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I cannot wait until this shit is added to coinbase. The levels of FOMO will be off the charts. We are at #50 on cmc, and a 5x increase will still be at #20. So much shitcoins above it, room to grow is astronomical.

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oh fuck yeah

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number of publishers is growing exponentially now :)

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Yeah great platform but the token go over $1 or it disrupts the system.

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8000 vs the uncountable amount of people who can be reached by ADST

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Nah, people believe in whitepaper-coin than an utility coin with working product bro

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i dont use the desktop browser tho
but the mobile one is top notch
999 bat holder lmao

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The tokens they're "giving away" have to be spent on partners and publishers within 90 days or they revert back to Brave. You can't withdraw them. Also, I thought this was a completely different idea. That you (the user) would get paid in bat tokens to watch ads. It's not like that at all. You buy tokens to pay content creators yourself. Like direct tips. Honestly I fail to see a practical use case for the tokens. The system seems pretty shit as is.

Also, taken from the FAQ:
"The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the BAT platform, and/or Brave and its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument."


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You seem to be a real retard, and not a troll, so I will reply.

At the moment, you need to buy BAT in order to give to creators. Q1 of 2018, they will introduce paid ads. They have followed the roadmap so far, so expect this by march.

>"The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the BAT platform, and/or Brave and its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument."

No shit retard. The token is for UTILITY, as in, you pay it to show ads, you recieve it for seeing ads, or tip it to creators. Of course ti gives you no stake in the company, it is not a stock.

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That's not the interesting part you moron. It's them outright saying it's not meant to be a digital currency, when that's clearly what it fucking is.

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Holy shit, that last part is very distrubing. I am invested into BAT.

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That verbiage is to protect them from getting ass raped by the SEC

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it's for legal reasons most likely so it isn't classified as something people pay tax on, etc.

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Brave will follow an S-curve adoption. We are still in the innovators phase. Batties will make it; nobatties will weep.

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it really shouldn't be grow a brain

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honestly. agreed.
and for that reason. i'm out
but really though, I don't see BAT's REAL value being over a dollar. so i'm mostly out

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we shall soon enter early adopter (if we haven't now) due to more and more youtubers signing up

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And who in their right mind is going to buy these tokens to pay youtubers?

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You should not be in crypto.

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advertisers, you ignorant slut

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this is a scma coin be aware
lots of shady delings you can find through googling.
actually team is whell known scam team in china look for some these china articles in the translate. all very very bad things like staling people money from their hands even in the street but also telepohne scam and thing of the sort.

anway just i know ppl seem like this coin but i warne you, just stay safe. in fact i wouldnot be surprised if the coins acually have virii in them to hijack ur comps.
nex time just buy something safe like bitcions.

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What. How will that work exactly? Please enlighten me.

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Holding 400k bat. Eat my ass boys and girls. Im a millionaire in 1 month.

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advertisers pay you in BAT to watch ads --> you pay [autism youtube man] in BAT. the user payment system is going to be out this quarter.

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users. publishers. advertisers. use your imagination to predict how cash flows between these three parties

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BAT says that for legal reasons. Tokens aren't a security.

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Thanks, this actually makes sense. I guess the end user getting paid to watch the ads was the piece I was missing to understand how the ecosystem works. As it it right now it wasn't making much sense to me.

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I'm jelly as fuck. You're a true BATman.

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And idiots still think crypto is anything but a ponzi scam...

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even most idiots know the actual definition of a ponzi scam. you must be sub-idiot, or what i like to call a Terri Schiavo

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Lol coinbase

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8000 sites... What a huge dent on the 1,000,000,000 literal registered domains out there... Better load up boys at this rate BAT will control the whole internet in the year 3204.

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>doesn't understand how social network growth works
>doesn't understand that graphs grow exponentially

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how do S curves work hurr durr

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it doesnt need to control 1% of the internet to go 100x brainlet

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get this shit out of here pajeet, no one invited you

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>this kills the BAT holder

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you are like a fly pestering that lion, go shit in someone else's street

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BAT's the real deal, and if you can't see that you're blind.

I seriously laugh at the brainlets that don't understand the Brave project. It's literally the easiest cryptocurrency to understand yet there are still retards on this board that just can't grasp it.

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nice twist

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i mean, plenty of youtubers make a living shilling their patreons.

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give me one reason that isn't MUH FIREFOX GUY that BAT is better then ADST

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its a niche position and a disruptive idea. would be amazing if it takes off. i can see it fitting in with the kind of emergent, user and content producer-based economies we are seeing with things like twitch.
educated, media savy normies are going to love this shit.

