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All these fucking bagholders hahahaha

Should've bought ETH. It's not too late.

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>muh literally who partnerships
>muh dying moneygram

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The jews did this

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banks will never adopt someone elses currency

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banks dont want to get dumped on

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the ginger said the only business who adpoted it are mexicans

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>Banks don't want it
>100 banks already have it.

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I bought 5k XRP at 1$ USD and I will not break, fuck you pajeets.

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name some of them and how many transactions they're doing with it

i'll wait

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if you wanna learn even more about why xrp is shit:

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>ripple has lost all it's value this month but I won't sell

t. bag holder

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>just one mexican business man

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>literally put 15% of my total stack into ripple 30 minutes ago

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after all we had to say about it you still bought it? and you did it after december too? what a cuck.

switch it to cardano virgin

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kek was planning on "buying the dip" and selling as everythings red right now, meh havent held bags in a while, should be fun.

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if you dont own cardano you are doing crypto wrong. just listen to charlie speak at that conference for nexus. Sergey is dope as fuck too and no one is pulling the wool over his eyes in this game

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I just want memecoins to die already so I can buy a gaming pc

why do people even care about this dumb fake money

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what a day

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kill yourself faggot.


go back to plebbit where cucks like you hang out

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At least they kept the nose

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Of course the banks aren't using it now, it will be a decade before they consider touching it if they ever do. But of they do it will be huge.

Having said that name any other crypto that any company is using today. There are 4 real money transfer comapnies using actual XRP today. There is not a single other coin that can make a similar claim.

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It's a scam. The few banks doing business with Ripple are interested in their software, not the shitcoin. They're not fucking retarded.

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Worst fake news thread I've seen in 2 years. I hope you kys.

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idk I already 10x'd off of it, guess I'll wait and 10x off of it again while you all chase pajeet pump and dumps

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Learn when to sell highs and buy lows

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Just gonna say again, this space is 100% speculation right now. Not a single coin deserves any amount of fiat currency to be exchaged for it as it stands now.

The point is that eventually they may be used for something. Given moneygram and others using XRP, name me one other coin that has any steps closer to justifying any value and i will buy it.

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More like

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This is fucking brilliant, one of the best meme ever.

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can someone explain to me why a financial institution would want to use a token, that fluctuates in value and is publicly tradeable, to transfer customer's money?

blockchains you can sell me on. that makes sense. but a token like ripple? i just don't see it.

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pretty much also why wouldn't they spitball their own shitcoins ... but "muh sell me the precious blockchain tech" oh wait you can totally copy paste that shit from somewhere 4 free

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xrp and the public network is just advertising for ripple's true product, private chains for international settlement.

xrp was only created after bitcoin became a big thing to take advantage of the hype, but no bank is going to adopt a network that anyone else can use and manipulate/spam/pump&dump, etc. and that's even ignoring all the laws against publicly disclosing information for privacy or legal obligations.

the public network is just a sideshow and ripple just a great way for ripple to get a shitload of money by dumping their billions of xrp onto the market.

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right, banks that support any cryptos will do so only when effectively forced to due to public sector usage only. if there's enough customer demand for bitcoin, or ethereum, then they will add products so they can insert themselves as a middleman and make money.

any token that wants to be a X for banks will never be adopted by banks because they can effectively hold these companies hostage, as they're the ones will all the power, while these blockchain companies have a bunch of open source code and no users.

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Because it saves them a lot of money

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Wouldn't a private token also save them money, and avoid the price fluctuation problem?

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>can someone explain to me why a financial institution would want to use a token, that fluctuates in value and is publicly tradeable, to transfer customer's money?
They sort of do want it, but not the way Ripple does it.
The real Ripple will be LINK. Because the token doesn't really participate in the money exchange and is only a way to pay the nodes for transactions.

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yes, probably more. you're more likely to see a consortium of several world banks running their own private network to replace something like swift than see them all agree to use some public network and have to pay fees and deal with all the random public transactions on the network, downtime, spam/ddos attacks, you name it.

the only reason moneygram is even experimenting with xrp is because banks don't want to work with them.

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lmao why does that guy they're interviewing look so scared?

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/bizpol/ was RIGHT

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again, they wont be using a marginal public network like link, maybe they'll adopt some of the tech, but they have no reason to waste money and run into any of the numerous security and reliability issues that come with a public network.

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He keeps stuttering and shifting his eyes back and forth. Is he on drugs or something???

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Anyone with half a brain already knew this.

