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Comfiest hold yet
Mainnet out in 7 days
Get in while you can, it will moon in a couple of hours

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Pennant pattern lads

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you mean so comfy that you have to create a thread because you dont feel that comfy anymore?

Chill dude..

5k reporting in.

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I just want my /biz/raelis to make some money

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dumped this garbage to buy more VEN
this shit isnt going anywhere

>inb4 muh strong team, muh 8 page whitepaper, muh partnerships

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You bought VEN at ATH ?

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I posted this on another thread and this is the last one where I shill INT.

"I usually never shill but I've participated in a few moon missions due to 4chan, itš time to give back! Don't later complain later than you missed the money train!!
Copy the names of the team members in chinese from INT's site: https://intchain.io/cn/#int-progress
Search them on baidu.com and then copy the articles into translate.google.com
There are many articles on INT and their legendary team! This is BIG!


& there are many more!


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Cheers mate

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which ATH do you mean?
the ATH 1day before, 2days before or the one 3days before?

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I'm riding this cock till at least $5 captain

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>no github
>100 mio coins appear out of nowhere
you fell for the p&d

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same people shilled ITC then dropped it overnight leaving half of /biz/ with bags. Don't fall for this, don't go near it.

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It’s a scam faggots. We’ve told you multiple times. Stop being so fucking dense.

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See you at 5$

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When is Kucoin listing coming??

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How is any of this an argument?

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>price is manipulated
Its a scam.

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Bitcoin is a scam

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How is any of this an argument?

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Where can I buy this

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>has to resort to "not an argument" le molyneaux spam over and over again
yep, you lost

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10k poorfag reporting in, hopefully i'll make it

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Lol scam? INT has had the most organic growth of any coin in the past week. It is still holding its own, and if has been steadily but slowly going up.

This is far from a "PUMP" lmao. fags. Its like people hate money on here lol

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OK I'll rather not go this way, thanks anyway

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do all ya fellas have their sbace suit on
a heard their was sum bidcorns on da moon

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Holy shit OP Was right

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I support INT because it is another Internet of Things project, that will get some actual support unlike IOTA. The chinese prefer their own people to be in control over any company.

So thumbs up for INT (Internet Node Token).
Purchaseable on OKEX.

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The team behind this is too solid lol, INT will easily hit 5$ soon, especially with the mainnet being launched soon

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Nice double layered shilling. I bet your name is actually Richard, faggot

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Damn that's a pretty good edit.

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Yeah but lower Volume. Bad sign. Indicates downwards outbreak

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What is a “mainnet” ?

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i have over 150,000 INT.. am i gonna make it biz?

this coin will 100x. dont need to shill it. hope you guys got a bag of int too. cu on the moon

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I got out of INT yesterday. The team stated on telegram that the circulating supply is actually 250M tokens and not 150M as it was previously confirmed by that SAME team!
This coin might moon like fuck, but I do not trust the team anymore.

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So many signs of a scam, dont be deluded. We still got NOTHING from the team. Apart from empty promises, lies and a Bad, 8-page whitepaper.