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Today we saw tweets from CEO of Vechain Sunny Lu:


You guys might not get what it means yet. Think through.

something BIG is coming op once again for Vechain

and yesterday from Kevin Feng:

Glad to present in the Trusted IoT Alliance on our new initiative with @DNVGL to facilitate the collaboration and interoperability in the IoT industry to the well-established IoT manufacturers. @Trusted_IoT

and today Anoop Nannra tweeted this out:

Read his own reply on this tweet:
Let’s get a vechain node up and running in the sandbox :)

Vechain and Cisco collobarating is BIG

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who is that fat indian?
Vechain will combine AI IOT and blockchain.
Sunny said it himself, they will revolutionize the whole cryptosphere.

and what is a cisco?

I am not too much informed in the whole IOT space.

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This Sunny Lu guy seems very shady, though.
I've heard a lot of terrible things about him.
Why doesn't the police arrest him already?

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>what is a cisco

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You have seen.

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ah, just googled it.
But how are the fat pajeet, and the 2 chinks connected to cisco?

Is cisco in the iot?
What do they have to do with ven?

I am all in ven, but did not read anything about that yet.

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chubby rakesh is head of blockchain @ cisco

he wants to run a vechain node

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can i get a quick rundown on why there's so much fud about this coin more than any other right now.

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The fat pajeet works for Cisco

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But I only see a comment about a node from Anoop Nannra, or is chubby rakesh just a fat indian?
Is chubby a real indian name?

I feel like I am on the right track

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Ahhhh, I got it.
Thanks for helping a brainlet out.

How big is cisco? World IT leader and 30-40 bn usd revenue per year?
Sounds pretty good.

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It's always the same Walton pajeets like >>6970776 >>6970959.
Objectively VEN's partnerships blow every other coin out of the water.

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There are RUSSIAN VEN SHILL BOTS dispersed across all social media platforms, including - quite clearly - THIS VERY THREAD. Please be aware and do no buy into this SCAM!

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last year rev was 48 billion dollar...

When it comes to boring IT and network shit, Cisco is the leader.

Tonnes of pajeets try to get into Cisco every year.

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Nice arguments, salty walty. Now please explain why it's a scam and why PwC, one of the Big Four AUDITORS, would partner with it.

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Now this sounds interesting.
Normies won't understand it, and it might take time.
But vechain really is in a position to be the market leader in a few years. The connections they are making are just unreal.

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Two types of fud going on right now and it's pretty easy to tell them apart. 1 - people that own a node and recognize that this coin has an incredible year ahead of it and do it for fun. 2 - short-sighted jealous faggots who missed their shot at owning a node and want the price to drop back to levels where their lunch money can buy something. Problem is, these faggots won't buy the dip because they are short sighted and are "banking on req mooning first".

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>the sandbox
What did he mean by this? Why would they want a node in Iraq?

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I have personally made Jim Breyer aware of the bots just like this one I am responding to just now. He will be unloading his bags soon. You've been warned.

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I think that means a simulation of the network?
Could be wrong though.

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sandbox is somekind of virtual enviroment if you was serious. Testing likely.

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Look at how this pajeet is diverting and not answering my question? It's cause I'm right.
Pretty obvious, really. Only a pajeet goes around fudding coins he doesn't own.

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Your comment is so stupid! You live in a fantasy world? Russian bots wtf? That crystal meth you are using is bad bro, really bad bro. FYI:

I live in the Netherlands and made this post. So wtf are you talking about?

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I own VEN and please fuck off with these completely baseless rumours that will drive the price up and crash it again. Literally the only evidence here is that Sunny was at some event with about 300 other people and some guy from Cisco took a picture (where Sunny was in the far right corner barely visible).

No evidence whatsoever, move along.

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>Spends entire thread not knowing who fucking Cisco is
>Suddenly an "expert" who gets what "normies" don't
Yeah nah m8

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What? So everyone that is not a normie knows cisco?
Tell me more about your classifications.

I just said that most peopl lack the ability to think long term, and thus buy shitcoins with short term promises, instead of great projects where they might have to wait a few months to see any real movement.