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>they wont be using a marginal public network like link

>It's being literally developed together with SWIFT
>they are working with JP Morgan on integration with Quorum
>It's built around PSD2 and ISO20022 standards
>Intel ISX TPM hardware only
>Smartcontract.com being referenced by Bilderberg big shots before LINK was even a thing

LINK is literally made by the banks and for the banks, idiot.

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How many banks? The Universal Settlement Token banks? Why would another consortium not make their own token, why wouldn't every bank want to make their own.
Alternatively why would they want to do that. Banks are not tech companies, if you have ever worked at a bank their in house tech is generally shit. If anythig they would farm it out to a third party, but Ripple is already there with thr best product on the market for that use case.

And to be clear, the world where XRP is used looks much different from today. Stability of prices would have been established, internal clearing and exchamge functions would be at the bank interface level instead of going through external exchanges.

Even so, the XRP transaction completes in 3 seconds. Even with current volatility the odds of a csubstantial change in price in that time are miniscule.

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Centralized systems can process transactions instantaneously.

XRP isn't even useful from a technology stand point.

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Yeah, I already knew about this. Banks are not using it nor do they plan to use it. Ive mentioned this several times on this board but no one listens.

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Math is hard.

For this dumbfuck anyways.

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It frees up source liquidity and banks that dont want to pay fees to the major international transfer hub banks could hold XRP reserves for transfers at a fraction of the price of what the system has now. 66% price reduction assuming low volatility XRP markets, 45% even with volatility. Granted these include 33% reduction from the ripple rails alone without XRP but if regulation gets to the point it needs to be amd the market matures why would banks/any company with international payment needs take an additional 10-30% savings.

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I'm all-in on XLM but if anyone falls for such retarded fud and panic sells for a loss, then you deserve to lose money. XRP is not going anywhere, whether bitcucks like it or not.

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Anyone still holding xrp right now is a norman bagholder that got FOMOd in by CNBC. Anyone smart dumped this shit above 2.50 USD and made minimum 10x+ on their initial investment.

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XRP was never needed for any of the core functionalities of Ripple anyway.

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lol, you really bought into this late adopter mindset.

all that tech is great, but who says it's going to be used on the public network? one copy and paste away from being a private network, or even just one with different fee/token dynamics, controlled by the companies (banks) that provide all the value, instead of a few developers and their hoards of bagholders.

the sooner you realize that public blockchains will only be adopted by existing financial institutions when they're literally forced to, the better.

the tech is right there, being offered by ripple today, their main and most important offering are their private networks. you didn't know this? xrp was merely launched to ride the bitcoin hype. ripple was and is first and foremost a company developing a private settlement/ledger product.

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The bankers want to control the money transfer not accept your money from a 3rd party to give to another bank.

Haha RIpple,Stellar, Bit bean whatever are so dead.

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>one copy and paste away from being a private network
Right, because building 100,000 nodes and maintaining them makes more sense then paying virtual tokens they got for free.

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No the banks dont want to use a system so volatile that causing the price to fluctuate.

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I understand this. I also understand XRP has the potential to save institutions a lot of money

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Nigga banks make money on those fees you are taking away a source of revenue using Cripple just lol the "bank" currency meme needs to die. Banks don't need this shit, but people need this shit to escape the banks. You fucks are trying to break back into prison. Just lol.

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Centralized networks defeat the whole purpose, tard.

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Wow I'm really scared

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Even jew know xrp is shit

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fat fuck looks like a heavily invested crypto soyboy and just learned some shit is about to go down

you niggers are fucking retarded

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xrp is similar to bcc follower , just wait for to dump as hard

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>buys jew coin
>complains about jews
Did it to yourself, you knew better.

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My nigga, I think your umderstanding of the banking is rudimentary and based on perception rather than knowledge. But do you.

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So glad I bought in at 50 cents and sold at $3.

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that's how they make money anon...

Do you think they want to give up on that?
>Hey here I got a product for you
>A product that makes you less money
Yeah I don't see the jews buying that with the first

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they dont want their money but they will use their service

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Its was known since ripple was 19 cents that banks wouldnt use it. The shills didnt want anyone to know however

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XLM is already in use for international transactions throughout Asia

5 Things You Need To Know About Stellar Lumens According To IBM
IBM’s Michael Dowling, Group CTO and Chief Architect for Blockchain Financial Services, referred to in his Reddit post a month ago about their partnership with Stellar.

