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Linkmarines, get the fuck in here and report back with your rank.

We're initiating Operation Moebbit tonight. There will be three phases in this operation. Phase I, which is beginning right now, we be our preparation of our collective weaponized autism and creation of memes as well as suitable, high quality pasta for this special mission.

Once we are ready and everything is prepared we will initiate phase II of Operation Moebbit. The second phase will take place over multiple days, if not weeks, so we have to remain disciplined and patient throughout and it is important that Phase I is taken seriously by all marines.

During Phase II we will send out small and more importantly inconspicuous squads of Linkmarines into the different realms controlled by plebbit. These Linksquads will, without blowing their cover, place the prepared materials from Phase I to distract plebbitors from General Sergey Nazarovs operations and draw their attention to something called ‘Moebius’.

The goal of the mission is to efficiently and effectively place the Moebius project in plebbits mind, giving our General Sergey Nazarov more time to prepare price singularity and ensuring that plebbit stays out of our precious LINK.

We are counting on every single one of you, from Private to General. Linkmarines unite for the greater good!

In this thread we will start collecting weaponized memes and pasta, any shilling material on Moebius in preparation of Phase II.

Details on Phase III of Operation Moebbit will be announced soon.

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The Ranks for your reference:

- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 75001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

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Awaiting further instructions.

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Corporal.. but I gotta say this "linkmarine" stuff is really autistic and childish - and I am not just saying this because i am a Corporal.

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It's officially a shitcoin I guess. Time to dump my bags.

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> linkmarines

ok jarhead autists that can't make it in the real world

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Shut up and get to work.

like another anon suggested we start out with collecting Moebius shill andrelated link fud material of this kind

>CEO and dev team are americans from stanford
>partnered with the largest blockchain in china
>clear roadmap leading to a 2018 release
>working under stellar technology
>ICO ended abruptly due to the hype
>first mover advantage

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>post yfw link reaches 1k

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Private Linkie reporting in, ready to die for the cause.

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I have to admit, this is some clever fud from the Mobius team. They started to lose ground once everyone started pajeet larping, but now they are trying to use the linkie tactics against them.

It wont work though. Youre too obvious and your pajeet IQ is too low.

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Debunk and then demoralize.

The reddit /r/linktrader currently thinks Mobius is a plagiarized exit scam. If we approach it as a neutral third party "skeptical about Mobius" to get more of their viewerbase to look at the project, we can THEN start the usual LINK fud targeting Sergey's silence.

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Check out the new Lightfoot linkies:


I haven't been this hype since the shadow spoon

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Can you guys please post high res desktop wallpapers? I don't have Photoshop anymore or I'd make one out of this.

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The goal is to get LINK holders on Reddit to sell. None of this has to do with actual Mobius support. Over 3,000 people browse the LINK subreddit and the colony has to die.

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exactly. The main goal is to eliminate the eabscess that is r/linktrader. Mobius is just an easy way to lure plebbitors away from there and into something else

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If anyone sells link for literal pajeets they deserve what is coming their way

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I think we should discuss this operation privately, some plebbit invader is sure to rat us out.

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oh ranjeet, youll never win, havent you realized that yet? Your coin is shit. Your scam is exposed. And now you want linkies to do your work for you. I know your own pajeet population is that stupid, but youre talking to white /biz/

that shit is never going to fly.

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get out reddit, this thread is not for you

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We've got to shove it down their yuppie throats, our tactics are EXTREMELY aggressive

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I question these Orders, Proof of major status is required. I'll wait until the Colonel or Major General signs off before committing my platoon

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because I used a space? Please. Only newfags like you would even suggest going on reddit in the first place. Have your balls even dropped yet, or did you never have any pride to begin with b ecuase of all the soy and curry?

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I am unironically a colonel and am telling you this post was made by the mobius marketing team in responsed to link holders posting pajeet larp in every link and mobius thread.

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it already happened on here and it's only a handful of people posting mobius shit

this is our opportunity. can people read the white paper and report back? we just need nice soundbites

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1st lieutenant reporting in.
I’m ready for this mission.

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you mean the one that has portions literally copy pasted from chainlinks?

your entire team is fucking terrible. go shill your coin on reddit yourself. Learn from /b/, /biz/ isnt your personal fucking army. post your pajeet tits or get the fuck out.

