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>look at white women
>compare their looks to asian girls
>asian girls are visually superior in every way
Yet, there exist white gold diggers... i mean, if youre gonna spend money on a woman who doesnt love you, why not an asian?

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Except she's asian so she will actually love you.

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get this irreverent shit out of here 外人

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>mongrell down syndrome faced insectoid gooks that smell like shit and have 0 individual thought capability along with giving you manlet sons is superior

It's like the univsersal sign of a beta cuck falling for gooks

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Because white women are jew hybrids and have manipulated mankind.

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Pick 1 and only 1

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I'm a decent looking white guy and asian girls have been by far the coldest out of any girl i've talked to. also they're all obsessed with food and think identifying as a "foodie" is cute

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chill the fuck out poltard. even /pol/ prefers asian girls over white roasties so get over it.

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This has also been my experience. They're incapable of being romantic in any way. Total whores when they get even a little bit drunk. Its not endearing at all.

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Have you seen the way they dance? SUCH A TURN OFF
Go for a Latina

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>asian women
>not the most bloodsucking reptilian brand of female in existence

have you ever been to san francisco? asian women aren't shy about literally asking how much money you make and walking away if it's under like a quarter mil

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>asians girls obsessed with food
>asian "foodie" girls

there is no thing as sweet in this world as asian bbw

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The thread is about actual Asians, not American girls that happen to look Asian.

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w-where can i find a bbw asian?

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Asian girls from actual Asian countries don't date white betas that make no money either

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This isn’t true. My experience was the American Asian girls were some of the most shallow, “buy me stuff and take me places” and controling girls I ever dated.

White girls were the opposite for me - and I married one haha.

I’m just not a fan of Asian girls I guess OP.

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What's with the obsessive yellow fever on biz?

multiple threads every single day

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Becky's are the most basic of bitches. Women are going to be superficial, including Asian ones, but at least they try. I don't understand why anyone would go for Becky that is sipping on a pumpkin spice latte in some Northface and Ugg boots and thinks she's down because she listens to some top 40 rap song that she likes to sing along to at some shitty bar with her sorority sisters.

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it is easier to find a hot white girl than a hot Asian, and plastic Asians do not count my friendo

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So much virginity on display here. None of these faggots have any experience with women outside of hentai. Obvious.

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you both live in california. opinion discarded.

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Anyone who says this shit is a certified poorfaggot. Go make some money and then you'll soon understand what women are after. Yeah sometimes some desperate slag thats starved for social status and wealth will date down but if they had the opportunity to fuck a millionaire or social butterfly they would do it

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i like this pic

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californians get the fuck out of this thread please. you aren't human. none of you are.

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>it is easier to find a hot white girl than a hot Asian, and plastic Asians do not count my friendo

Not really. The average asian woman is going to be more attractive than white, plus, asian women age a lot better. Most white women in their mid 20s to early 30s look old.

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T. buttmad asian man.

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This guy gets it. Every guy I've ever met with yellow fever was a retard cuck that couldn't pick up white chicks or were so beta that they went to Asia to find a partner more beta than they were.

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>also they're all obsessed with food and think identifying as a "foodie" is cute
holy fuck this is so true
I study in Italy and the only asians I see are exchange students from China and Japan and all of them are like that, it's crazy

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>tfw when married to asian cutie with big ass and tits
>tfw when i fantasize about fucking a blonde haired blue eyed white woman with a pretty pink pussy with whom i share a cultural history/understanding

Grass is always greener, fellas.

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i wonder if your wife fantasizes about being with a tiny penised asian man

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If I want a girl that sounds like she is being stabbed with knitting needles while I fuck her, I’ll just stab your mom with a fucking knitting needle tomorrow when I’m balls deep in her.

Also check em you fucking shitlord

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>Anyone who says this shit is a certified poorfaggot. Go make some money and then you'll soon understand what women are after.

While it is true that many women are materialistic, it's also true that a lot of microdick soyboys love using "money" as an excuse...like urban welfare monkeys aren't popping kids out by the dozen.

I've been with plenty of women, before having money and after. In all cases I sought out women I wanted to associate with. Money or other superficial things were never factors in whether or not they were interested in me.

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WMAF males should be aborted at birth for their own good.

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I don’t live in California.

Stop putting this race on a pedestal.