IBM and Stellar have a common purpose to fix a genuine problem and they are determined to stick together to make this happen
>The IBM/Stellar Universal Payment Solution represents a shift in the way traditional – and now non-traditional – financial institutions can send value around the world with as little fraction as legally possible….The folks at Stellar, like us, want to see the world move past the 40 + year old fragmented system that we all suffer in today, but move towards a system that is more fair and equitable for all. This partnership is not just long term – it’s tight. Stellar joined the Hyperledger Foundation in addition to partnering on this project. There are many upcoming projects coming up this year about to be announced.

Stellar Lumens (XLM / STR) is already active and being used in very practical ways. Volume will only increase as more partnerships are announced. Results will be seen very soon – Q1 2018.

>XLM, while relatively small today, is growing fast. More and more people are using Lumens and trading them actively. We have a strong desire (and requirement) to open the market for fiat to XLM at the institutional level. We have 1 major market maker right now, and 14 major institutions involved in direct or indirect capacity on the network. Starting in Q1 2018, you should see more of those institutions redirecting payment traffic on the network.
This major market maker is rumored to be Bank of America based on one of their websites mentioning XLM in the code before the page was promptly taken down.

It is steps ahead of Bitcoin as it is already compliant with regulations

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Here's the investment logic:

Do you think the worlds banks will ever use a crypto for payments?

If your answer is "no", fuck Ripple.

If your answer is "yes", buy Ripple.

There's no other coin with the ecosystem and partnerships to play the role other than Ripple. Look at their volume and technology users... they're the only choice when banks move into crypto. The lead they have is staggering. It's going to take time, but any opportunity with $20 trillion does.

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XLM, it's already in use and it's backed by one of the largest tech giants in the world

>A very unique capability with Stellar is the ability to issue an asset directly on the network, and specify how that asset is managed on the network and what nodes validate and confirm transactions. That means we can work with other parties – such as traditional fiat currency issuers (stay tuned) …Together with the technology developed at IBM, the ability to clear transactions with very fast settlement using Lumens was a no-brainer and a perfect match. Together, traditional and non-traditional financial institutions can settle using a cryptocurrency with those transactions directly tied to counter-terrorism financing, AML and KYC processes required by regulators around the world. Basically, it’s the missing piece those institutions need to move forward transacting with cryptocurrencies.

XLM allows for any financial instrument to be transferred as a type of ‘money’ to anyone in the world, for free, instantly, and in any currency. This is not just automation, it is revolutionary.

>XLM is one of the assets on Stellar. It’s also used to ‘pay’ for transactions on the network. So XLM has 1) value and 2) utility. There will be other assets. So, for example, let’s say that a fictional island nation called Stellarisle has a central bank, and that central bank wants to issue currency assets on Stellar. In that case, Stellar is used, and XLM is used to power those transactions for those assets, even though XLM isn’t directly used as the settlement mechanism. It doesn’t matter if XLM is the settlement mechanism. Rather what really matters is 1) the safest settlement mechanism is used for two transacting parties, and 2) XLM is still used even as a utility.

Which makes sense considering the guy that went on to do XLM is also the guy who did Ripple.

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> BloomBERG
Good goy

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that's how 5 or 6 major banks make money and by charging everyone else fees. The major banks would lose fees but the market is larger than them.

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Thats why the future looks so bright in the crypto world. We won't need the banks when everything falls into place.

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Could a Rippler once and for all explain WTF IS XRP SUPPOSED TO BE USEFUL FOR?

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The jews at Ripple are trying to out-jew the jew bankers

>> No.6959682

Large banks are just using their own blockchain solutions. Only absolute retards think JP Morgan can't fund their own R&D.

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>crypto exists
>using 3rd parties to send money

This is why XRPtards are tards.

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Look, bottom line. This article isn't saying anything we didn't already know. Banks aren't going to touch crypto today. Or tomorrow. Or 5 years from now. If we get to 5-7 years and things haven't changed, then XRP is fucked. But as of today they are making good progress - it is unbelievable any company, let alone a major name like moneygram is touching any crypto. And the crypto they are touching is XRP.

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/bizpol/ is always right.

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>10 to 15 transactions

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>Wanting to have to deal with kikes

Go buy some XRP and neck yourself, you don't belong here. The entire point of crypto is to undercut regulations and the power of the banks.

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No they aren't, they're only Jewing gullible retards who give them money for made up tokens literally for free.

>> No.6959997

>people expect banks the big jew dogs to accept a crypto.

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>tfw /pol/ is still split on crypto
>tfw Uncle Adolf's biggest accomplishment was dismantling kike banksters and their fiat money
>tfw half of /pol/ literally can't get enough central banker dick in their mouths while praising Hitler at the same time

I really don't fucking get it man. /biz/ is doing far more to dismantle the ZOG than /pol/ these days.