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This is fucking gay, nobody wants to shill your mobius shit for you. Here's a proper soundbyte you faggots should use: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0d3AfL3zLet

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Sergeant here. 4239 mobeius reporting in. Fuck link.

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Lieutenant General reporting in

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I got a visual on Mobius, i will take the shot when i get a report from general.

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corporal this is your sergeant speaking, kys

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"Hey Stacey, want anything from Starbucks?"
>"Yeah, I want a mocha roastie supreme! But can you go get it for both of us, I don't want to stop watching Netflix!"
"Sure, can you send me some money though? My credit card is almost empty, I spent everything on Chad!"
>"Yeah, I just go this new app "Request Network". Download it and send me a request!"
"Wow, I just got it too! I'll put in a request. Hmm, that's weird Stace, it's saying I need "REQ tokens". Wtf is that?"
>"Uh, this app is so fucking weird. WEIRD AND CREEPY. Why do I need a token to send money? How do I even get them?"
"Just delete it Stace and use venmo. That app was made by virgins and creepy ugly losers."

Three weeks later...

"Stace, remember that Request Network app?"
>"Ugh. that ugly looking one that was obviously made by no life virgins?"
"Yep, that's the one. Well I GUESS I had to use it to send money because it has lower fees, but it's such a shit app and you can tell that ugly virgins made it. Guess what the app MAKES you do Stace."
>"Lay it on me girl, I can only imagine what the neckbeards that made that app make you do to use it."
"Get this Stace, I wanted to send 10 grand to Chad, and instead of just being NORMAL like Venmo and Paypal and entering Chad's name to send it to him, I had to enter his "wallet address". LOL!"
>"Holy shit, that is the nerdiest thing I've ever heard! I'm drier than the Sahara just hearing such nerdy, gay words."
"It's unbelievable, if you want to send money, you have to enter a 40 character string of letters and numbers. If you screw up, and of course what normal, non autistic person wouldn't under those circumstances, no refunds, because the app uses a "blockchain". Imagine the autistic spergs that made that app Stacey, they're so fucking creepy and their app is shit! Let's use Venmo only from now on!"

Someone make one of these for link

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Major reporting in. I invested in Mobius as well just in case. There is no reason not to. But I'm still a stinkie linkie

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Sergeant major, reporting HE IS STILL ALIVE.

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I'm not going near reddit, also don't have an account on there so no one will believe me if I happen to just make an account in the last week and start posting shills on there.

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Dont fall for this trick by the mobius marketing team, linkies. Fight in the FUD wars AGAINST mobius, not for them.

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Do you want people like this to own LINK?

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post is fake as fuck

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Can't argue, but it did motivate me to buy 15k more than I was planning on.

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>> No.7039444

Lieutenant Colonel reporting in.

We moonin' boys

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Hah, i knew I could trick you into exposing youre a reddit fag. You pajeets really do have the lowest IQs. Go the fuck back to where you belong.

>> No.7039506

He's saying one of you faggots did it

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You fucking idiots. If we start shilling mobius then all of reddit will find out about "The Oracle Problem" and then find out about LINK. As of now Reddit thinks that LINK is a fucking meme and we need to keep it that way. Understand that the average plebbitor doesn't have the capacity to understand what ChainLink is trying to do but if you tell them about Mobius and give them a simple to understand overview of the oracle problem they'll pile into LINK and make it /r/theircoin. We need to keep silent as we already have and downvote and continue fuding

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Staff sergeant here. Do we buy mobius or not over

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Post Mobius hype on r/cryptocurrency. Most normies migrate from there to subreddits like r/linktrader. Mobius every day on r/cryptocurrency front page with the wtc & xlm fans will kill link on reddit.

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Only poorfags who "are still accumulating" with their mcdonalds paychecks need to FUD on link. The rest of us already have a shitload. Face it, you want us to shill your shitty currycoin for you because you got outplayed by all of the pajeet larping. Go wipe the crusted shit off of your legs, you squatting shitskin

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I like this

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It is so obvious that this thread is just one or two faggots trying to shill mobius

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excuse me sir i thouhgt we were supposed to fud link and when do i get paid

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sir, please context, pls

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> dead volume
> moving strictly horizontal
> damping top RSI
What does this mean?
Have never seen anything like this in 6 months of trading

Just in case shit moons, bought back in with ETH.
Now I'm a what? Sergeant Major? Ah, to think I started as a Corporal back in early October.

