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>tfw a vegan looks 99.99% more buff than /fit/ does holy shit

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oops. i meant /fit/ sorry mods.

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and he couldve done it faster not being a vegan

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How are you guys into crypto but not vegan? In all the research veganism is the superior diet and anti-moral dilemma.

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vegans are the real chads

old ignorant meat chads are the new whiny soy boys

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I see you research your nutrition the same way you research your shitcoins.

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Send bob and vegan ?

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>sorry mods
What did he mean by this?

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I had this open and my sister walked by and said this guy looks like worm lmao.

Take the neckpill you fucking low test faggs.

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Shut the fuck up you retarded commie fuckstain. There is no moral dillema. A moral dillema YOU invented does not affect other people.

Kill yourself, oh oops...youre an animal too. You wont.

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he looks 99.99% more schizophrenic than /fit/

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Nigga would have to enlarge his entire skull for it to be proportionate to the rest of his body, there’s no workout for that

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While he is schizo... this is 4chan. Have you been to /fit/? These guys are no better than r9k.

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>there's no workout for that
yeah but steroids bro

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I was tempted to make a 4chan account so I can reply to this because of all the hate you got. I agree with you anon.

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roids aren't vegan

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Fuck vegan.

Eat keto for strong brain and clear mind.

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>In all the research veganism is the superior diet

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Remember when this faggot bought the wolf dog and tried to feed it vegan food and it almost died?

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Don't worry, those don't exist here.

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Veagana here. I bet I can beat the pulp out of you wussies any day, any time.

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Lacto-ovo veagana* tbf

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Your a fuckin clown. We been hunters for 3 million years . Agriculture was discovered 40 thousand years ago. Come talk to me in 2,960,000 years ya faggot

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Buddy I'm a regular carnivore over here but you really shouldn't be confusing insect eating and lizard catching with "hunting".

Pretty sure monkeys can't hunt for shit without tools and weapons, and those were invented just a bit before agriculture (that also requires the use of tools). Definitely not that big a time difference as you present it.

We've also been eating roots and stuff for even longer so I'm entirely unconvinced that what came first or second makes any difference.

The biggest thing about hunting was developing bigger and more complex brains, which led us to where we are now.

We need pretty much everything and in moderation to be considered "well fed" because that's what we evolved into regardless of where we came from.

Vat-grown meat is where it's at, anyway. Guilt free meat FTMFW

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Pick one

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pick none

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Realistically... vegan fags are right but I just enjoy meat too much

Its the superior diet though if you do it right

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What's with the vegan shilling.
Fuck off.

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Where can I buy VeganCoin?

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t. Spinosaurus

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What the fuck

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>anti-moral dilemma

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>vat-grown meat


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I was making fun of him brainlet. Calm your tits.

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explain why, after 10 years lifting, this nigger can barely squat/bench 185lb.

>but his arms
oh so you're saying that a vegan diet can sustain the smallest and easiest to work muscle groups in your body while it fails to sustain compound barbell movements? we're done here

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Plants have consciousness and feelings as well. Look it up.

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muhmuhmuhmuh nature
enjoy cvd, endless TIA's and ball cancer

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i run and lift and high cholesterol/cvd doesn't run in my family. try again, sweetie

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how the fuck do you look schizo?

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I prefer being a humanitarian. You need a connoisseur's taste my friend.

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he's in decent shape, but that angle is making his right side look way bigger than really is

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>tfw 6'7" valedictorian vegan

There is no better feeling than this. By doing something as simple as refusing coffee and when repeatedly asked explaining why the manlet/brainlet carntards go into an absolute fury and lecture for 20 minutes.

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>produce hydrochloric acid
>have canines

He's a nigger though, his body is adapted to fruits and vegetables.

Eating meat is a Eurasian trait. You think europeans dominated the globe on a diet of legumes and grains, get fucked faggot

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eat all the meat you want, but veganism will always be healthier

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Only truth in the thread. Keto is god tier diet. All this debate with meat eaters against vegans, but the real enemy is sugar. I don't give a fuck what diet you follow, just don't push your morals on my diet that we've been eating for millions of years.

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>Mfw 6'2" red-meat / green vegetable paleofag.

You do you brah, but my body requires animal fat / protein to function properly.

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>Wastes an hour+ everyday lifting heavy things over and over like an autistic retard.
>Wastes his life not enjoying delicious tasting meat for a few extra years shitting his depends.

Why am I supposed to envy him again?

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He got caught using steroids, the dude is a sperg filled with water weight. What a waste of nigger genetics in terms of bodybuilding.

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This, keto is the only diet that fucking works assuming you can deal with minimal if any carbs. To be fair its hard to start. Your body craves carbs. Good thing your liver is mainly meant for gluconeogenesis

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vegan confirmed. i get top tier pussy because of my veganism.

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>my body requires animal fat / protein to function properly.

How can someone be this dumb?

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I'm guessing you work out or are at least vaguely healthy. My point is that the people who get triggered and argue are always people with the opposite traits e.g. in my case manlets (only the insecure ones)/brainlets (again only the insecure ones).

Next time you're around a vegan and this happens watch peoples reactions. If it's a skinny short guy no one will care. If it's a ripped mma fighter lots of people will get triggered.

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Get this gay shit off of my /biz/

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Its a pretty cool topic. There are actually specific genes identified that can be used to predict how well one would respond to the diet.

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this thread is cancer btw

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Some people do actually have endocrine systems which, in layman's terms, fuck up massively when large amounts of carbohydrates are introduced into their system: which ultimately can lead to diabetes.

I'm not critiquing your life choices, but you have to understand that people have different biochemical reactions to external stimuli.


I lift 3 times a week, swim 4 hours a week, and run 6-9 miles per week. Nothing special, mind you, but enough. People legitimately need to find a diet that works for their body. The only "law" is "calories in, calroies out". Everything else must be figured out through trial and error.

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>guilt free meat

Just fucking hunt you faggot

>humane quick clean death vs starving todeath/being eaten/exposure to elements
>keeps population healthy as set by hunting quotas
>hormone/steroid free/cage free meat for the price of a bullet

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I do it for "muh animals" but it's got its pros and cons. By far the most notable is my acne disappeared completely but I got skinny before I actively started planning what to eat.

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That's fair man, I'm not going to lie and say I source all of my meat from ethical sources, but I try to hunt / fish as much as I can.

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Although I obviously don't do it myself hunting/fishing is definitely the most ethical way of doing it despite how normies (at least the officecucks in the uk) sperg and say it's cruel

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Eating meat is 100x healthier than veganism. Typical meat eaters should eat more veggies, though. Veganism isnt a sustainable diet for humans, which is why no civilization in history was dumb enough to be vegan. Vegegarian civilizations exist, but are the most malnourished on the planet.