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Bank are not gonna use crpyto.

the people or bank are gonna complain.
>buy crypto for 20 bucks
>that crypto is now 5 bucks
get fucked
>it is not 30bucks
banks don't give you the 10 bucks fuck you

We literally need stability before they enter crypto markets

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Large banks are talking a lot of shit about their own blockchain solutions, or at least the couple I've contracted for over the last couple of years are. Internal bureaucracy and the sheer shitshow of regulatory requirements make it a nightmare to even start, and that's even before we talk about inter-bank exchanges and walled gardens.

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The banks ain't going nowhere, fella. Do you seriously think they're going to let us goy stop producing like the good cattle we are? No chance.

>> No.6960358

looks into R3 corda, they're suing ripple right now, at the same time they have a ton of banks and hedgefunds that use their tech.

It will make half the top 100 coins obsolete

>> No.6960376

>a little two bitcoin

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>literally every example in history shows it collapsing entirely

I don't give a shit if banks want crypto. The reason we're here is to eliminate their authoritarian communistic control over the economy.

>> No.6960586

> posts one speculative FUD article

>> No.6960614

Hitler was a project run by bankers.
You got played, anon.

>> No.6960763

listen to how nervous this guy is. you know he has two guns to his head from two different jews

>> No.6960807

True, but JP Morgan dropped out and I think they share partners with Ripple (Santander for one). Ripple seems more flexible (doesn't R3 require sharing a ledger?). Ah, we'll see.

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My thoughts exactly.
Messy hair, shifty eyes, keeps wriggling in this chair, saying "umm, ahhh..."
Not to mention the incorrect information he spreading...

Who do you think bribed or blackmailed this guy, and why?

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I love how XRP must constantly prove to people that it has a reason for merely existing, even though the technology is great, it's fast, cheap, scalable, etc.

If Ripple Inc. didn't exist and there was no plan to get banks involved, XRP would still be useful as a cryptocurrency.

Contrast this with BTC, which is slow, expensive, extremely wasteful, poorly-designed, and will continue to fork as charlatans try to milk it for cash.

Yet, no one demands that BTC constantly justify its existence. They even go so far as to call it DIGITAL GOLD!

>> No.6961145

while trying to jew the banks into partnering with them.

>> No.6961206

He's spot on though. Anyone who's investing in XRP and expect to get rich because BANKS use it is stupid. It doesn't benefit _YOU_ or _ANYONE ELSE_ at all. The value won't magically rise because of fucking banks. I hope the faggots who think crypto is just "get-rich-game" gets out of the market, and stop filling it with pajeet scams.

>> No.6961212

>XRP would still be useful as a cryptocurrency
It would need to be a cryptocurrency first.

They give partners XRP, banks would never need to buy in.

>> No.6961256

It's the cryptographically secure native token on a blockchain ledger running on a distributed system of nodes implementing a solution to the byzantine generals problem.

> muh "not a crypto"
You've not read the whitepaper or source code, have you anon? Admit it.

>> No.6961276

Germany was setup to lose yes. From WW1 to WW2 the plan was to create a world run by the international bankers that serve in the interest of Israel. And does that mean we should just join them?

Not at all.

Do you recall the occupy protests? The bank bailouts? The inflation? These are not good people. Their system is setup to serve elites as the joes suffer under their tyranny toiling away to work for their world. So go ahead and sell out your fellow man to join their ranks and support bankers coins even though they dont want this one.

BTW the bankers have a system and its hash graph. Private no public access at all, only banking and business.

>> No.6961311

I'm not going to argue with retards about this anymore who don't understand what makes crypto, its exhausting. Just keep buying XRP, idc.

>> No.6961391

You're not going to argue because you have no argument.
You aren't capable of refuting anything I've said, so you've resorted to insults and excuses.

>> No.6961426

"The cows must rise up and stampede the farmers!"

Good luck with that.

>> No.6961462

Here's a tip. Your precious blockchain was devised some 20 years ago by the same people you are supposedly fighting. You're a literal Guinea pig

>> No.6961481

You must be new here. XRP has been argued to death and its tiring to deal with copy pasta spammers every time. Like I said, keep buying it.

>> No.6961498

You actually thought banks we're going to use this? I knew this board was dumb but this is ridiculous

>> No.6961522

Still no argument. Another insult and excuse.
You aren't fooling anyone, including yourself.

>> No.6961539

The cattle will build their own monetary system using the power of block chain as a medium which totally free from centralized control schemes.

