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These fuckers on reddit are pushing this hard, there's a new tweet every 5 minutes. How long before the economy actually starts to change with the development of this shit?

more importantly:
>what will Trump do?

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>I would appreciate the upvotes

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Right. I want to pay a $20 processing to buy a $9 pack of batteries. Did I say $20? I mean $120 after Amazon starts accepting.

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>he's still using Blockstream Core

Why does /pol/ love their Jewish overlords so much?

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jesus christ nocoiners are delirious, albeit I'm not entirely in love with what that OP was saying, this is just a wrong statement. LTC charges like 4 cents lol

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Whether you like it or not but money has to be stable. Even if dollar has devalued like 20 times in past 100 years, it's still good enough. Money is not supposed to be store of value, because money in itself is not actual wealth. Not only cryptos are basically a roller coaster, but the value of it always going up and so fast is not good. Because people will just hoard it instead of spending it. People literally regretted buying pizza with Bitcoin, when the price went up x10-20 times. And they just stopped buying stuff with it, thinking they'll lose out on huge profits.
I think the whole market has to go through big correction, all those shitcoins need to sink and only the best and practical coins to survive and stabilize in price. Then you can talk about it being actual money.

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>buy something with crypto
>buy more crypto

This volatility won't continue forever. The liquidity pool of crypto is still very small.

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Bullshit it will stabilize. There are dozens of crypto at present and when one gets too big or a new one with new or easier storage etc comes along, the present stock of coins goes through turbulence.

You want crypto? Good luck without having federal controls and cia fuckery(no longer being anonymous). All it will take is a single fortune 100 to get burned and it comes tumbling down.

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Crypto is the future.

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>over 1488 cryptocurrencies
How many of these will ever be used as a currency 2 years from now?

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It'll go the same way as the Dotcom boom.

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LTC updated their system so now it's $0.02 per transaction in about 8 minutes for confirmation. To put that into perspective, he kikes at VISA charge merchants up to 3% per transaction. Thus, any purchase above 1 dollar is more cheaply and efficiently done with LTC than with kike cards.

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Nows a good time to pump LINK for the curious normies.

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Stfu about that faggot. Wait until after the superconfrence you selfish cuck.

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motherfuckers are so lazy. like just sell your imaginary fucking coin and use the real money to buy goods and services. Why does the whole world have to cater to your bizarre hipster trend?

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(((((BitTheFuckOff))))) Coin

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LTC can handle what, ~60 transactions per second? While Visa can handle up to 24,000? What happens to fees should LTC transactions even get to half of Visa?

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>yfw /biz/ does more to remove Jewish central bankers than /pol/

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I'm convinced that paywithcrypto is an attempt to bring down btc

Big retailers like amazon and ebay won't accept it anytime soon due to all the problems with it. When the dumb herd realizes that...

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>sitting on about 105kUSD in crypto that I paid 7k fiat for in 2016
>dont give a fuck if it gets adoption

fucking Reddit.

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It's still being developed nigger. Wait until lightening and atomic swaps will be implemented.

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why do you guys sound like your in a cult or something.

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50,000/tps EOY

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Mass adoption of crypto will seriously destroy world Financial Jewry. /pol/ should push this harder than anything.

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>wait until lightning
So entirely centralized networks running under corporate control is what crypto is all about?
>atomic swaps
still on-chain, faggot.

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because...I will tell you a secret. The reason is we keep our hardware wallets deep in our asses. because we all suffer from crippling paranoia.

We keep them so far in our rectums we cannot retrieve them ourselves; we have to ask a trusted fellow coiner to reach in and get it for us. This, naturally over time builds intimacy. So, we have kind of a strong in-group mentality.

Now you know.

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This requires research and most people on pol just repost the dank memes.

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Enjoy you 10GB blocks.

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yeah...but the second reddit touches it I want it to fail. Reddit is that much cancer.

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I will?

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/pol/ would rather idolize Hitler without actually learning anything from what he did. /pol/ loves the Jew and their central banking scheme.

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It is a cult. On the bright side, people are finally beginning to accept that fact that btc is useless for daily use.

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pathetic as fuck

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Financial Jewry only occurs because the masses are absolutely retarded when it comes to finances and monetary policy. Faggots can barely count change back and you expect them to understand and trust blockchain technology?

That and there is already evidence that a few big players are manipulating the crypto markets. It's a Catch-22. Crypto will be unstable until it is adopted by a major entity, but no major entity will adopt it because it's unstable. And like fuck any nation state will adopt it as currency.

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blockchain was the first step of crypto, DAG is the next.

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It's barely even 60tps you moron

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>what is EOY

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DAGs all have some "trusted" validator system. It's not crypto at all.

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So your okay with the blockchain taking up petabytes of disk space? Who exactly do you think has the resources to run that sort of node?

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Miners, next question.