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they are exceedingly rare. asian's have an insect metabolism and convert most food to pure energy before it can be stored as fat. additionally, thiccness is expressly forbidden in most asian countries. most bbw's convert to nuns or suicide.

your best bet is to look for an american. american asian mixes lose some of their moon traits and are more likely to plump up in the grease of burgerland. check out hipster band venues, plump asians tend to be some mixture of goth or emo. if you can't find one, simply date a regular asian and slip some iron extract into her drinks when she isn't looking. this tricks her body into thinking winter is coming and she'll blow up like a balloon subconsciously.

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i'm very lonely, any woman will do
white trash
black girl
doesnt matter, anything will do just save me from this loneliness

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Maybe because you don't want a small dicked bespectacled asian nerd for a son?

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LOL are you really basing your "insights" of asian women on porn, where they are deliberately acting and sound like their crying or something? baka

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>basing sex noises off porn and memes
you must be a virgin

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Why? Elliot Rodger had a Jewish father. The cornerstone of all your WMAF beliefs does not even exist

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asian girls are literally the most androgynous women of all races. seriously OP basically has a thing for Sunny

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May I advise anyone here not to get a Spanish girlfriend though. Because their country has a history of fascism and social conservatism the women are loyal but extremely jealous, and extremely temperamental. This is not just a cliche and I would not recommend it.

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What is this, the fucking Grudge?

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Which specific race were you dating? I'm assuming Han Chinese

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Probably more to do with SF and the shitty "upmarket nightclub" scene you must hang out in than Asians desu.

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I mean my girlfriend isn't perfect and she's very temperamental, but at least she's not a fucking becky. At least she has style and attitude, and whenever I get in a fight she doesn't hide behind me like a pussy but is at the frontline trying to beat the guys ass (I obv. try to get her to not do this as any dude could beat her ass if they wanted)

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Nope I just know what I like. Sweet white Pussy.

I fucked a beautiful Vietnamese girl for a while, looks aren’t everything. Terrible sounds from her vocal chords....also....

Huge brown labia and she stunk like cabbage and fish sauce no matter what. Very good hygiene but she always smelled.

Enjoy by all means, but quit lying to yourself

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nice tinfoil hat, faggot. you really think an entire race silently conspired to uniformly make all the same sounds and facial expressions in porn with 100% consistency?
people like you should not be allowed to speak.

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Same... But no darkies, I don't want herpes.

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Holy fuck

WoUld you retards stop.misinterpreting the question. Im asking, why would wnyone choose a white gold digger over an asian gold digger if asians are hotter. This isnt about

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That’s another thing. And if you don’t LOOOOVE brown nipples... watch out.

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Right it’s about looks and sexuality.

Asians lose...anyway

Who here holding VEN!

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What I don't get is how many good looking, wealthy white guys go out with completely average looking / ugly asian girls.

Too many asian-blind white guys out there, these asian girls are taking advantage of the fact that many white guys think all asians look the same.

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Are you kidding?! He's dating Asa Akira in that pic!

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i have an asian girlfriend. she's not very pretty but that's ok. if you try to get everything in life you end up with nothing.

i think it's specifically the chinese that are cold. my girlfriend texts me a dozen times a day saying she loves me and she lets me fuck her even if she's half awake or on her period.

i do make sure i'm in control, though. if she asks about money, i tell her not to worry about such things (she will never know how much money i have). if she says no to me, i sit her down and give her a good talking to about how a relationship must work both ways and how i give her everything she wants. she is a bit terrified of me leaving her because i took her virginity.

i think you have to treat asian girls like a perfectly rational actor. you feed them information such that their best play is to always do what you want. that wouldn't work for white girls because they are too irrational.

also, my girlfriend knows if she tried to pull anything funny i could just leave the country because i'm well connected, and that there is no force that governs me that she can appeal to. i think that helps a bit.

i treat her good though, i think i love her. she gives me what i want, i give her what she wants, and we are happy.

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Lol you're just mad you live somewhere poor and cold in the winter
>view from my house right now.

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norman, stop the reddit spacing

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Asa Akira is ugly anyway.

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This desu. Dropped white roasties a long time ago

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No offense but you literally sound like a rapist. Like a Weinstein-style controller of people.

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get some glasses you rampant faggot

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That’s where you’re at wrong kiddo. You have no idea how idealized white people are in Asian countries.