>> No.6961562

And their governments will smash the fuck out of them.

>> No.6961560


I literally don't care, go buy more XRP.

>> No.6961607

> Mooooooooooo

>> No.6961623

Kys newfag

>> No.6961627

Another excuse. What's it like knowing you couldn't mount an argument even if you tried?

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the best part was how much BTC i gained margin trading this piece of shit coin. Sure i took my lumps once and a while but was an overall positive experience.

RIP Ripple.

>> No.6961661

What? I'm encouraging you to buy more.

>> No.6961674


get an MBA.
no business exec thinks like that
5-7 years is 2 lifetimes away.

>> No.6961684

What? I'm calling out your inability to argue.

>> No.6961704

lol I told you I'm not going to make any arguments, you dumb faggot. I want you to buy more XRP though.

>> No.6961717

Governments are the people only powerful if the masses subscribe to them. Once crypto goes mainstream and internet becomes wifi decentralized as well you are going to see a totally different world. At least in the west where private business is still free to invent on their own.

I cant believe how stupid Europeans, Russians, Chinese think that their top down governments are benevolent.

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Also, who here bought at 2.80 holy fuck those are heavy lmao

>> No.6961810

I know you aren't, because you can't.
All you've got are insults.

>> No.6961853

stop being a zealot.

gimme pros vs cons of centralization vs. decentralization
which would normalfags prefer?

>> No.6961854

The news is only fake when its convenient.

>> No.6961856

Yeah that's why haha

>> No.6961858

Well, I hope you're right but history isn't with you. The ((people in power)) tend to keep it, through one system or another.

> I cant believe how stupid Europeans, Russians, Chinese think that their top down governments are benevolent.
As a Eurofag, 100% agree, and at least over here it means no change anytime soon.

>> No.6961908

At least you can admit it.

>> No.6962090

According to gods chosen ones normies love to work. They love to toil away in the garden while the overseer takes a share for hosting the community pot luck. However a decentralized system free of interest rates, frauds, thefts, repos, loans is the god system as usury is sin.
Yeah the form of government changes but the masters remain. An exception to this rule was the german tribes which probably was why they were chosen to chimp out at the NWO and used a scapegoat to show how good our system is and evil they were.

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The most basic understand of cryptocurrency nullifies XRP as a candidate. Even Wikipedia shits on XRP. XRP fails to meet the definition even within the first sentence of this article, let alone the rest of the paragraph/article.


>inb4 he used google
>inb4 wikipedia
>inb4 any other laundry list of excuses you can come up with to attack the source

Just keep using it man, seriously.

>> No.6962191

>However a decentralized system FULL of frauds and thefts is the god system as usury is sin.


>> No.6962199

>after years it collapses

stop being retarded it like you never had to deal with currency exchange that fluctuates daily to monthly, to buy basic goods. most faggot right now are complaining about a bear market when they didn't even put money they use daily. crypto will not be used daily to supersede banks if there is no consensus for some stability.

>> No.6962291

> Look, other people have the same opinion I do!

Still no advance of an argument.
Learn to write one out.

It's easy. We know your claim already.

Simply post a few sentences walking us through your logic and reasoning.

>> No.6962305

Stability in fiat is done via monetary policy and all it has ever done is kick the can down the road and make the problem worse. Its not like fiat is just naturally stable. Eventually government and banker failure cause collapse and the currency finds real value in the market.

I can only lead you to water, I can't make you drink.

>> No.6962333


> Lacking actual real world use cases
> Banks are not using the Ripple token: XRP

Shit is overvalued. I hope it bleeds dry too. Fuck RIP!

>> No.6962381

I bought at 20cents. Idc. That guy looks nervous as fuck too like hes trying to FUD.

>> No.6962404

Bought at 20 cents... it's at 1.20 and this is the lowest it's been... what's the problem? I guess if you newbs just started trading last week that would hurt. Oh wait, that's right, most of you did start last week.

>> No.6962433

Only because people are valuing the bank notes over the crypto technology. Once people choose cryptos it will be stable as centralized currency will be worthless.

>> No.6962438

If you have ripple hold till end of feb

>> No.6962490

You have tried to lead me to a desert and tell me it's water.

We all know what an argument looks like, and you haven't presented one so far.

Go ahead. Type out the few sentences that would explain your position and the logic behind it. Give us the bullet points.

Are you really so cowardly that you cannot do this on an anonymous forum?

>> No.6962554

Its not my job to sway you. How many times have I told you that I want you to buy more XRP?

