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Would you suck dick for $30 billion?

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I would suck a cute virgin tranny dick for free

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Unironically this

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yes, It would tramatize me, but for 10 billion I would just keep my mind on the money

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I second this.

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What kind of stupid fucking question is that?

With a condom sure

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You'd have to be both a serious faggot to not do this.

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no true /biz/man would answer No. Its a good damn deal lol

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I'd suck the guys balls and give him a rim job for 1% of that

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I would suck a dick for free, if the guy is old or ugly I'd do it for >100k

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I will never have 30 billion so I guess not :(

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30 billion i would polish that dick and swallow you bet ya

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i'll pay to suck dick

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for $30 billion i'd even suck it for free

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Id suck a dick for 5 btc

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Nah. I'm not a whiteboi aka inherit faggot

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i would drink pee and eat shit for 30 billion

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id do it for 100k
but id fucking suck that dick so good it would be over in less than a minute.

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OP that's a dumb question anyone would do that, here is one that actually makes you think: What is the LEAST amount of money you would suck a dick for? (let's say it's a guy your age and he has no stds) For me, would probably have to be at least 10K.

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For $30 billion I'd take it up the ass, swallow, spoon all night and do it all again in the morning.

Also this

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Money is fake. It's just green paper with images of free masons printed on it. I wouldn't even hit a puppy for $10 trillion. It's literally just printed green paper.

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id do it for 1 btc at this point desu

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I would suck a dick for a Big Mac

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enough to cover a VEN node

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I'd let you jizz in my mouth and swallow it for 1 million


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I do so everyday

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Hello Sergey

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depends if other people will find out

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depends who the dick was attached to.
my own? yea.
Some stinky pajeet. Nah.
Someone with STIs nah.

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who wants to suck a dick for 0.1 ETH

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Let them find out.
If I was driving a lambo and they're driving vauxhall astras I wouldn't really care what other people think. They're just jelly that they didn't suck it.

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how long would you have to have it in your mouth? 5 seconds? until he cums? 20 seconds? irl I'd charge an exponential amount per second dick in my mouth. If it were until he comes I don't think I could do it

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I would suck the shit out of it for 1 million dollars

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I've paid to suck a tranny hooker's dick, so yes.

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you didn't read the post I was responding to

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300 billion??!! you could literally put it all into bazinga coin and still struggle to spend what's left of it for the rest of ur life

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That's too much, I would only pay $20 max

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I would eat ass for $30

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>>>7075655 (OP)
>I've paid to suck a tranny hooker's dick, so yes.

Stop posting about tranny dick over and over.

Ok that's what you like but nobody else wants that shit so FUCK OFF!

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without a doubt

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Would you put blowjobs in a dick sucking ponzi where the dividends are blowjobs and you can cash out in blowjobs?

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Yes! Feed me boipussy

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It's been scientifically proven that the more you deny cock it the more you want it.

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Literally everyone is talking about bzc now faggots

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you would suck on a cock until it comes for any amount of money? nigga you gay as shit

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Already sucked one for free. It was basically like sucking my own except more annoying. I dont know how girls deal with it.

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faggots on 4 chinz nothig new

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I sucked cock yesterday morning.
I paid $30

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Nah. Homosexuality is a sin in my culture.

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I would suck that dick so fast anon, I would pretty much do anything for that $30 billion. And I mean almost anything, probably let a guy ass fuck me for just one billion for fuck sakes op, $30 billion to suck a dick, that is easy money

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>>>7076467 (You)
>It's been scientifically proven that the more you deny cock it the more you want it.

No. It's scientifically proven the more you put your mind on it you want it.


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When I keep thinking of trap penis and fucking one, god damnit.

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I suck dick for free.

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So we've established you guys are cocksuckers, now it's just a matter of price,

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deny it?
fucker, read my post
I sucked cock and didn't even need that $10
poor fags wont understand but $10 ain't nothing..

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I don't.
I keep thinking of living on a secluded island without any people.

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>no people
big mistake...
who's cock you gonna suck then retard?

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I don't have $30 billion. And I can suck dicks for free anyway.

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I unironically don't think I'd ever suck dick for money. It is unnecessary and gay af.

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/fit/ please

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i would dig up my grandmother who died in november and suck the corspejuice out of her maggotfilled asshole for 1M

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this 30 billion here say otherwise....
chop chop

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This is why I come to this board.

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This also.

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i would do unspeakable things for that amount of money.

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Speak about them pls.

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Hard mode: Would you kill one of your immediate family members for $30 bil?