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because the first crypto built into a web browser natively is a massive competitive advantage. you must be slow as fuck to not understand this. BAT can be used in paywalls, premium content, pay per view, tipping, online services, subscriptions, online gaming, monetized upvotes and downvotes, not to mention the billion dollar advertising industry. your weak ass fake BAT coin can maybe accomplish 1% of this in a best case scenario

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Is it worth investing in BAT if I don’t have a lot of capital? I like the project and the browser but I feel like this is something for people who can buy tens of thousands of tokens.

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lad... respect.

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Except no one will use brave

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>Youtubers signing up for free gibs is news
No it isn't. Ad companies choosing to pay through BAT is news but they won't since BAT was invented to circumvent demonetisation which only happened due to advertisers pulling out. They aren't going to enter such a self defeating partnership.
>b-but what about making people pay like donations
Patreon already exists.

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also the fraud resistance is shit tier

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is bat the paetron of crypto?

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of course it was rising due to the fact that youtubers shilled the fuck out of it
But guess what, no one care, no one want to switch browser just to watch more ads

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wow you guys have the estonian market down

>with BAT you have to wait for BRAVE to hopefully get mass adoption
>with ADST (which is just as effective for advertising) it can be used with any browser (including brave lmao)

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Not to mention the fact that the token can't go over $1 or the platform won't work.

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I have some bad news for you anon.

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fud harder ADST pajeet. already >1 million of us and the party is just getting started.

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shut the fuck up faggot. you can make incorrect statements in png format all you want

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I'm not fudding
That shit is tanking rn, enjoy your bags

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it's also literally mooning right now

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it's up 3 cents in 30 minutes. are you braindead?

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Because market is slowing recorvering you fucking retard

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>down 5% in the last 24 hrs

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If there was anything incorrect about my png then you would have been able to argue it

stay mad mr pajeet

btw less then 0.1% of people use brave and even if brave hits 99% it will still have a smaller possible reach then adshares (100%) lmao

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just watch....

(come on do your thing, based chinks.....)

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so it's slowly recovering yet tanking at the same time? do us a favor and go wander into your nearest highway

i didn't say it was mooning faggot

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> do us a favor and go wander into your nearest highway

The fuck that's doesn't even make any sense

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He’s telling you to ky jelly urslef

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your dumbass png said that brave wouldn't be able to tell if you were watching it or not. you seriously think their team of developers didn't consider that issue? you have no idea what their basic attention metrics are. go ahead and invest in ADST. maybe you will get a quick pump and dump. i honestly don't care if you don't hold bat

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A lot of you are complete morons and don't understand the real value of Brave / BAT right now.

It's so much more than you can imagine.

The market they're looking to disrupt is the advertising space. This is the BIGGEST market on the internet, it's what provides behemoths like Google and Facebook the majority of their revenue.

BUT, advertising is broken, the way it currently works ads are served through Javascript and their is a myriad of problems with the current way they're being served that I can't be fucked getting into.

The real value of BAT is the premium advertising model they're coming out with. Do your research. If it takes off even slightly, Brave will be worth billions.

Stop focusing on the browser adoption and the token and micro donations, look at the premium ad service and how that ties it all together. That's all I'll say

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I just copied what their website said, do you think they can tell if you are actually at your PC when an ad is displayed in your active tab?

Paying for ad views is dumb as well. I am saving your post to laugh at when ADS passes BAT in market cap

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"do you think they can tell if you are actually at your PC when an ad is displayed in your active tab?"

nope you've totally outsmarted the brave team. just leave an ad open on your desktop for a year and when you come back, you will have earned millions in revenue. brilliant. if only they made some kind of tool... you know... using their browser metrics... that would possibly help with this dilemma.

let's fast forward three months. you'll never mention this post because brave will keep going viral and your shitcoin will get slaughtered. i'll be here waiting though.

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well thats what their website says so...

also imagine them paying you to view ads lmao

>adshares doesn't get stuck in the brave wallet
>adshares doesn't pay people to view ads
>adshares has a cutting edge blockchain which can scale to 10k transactions per second plus has no blockchain bloat
>adshares is intrinsically fraud resistant
>adshares allows for illegal content to be advertised
>adshares works on every browser (including brave hahahaha)
>adshares functions in a recognisable way to advertisors (doesn't attempt to reinvent the wheel)
>ADS tokens can be sold, gifted and returned
>adshares has a lightweight client that can run on a smartphone
>adshares devs are not always trying to pump their token and spend most of their time actually working on the project
>adshares has huge growth potential
>adshares has no problem with large scale, multi party token transfers (unlike BAT)
>adshares pays dividends to token holders from fees incurred during transactions
>adshares doesn't get pumped by youtubers to inflate the price

BAT does none of these things and is very prone to fraud

>but muh autist that was fired from his own company and went on to make a third rate browser that no one uses

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i now know what it must be like to have a sub 70 IQ

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So...how many do I need?

