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bought at 70c now it's 80c

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strap in. it is happening tonight

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It's gonna be okay anon

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is sergey gonna be placed next to toilets again for his presentation?

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Pack it in boys

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>following advice from a nigger

you won't make it

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Small stinkies may have better luck trying to catch moon missions on other coins, if you hold over 100k you're gonna make it anyways so dosen't really matter what way it goes in the short term.

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It's ok anon, everything will be alright! 1k by EOY (◠◠)

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Insider here.

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kill yourself with your pajeet-tier images
seriously kill yourself

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nice, moar

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You're doing gods work, Anon.

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I have 21 link tongue pics, will upload more
Thanks goy, make sure you masturbate lots to these pictures. Remember, if it feels good it's good for you.

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stinky linky, when will you learn?

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GVC - GvCoin

> Getting listed on coin exchange in 2-3 weeks

> Costs 1WEI per GVC

> Can literally buy 1 billion for 1Eth

> Total amount (seen thro contract) is 100bil

> Total circulating is 50Bil

Once this shit hits coin exchange and goes to 90-120 WEI you're all going to be sorry lol It only takes around 10Eth to become a whale in this - You missed all the other moons...miss the one while you're at it.

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can someone link this presentation i've only seen the pci

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what the fuck? that's a lizard

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Mobius is better kys

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You have been visited by the lucky link lizard. Good luck and long-term gains will come to you, but only if you reply "lovely luck link lizard!"

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bought at 1.03. Will i make it?

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this is getting so fucking sad

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Thanks just made 100k more link girl pictures

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I kek'd.

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unironically this. I hold LINK but this is bazingacoin tier cringe

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it's some kind of sad fud attempt. trying to post as many pathetic images as possible to turn people off.
almost got me too, for a second wanted to market sell all my link

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>mfw the dumb money is fleeing link in droves moments before mainnet launch

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link memes are top tier retraded

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Sold my 50k link for XRP.
Fuck this shitcoin, anything that has this much autism behind it is doomed to fail.

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Please help a brainlet anons.
Ok so I fully understand why chainlink is a revolutionary project that will very likely succeed and get adopted by huge players.
This is easy.

What i do not understand however is the correlation mechanism between that success and REAL value of the LINK token. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist - I'm saying that I'm retarded and don't see it yet.

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this is am imperfect answer but LINK is the token used by the middleware that will allow data that exists outside of the blockchain economy to be used within it.

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That much I understand but yeah - it doesn't answer the question.

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You cannot have decentralization without some form of incentive.
For instance: nobody would run a Bitcoin node if it weren't for the monetary value of Bitcoin.

In the case of Chainlink nodes; they don't mine anything, they don't create any coin or whatever that is itself valuable.
All they do is do oracle computations, with the end product being blockchain-usable data.
So something else has to be introduced as incentive: payment.

Payment in what? Fiat?
Fiat wouldn't work within the system for staking for instance.
Also, fiat isn't global.
Plus, fiat doesn't reflect the value and reputation of the network as a network-specific token does; meaning it does not provide the additional incentive of a token.

Payment in ETH or BTC or any other crypto?
Makes no sense because those rise and fall because of a million factors that have nothing at all to do with the network.

Now what would make the Link token rise or fall in value?
Simply supply and demand; meaning the size, success, reputation of the Chainlink network itself.
The token has four main uses:
1) node payment
2) contract staking (bidding & insurance)
3) node staking (helps determine priority)
4) speculation/investment/trading

The bigger and more successful the network, the bigger the demand for all four of these uses, the higher the price of the token.
And there is practically no limit to the price of the token; it's divisible to 18 decimals. That means one token could be 1 billion USD, and you could still transact a single USD cent worth of Link.

Lastly; the raw potential for Link is virtually endless. Read up on smart contracts, they're basically peer-to-peer agreement systems.
Eventually mainstream smart contracts could virtually eliminate the need for banks, insurance companies, commercial courts and attorneys, notaries, etc. as people set up loans, insurances, sales, ... through crowdfunded smart contracts.

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prioritization of nodes is based on how much link they have. reliable nodes are rewarded with link and unreliable nodes lose link. the token is like the fuel used to move data into and out of blockchains. the more link you have the more business you can do

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Perfect summary, anon. Now never post it again. I want these brainlets to stay poor.

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Ok i get it. Thank you anon.
Any chance that you can link me to Sergey explaining that or some other source?

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Thank you.
checked. I'm on the fud team now.