That is quite a progress. Been fun.
Made so many stupid mistakes. Spent $250 for a DeltaV pnd, sent $15 to a scammer pajeet for a whitelist e-mail, fomoed in several times to lose half my stacks, held through a LINK 50% dip, when all the smart money were trading
Oh god. And still I am here, with 10626 LINK at an average of 19c.

Poorfags, dont despair. You can go up in LINK ranks, even if you start low. You see, how many mistakes I made, and I still went up so much.
If you are not completely brain dead, you gonna make it.

I know, I wanted to stop at 10k LINK, but now there's this 15k milestone I wanna take

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definitely don't let the normies see this abomination of an interview


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>entire thread is full of people shitting on mobius and trying to scam reddit
>must be a mobius shill thread

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SmartContract hates 4chan and neo-nazi's tainting their brand before it even reaches market.
I don't blame them.

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Whoa I think the chainlink shit will be the first thing on 4chan I am going to filter

>> No.7039984

It's hard to filter the fud. Dont filter and fight the evil street shitting pajeets pooping all over our fine clean board. I believe in you Sergey!

>> No.7039996


its too bad your father didnt put a filter on his tiny pajeet dick before he squirted you into your mothers shit envoloped axe wound

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Gottem boys

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thank you kind sir

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Nice brown ID you have there

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Corny post tbqh

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Rory is afraid that bizlets gonna dox him and rape his wife's daughter, if he does not deliver

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Freshly minted colonel reporting in for duty!

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Holy fuck the absolute state of /link/ I thought you super autismos thought 2 steps ahead. Smart money has definitely left this board now

>> No.7040321

>use collect link autism against itself
>make them shill to pump their enemy
>eliminating link and Moebius for good.

You guys are no better than the 9/11 terrorists

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>> No.7040374 [DELETED] 

Pump group with 40k members will be having a pump on Binance in at 7pm EST. You don't want to miss it!
discord gg/4gQsHam

>> No.7040442

Solid meme

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private reporting, FOR SERGI

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Major reporting in...

Mobius will soon be in hyperledger foundation.
Recommended oracles to be used with IBM BAAS clients.
Partnered with Stellar
faster and cheaper...normies/plebbit love their speed and tx/s

>> No.7041368

>normies/plebbit love their speed and tx/s
You have no idea how retarded this sounds in relation to Chainlink. And my guess is you never will.

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Master Sergeant Commissar reporting

Anyone dropping bags will be shot, including officers

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I sold my LINK at a slight profit to chase moon missions and increase my ETH stack so I can buy more LINK, hopefully while the price remains in the 70-79 cents range.

How much time do I have to get back in? Do you expect the price will go up or down after Sergey speaks at the Bitcoin conference?

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My Rank is 1k Link
will i make it

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Lieutenant Colonel reporting in.

>> No.7042001

notice how the mobius true intentions are become clear in this thread?

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nice try pajeet, but you'll have to poo in their loo urself. Not ur personal army.

>> No.7042105

Cringe as fuck. Linkies are so pathetic...

>> No.7042141

friccin saved

>> No.7042793

I am coming down from one hell of an acid trip and very comfy cuz all my buy orders hit.. Major reporting in

>> No.7042889

holy fuck this is terrible

>> No.7042962

Specialist is in position sir

>> No.7043152

an anon made it for me a while ago for my tablet

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Holy shit, the buzz words and pseudo techno babble is astounding. Did anyone actually buy this?

>> No.7043516

Friendly reminder SWIFT won't even be using Chainlink even when it does finally start using distributed ledger technology.

Here's what it says on smartcontract.com

"We're proud to be working with SWIFT on their own SWIFT Smart Oracle."
>their own SWIFT Smart Oracle
>not the chainlink oracle

Never forget than banks are interested in the blockchain technology, not fucking ERC20 shittokens made by some guy who walked away from NXT. So all you autists who are constantly harping on about "the SWIFT announcement" are absolutely deluded.