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How are you holding out, Linkies?

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doin alright. not checking the link price until july.
how you are doin?

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just bought some today, best time to buy

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These dips literally happen daily so I just buy these and sell higher. Usually gain like 5% each time. So pretty alright.

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Hoping for my ICX to outperform LINK so I can double down next month.

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bretty gud

still too poor to buy my remaining 8k goal. But hopefully it hits 0.20c by next week.

I stinky linky can dream....

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I fucking wish, I bought 20k in november and I always wanted to have 30k, if it goes down to .20 I will accumulate so hard

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Fun fag here.

Here is a back ground for posting comfy-chan

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Saved into my comfy folder, thanks.

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thanks anon

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Good thanks. LINK is such a comfy hold.

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pic related is a Linkie

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Pretty good. I wanna buy more but I'm in other alts right now. Might just have to put in more fiat.

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I want to fucking kill myself

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Isn't Sergey supposed to attend a conference soon or something? I bought some link but sold at a loss once I saw the chainlink subreddit. Will buy back in if someone shills me on some sweet Sergey tidbits, aside from the big macs that fall in between his fat rolls.

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same here, sold at mainnet launch bought the dip after now waiting for summit and then off it goes to my link stack.

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Wish I sold mainnet too. Never thought this market is retarded enough to have it drop back to the FUD price.

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Speaking at the bitcoin Super Bowl. Will probably mutter “chainlink” with a subtle, focused Russian tinge, only once. Price singularity will occur.

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>Daily reminder that /biz/ is full of reddit lurkers that will take your precious shitcoin for their own
How does it feel that you are making Reddit millions, /biz/?

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I think this is the reason most link threads stopped happening actually. But yeah, this will be my last post on link.

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Pledditors are literally to stupid to understand ChainLink. Who do you think is constantly posting the unironic FUD? Literally go to any crypto rebbit, you won't find a single LINK thread.
You sure do sound awfully like red*it though.

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Reddit thinks it's a 4chan scam, they're allergic to Link.

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Those are good news.

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We did well. I love you fellow Linkies.

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Who fucking cares. Everyone knows the best way to get shitton of money in this shithole of a "market" is manipulation. Join this pump group and get in on the profits too.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

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So long as we maintain full autist meme status most of the redditors will steer clear.

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why don’t we send some linkies to disrupt the conference? have them start screaming about link until he says something

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Yup. By the time Reddit starts loving Chainlink, chances are the window for insane gains will be closed.

What are you trying to say here? That Sergey is working on something other than Chainlink?

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How does it feel to buy into one of the biggest memes on /biz/?

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>What are you trying to say here? That Sergey is working on something other than Chainlink?
His addiction is an open secret.

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that he doesn’t care about us, doesn’t know about us, and wouldn’t give a chainlink update unless he knew we cared

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I hope my fellow linkes won't get too comfy, because I don't want these threads to stop.

We're going to make it guys, I believe in all of you.

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Fuck if it hit that price again I would consider selling up all shitcoins and going all in link again like I did when I was a poor crypto fag and only accumulated link. Would not give a fuck what was at a loss

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I have no idea what you're trying to say.
He doesn't care about "us"? Or he doesn't care about Chainlink?

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bought in at 19 cents

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Imagine you're working at McDonald's selling hamburgers to Sergey.

Are you concerned about the interests of the ants eating from the garbage? Will you give them status updates, or focus on your main customer?

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marvelous, will be buying more link anytime now

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don't do it btw

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You don't have to sell me on the no-hype approach, I'm lovin' it.

I just wonder what they mean by "Sergey's only going to mention Chainlink once under his breath".

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Starting to think we won't make it. Crypto as a whole seems to be dying and LINK is #97 again and dropping every day.

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Give it at least 2 years. In the meantime go get a job.

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Getting 1000€ soon, wanna go all in before the superconference.
How bad of an idea is it? I don't see it going lower.

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Long term comfy hodling, but I am sad I don't have funds atm to buy low. Hope it dips even more.

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Buy more you cumstain. I'm gonna tripple my stack next week.
It's a good idea, I'm doing the same. Just spread FUD for now so we have better buy-in price.

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What happens if Bitcoin hit 5k or less?

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This bad

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The pink flood.

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It's alright, I'm used to it.

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how am I supposed to buy more. I'm already all in

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Get another job.

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>all in
You dun goofed.

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I'm wealthy from eth so i can hodl 30k linkies and not think about it.
I don't even know what link is but i like the memes lol

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Sell some LINK and buy kneepads. Better ROI.

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We going to the MOON!!

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sold my link for mincoin

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You could have bought NGR as well.

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