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I agree but what's with all the r9k tier threads recently? mods, please.

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Is it the same autistic guy posting this thread everyday?

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Stop larping

>> No.6902258

Asians easily

>> No.6902259


i find it easier to read. the spacing actually comes from markdown, which predates reddit. i don't actually use reddit that much because keeping my karma out of the negatives is too much trouble

by the way, what you're doing is a form of virtue signaling, which is strange because you're on an anonymous board. what you're doing is actually exactly like what old people do when they brag about their "dumb" phones. "haha guys, aren't i so interesting and cool? i don't use that technology! look at how old and wise i am!"

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He's right. Not even larping

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This thread what a bunch of losers.

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You're a fucking anime nerd who would go to poor parts of China looking for pussy because you're too fucking scared of trying to find women who aren't desperate, stop larping and get a job

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helIo reddit

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Most Asian girls from every asian country I have been to (which is nearly all of them) prefer Asian guys, particularly the attractive ones.

In reality all of the Asian girls you see posted on /biz are looking for a prettyboy Asian guy (pic related).

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>everything i don't like is rape
i'd love to peel your face off and shit in your eye sockets

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White genocide when?

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My gf is half Korean half Germanic
>very practical with money
>doesn't wear makeup/spend money on cosmetics
>eyelashes like a llama
>hates kimchi or anything fermented like wine and pickles
>speaks perfect English and Korean
>understands crypto, holds 20 ETH since I introduced her in 2015
>shilled me on Dragonchain
>not fat, still looks <18
>favorite foods are cheap, loves rice and eggs for breakfast
>fat germanic ass
>virgin, wants to marry me once she completes her degree
This thread has made me smug af. Ain't no thotties gonna take my coins anons. Get yourself an asian gf QT

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you're a white woman, aren't you?

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Probably because most white men let themselves get fat as they age, whilst asian men generally stay slim until death.
Even if they have weak hands, they don't have double chins

>> No.6902475

Based on my experience, most of 2nd-3rd generation Asian-American girls are just discounted white girls. They often manages to out-whore and out-basic white women, which is actually pretty impressive.

>> No.6902506

And then you figure out you are not sexually compatible and break up eventually.

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Why do white dudes have such horrible taste in asian chicks?

t. supreme gentleman knockoff

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Actually I was in Hangzhou for 6 months which is a pretty comfy place. Would go there again. Stay salty, virgin wagecucker. Either that or you're a roastie

>> No.6902524

>even fat asian grils are superior
Nice, I never cared for my own race anyways

>> No.6902531

i literally give her everything she ever asks for. i ever bought her a car. she says she loves me and we have agreed that sex is my domain.

that's rape? ok.

>> No.6902543

Only the top 0.01% of asian chicks even look good you fucking weeb, the rest look like ugly boiled potatoes.

>> No.6902559

Korean/ Kraut ..damn son, almost masterrace
Nip/Kraut would be ultimate tho

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>out-basic White girls

I don't think that's possible

>> No.6902589

>brown eyes
>brown every so dark they look like giant, soulless pupils

>> No.6902624


its only beta faggots who arent able to attract white women are obsessed with ugly ass chinks.

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Keep dreaming buddy, this chick wants to wait a couple of years before having kids so we can exhaust ourselves with every degenerate thing a married couple should be doing.
>tfw my average 6" white dongle is more than enough to satisfy her

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It's just they prefer familiarity in terms of looks, values, lifestyle, culture etc.

In general (not all cases) asian women who can't get an asian man will look outside of their race.

As they say in Japan "If you can't get a boyfriend, get a foreigner".

>> No.6902680

I'm not rich enough to woo the latter
God bless the man who finds such a rare gem in this godforsaken planet

>> No.6902705

You sound like a virgin but I wish you the best.

>> No.6902712

Autistic as fuck and 100% correct

>> No.6902714

gooks are korean

chinks are chinese

when 4chan talks about Asians, they are specifically talking about Japanese. stay on topic.

>> No.6902725

>like urban welfare monkeys aren't popping kids out by the dozen.

And guess who the fathers of these children are? Gangbangers with the best drugs. Guess what they get for pushing out hordes of useless children? Money from the government. The ugly welfare cows cannot obtain a high status mate so they look elsewhere to get a small sliver of resources.