>> No.6962581
File: 28 KB, 597x772, Funny-Laughing-Meme-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes and we shall install the authoritarian communistic control of 4chan soon...

>> No.6962589

again stop being a zealot. gimme pros n cons

cons of crypto:
>lose wallet (no customer support)
>non reversible transaction (no chargeback)
>no hacker protection (eth vs etc)

>> No.6962733

Yep, also another con is that the majority of these p2p coins are purely deflationary which leads to hoarding over consumption. We're actually pretty far off from crypto overcoming fiat yet people are already screaming bubble before any clear winners have even emerged.

>> No.6962779

>We're actually pretty far off from crypto overcoming fiat yet people are already screaming bubble before any clear winners have even emerged.

that's why it's a bubble.
valuation > adoption.

>> No.6962790

>cons of crypto:
>>lose wallet (no customer support)
>>non reversible transaction (no chargeback)
These are pros, not cons. It teaches people not be retards. Also banks can be hacked or go bakrupt the same.

>> No.6962828

>lose wallet (no customer support)
Coinbase exists for people who can't manage their assets
>non reversible transaction (no chargeback)
This is a good thing.
>no hacker protection (eth vs etc)
Coinbase exist for people who can't manage their assets

>> No.6962829

Again. Tell me ONE other coin with ANY company using it in real business.

>> No.6962838

>These are pros, not cons. It teaches people not be retards.

rule number 1 of spergs.
when there is a problem, blame the user.
don't fix the system.
Crypto will never become mainstream with this type of thinking.

>> No.6962847

if only it were that simple.

as long as we still have wet floor signs, crypto will have challenges for wide adoption ahead.

>> No.6962871

>but coinbase can be a centralized entity to negate the issues with crypto

so why the fuck not just stick with traditional banking at this point?

>> No.6962874
File: 25 KB, 240x251, 1514518403741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get every normie, boomer, nocoiner to FOMO into XRP (a bank coin that can be printed at any time) and gets them to trade valuable BTC/ETH for it. Now, the banks had their fill of blue chips and don't want to touch XRP anymore. Like fucking pottery. Get fucked you XRP bagholders, that's what happens when you bet against the fundamentals of crypto.

>> No.6962889

Yeah good idea 3rd parties for retards who want to pay fees.

>> No.6962918

you are the very same person who says not to bet against the banks. Shut your fucking mouth.

>> No.6962934

Coinbase is opt-in. I can still transact globally, trustless, permissionless.

>> No.6962938

Because people who actually care about their assets, want to store them themself?
>inb4 buy gold, store cash under your mat
Crypto is the most reliable, crimeproof storage, with fastest transactions to anywhere in the world.

>> No.6962976

Lol cash.

hiding cash won't do anything if the fiat value tanks.. Cheers trump, sincerely

-everyone buying into crypto

>> No.6963041




>> No.6963110

Yeah good luck transferring physical commodities around the globe without it being stolen. Or even i remember the government stealing gold in the USA, such a crime. Look how high gold is now, 1,300 dollars? damn.

>> No.6963118

It's not within your capability to even devise an argument potentially able to sway me.

You are unable to even make an attempt!

>> No.6963250
File: 77 KB, 508x504, 1515967177666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How heavy are your XRP bags? Never forget, there is no fundamental difference between XRP and Runescape money. Why would they would go to the trouble of printing more XRP when they could just print more fiat by changing the numbers in their system or making/adopting a real cryptocurrency? Get fucked XRP bagholder.

>> No.6963340

Do you two understand what > and inb4 means?
I made point that crypto is better.

>> No.6963422

I didnt know i had to explain my thoughts to you. What im getting at gold is a ponzi for the rich and the value of it is for them not you. Same with money in the bank as inflation pays for bank bailout.

>> No.6963450

FUD. People actually use runescape money.

>> No.6963494

I taught you how to use google today, clearly that's more than anyone else has done for you in your life. Please keep buying XRP.

>> No.6963532

> I posted a LMGTFY link, professor.
> It's an argument. No really!
> What do you mean I get an F?
> This is a hatecrime!

>> No.6963623
File: 317 KB, 923x438, hodl dem ripples.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy more XRP famalam

>> No.6963657

> Maybe if I keep repeating it, no one will notice that I cannot make an argument.

>> No.6963679

kek. how heavy are your XRP bags?

>> No.6963757

Why would I try to convince retards not to lose their money?

>> No.6963800

Why would you try to overcome your own retardation in learning to argue?