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>do unspeakable things
that shit must be hot as shit
not much time left anon....
speak about them FFS!!!

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Would you let John McAfee shit in your mouth for 1 million?

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Yeah. If you say you wouldn’t, you’re a faggot.

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would I?

>> No.7077847

die finally, John

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that german?

>> No.7077929

you can bet you irish son of a dog

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Would you suck a vagina for $30 billion?

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i would floss my theeth with his hammock every night for the rest of my life for 1m

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You are a talented shitposter, friend. God bless your gains.

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sick fuck

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Cants spell inherent, confirmed for dirty nigger.

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fuck no

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Bitch I would so do ATM for thirty packed gaylords of Benjamin Franklin's beautifully judgmental mugshot.

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No, really, $30 billion is 30 pallets filled, 40x40x40 inches in volume, of $100 bills. I'd suck a football field of cock in an evening if I could have such a pile tax-free after!

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Yep and then I would save crypto.

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I'd suck a dick just for the nutritional value of the load I'd swallow

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That's just gay.

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You've obviously never tried your own cum before. It's pretty gross.

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I would suck 30 dicks for 30 billion.

A billion a piece, plz :0 <+++++

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To quote Sergey at his last convention.

>i'd suck 30 billion dicks for 1 dollar.

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>You've obviously never tried your own cum before. It's pretty gross.

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I'd do it for 1 Eth

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EOY it'll be worth $30 billion anyway

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I sucked my own dick once.

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>only once

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Fucking this

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Never could reach it again after that.

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I eat ass for free boyo

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>them worms tho

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D-did you bite?

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I sucked dick for free so yea I'm gonna do dis you faggot.

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Get fucking help

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Luckily no.

>> No.7079528

now you just need to dig deeper anon.
you haven't lived until you rooted about and rolled a 7 on pic related...
roll again.

>> No.7079550

Even a billionaire would suck cock for that amount

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pic related rather....
roll on

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Absolutely. I'd let a group of guys bukake me and then use their jizz as lube and jerk off then slurp it all up

>> No.7079677

>Type 7
Literally the last time I had food poisoning.
At one point I actually wanted to die.

>> No.7079718

Every time I see one of these newjacks I feel my body producing less testosterone and a greater desire to drink soy milk.

>> No.7079757

digits confirm..
happened to me thrice now...
good job anon!!

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$30 billion, and I can stop wagecucking and worrying about money forever just because I gave a blowjob once.

>> No.7079907

Upvoting this brost

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I pay $200 for a night of oral, cuddling, and watching anime. I can only afford it once a month or so, though.

>> No.7080009

you reckon just that it will satisfy you?
dream on.
60 billion and ronger-anons run a train on you...

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Wouldn't do it for 30 billion or any other amount of money. Not a scumbag faggot cuck like the majority of broke peasant subhuman anons here.

>> No.7080080

It's not that bad. A little bleachy, but it's manageable. Kind of like hominy but with a gelatinous texture

>> No.7080186

t. wagecuck

>> No.7080251

you seem like a no nonsense kind of guy..
well, today's your lucky day my good man..
I bet I could make you eat some fatty's asshole like it was icecream just for bus fare...
what say you my fine fellow?

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Couldn't be any further from the truth, lot of money in and outside of crypto. Haven't wagecucked since my teens to about 21. Currently 35. Over ten years without any wagecucking. ~:)

>> No.7080570

I would be gangbanged for a week by fat old men for 100 million. And I would thank them afterwards.

>> No.7080589

y'all are gay

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>> No.7080595

t. larping wagecuck

>> No.7080623

not surprised, you faggot would do it for 10k

>> No.7080639

people suck dicks for free

>> No.7080650

hell no. im already rich and my integrity cant be bought for any about of money.

>i. will. never. be. a. faggot. like. OP.


>> No.7080681

Geeh, slave away for the rest of my life aka suck dick 5 days a week or suck dick once and gain wealth beyond my wildest dreams.

Tough decision.

>> No.7080685

well you clicked on the "Would you suck dick for $30 billion?" button.
the fuck you expect fuckboi?

>> No.7080791

I imagine I'd suck dick for around 12k dollars as well.

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>> No.7080831

I give you 2k

>> No.7080877

not this

>> No.7080880

30 billion? I'd hold that dick in my mouth until the skin got so water logged it started to peel off

>> No.7080940

barter. very progressive....!
hao about $102?
just to clarify
I have a wooden leg with a real foot
and my other leg has a concrete foot but with a real leg
one of my legs has a wheel made from glue and covered in used duct tape.
btw, i'm trading like a cunt now

winkey face!

