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>tfw there's an alternate reality where you've already made it
>tfw he's probably watching me now making fun of me and my stupid decisions
That's not fair

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you bought high and sold low didn't you anon...

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>tfw there's an alternate reality where you're not going to make it

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I won a thousand dollars in online poker back in 2011 before regulations in my country made it imposible to keep making money that way, knew about Bitcoin but thought It was a fad so I bought a new pc instead. Oh well also got into doge early and lost it all on cryptsy so probable wouldn't have made It anyway.

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>alternate reality me keeps using his multiverse transportation devise that he bought with his massive BTC earnings to come into my room and laugh at me for being too scared to put any money into BTC when it was cheap

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>tfw there's an alternate reality where the crypto market is crashing to 0 right now
I guess it's not all so bad now that I think about it.

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Alternate realities are a meme to keep down your power level anon. Listen, you still have time to make it but you'll have to step your game up. Stop depressing yourself, learn to direct your energy to create a positive outcome for yourself.

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Get some LMAO for free and fuck your other you un the ass!
discord gg/DKahYEj

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>couldnt buy Bitcoin when it was $1 because underage
>mom wouldn't allow me to use her card because lol ponzi
>could have used money gram, but decided against it because I would have had to go to the store with the service alone
>forget about it until spring 2017
>an alternate reality me sent the monkey gram and held
At least I'm all in link now, right anons?

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Lmao at Lmao shitcoins will never be profitable unless you are the creator of a PnD others fall for. Only BTC, ETH and Monero have been worth buying in ten years of crypto.

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>tfw alternate reality where crypto market never invented because the blacks enslaved the whites

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No it's too late to get into crypto and get rich like you would have investing in bitcoin in 2010/2011. Best we can hope is a quick crash and to get in early into whichever bubble emerges in the wake of the next financial crash and the fall of crypto, much like crypto itself arose from the ashes of the 2008 real estate crash and in turn that real estate bubble arose shortly after the dot-com crash.

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You have been warned anon