neocon-tier Jewish mythology

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la creatura

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decent try b-

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She has a phd in hydrodynamics.

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they did it for propaganda purposes, also for shit and giggles.
japaneses are dense, but not that dense, they knew they were beaten, would have accepted any armistice allowing them to save face.
but no, bombs

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Damn right, it's a shame history was rewritten the way it was.

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read a non american book, you dumb fuck
assuming you can read

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Topkek at amerimutts

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Would you boil a baby to save a million lives, anon?

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How are my fellow americans so damn stupid... did they all forget about the Soviet Union? That and hatred for nips are the only reasons to have dropped the bomb (2x).
For fucks sake this was an AP US history essay question when I took the test.
Its your fault the market has been shit for a month. Hows that TRX treating you?