I am very sorry that I don't know each and every IT company.
I am sure you never had to look any company up that vechain partnered.

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Everyone who knows anything about IT knows Cisco, hell the vast majority of people working with servers use Cisco hardware. So stop pretending you know anything about it.

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you are a moron if you don't know what cisco is. normie or not

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Nobody knows what cisco is without googling it, it's some faggot noname company only nerds care about. Ventards are just trying to hype it up into something it isn't.

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I don't and that is why I asked.
I study pharmacy, not into IT too much.
I just started with crypto a few months ago, and will be able to retire without working a day in my life in 2 years max.
And that without knowing shit about IT, iot, blockchain.
I just do my research, and I seem to be smarter than the average invester.

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CMC just added 2 million more in circulating supply, it was around 455,000,000 a few days ago.

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You're a fucking momo. Cisco is fucking massive. Are you 15?

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you're riding a bubble there, brainlet. its easy-- everybody is doing it

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Only guys that look like your pic know cisco.

At least the first half of your post is spot in

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/biz/ is actually dead

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Still doing better than you

You probably post
>tfw no gf
posts on r9k and /fit/

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It's a tiny shitty company. Prove me wrong. I know you'd never heard of it until today.

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You don't even understand it you dumb dumb man

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Hey man, let him have his fun and feel superior for once.
He needs it.

Yeah man, cisco is such a huge company, everyone knows it.
I just got me a few cisco shirts ;))

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What good is a pharmacy "degree" in the third world

You're either from Chile or Mexico, I can tell because you think you're smart but you should really just be a gardener

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ouch, that one hurt


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>mfw happy with my life
>mfw wonderful gf
>mfw doing great in crypto

hows your ego doing? rejecting the fact that cisco is massive and that you're too ignorant to understand that you're ignorant?

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he said on twitter that it wasn't him

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If you never used a Cisco Switch before, you basically admit you don't know anything about IT or Crypto

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Nice bate faggot that's not even a real thing.

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I can cook meth for your mom.

Pretty good actually.
>almost made it money wise
>loving gf of 4 years
>chad despite not trying to be one

being a half introverted chad is a strange kind of feel, especially when you are 235lbs with abs and 19 inch arms.

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circulating supply keeps getting more, what's going on?

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breyer is multiplying and then dumping his shares.
That was his plan from the beginning.
GET OUT !!!!!!!

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nice larp Mexican

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People FUD VEN because they haven'y demo'd their technology in any significant way, and their dev team is way too small for what they claim VeChain can do. Overpromising and underdelivering so far.

Show me some a significant tech demo, and not a video of Sunny scanning some VEN schwag bag at one of their hypefests. The tech simply isn't there.

Rebranding is easy, spreading news is easy, building world changing tech IS NOT EASY. Buy/sell the VEN hypewave, but get out for longterm because the tech won't materialize.

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You're just as dumb as this Mexican that doesn't know what Cisco is

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Then prove me wrong.

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I'll trust the partnerships with billion dollar companies and the Chinese government over a poor anon's theories

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Whatever floats your boat ranjeet.

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Partnerships fail all the time, that's just the nature of business. And they don't have a relationship with the CCP, that's just rumor and speculation. VEN is pure speculation at this point. If they demo legit technology, then I'll hold VEN for the longterm. Otherwise buy/sell the hypewave.

>> No.6992969

already priced in

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>Partnerships fail all the time, that's just the nature of business. And they don't have a relationship with the CCP, that's just rumor and speculation. VEN is pure speculation at this point. If they demo legit technology, then I'll hold VEN for the longterm.

My God. Kid. Please. Shut the f up and stop pretending that you know shit about the subject. Pay your first bill then you come here to talk about business.

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the mainnet is out in june. If you're so scared to buy the hypewave, you can wait for the mainnet. Bags won't be cheap though by that time. We're buying here google/facebook pre MVP stage. Go buy some overprice shit like ethereum or bitcoin then, they have a working technology and stay away from VEN if you're such a faggot. I don't really care if you make it or stay poor

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Will I make it with 44k ven?