>> No.6963913

>he still thinks I need to prove my case

Free market sorts out all.

>> No.6963940

Yet another shitcoin that won't go anywhere

>> No.6964007

>probably comes up with a "great" counterargument to common XRP criticism
>too autistic to just share it and instead keeps badgering someone to start the argument

Look, trying to win arguments on mongolian basket weaving forum won't mean shit when you are not making any significant gains on XRP in the coming months

>> No.6964038

> I don't need to prove things when I have insults!

>> No.6964137

No, I literally just don't need to prove anything.

>> No.6964170

You don't need to, and you cannot do so.

>> No.6964182

lol just buy more XRP, dude. That's all I ask.

>> No.6964210

I bought years ago, and made a large profit.
If it dips, I'll do so again.

Enjoy not being able to argue.

>> No.6964246

Awesome, that's all I was ever telling you to do.

>> No.6964329

Everyone knew this. Banks were never using the token, just the private technology. That's why we laugh at cripplefags.

>> No.6964409

And what I was telling you to do, you cannot do.
Sorry for overestimating your capability.
It's cruel to ask a retard to use an intellect that doesn't exist.

>> No.6964490

I know you think that I am attacking you
but I am gonna say it anyways
You are being a zealot.
free market isn't a religion.
sometimes it works. sometimes not
you need a logic for how free market will work or not.

if you want other people to take you seriously then you need to justify your logic.

>> No.6964493

gib sauce

>> No.6964511

bigh low and sell huy

>> No.6964558

>meh haven't held bags in a while, should be fun.

you are
a) female
b) Autist 9000
c) Do not like money

>> No.6964597
File: 230 KB, 924x774, Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 3.22.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6964626

Pretty sure only retards give into anonymous demands on a Taiwanese scrapbook enthusiasts emporium.

I've argued against XRP retards heavily over the past few months and I'm just not interested in doing it anymore. If they can't even research what makes a cryptocurrency a cryptocurrency on their own at this point, its pretty fucking futile. At this point its much more entertaining to watch the dunning kruger effect ruin these people on its own.

>> No.6964660

this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life

>> No.6964687

That's what a retard would think.

>> No.6964694

That pepe at the end. Kek

>> No.6964698
File: 34 KB, 817x443, 1516406448542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6964887

Back to the insults. I like the fact that you'll never be able to argue.

>> No.6964933
File: 111 KB, 625x773, 1512968145258.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's still trying

>> No.6964988

> he's still responding

>> No.6965004

My bloomberg correspondent telling me he is on something big. Chainlink.

>> No.6965024
File: 53 KB, 403x448, 1510297871565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6965047

Lmao you don't know about stellar?

>> No.6965084

I like your self-portraits. Post more.

>> No.6965114
File: 6 KB, 245x206, 1515903711051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I know you are but what am I

>> No.6965168

Good boy. Keep going.

>> No.6965578

You too.

>> No.6965628

We've found your level.
Asking you to argue was like asking a dog to balance a checkbook.
You're more comfortable fetching newspapers.

Go get it, boy!

>> No.6965684

Bought ripple and cardano around the $.25 cent mark. Jokingly bought xrp and it got me $200 in gainzzzz. LOL @ teenagge new fags who would xrp bags thinking it will moon. Baby’s first glance at coinmarkeycap and they saw low ripple and bought. Hope all ripple holders on this site get fucked up.

>> No.6965714
File: 643 KB, 1022x731, 1465634882101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>repeatably told throughout the thread not interested in arguing
>still provide some material anyway in good faith
>encourage him to keep on keeping on at any rate and buy more of his coin

>> No.6965731

>not RPL
Why did they do this? It just bothers me

>> No.6965763

Good boy. Go get it!

>> No.6965783


>> No.6965861

Such a good dog. Fetch!

>> No.6965955


>> No.6965972

Ive heard the argument that XRP is dead since it was less than 1 cent, yet it continues for all the reasons you say it will fail.

I will leave on this, Ripple and XRP isnt for baby dicks on 4 chan. Its for serious players like Michael Arrington. And it isn't going anywhere.

>> No.6965987

I have rendered him mute.
The dog shall no longer bark.
So well-behaved.

>> No.6965997


>> No.6966010
File: 58 KB, 600x775, xrp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you can't afford a ripple wallet no more

>> No.6966022

I like this. By your own rules, you must read my words, but cannot write your own.
I never broke someone in quite this way.

>> No.6966066


>> No.6966077

Post no words if you agree to being a dog.

>> No.6966097


>> No.6966099

you're his bitch now

>> No.6966124

Post no words if you agree with my original argument.

