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Is voting not being worked on for blockchain? It solves everything lol

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>I believe BTC will liberate the working class from the Wall Street fat cats

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fake link

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Decision Token. HST. Get in on it. Talks with the UN and governments ongoing.

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i knew it was bullshit even before seeing the fake link lel
>phony kike socialist politician promotes a tool that could potentially liberate the working class from the clutch of wall street and bankers
then i remembered that’s he’s a dual citizen israeli just like the bankers and most big wall st fat cats and he isn’t genuine about real change

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>socialist supports a coin completely crippled by it's devs/governance and is quickly losing ground on competitors

Checks out.

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Great. Now he wants us to redistribute our BTC.

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Fake news
Fake link

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HST is doing this

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>doesnt own a tv
Dubs btc crashes to 6k

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Magnificent, sir.

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It's already being redistributed from the impatient to the patient. No further work needs to be done.

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When you think about it, everyone paying into a market and a few whales cashing out is pretty similar to communism taking everything from everyone and centralizing power in the hands of a few.

I kind of like the ideas of amateur hour commies having their lunch money taken.

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sunuva bitch...they've entered PHASE 2!!!

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It doesn't solve the Democracy problem.

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You people are gullible.

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IF u believe this is good news then you’re not gonna make it.

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tfw people actually believe its real without even following the link

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