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VEN fags confirmed new TRONTARDS just look at VEN threads filled with normies and reddit

>> No.6993247

>who is PwC

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Good. 1000% moon mission confirmed

>> No.6993261

>I'll trust the partnerships with billion dollar
>billion dollar

Only DNV GL makes more money than McDonald’s... 150 years old company.
Jim Breyer invested on Facebook back when it had only 7 poor employees...
Don’t lose your time with Indians promoting their holy grail named walton and treating it like a competition by spreading the most absurd FUD ever, you’re on the right way.

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Bags will be cheap in June because mainnet will get pushed back. And I've been buying/selling the hypewave since December, I'm positioned well. But keep on following the masses, they always know what's best.

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pretty much ... was appalled when i looked up what their product is supposed to be ... crazy how this turd shines like a white light amid the sea of shit

will keep an eye on it but doubt their shit ever materializes into a successful working technology

why? cheating is chinks heartblood if things don't go as intended they just microwave that sushi and its good for another 3 hours ...

wyh2? RFID has never been tried before "but muh revolutionary blockchain" - for this idea? nigga youz trippin

^ as a overly simple example

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not know cisco the fuck,

btw wHaTs a CoMpUTer?

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>Bags will be cheap in June because mainnet will get pushed back
how the fuck do you know that ? are you some kind of a seer or something ? They've got lots of partnerships under NDA, circulating chinese rumours about exchange platform on governmental level built on vechain, PBoC and other shit. Good luck buying cheap bags before the mainnet release

>> No.6993466

Imagine being that retarded.
It was a private tech and it started 2 years ago. Of course, you’re a tech genius, business God, tell me more about how should a create a sack of air technology and then sell it to numerous multibillionaire companies. Teach me memeguy, please, teach me.

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VEN catched my interest after the DNV GL conference, and I want to buy a node (hoping for 3 usd VEN during a BTC crash), but holy shit, wtf is wrong with VEN threads, the amount of retarded fud is off the charts. Some people bring good points, but 99% of the comments are just nigger tier retardness.

>> No.6993630

Walties gonna salty

>> No.6993664

sorry man, if 3$ is your only chance of getting a node, you don't have a chance.

Shit won't drop below 5$ again.

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<citation needed>

>> No.6993742

Probably because BTC is surging.

>> No.6993781

A man can dream. Also, I have been buying dips since two days ago, 1500 tokens already. A big BTC crash would be godsend.

>> No.6994493

Is there a way to "share" your VEN with other holders to make a node like a mining pool.

>> No.6994857

Sunny said he doesn't see why not, but the wallets aren't available yet so no one knows for sure

>> No.6994865

According to Sunny it would be possible for people to make software for it, if they want to.

>> No.6994896

i hold both WTC and VEN

WTC has tech
VEN has marketing & partnerships

i have no idea which one will win and it was too stressful only betting on one

>> No.6995001

I see WTC peaking a 2-3b market cap, which is great considering that is a 2-3x

But VEN has 20-50b potential, imo

both are great plays obviously

>> No.6995059

I would not rule out the fact that WTC is lightyears ahead of anyone else in terms of hardware tech. And that is not something that can simply be forked or copied like software

They also have patents. Patents on hardware.
>China doesn't care about patents
The 1st world does.

I expect both will go up, there is easily market share for both.

If i had to guess, VEN will be used on high end products, and WTC will be used more on massive supply chains. There is money in both

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Their going to merge in the future

>> No.6995182

Sure, but you have to factor in Chinese gov't corruption. If VEN really is in bed with the state bank and tobacco, then every other Chinese coin will take a hit just because that means they are on the outside, regardless of how good their tech is

>> No.6995285

IoT is the future of Crypto

And WTC is the Fuhrer of IoT.
A strong competent leader with strong compentent Team and Tech.
All hail Dr. Mo Bing

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$1000 in 5 years cucks.

>> No.6995699

just stop Sunny

heart can't take all this crazy news

how are you not all in anons

>> No.6995838

coz ven ready to take over crypto

other people don't like that

>> No.6996021

Cisco is shit

VEN is a scam

let me fukkin accumulate Sunny I gotta sell my shitcoins STOP WITH NEWS

>> No.6996163

Why isn't WTC in IOT Alliance

>> No.6996538

TFW holding the 8.5 $ bags

The bags are getting heavy and arm weaker.