>> No.6902752

She actually only dated asians until she met me, we met at an anime convention and she was Alita, surrounded by pencil armed naruto wannabes
She still laughs at how they all tried to get in her pants by wearing expensive shit while secretly fapped to white grils

>> No.6902783

>asian girls are visually superior in every way
wrong, retard

>> No.6902793

Thanks, I wish I was, actually... She's one of those "no sex til marriage" Christian types and admitting I had dipped my wick in inferior vagoo was shamefur for me

>> No.6902827

Post a Caucasian woman over 30 who's looks haven't depreciated.
I'll wait.
(Jewesses are not Caucasians)

>> No.6902829

That sounds healthy. Jesus christ are yoj a sociopath?
There is no way this ends well. 3 years in a relationship without sex? She is literally not attracted to you and probably doesnt love you in a romantic way.
Your girlfriend sounds toxic.

I can judge all of you because I had a literally perfect relationship and I fucked it up.

>> No.6902867

all asians start out ugly. nothing to depreciate.

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>> No.6902906

See >>6901024
Not even their fatties are bad
Still waiting on that pic anon

>> No.6902922

she's a hideous rodent

>> No.6902928

This is actually true. Many women in Asia wear whitening makeup so they don't look like they work in rice fields.

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How the FUCK does any white guy have trouble pulling asian puss in asian countries? You realize asian women are statistically the most likely to marry outside of their race? There's hard empirical evidence that proves this. Take my anecdotal evidence as well, pulling cute asians is ez-pz as a white guy in Japan, they LOVE whites. In America I almost always see the ugly asian girls with beta white guys, it's sad.

I can only assume the whites that have trouble pulling asians are beta/fat/autismos that can't pull white girls in their own country. Asian girls love white guys.

>> No.6902947

As an east asian, I don't understand how you people could even possibly think that east asian girls are more visually appealing than white girls

>> No.6902983

they all look the same and are equally ugly

>> No.6903007

You live in a dreamworld that will end bad. Still hope I am wrong. Thanks for the (You).

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As much as I would like a cute Asian wife, I love my dog and don't want her to be eaten.

>> No.6903114

I'm white and my wife is 100% Korean. She doesn't eat dog though. (I do)

>> No.6903191

This. I was friends with a girl from Japan in college. She seemed sweet and goofy like the typical Asian girl we all imagine, but she once got drunk around me and was very upfront about wanting to suck my dick. Never seen anything else like it.

>> No.6903243

Why the fuck is this thread even here.
OP end yourself

>> No.6903264

isn't pol supposed to be white supremacist? wtf?

>> No.6903267

i laughed

>> No.6903275

the person you responded to, who you claimed to agree with, said that Asians are the complete opposite of what you just described.
please consider purchasing a fluoride filter for your water. Berkey offers PF-2 filtration elements.

>> No.6903359

Asian American girl or Asian girl?

>> No.6903363

LITERAL perfection

>> No.6903492

>isn't pol supposed to be white supremacist?
No, nature has a white supremacist bias. Pol just doesn't sugar coat it for subhumans like you. Also, you have to go back.

>> No.6903525

I just want someone to hold me when I sleep :(

>> No.6903529

How did she know they secretly fapped to white girls? Sounds like you're LARPing.

>> No.6903542

You did say yes right?

>> No.6903555


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>> No.6903976

yuck! look at her fat calvess! ewww!
ain't nothin compares to a white girl!

>> No.6904239

Short legs and misshaped hips are not genetically superior, but are dominant genetic traits in Asians. There is more variance in white women, but the ideal is 10x in white women over Asians.

If it's a numbers game, you are statistically better off going for the Asian in a vacuum. If you are a mediocre beta male, go for the Asian. If you are a competent white male, you should be looking for a high-end white woman.

>> No.6904270


Ive felt this way before anon kun

>> No.6904416


How do the pan-faced Gook goblins even compete with this?

>> No.6904472

white chicks definitely have better hips than asian girls on average. Aging Asian women have barrel-looking torsos.
More importantly, white people have way better faces than asians. Makeup, however, does serious magic for Asian girls. Take it off, and they're way uglier.

>> No.6904839

She was with him before he got rich. In his position and with his money, not a horrible choice.

>> No.6904880


You're a retard if you don't control women and manipulate them.