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BAT is fugging gahbage

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poor bait. half the shit you listed makes your project sound even worse than if you had just left this thread. 1) brave wallet will let you withdraw soon 2) you are trying to argue that illegal advertisements are a good way to attract mainstream attention 3) adshares doesn't get pumped by youtubers is a bad thing not a good thing lmao.

just quit dude. you are making your pajeet coin sound worse with every post.

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Holding 150k BAT, stay poor boys.

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>if I have a sub 70 IQ then it must be embarrassing to be loosing an argument against me lmao


the BAT holders favourite word seems to be SOON

>soon it can be used on a decent browser
>soon you can withdraw from your wallet (which should be a feature from the beginning)
>soon BRAVE will be used by more then 0.1% of internet users

also being shilled by youtubers is the same as being shilled by pajeets, it artificially raises the price of the token above what it is actually worth according to fundamentals (dumb normies pump it)

illegal advertisements just means it has a large pool of potential clients

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sub 70 iq confirmed. thanks all and goodnight

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look generally I don't like to argue ad hom but I am objectively smarter then you

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my dad works at BAT, he said they are getting pewdiepie to make a video endorsing it


>> No.6905321

"then" or "than"

I think you just proved all we need to know. Thanks for the laugh though.

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you've been warned. it's going to kill BAT. check out the price action on CMC. It's going to be added to binance shortly.

also, i'm aware that my post sounds like complete bullshit, that's part of the fun. screencap this

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just respond to one of my points please, I don't want to believe that all BAT holders are so cognitively challenged

just respond to the BRAVE aspect and I will rest easy knowing that you are not simply filtering discerning opinions because you can't argue them

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i don't need to waste any more of my precious life trying to convince you of anything. you are a small fucking minnow. i use brave everyday 100% mobile and desktop. that's more than (see how i used the right spelling there?) you will ever say about your shitcoin. i'm done talking to you. if you read the whitepaper for BAT and still don't see a use for it, then don't invest. but you are trying to argue that mainstream adoption is going to pick ADST which will inevitably end up advertising boner pills and porn, meanwhile BAT is used as the crypto of the internet. good fucking riddance.

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yep. DTA. Get the fuck in.

>> No.6905705


still no arguments in sight, lmao

>I use brave so that must mean everyone does
>read their whitepaper because I haven't

theres really no need to get so emotional about these things btw, its just business

>> No.6905820

>background is the floating dots with connecting lines meme
scamcoin confirmed

>> No.6905825


redpill me on data

>> No.6905856

i give you arguments and you ignore them.

advertising illegal and inappropriate comment is not good for mainstream adoption.

not having youtubers shill your product is bad for mainstream adoption. there is a significant difference between pajeets shilling a coin and actual users of the system shilling a coin. learn the difference.

yes i use brave because i like it more than chrome and other options. that is a valid reason to support a project. isn't the point of crypto to eventually be used and not hoarded? that starts with brave- i actually use it.

your arguments are poorly thought out and mostly revolve around the wording on Brave's website. your other arguments mainly target Brave because it's not a finished product yet. it is barely two years old so I don't get why you expect a finished product yet?

you clearly think you are smarter than you really are, which is somewhat triggering. but i forgive you because you might end up stumbling into money when ADST ends up pumping and dumping later. if that's all you are looking for in a project, then congrats because you found it.

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>> No.6906051


finally some decent reasoning, should I put some money into BAT now or wait for a dip? I'm still keeping most of my stack in ADST because it will moon lmao

>I was only targeting BAT to shill ADST
>I actually have nothing against BAT

>> No.6906164

oh fuck that, i was just shilling BAT because I'm accumulating ADST

>> No.6906173

> ADST because it will moon lmao
congrats to you if it does
I don't have time to look into ADST
BAT on the other hand I have already done my research on and I have been in it since last summer, so it is hard to just drop my BAT for some random coin I don't even have time to research

>> No.6906199

that was a joke if you couldn't tell. i don't know. buy bat now or later. or never. i'm holding 50k. i am not selling soon.

