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Why is BAT so low volume and cheap? It’s a great project

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Because almost no one is selling.

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I'm in here early enough before that goddam copypasta fud that shit destroyed us

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This. Accumulation and waiting for the product to actually implement. Not a concern, Eich doesn't even want the coin to be speculated upon.

Wait to see what it does the first half of this year.

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LITERALLY no one are selling. Who here /comfywithover10kbatinwallet/? And /notsellinguntil2025/

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I have 9.5k. JUST

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Sorry fellas, BATLET with 2k here.

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Op here, I really like the project and downloaded brave browser already. I’m waiting for my eth transaction to go through or liquidate one of my other coins before buying some. Seems like a great long-term hold.

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I'm using the BAT browser right now. Uses somewhat less memory than Chrome, which is a plus. Only thing I'm concerned about is the security.

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Plugins and/or other browser native support will make the biggest difference.

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Browser on phone is ultra smooth

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its a shticoin

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The interest just isn't there yet. People generally don't understand how BAT works and some legitimately believe that the team behind Brave WANTS the price of BAT to be low. Hence the "cup of coffee" and "Over $1 defeats the purpose" FUD.

The more popular Brave gets and the more people understand BAT (also when BAT inevitably does hit the $1 floor) the more this token will catch on. Then you'll start seeing an obnoxious amount of BAT threads.

Keep in mind, this might not be for another year. You need to be patient wit BAT because Brave is technically disrupting a whole industry (online advertising) so of course people are going to be weary. The YouTube "support content creators" aspect of Brave can jumpstart BAT but the browser isn't a finished product yet so we have to be patient.

That's just my view.

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don't support their idea

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coins with real potential don't get pump and dumped.

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I've been using desktop brave. I like it except the ads playing. Also, the mobile has trouble loading 4chan.

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I think you’re right, this is an investment asset not a speculation shitcoin

That makes perfect sense, I’m just surprised that it doesn’t get more attention

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Find the opposite, mobile is good, desktop less so.

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>Also, the mobile has trouble loading 4chan.
That's the only issue I've had with Brave* so far

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Bought it for 2k and am planning just sitting on it as long as it's alive because i think it's a great project.

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I think we are at the bottom of a cup forming right now. Godspeed

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Buy BAT!!!!

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holding both PRL and BAT
I have more faith in PRL though, if they manage to deliver it's gonna be some great shit.

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Need to drop that shit and buy more BAT for the big win.

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>Low price
>No one is selling

The absolute state of /biz/

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Buy more and get comfy!

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PRL doesn't require you to download a stupid browser and will basically be an extension so I see it being more useful.

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So right now it's the lowest price because the ones who are invested are most likely keeping it no matter what and playing long game.

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ADST is way better than PRL but BAT is by far the best. Bat has an actual product, better tech, connections, and Brendan Big Brain Eich!

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People will be more willing to download a new browser than installing an extension to run a cpu miner.

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Plus Brave is a damn good browser in it's own right. Not saying it will dominate over Chrome but if it can at least become one of the top browsers, maybe even number 2, that would be huge.

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$1 cap

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If anyone was dumb enough to fall for that shit they don't deserve to be rich.

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>muh browser plugin

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You must be fucking high thinking that pearl necklace has any potential.
>inb4 they hired more devs and muh roadmap

The original dev was some fucking kid who doesn't even know how to code. You're telling me he's supposed to scale and a javascript miner that runs on a token in order to create a distributed network that lives on the tangle. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!

I know BAT has a long way to go but so did FireFox. Do yourself a favor and dump prl. That shit is only shilled on riddit now. Thank me later.

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>*POPUP* give permission to PRL to use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

>uhh no *click*

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If you are concerned about brave browser and security you are retarded.

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Volume is low due to no one selling, price is low due to product not yet implemented and BTC crash.

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also some of you kids are too fucking dumb to realize the CEO of brave was a cofounder of firefox and THE CREATOR OF GODDAMN JAVASCRIPT.

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>BUT PRL USES THE TANNGGLLELEEEEELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what are some b/a/t

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People understand that whatever BAT does, can be implemented on ETH an some other chains. Its enough any streaming service does this, and no one remembers BAT.

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for you

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so fucking what, storage is storage

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Pro tip: Advertising is never going away.

You are delusional if you think otherwise.