>> No.6996579

Sell them

>> No.6996625

if you get weak enough sell it right now and use your remaining strength to hold the shotgun up to your mouth :)

>> No.6996636

There are 10,000s of people waiting for you to part with those VEN tokens. They'll tell you anything to take them from you.

Sell them if you want. I'm all in VEN. Here are my previous hodls:
>ZRX day 1 of ICO release
>ANS (now NEO) at $3
>REQ at ICO (got weak hands though and sold too soon after 1-2 months of hodling).

Do what you will nigger, if I had more money I'd fud you out of them and buy them off you but seeing as I'm out of USD I may as well try help you out.

>> No.6996750


My wife is telling me not to sell and just forget about it and check every few months about it if i need but I am too addicted I have to check every few hours.

>> No.6996794

>but I am too addicted and have to check every few hours

I am exactly the same. You need to spend that time exercising your FOMO muscle for your hodls. Every time I check and get despondent I do some more research.

>> No.6996856

I mean I watch it during the day but that's just to see if it absolutely obliterates (it can happen in this market) but that's not likely. Just for fun really and I day trade $2,000 of my free fiat.. this is one you really shouldn't worry about be patient and don't let your emotions turn you into a nigger

>> No.6996948

Its just all this indians on the board telling you to buy shitcoins and sell all your good coins that gets me sometimes.

>> No.6997030

I've been in KNC, ICX, REQ icos too and now also jibrel, couldn't make it to WAN's whitelist though. How do you find good ICOs or coins in general ? Any good resources for that ? since 4chan is mostly pajeet pnd shilling nowadays

>> No.6997035

yea man like the recent FUDs about Ven and all of the WTC shills getting support. I haven't bought into it because i've been here long enough to know that everyone has the attention span of a goldfish with down's

>> No.6997055

bruh the indians get me down to dont worry.

They're possibly the most disgusting people on earth, fucking pajeets shitting up this board with their discord groups spamming SELL SELL SELL BUY BUY BUY for shitcoins like bazingacoin


You have to understand for VEN theres 3 types of FUD:

1) Ironic FUD done by ven holders because it's obvious ven is as sure a thing you will get in the crypto world so if anyone falls for it theyre retarded.

2) People that own ven but dont understand how high it can possibly go (these are the worst because they dont deserve to hold ven since theyre pessimistic cunts)

3) Discord PnD groups, shill groups, literal indian pajeets - These are the ones that will run a hardcore FUD campaign against ven because they understand that ven is setting the gold standard for crypto. Soon people wont pour money into shitcoins, they will only put money in projects with functional tech, real partnerships, real use cases i.e ven. When this happens the pajeets lose their method of income because the shitcoin market will collapse. This is why they FUD so hardcore.

>> No.6997077

sucks Cisco powers the internet

I don't know what the internets are

>> No.6997173

Buddy, the people that poke holes in VEN are not pajeets. There are serious red flags with VEN that all us old /biz/ fags can see. There's no ploy to get you to buy shitcoins or to sell VEN right now. It will probably pump on the way to Feb rebrand. But hold long term at your own risk.

>> No.6997204

this is a prime example of advanced FUD

>> No.6997272

master gold-ranked FUD analyst spotted

>> No.6997295

red flags lol

Vechain has no flaws

it's the first real world playa

I am blown away and getting a second mortgage to buy VEN, maxed out credit cards for VEN, this is the easiest bet in existence don't be a dumb cunt.

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They were in the first Transformers movies. If you don’t like Cisco you don’t like the troops or America.

>> No.6997421

you sir are a fukkin genius and I hope you are not gay I lobe the gays but we need you on team heterosexual so you can be spreading your genius DNA to save humanity from itself someday

>> No.6997433

Vechain would collab with Huawei before cisco.

>> No.6997452

Cant we just ban indian IP from posting on /biz/

It would make this board 100 times more fun and better.