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God just thinking about a thick, heavy cock pulsing with his heartbeat being pushed deep into my mouth and slid in and out until it starts pumping cum forcefully down my throat as he grunts and pins my head against his torso

>> No.7080968

No, I meant it when I said 12k. That's about the minimum I would do it for. 2k wouldn't have an impact on my life.

>> No.7081013

do you play the Tuba by any chance?

>> No.7081055

I can kick a hooker's for shinbone 90$

>> No.7081103

>is offered $30 billion to suck a dick
>insists on only being paid $10 billion

>> No.7081158

i'll cough up $22.57 to see you do it. (livestreamed tho)

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send xlm or shut up

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I see you been redpilled on the benefits of eating faeces. Supposedly, humans produce a vaccine for AIDS/STDs in the respective diseased carriers poo. Eat shit and live, my friend.

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>> No.7081505

you wouldnt be around to receive it

>> No.7081519


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Where’s it at?

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depends on if it's a man's penis or a lady's benis

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my hot twin dad/mom said increase your test and i'll send more.
they are whales btw...
chop chop

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I once came hard onto a couple of poptarts, a huge thick load, and I ate them whole. Was surprisingly good. About a 7/10 experience, was hot in the moment and there was an interesting flavorful synergy between the poptarts and semen.

>> No.7081813

The semen is fine but you shouldn't eat food that makes you fat Anon!

>> No.7081843

why are you even on a business board bro

>> No.7081912

I've changed my diet since then, and never eat stuff like that now. Lost over 30 pounds.

>> No.7081980

I'll cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe and swallow the gravy.

>> No.7081993

shut your hole

I have 100 girls ready to get kicked at the shinbone

>> No.7082016

HAhaHAha same here!
my momma was cumming on cakes and fancies in 2014 while her water-headed step sister sat there, watched and ate.
how's it feel knowing a tarded normie mummy busted loads on pastries way before you even knew what a pancake looked like.

>> No.7082142

I don't quite understand what you wrote. I feel like you're trolling, but if not, please rephrase that.

>> No.7082164

This PnD group is growing so fast, it's unreal.,.

https://discord dot gg/pbN4G73

>> No.7082210

Can i get more for doing 3 at once

>> No.7082226

id eat my own dick for 30 billion USD

>> No.7082535


for 30 billion, i'd lick from tip to taint and tongue fuck the peehole

>> No.7082564

as always

>> No.7082629

minimal would be like 35k

>> No.7082630

Sucking dick is nice but I can't afford to pay $30 billion.

>> No.7082640

I'd kill for 30 Billion.

>> No.7082725

i'd suck a dick for like $250k probably

i'd commit a Holocaust for $30 billion

>> No.7082741


>> No.7082787

>300 million

yeah, me too.
pretty much nothing i wouldnt do for 100 million desu. short of extreme self mutilation or like raping my family.

>> No.7082823

for 30billion, the biggest blackest one

>> No.7082893


You can always make more money.

You can never unsuck a dick.

Imagine driving around in your lambo and everyone knew you got it sucking dick lmao the memes would be unreal

>> No.7082898

literally no.

>> No.7082915

by the time this opportunity arise, all you would be able to buy with 30billion is a 1 litre carton of milk you cocksucking faggots

>> No.7082922

Yes great idea please help me find a cute trans girl to fuck

>> No.7082974

how would anyone know? and who cares about memes even if they did. you could literally buy a private island and never leave, you wouldn't have to acknowledge another human again if you didn't want to

>> No.7083110

t. sucked cock because *muh experiment*

>> No.7083192

>you could literally buy a private island and never leave, you wouldn't have to acknowledge another human again

But you would still have to acknowledge yourself, that everything you own is because you sucked dick

Only cock I've tried to suck was my own when I was 13 but wasn't flexible enough

>> No.7083309

You would have to be clinically insane to turn down 30 billion to avoid doing a one time thing that should cause no long-term damage. I am straight, but would suck it up for 30 fucking billion. That would set me, my parents, little brother, and future family up for life.

>> No.7083361

>Wow bro, how did you afford scholarship, a lambo and a mansion?

>My brother anon sucked this huge BBC for 30 billion, god bless his soul

>Cool bro

>> No.7083422

I wouldn't even be ashamed if anyone found out, to be quite honest, because 30 FUCKING BILLION USD.
>you sucked dick for 30 billion?
Fuck yeah, I'm not retarded. 30 billion is 30 billion.