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Internet is a fad
I know, I was there when it started
Just carry on

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Yes, large scale miners leading to even more centralization. Not to mention the latency issues of transporting GB blocks around the world for confirmations.

And you think the price of GPUs is inflated, wait until miners need hundreds of HDDs to run a node.

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are you on a 56kbps modem?
black and white monitor?
using DOS?
or are you just very present?

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>in university
>guy buys at $1000, asks sister to invest her savings in bitcoin.
>he said he "made" money, tell him he didn't until he cashes out.
>sells some at 17,000
>says he regrets it, buys at 15,000
>it is going to get to $100,000; this site called reddit said so.
I hope it drips further.

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>my right to pay our private transaction with the currency I invented
What the fuck...

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>what is Moore's Law

We can do Visa tier tps at less than 500MB. With current technology it would only cost $2000-5000 a year. A drop in the bucket for mining operations. You people forget that mining is a business and it requires investment and innovation. PoW is a system hellbent on competition. We're also no where near Visa demand levels.

Also GPUs don't mine Bitcoin, that's other coins. Bitcoin uses specialized mining equipment already. That said both spaces need more competition.

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Idiots that fell for shilling. Nice work.

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>lol stupid nocoiners btfo

>l-l-let us use our meme money for real

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Shit reminds me of an Upright Citizens Brigade skit where they tried to make Alan Greenspan change the currency to oak leaves.

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>nocoiners are delirious
>L-l-l-let us use our meme money for real you guys

You god dupee hard. You bought currency nobody accepts. You got jewed. Cry more, faggot.

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You can already spend crypto for gift cards, buy gold with, or just outright cash out to your local currency with Coinbase or other services. This just cuts out middlemen.

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The volatility will continue until a lot of goddamn guns stand behind crypto.

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How many are used now?

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spotted the nocoiner

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Post your gold then, faggot.

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>friends reaching up your ass

Nigga why you think they put a lanyard in the box with your nano s?

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Just one there are others:


People against crypto haven't researched it. They don't know how transactions are validated, they don't know why PoW works, trustless, permissionless, peer to peer networks.

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crypto =no taxes so if it costs 9 with crypto is like 7.5

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China is prepping for war with burgers!!!!

Spread the news the SHILLS love keifeng Jews

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Nigger, we know how it works. You just can't redem the meme coins into real money.

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The prices are still too volatile. They wouldn't risk losing money, so they would want a way to sell them quickly for regular currency. If they were able to instantly trade them off for money, their trade volume would push the price down.

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Just like how you can't redeem it in gold either, right? You're ignorance is showing.

Here you can get "real" money.

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No you are sitting in nothing until you sell.

Then you have to pay taxes.

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Only real money has value. Those cryptos can drop to nothing in a day.

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Coinbase is the middle man though. You get paid in cash, buy crypto, than revert back to cash when you want to buy something.

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>what is hyperinflation
>why did Hitler exist

Explain how I built my computer and bought a 4chan pass then. Also if that's your excuse then holding metals is pointless as well.

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I do the ASIC mining a bit, core transactions are 14-18 hours, payouts take 12 hours, LTC takes about 12-20 minutes for transfers, i'm assuming LTC ASIC payout is within a minute

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Trumps good at following trends, he'll find out how to use it to his benefit or he'll hire someone who can.

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Why would there be an extra fee? Cryptos processes much quicker, and without nearly as much hassle as credit cards, nor do they require a fee for a simple transaction like credit cards do.

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>crypto neets experience bear market
>immediately resort to jewish tactics
We can't let them take the jewish crown from /pol/. We have to bury them and cement our position as KING JEWS, so we can finally defeat the peasant JEWS.

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>Explain how I built my computer and bought a 4chan pass then. Also if that's your excuse then holding metals is pointless as well.

Cause you used a middle man, Coinbase, to convert your coins into money, you fucking moron.

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Not gonna happen and for good reason. Crypto is nothing more than a purely speculative asset. It has no value outside being a means of gambling and creating a ponzi scheme where people get left holding bags.

It fosters criminality, it fosters resource waste on a massive scale. It fosters the black market where it's only primary use exist. It fosters scalpers. It's so volatile that it represents far too much risk to ever be used as a conduit for currency seriously. Take away the volatility and you take away the whole reason it's abused as a speculative asset. In a decade no real use the blockchain has come to light that cannot be done better by existing technology. If there was some technological feat it would have seen mass adoption years ago. It's only purpose is to fleece money from the inevitable losers.

I have watched the crypto community for years and within it are depraved, envious, delirious individuals who would sell their own families if it meant gaining profit or briefly satiating their unlimited desire to replace the holes in their existence with material things.

All you /biz/ faggots keep your fucking cancer in your board. Saged and reported.

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>visa shareholder

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We need to FUD this into oblivion. Blockchain is not ready to be implemented on production, it's basically on QA right now, if they try to adopt it it's gonna die like early VR.