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wow it's literally nothing.

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massively overhyped by ppl who don't understand futures

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how would this affect btc whatsoever
are the contracts even using actual BTC? or is it just jew iou's

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>tfw kikes speculate on real money with Yellenbucks
>retards on /biz/ think Yellenbucks are more important than real money

I shouldn't be surprised. /pol/ worships Hitler (the guy who took down the banks), but hates crypto. Every time you try to redpill /pol/, they call you a kike and cling to their "stable" fiat.

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this is why i left /pol/. and after i read 'ride the tiger' by evola, i realised there's no point spending time on internet forums whining about leftist when western collapse is inevitable.

Lots of people on /pol/, myself included at one time, may be 'red pilled' so to speak, but they are using their time on the forum to distract themselves from the harshness of life and avoid confronting the reality. the reality is the west is doomed unless a movement that utilizes violence revolts. it is the only way, historically and now more than ever violence is the only way forward. If such a movement arises i will be happy to join but until then im living my days making mint coin and living the dream with friends and family. all else is error.