>> No.7083459


lol you need to get raped

>> No.7083474

the other $20B went to therapy

>> No.7083483

only if he got tested for all stds before

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a dick or dick as in a constant supply of dick?
The amount of dicks is very important

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i don't think i could do it, anons. Like for real.

>> No.7083571

Oi faggots, it won't turn you gay so yeah I guess I would, it's like helping out a friend, might as well fuck his ass after.

But you did say "suck dick" so all I gotta do is put it in my mouth? sure, no cum needed.

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File: 1.31 MB, 339x336, 1469760128620.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude, you're still putting that dick in your mouth. no fucking way, bro.

>> No.7083607

You don't want to retire early and live like a king? You could fuck a new woman every day for the rest of your life in any way imaginable with that kind of cash.

>> No.7083675

no bully..
the lad has standards
I say we up it to 100 billion tho and we could all fuck his family and he'd watch while counting his munny

>> No.7083732

I think going over 30 billion doesn't really sweeten the deal at that point

>> No.7083770
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I can subjectively live like a king now. and I can pull ass fairly easily anyway.

Yeah, the "muh lambos, yachts, and private jets" sound dope, but bro....thats still a fucking cock in your mouth. Like maybe if it was a quick in and out, fucking MAYYYBE.

i dunno man. At the end of the day, you're going to KNOW you put that cock in your mouth. Then you'll just end up Hunter Thompsoning yourself in the end.

Ain't worth it, brotha.

>> No.7083776

In 5 minutes you would earn more money than you'll know what to do with.

You could then buy 1000 high class escorts to get over your dick sucking fiasco.

>> No.7083812

pic related. It's me looking at the penis.

>> No.7083852


Sure 30 or 100 billion is a lot

But every time anything reminds you of money you will relive that dick in your mouth

and no amount of money or power will bring back your mental state before you sucked dick

>> No.7083864

fuck you faggot.
we Illuminati now.
double down and i'll chuck in my twin sisters

>> No.7083872

its not about the paper or the color, we could be trading in rocks for all i care, whats important is the value we place on that paper, and what i can get from it. with that being said, i suck it clean, and still be less of a beta fagget like you

>> No.7083902

Yes, provided that the dick is super feminine.

>> No.7083904

Unironically this

>> No.7083910

Yeah dick really is just that powerful~

>> No.7083914

But it's classed as helping out a mate.

It's no different to experimenting when you were a kid.

Just pretend he's a cancer patient and it's his dying wish or some shit, go see a hypno doctor if your that insecure, would you suck 1 dick for unlimited pussy and bitches? fuck yeah.

I mean you'll end up doing drugs at some point in thailand and fucking a ladyboy anyway, so what's the fucking diff.

The conditions were a dick, so I guess you could request a lady boy.

Also there's clits that look like dicks.

>> No.7083916

>suck the dick
>get 30 billion
>global financial crisis hits day after
>dollar crashes to 0
>everyone is now using turtlecoin

>> No.7083921

Who gives a shit about being reminded that you briefly had a dick in your mouth because you were paid astronomical amounts of money? How mentally weak can you be?

>> No.7083934
File: 830 KB, 250x250, 1512796196907.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you've had one you've had them all, man. All 10s are the same. sucking a cock ain't worth it, bro.

if that means i have to stick with 7s-9s, and the occasional 10, then so be it.

>> No.7083992
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>The conditions were a dick, so I guess you could request a lady boy.

dude, for real. IF it came down to it, I'd probably prefer a real dude over a fucking tranny. They freak me out.

>> No.7084018

Well shit, then get hypno therapy or something, fuck I don't know, don't be such a weak minded faggot to be traumatized by a dick.

It's just a dick, it's a piece of meat who gives a shit.

>> No.7084058
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>How mentally weak can you be?

i think it's more about principles than it is about mental stability.

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File: 33 KB, 373x550, 1515078543557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7084084

Mining dickcoin?

>> No.7084088

The way you deal with it is as soon as they ask, get sucking, get it out of the way quickly, the longer you procrastinate the longer it's going to be imprinted on your mind.

But if you get it over and done quick as fuck then it'll make things easier.

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>It's just a dick, it's a piece of meat who gives a shit.
>just a dick
>a piece of meat

fucking gross

>> No.7084110

I'll wear a dress too faggot

>> No.7084131
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fucking dubs. god dammit. every fucking time

>> No.7084132

what if he doesn't cum fast

>> No.7084135

I'd blow out my neck vertebrae on a dick tip and shatter my nose on his stomach for $30bn

>> No.7084158

Your principles are worth nothing.
And they are a mental construct, so it definitely has to do with mental strength.

