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Who else has crypto as their only hope?

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this neet

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4 people in the world. Congrats you are one of them. The other 3 are panicking selling.

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I feel like its all of biz though

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It´s either this or a lifetime of miserable slave labour. And I´m not convinced I could even survive in an office environment without getting fired eventually.

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I just started a trade and I'm gonna have to do 4 years of this until I get full pay.

It's either I make $200k from crypto this year or I commit suicide

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living without having a large amount of money to my name just seems so boring
i dont even want lambos or big houses or something
just want to be able to buy small things on a whim
and if it crashes what am i going to do all day
nothing to check nothing to shitpost about

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I work a decent job and with it I can still buy a townhouse in about 5 years time, but thinking of sitting in this fucking office chair for 5 years is gruesome.

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literally my only hope in life. Why would I ever sell that

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pretty much everyone on /biz

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>or a lifetime of miserable slave labour

Yeah, because having to work is so horrible.

Fucking losers, I can't wait until cryptos and the stock market bubble ends so we can go back to a world with real conservative values

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like working for fat jews so they can make big $$$ while you filpping burgers for 1 dolla

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i hope you all are into 6 figures at least, because you guys are dangerously late to the game

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im in mid 6 figures, aiming for $1m stretch goal $4m within 3 years

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unless i learn some shit and move up in my company or job hop as i pick up more things i won't be making much as a wageslave.

crypto is my only hope of getting out of the poor life.

but i feel like i'm super late. so many coins i dont know what ones to pick

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No surprising that for losers like you the only possible future you are capable of imagining is either buying lambos or flipping burguers

This shit will end some day because capitalism is about producing not speculating, and I hope you all lose as much money as possible so you have to work hard to make the society better.

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more like three figures unfortunately

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You'll be 2m eoy

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>dangerously late to the game

Nah, depends on the person.. still lots to be made

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>the society
Break´s over pajeet, back to the tech support customer service desk!

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In. NQ lawyer working 9-5 making $60k a year. Want out.

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How diversified is your portfolio?

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i work tech support. I'm a contractor lucky to pull in $30,000 a year as i was just hired on

i saw my coworker who has been there for like 5 years and got hired on many years ago. he was looking at his W2 for last year and made $63,000

mfw we do the same shit and he makes double what i do.

i got $350,000 in crypto though since I got lucky. hopefully this crypto shit continues pumping so i can quit this shit job that pays people so unfairly

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if you want to work at it full time, sure. over 150 new coins released in january, market already at 0.5 trillion, and everyone has the exact same idea as you.

you either get incredibly lucky, put in hundreds of hours and get slightly lucky, or end up making only low 3 figure multiples.

all this ignoring that TA doesn't work, and trading "skills" learnt in bull markets like the one weve been in for nearly 3 years don't transfer to the upcoming bear markets, or worse the chop in between.

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reporting in
about $250k right now
Either I make millions are I'm poor again, worth it

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Lol thanks for holding my bags faggots. I am already of this sinking ship to make money trading options and stocks

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you fucking know it
wageslaving and being a good goy for your pozzed roastie wife is not the life for me

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I will hold until the day I cash out into a nice home, 90's convertible car, and assurance that I will never have to wagecuck again.

Failing this, shotgun to the brain.

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Teach me your ways Anon

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If you're this desperate
Get in on a good TA discord and religiously follow the signals

you might actually be green

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my coworker keeps telling me to switch to that kind of shit and out of crypto. i believe some coins will pump a ton in crypto once the bigger money comes to the quality coins.

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just picked up 780 ven there’s no lookin back

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Come on Anon, did you really think that the meme currency was a good investment?

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Get off /biz fag

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Out of pure despair bought some cheap dreams

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Read dynamic hedging by nassim taleb. This shit is too complex for your typical buy and hodl crypto brainlets

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I have around the same and it's not that much. You're not going to make it.

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Sure you do pal, show proof you faggot

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VEN OMG AMB nothing else

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joke on you i can always kill myself

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I don’t mind working. It’s sitting here on my ass with nothing to do and being shit talked behind my back and ostracized by the other asshole employees.

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>so we can go back to a world with real conservative values

says the guy posting on an anime cartoon image board.

this is the kind of person that you find out is a predator. like a highschool coach who spends just a little too much time in the locker room.

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Absolutely. This is THE opportunity and there's no going back after being exposed to that realization.

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>make the society better

Fuck off Rajeesh, GIVE US FLAGS

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its not my only hope at all, but it would be life changing if it things sort themselves out.