>> No.6966127

>It's the Office episode, where Dwight Schrute gets into cryptocurrency and the FUD pressures him so much to go on television and spread the FUD like a dissease.

Just look at the guy, he's worried about something else, than about the coins he's talking about.

>> No.6966179


*Breathes in *



I thought a moon was coming, i was about to buy in and help you jewfags


>> No.6966206


I think banks would rather just make their own crypto

>> No.6966228

Ripple is not responsible for video card prices.

>> No.6966239

Nah I'm just blindly replying.

>> No.6966275

t-that's alpha anon

>> No.6966612

Ok guys you heard it here first:
XRP to 20k, screencap. Hop in while you can.
If this low doesn't reach the last low this is a strong reversal indicator. yours, gekko

>> No.6966769


>> No.6966809

>yfw you realize that they did

>> No.6966847

when crypto regulations come in which coin do you think will moon?

thats right. XRP.

>> No.6966858


>> No.6966872

I'll argue on this guys behalf. In order to save banks/fis money transacting with XRP it would need to have at least as much or more liquidity than USD/anything else. XRP has less liquidity than BTC/ETH. What provides liquidity in a basal sense? The current value of any crypto is based on speculation which is providing the current liquidity, but that is driven by speculation not use (The speculation in XRP is due to marketed use case that doesn't exist)

Good enough for you?

>> No.6966956

What do you think a reasonable value for ripple will be in 1 year and 5 years?

XRP is better for transferring value than BTC/ETH. BTC was intended to be a payment system, ETH isn't even really intended to transfer value.

>> No.6966977

You’ve clearly had a pathetic life then

>> No.6966990

Ever feel like you dodged a bullet on a coin?

>friends constantly shilling this shit
>crypto news starts talking up this coin
>it moons to heights
>about to buy in at ATH but stop myself as I see the market tanking
>keep seeing XRP tank hard
>now shit talked instead of shilled
>friends never got out at the top and believed the hodl meme

Let’s hear other stories of shitcoin scams you narrowly avoided

>> No.6967159


>> No.6967260

The crux of my argument doesn't rely on ETH/BTC being slow. You don't need to compare them.

>> No.6967379

I got in at 19 cents and this still feels heavy as fuck...the problem is what would I even sell for at this point in this shitty bear market? doesn't make any sense if it's just going to get to 3 dollars eventually again

>> No.6967457

Delete this you cunt! This is fake. This was never broadcast

>> No.6967534

r u serious??? IM 70% IN FUCKING RIPPLE

>> No.6967682

Hardly a surprise. If banks want a crypto they'll make their own. And that goes for every shitcoin like XRP or FUN.

>> No.6967716

Banks already take digital money

>> No.6967736

This shit is starting to piss me off.
I'm down about $4500 of a $7200 investment.

Seriously Ripple is the only crypto making deals with big companies, yet other piece of shit cryptos like LINK, LEND, etc have maintained much more of their value.


>> No.6967795

Stop buying into green candles dummy. FOMO never works.

>> No.6967865
File: 26 KB, 736x417, 2018-01-26 23_40_33-Ripple (XRP) $1.20 (-9.32%) _ CoinMarketCap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone knew the token was only there for testing purposes, we tried to warn you.

>> No.6967909


reddit post

>> No.6967911

My average price is like $2.32.

>> No.6967984
File: 642 KB, 830x738, 1516968048564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6968023

Fuck off. I got 5 kids to put through college.

>> No.6968128
File: 28 KB, 786x613, 9348509438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6968168

you must not know about tomorrow:))))

discord uzCsHzT

>> No.6968194
File: 734 KB, 874x564, oyvey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

with jew you win!

>> No.6968262


Figured I'd find this stuttering moron here. All these hit piece NEVER name their sources.

But let us assume it's true: 7 of the "top global banks don't want XRP". Well no shit.

Ripple has said over and over and over that XRP is targeting the inefficient payment corridors of the international remittance market. All the little banks that send money in those corridors? They have to go through the BIG BANKS to do it. Of course the BIG BANKS don't want to lose that cash cow. XRP was never meant for them.

Is there any fucking media left that actually conducts any research at all?

>> No.6968837

>3rd largest coin
>Only company using it is some Mexican shit tier company
>Only used it 15 times for transactions from 500-1000 USD

Kek, you can tell we're in a fucking bubble.

>> No.6968855
File: 401 KB, 600x696, 0483DAD4-82ED-496D-B7F5-4438F01631CB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stinkiest crypto?