>> No.7084172

fucking kek, m8

>> No.7084196
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spotted the faggot

>> No.7084207

do i look gay you fucking faggot?

>> No.7084209

I would for like 10k

>> No.7084250

Not a faggot, but would 100% do a fag thing to be set for life and retire early.

>> No.7084266

Fuck, this my post can become a meme.
Sucking for money = mining dickcoin.

>> No.7084279

Then I get a dildo and fuck his ass with it, dominate him.

But it DID say to suck a dick, not cum in your mouth you spergs.

>> No.7084293


>> No.7084297
File: 57 KB, 790x593, 12417811_1106746702692879_8624059841406233651_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And they are a mental construct

yeah, maybe they are. but my principles matter to me, brother.

At the end, I won't care about money as much as I care about the fact that I lived a principled and moral life.

$30bn is a fuckton. Enough that your great grandchildrens great grandchildren will be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.
But they'll still tell the story of how you sucked that dick back in 2018 for some money.

>> No.7084307

Id do it for 5k. For 30 billion i would suck dick 9-5 for 20 years

>> No.7084325


>> No.7084327

You know that one insecure closetted faggot that was constantly homphobic? The guy who only took off his clothes in the locker room when no one was looking? The guy who showered with his shorts on? That's the guy who wouldn't suck dick for $30B

>> No.7084329
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>But it DID say to suck a dick, not cum in your mouth you spergs.
My man. Hitting the real points.

>> No.7084352

But you don't have to tell anyone how you got the money.

Tell them you did a hit man job or some shit.

Or, don't discuss finances with people.

>> No.7084385
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does it still count if i'm a girl OP?

>> No.7084438

This is a business board, and a 30 billion dollar payment for 1 dicksucking is the greatest deal of all time. How is this not objectively true?

You don't have to tell anyone how you obtained it. Lie. Make up a story.

>> No.7084462
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>pic related

>> No.7084522

with that much scratch you could offer to suck off those that threaten exposure.

>> No.7084595

you can buy a whole lot of mouthwash with 30 billion

>> No.7084697

Post tits, I'm in the mood to fap.

>> No.7084767

>30 billion
m8 for 1/2 of 1 billion i would tattoo my scrotum to look like a mouse and dangle it over a pit of starving rattlesnakes for 3 days, then slather myself in baby oil and walk naked and barefoot for 46 miles down a recently paved highway in the most blisteringly hot desert on earth , with a gallon of the Indian National Soccer Teams post-tournament taint sweat as my only source of water.

>> No.7084793

This for real tho

>> No.7084805

bro I would suck that dick any time he wanted for 1 billion

>> No.7085003


Have some milky.

>> No.7085169

Okay, maybe that's a little weak.


>> No.7085273
File: 65 KB, 640x639, 2smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nearly 10m views
>cuts as soon as the tits are gone

>> No.7085341

i would suck that shit like its i just got drugged by bill cosby and that dick would be the only thing to keep me on my feet

i would suck that shit like im at the bottom of the ocean breathing through a straw

i would suck that juicy dick like it knows the da vinci code and its jizz reveals the secret

should i keep going?

>> No.7085380

Yes, then kill everyone who knows

>> No.7085661

You know that in this day and age people would very easily accept you if you showed that it didnt affect you at all and joked about it. They would probably admit that they would do to if in the same situation.

Maybe if you went around with insecurities and defensive about people knowing it, then yes they would make fun of you. But then again you would have 30 bil and they would still have to wage cuck for the rest of their lifes.

Lifes too short to get wrapped up on other people's judgement

>> No.7085692

Hey Trapfag

>> No.7085712

Watch the second: (>>7085169)

Even the cat wants some.

>> No.7085857

fuck no those are some nasty old granny tits I aint clicking that shit

>> No.7085981

i came

>> No.7086037

Dear god that channel is degenerate :/

>> No.7086181


>> No.7086231

You're missing out. Epic streams of milk. And not a granny, kek.

Weaker but nice:

Yes ;^)

>> No.7086489

Why? Cause you've been imagining sucking cock?

>> No.7086569

But where do I find 30 billion dollars?

>> No.7086600

man I'd suck dick for like $50k

>> No.7086607

Hi, Reddit.

>> No.7086857

I mean I'd probably do it for $300 let alone 3 billion, no homo

>> No.7086946

I'd suck a dick for $30k. Not a dollar less, and that's with a condom. It's important to know your limits.

>> No.7087503

Just get a waifu and a daki for christ sake.

>> No.7087542

Your insecurity is showing