Like, if the market does like a 2.5x from where we are, I will pay for my house, and not having a mortgage would be life changing.

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thats because you are stupid

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I work as a cnc programmer/ operator and use my paycheck to inject my portfolio. I love the job but I would prefer owning the company, rather than working in it

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i literally don't care if i go homeless

fuck it all to hell

see you on the other side, brothers

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Me, and january hit me hard. I need to get a job to pay rent next month.

Guess it's back to third world wageslave for me.

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Short term yes, the aim for me is to hit £20k cash out ~£10k so I don't get taxed a penny and travel the world again checking coin market cap/blockfolio a couple times a day if I have internet. And then it's just a case of making it with the remaining 10k or joining the military if the crypto dream ends.

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Me too. I applied to like 5 Wal-Marts and a McDonalds last night.

I gave my wife $3k so she wouldn't be charged on her new account and she went and fucking splurged on it. I'm gonna be fucked if things don't go well with crypto this year.

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i have 500K coming to me this year outside of crypto. and yet i only have about 5K fiat to survive off of until that happens, with another 4K in crypto. i owe someone 10K by february 15th. absolute faggotry.

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well this is bait if i've ever seen some.

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My man, I'm a lawyer, I make $500 a month. When I said third world wageslave I wasn't exaggerating.

Also, your wife is shit, I hope you got mad as fuck.

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Me, 26, neet and a paid off house

€450k in crypto
€50k in bank to live on for the next 7-8 years

If crypto hasn’t made me filthy rich by then i’ll use my last savings to buy rope

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It takes a lot to make me mad. I just won't ever trust her with money like that again.

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When did you get in? What are you holding? Do you buy ICOs?

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post her pic

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Been holding btc, eth and ltc from the beginning of 2016

Still hold all the forks aswell

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i'm a lawfag too but get paid in contingency fees. there has to be some sort of bullshit remote legal job we can do to make 20-30 bucks an hour anon

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She's getting lawsuit money and tax returns soon, so it's really not as bad as it sounds. I still have money to pay rent, but I would rather not sell and lose out on a potentially large profit.

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Meh I’ll be a bit unhappy if I don’t make it in crypto but by no means will it be the end of my world, currently only have put about 9% of my savings in crypto and am down about 200 dollars. I doubt it will keep me from wagecucking but if I could turn 2500 into 25,000 this year I would be extremely happy.

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alright but how much did you start with and when?

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Multiple. Sources. Of. Income.

If crypto collapsed tomorrow, what are you going to do? Build some skills that would bring you money, and don't be a piece of shit only trading crypto in his mother's basement. Now is the time to make money WHILE you grow. Don't waste the opportunity.

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I live in a 3rd world country with avg wage of $300/month.
I make about $500-1k per day of trading. $3-5k on a good day.
Why the fuck would i wageslave 9/5 for $300, if i make three-four monthly wages in a single fucking day?
There is no way back after being exposed to crypto gains.
I still study in case the bubble pops, or something, but that is just my emergency plan.

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being a NEET is the only enjoyable thing to do.

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Oh god, I wish, my country doesn't have that. If I'm lucky I will get into an office that gives me a cut of the cases I work in.

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>I'm not an early adopter
>17k on my account at ath, 8k right now
>I make the same promise as Pablo Escobar: if I do not have 1 million to 30 years old, I will kill myself
>I'll be 30 yo in 4 months...
>My handgun is ready for his last duty : no miracle for the next 4 months...

Tic tac tic tac

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>you kill yourself and BTC soars to 100 USD


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right here buddy this is it for me, if I don't make it its over, completely over, i am betting on Bit Coin taking me to them Moon in 4-5 years

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what country?

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this right here hits close to home fuck, buy more Bit Coin!! 4-5 years bros well make it to the moon

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Crypto was my only hope and I became a multimillionaire. Once bitcoin goes up a bit (around 14-16k again) I'll cash out and live a life of leisure.

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In 10 years, when I'll be 40yo, at the 2/3 of my life ?
God please...

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Right here. But even with a ton of money, I might be stuck fucking hookers for the rest of my life.

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damn anon that's rough. yeah in burgerland there are online legal jobs you can do remotely if you meet the qualifications. i need to find one asap

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yea i controlled my drinking and, once i hit that big jack pot I will need to control my whoring..

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man same here... if this crypto wont take off anymore... might as well off myself.

>hate my job to death
>hate working in general
>no family
>no friends
>no gf

just... fuck.

