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*blocks your path*

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Such a sexy, loyal coin. It almost redeems my portfolio from the failure of DBC.

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Heard a lot of you guys were in the red today.

Nothing personnel ;)

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You can be red too if you bought it at ATH (guess 45 usd or smth?)
that youtuber made his fans lose some shit m8

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One of the few coins that is still green today. Why does 4chan hate money?

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I went all in on this and now I'm green in a shitty bear market. I can only imagine what this will be capable of when the bull market comes back.

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Same here buddy. I actually hit ATH during the bear market before BTC completely shit the bed.

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HODL until at least February 15th. Smart Contracts, SegWit activation, and coin burning all on the same day.

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I plan on all inning on this and NEBL once the dust settles with btc. Getting JUST'd by fucking CAN right now.

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I'm All inning LUX and XBY as soon as i can get rid of these DBC bags

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