>> No.6906305


hahaha are we all just pajeets on this site


I think blockchain ad applications are the one thing that doesn't just seem taped onto a project as a get rich quick scheme so we will both be seeing massive growth over the next year and if each of our projects even capture 1% of the global ad industry we will be very rich

>> No.6906503

Yes hello sir 100,000k adshares have been purchased thankyou sir

>> No.6906576

>1994 - No one will use Internet Explorer
>2002 - No one will use Firefox
>2010 - No one will use Chrome

>> No.6906675

Nobody like ads.

Nobody wants to deal with ads.

Nobody wants to install a program so that content creators can exploit viewers for money. It is already difficult enough asking people to click thumbs up and subscribe.

It's very fundamental. Whoever invested in this is blinded by greed.

>> No.6906776

Holy shit I've been using Brave for a while now i never noticed this shit thats really neat

>> No.6907022

That, and much more.

Also, every normie will get some small money and a wallet in their phone. I dont see anyone in the near future paying their coffee with ETH, but I do with BAT

>> No.6907061

>Nobody wants to deal with ads.

Actually, 99.9% of people would prefer to see ads than pay for content.
How many websites do you visit each week?
How many of those websites do you subscribe to?
Yeah, that's what I thought you fucking retard.

>> No.6907197

BAT is easy to get emotionally attached to because their mission makes you feel warm and fuzzy like it'll make a real difference and shit. But there are a bunch of other coins that are just as promising and have much lower marketcap and way more potential gainz.

>> No.6907308

ad-blocking + browsing internet for free = outdated model

either you ad-block and pay
or you watch ads
simple as that stupid you stupid fuck
you think that you will be able to view the sites you do today with ad-blocker on in the next year?
nope. but if you pay them som BAT you might

>> No.6907393

I think you are wrong here.
much riskier going into something smaller at this point.
with BAT we know for a fact that major youtubers and websites are looking to integrate BAT in their business model
we know for a fact that the CEO of coinbase has said he wants BAT on board
we know for a fact that every day new people invest in BAT (without knowing it) because the currency is being spread like a virus right now
every website you visit with the Brave browser you infect
everyone gets infected with BAT
everyone is invested in BAT
=> BAT is a huge currency

>> No.6907556

IE is the first revolutionary browser, while Firefox abnd Chrome are much faster and better browsers
What does brave have? "Hey goys download my shitty browser so you can watch more ads"
Fucking delusional

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>ad-blocking + browsing internet for free = outdated model

>> No.6907859

fucking retard. you obviously dont get it. what he's saying is that you cant expect to keep using your precious ad-blockers while still browsing sites for free. Eventually the ad publishers will stop paying and websites will start charging for subscriptions.

>> No.6907866

Just because you don't have to pay for the chicken tendies your mom provides your NEET ass doesn't mean everyone is going to continue providing you content for free.

Content creators need chicken tendies too faggot.

>> No.6907930

>and websites will start charging for subscriptions.
Everyone buys subscriptions with prepaid "credit" cards, loaded up with $1.
They still aren't getting any money.

>> No.6908012

It's like this entire site is filled to the brim with poor as fuck niggers, and scamming pajeets (also poor)

>> No.6908121

>Hey goys download my shitty browser so you can watch more ads"

You don't watch more ads you idiot. You're supposed to be served ads that don't use your freakin' CPU to mine Monero or redirect you to some scam website. Meanwhile website owners would prefer these ads because they pay better.

>> No.6908151


Then eventually you won't get any decent content. It's really that simple. If you think you can get quality content on the internet for free forever you're delusional. Either you watch ads, pay a subscription or you lose the content. You get to choose exactly ONE of the above options.

>> No.6908165

>making your customer do work and spend money to reward content creators on your platform

IDK sounds kind of retarded to me.

>> No.6908213

> websites will start charging for subscriptions
guess what? they've already done that, and people don't give a fuck, there are plenty of websites that don't charge you shit

Patreon work fine retard

Anyway, you fags just keep your bags to yourself. Youtubers shilled the fuck out of it and it didn't even move

>> No.6908235

>making customer do work

are you guys all trolling or are you legitimate retards? What work? You visit a site and the content creator gets paid for it (and so do you). How is this so hard to understand?

>> No.6908247

Yes anon, which is why Twitch and Patreon are such giant failures. No money here whatsoever.

>> No.6908376

Let me just jump on the Patreon for Wikipedia... oh what's that? There's no patreon for wikipedia? What about The Internet Archive page? No patreon either?

Oh ya, turns out you're just a dumb faggot without vision. My bad.

>> No.6908505


You need to accumulate the BAT to do it, you fucking retard. How do you even feed yourself?

>> No.6908535


Literally not the same thing, at all. At all.

