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>just missed the deadline for the submission of my master thesis
>already had to extend a semester, due to my project taking so fucking long
>can't extend another
>submit what I have anyways, important parts still missing (in the fucking report you faggots - my software project, on the other hand, is fucking awesome)
>my final words: game over, hu?
>toss a beer (have barely slept in days, didn't even trade fucking shit coins for funs and giggles)
>mfw you've got mail
I've got mail? Meee?
>I can see that you have made good progress, so please go ahead and finish it as soon as possible.

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>mfw deadline was already extended by a full day

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the fuck you blogpost on /biz/. fucking kill yourself

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Stop fucking up and do it

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fuck you and your master thesis
fuck off or pull the trigger

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I tossed myself a beer. fuck you, faggot

yeah, maybe tomorrow...

tomorrow. maybe.

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listen you stupid nigger
you fuck this up and you'll hate yourself forever for being so fucking lazy

hurry up

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Do the fucking project you dumb cunt what are you still doing here

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I didnt even finish high school lol and have 4 figures in crypto, khv also and wizard soon

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>for being so fucking lazy
fuck you, you have no idea how much time I already put into this.

>already had a great part of my thesis written
>mostly describing architecture, design, and implementation
>meeting with prof
>prof doesn't care about implementation and computers
>that's idiot stuff for the retards at the polytec
>we're doing science here!
>mfw banzingad
>had to bullshit up new thesis with anything but computers

>what are you still doing here
I'm drinking a fucking beer you dumbfuck. fuck yyourself.

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>mfw that meeting was last week, and not a year ago or something

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I know that feel anon, I had to do my PhD thesis, and so wrote my thesis and didnt miss the deadline. It’s just like your story but a little different I guess.

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what coin is this? whatever, just bought 100k

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How tf did you not know your advisor/thesis committee would have that reaction until the last second? Even if you're so socially inept you've avoided talking to them don't you have to check in with them every now and then about the thesis?

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>don't you have to check in with them every now and then about the thesis?
not really, somehow they kindly supported my authism. Not really sure if I should be happy about this or not.

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whats your thesis?
I had a dissertation on 'the evolution of human cooperation' submitted last week and it was fucking awful because my mind was raped from the crypto crash

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I'm in the same boat literally have not wrote a word of my thesis since May since I've been too busy trading shitcoins

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I've put a workflow management system (or parts thereof since shit is distributed) for DIA (document image analysis) plebs together.

I've picked up trading shitcoins just this november. You think I shouldn't have?

yeah, yeah, OUT OUT OUT

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OP, while you're enjoying your beer, you should listen to this man's testimony when he was homeless

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my beer is empty. I'm going to bed now. so sleeepy. goo dbai. buy some linkies. very gud...ccco...zzzz

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Hey there newfriend. Here's an idea for you; how about instead of writing a diary entry on the business section of a Japanese cartoon imageboard, you actually do your work?

This benefits everybody. You don't have to be a pathetic failure your whole life, and we don't have to listen to you bitch about it. Win/win.

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i was writing 2k words/ day for my master's thesis and i got awarded some shitty award for best dissertation and my report is used as an example for newfags to mire

top 10 university doing STEM get on my level faggots

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What was it on?

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machine learning

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this thread reminded me of this


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Friend studied Physics. Over 50% drop out rate and 2 suicides in class. He's a builder now.

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Feeling uninterested in school is a sign of higher intelligence capacity. Do what you must, then never look back or go any lessons

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there's only one other thing on a resume besides "masters" that screams unemployable even more, "phd"

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thats because you need hallucinogens when doing physics stuff

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>university of reading
i had one suicide too
AI phds get paid better than you imagine

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That is common knowledge