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i agree that anon is in a tuff place in the world murder rate is beyond

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yep, if my crytpo stack allows me i will retire next to a costco and popeyes. if not maybe i can retire in some 3rd world country that wont go into some shit war

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upwork or someshit for remote freelancing. also ur english is very good for br

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Really? Thats quite cool, wish we had that. We have way too many lawyers here, the requirements are way easier than in burgerland.

You're gonna make it anon, it just takes a while.

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Thanks bro, I'm updating my resume and checking out some work offers. I'll be fine, just sad that I'll have less time for crypto, it's the only thing I've ever done that was profitable and enjoyable at the same time.

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same her biz bros in Burgerland shit is cash, if your not making it in Burgerland then your just a lazy cunt, a lot of waus to make cash, Brazil bro good luck , try to see if you can grow your Cyrpto porfolio best of luck, i heard mining is getting bigger in countries like yours

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I am in that boat

I will legit kill myself if crypto dies

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More like real low IQ slave values, you faggot. Lol doing the same shit for 100,000 hours of your life and then acting entitled and superior because you "worked hard". That's how real losers think.

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>he enjoys wasting his life

What a fucking idiot you are.

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daum dude sucks, was just joking I wond do myself but Hold dude invest smartly and you will get out of that hole, are you in Burger Land??

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I live in LA how about you? depends also where you live it may affect you

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Stop talking to yourself, retard.

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I need over 500k dollars to retire in my europoorfag country. Fuck wageslaving.

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No, not from the states. I live in Malta and Finland.

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holy fuck lol sorry bros im at my salary office job, texting sluts as well and browsing porn

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yup Crypto is the only way, just focus on it, do mining if you can afford it and learn it, the party is just getting started those who are in now and make good decisions and hold, will rip the rewards

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thanks and good luck man. We're all gonna make it

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It's not my only hope, but it is my only hope if I don't want to wageslave all my life.

Plan A (before I got into crypto): I was saving as much as I could and putting it into pensions and index tracking funds, and the idea was when I am in my late 40s or early 50s I would retire with a safe withdrawal rate.

Plan C (after I got into crypto): buy a lot of shitcoins and then when they moon and I am in lamboland.

Time for plan A: 20-30 years
Time for plan B: 1-3 years

I am not completely surprised that plan C is looking like it might have been nothing more than a way to lose a lot of money in the last 12 months, but at least I can resume plan A.

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Way behind the game because I daytraded myself into oblivion over the past 7 months. I'm not planning on getting set for life though just a bit of money to throw into other ventures.
Working for other people is miserable though, my alternative plan if this doesn't pan out is self applied 5.56 in the woods.

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not late at all, just the beginning bro, if you pick a good coin that blows up, you can get in full Bit Coin, that is all that is needed to make it

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>Working for other people is miserable though
amen. amen brother.

i dont want to get lamborich off crypto either. i just want to make enough for me to 1) invest in my own business 2) have money just to exist for 2 years while working on my business

and that number is 50k for me. that's good enough.

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same here, im a simple person I don't fancy super cars or anything flashy, just want enough to get great meals hang out and bang hot chicks

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I make $50,000 but almost all my money goes to my struggling parents I need something I need a miracle please crypto you're my only hope.

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>capitalism is about producing
>traders don't provide liquidity

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All I want is to travel to Japan/the rest of the world every now and then and invest in real estate. If I really make it I'll get a cheap Mazda MX5. Lambos are a terrible meme

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you deserve cancer

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I don't, but its a massive part of me getting to retire early. I've got a ROTH and 401k, but fuck waiting till your 60s for that.

Started in Jan, got 15k invested ATM, ATH was 25k. Want to make it to 1mil in the next two years. I hope I can.

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>he thinks crypto will last 3 years

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I need this too.

I have bad ADHD (inattentive), and no qualifications. The job market is bad, and the past 2 years I've been made redundant twice, and worked a temp contract.


Don't kill yourself anon, if if you are feeling frustrated with life.

There are things you enjoy in life right?

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does she only have that one pair of stockings?

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I'm just like you, inattentive add useless neet. I have around 100k in crypto. This is literally our only hope.

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Same here with ADHD...
First semester in college and failing hard...

Lets hope we see another bullrun this year

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Me. I’m only in it so I can save my mother’s home from repossession.

>> No.6962042

i know that feel bro

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who /nohope/ here?

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I'm p sure capitalism IS the problem

we comin for u nigga

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same here my brother we will make it or we will die. DIE

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>because having to work is so horrible.
It is to anyone with a brain. You wouldn't understand.