Enjoy your bags.

>> No.6908580

why the fuck would anyone want to be paid in this

>> No.6908601


Who doesnt like goodboy points?

>> No.6908643

i think y'all are too young to remember netzero, or even remember /biz/ before crypto

there's always been "watch for cash" type of things. when you're making .00003 cents per ad, it gets old real fast.

i bought some when it came out cause of the gains, but y'all acting like this is going to change the way regular people use the internet.

people PAY to AVOID ads. like hulu, adblockers.

fuck out of here with this "brand new internet" stuff.

>> No.6908653

no you fucking don't. holy shit. you wont ever have to buy BAT if your cheap ass doesnt want. you opt in to view ads and you get paid for it along with the content creator of the site youre visiting. Read the fucking whitepaper you retarded monkey

>> No.6908787

Different situation entirely. Every site you visit needs a revenue source. Do you have some form of adblock installed? Great! That site that just served you some content made fuckall.

Are you willing to subscribe to each and every site you visit? You got a 4chan pass my nigga? You paying yearly for The Wall Street Journal?

You see how that's an unsustainable situation don't you? BAT's over here trying to fix this problem and you're ass can't see beyond "MY NETZERO FROM THE 90s"

>> No.6908938


the target audience is preteens/teens and NEETs with no income. being marketed as a "revolutionary way to browse the web" to adults.

it's like my little pony. the audience is children who will get bored of the minuscule profit stream, but obsessed over by grown people as something more than it really is.

oh well, i'm making gains off it.

>> No.6909019

what was the target audience of facebook before it took off?

>> No.6909070


college kids. used to only be certain colleges that could register with only their school emails.

you're deluded if you think college kids are going to watch ads for .0003 cents. they'd just assume go donate plasma for free cash.

>> No.6909152

You can earn BAT universally and then use it to pay content creators you like. I can pay Richard Spencer with BAT earned from ads on Destiny videos.

>> No.6909197


just downloaded Brave, using it now, got my 10 free BAT. Have no idea what you could actually buy with this shit

>> No.6909293

my point was that it doesn't have to be anything more than preteens/teens and NEETs and cryptoenthusiasts to get the ball rolling. When the first newspapers put up BAT-gateways through their paywalls anyone who isn't subscribed to that newspaper could benefit from using Brave.

>> No.6909300

And look how far FB went. You need a young demographic for immediate adoption, then slowly it proliferates.

>> No.6909319

The idea isnt at all to earn money yourself, though some people will try and Eich said you'll earn a few dollars a week. It's to a) have much greater privacy on your browser and b) use it reward content creators and access paywall sites.

Remember the browser even has a total adblocker built it if you want it.

>> No.6909353


Yeah I don't understand what incentive there is to pay extra money just to give it away to people on the internet. What am I missing here

>> No.6909421

middlemen like Google and Facebook jew everyone involved in online ads, whereas BAT wants to eliminate the middleman, so advertisers can pay less for ads while publishers earn more from ads which also leaves leftover money to give users for seeing ads

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File: 281 KB, 1920x1080, ReviewbrahBAT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reviewbrah is a BATman. Pump incoming

>> No.6909463

I have a real passionate hatred for ads, but honestly, I wouldn't mind watching them if I knew the money was going directly to content creators. Being in control of assigning who gets the adbux is even cooler. It means your favorite content creators will be better able to make the content that you like. Personally I think thats kind of important, because the content I like is the kind of content that google doesn't want people to create.

>> No.6909557

These sock-puppet (BOT) messages are getting worse, I swear.

>> No.6909638

I know whom i'm giving all my free BAT to now. Ty.

>> No.6909688


let me know if you find out how to actually do that

>> No.6909760

This is actually great. I can show this to the IRS for why I didn't pay taxes on trades involving BAT.

>> No.6909785

It's in the settings for BRAVE. Just have to click the lil pin next to his entry and enter 100%.

Boom, ReviewBrah gets it all.

>> No.6909793

People do like rewarding content they like ala patreon. That said websites are facing a huge ad crisis and will bring up evermore paywalls, remember even youtube now has youtube red.

>> No.6909802

I'm wondering if it's intentional, to be honest. Genius on the devs if so. >>6909638

>> No.6909884

So hard to hold this coin when I bought 5700, should have sold above six like I planned.

>> No.6909931
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>Holding BAT and UFR

Comfy as fuck man

>> No.6910035

stop being a pussy and hold them you fuck.. you can sell them at 100k sats in a few months which will be a 20x for you, then you can buy some other shitcoins with that money. so just relax. you are going to make money on this.