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The state of Bitcoin Private:

> 1 ZCL = 1 BTCP; 1 BTC = 1 BTCP
> Bitcoin Private fork delayed indefinitely
> ZCL devs trying to get miners to fund the team, total hail mary play
> soft fork will fail, fork will be delayed into vaporware. devs already planning a pivot to an ICO
> does not support cross chain atomic swaps, and will never be supported by BarterDEX or other decentralized exchanges as a result
> if it ever actually forks, will fall by the wayside as the cryptocurrency ecosystem merges into one world "operating system" over the course of the next couple years, tied together by XCAT
> new PoW chain that will be as secure as its own history and hashpower allows
> If fork ever does happen, it will still be open to a toxic waste attack, allowing anyone with the original zkSNARK private key shards to print as much BTCP as they want

The state of Bitcoin Hush:

> 1 HUSH = 1 BTCH; 1 BTC = 1 BTCH
> Snapshot set for Feb 1st
> The developers are the founder and lead dev of Komodo and the lead dev of Hush
> No miners to consult; this is a new chain with an airdrop
> Transaction history is squashed, making the blockchain many orders of magnitude smaller than BTCP
> Whitepaper written by jl777 and dukeleto detailing longterm plans for BTCH and the process for squashing trx history is being written and will be released in the coming weeks
> BTCH will be a KMD childchian, which settles transactions on BTC, importing BTC's security and hashpower into BTCH. Significantly less susceptible to doublespends and fee manipulation than BTCP
>airdrop is only from transparent addresses, and the new decentrally generated zkSNARK proving key is used, eliminating any possibility of a toxic waste attack
> will be immediately supported on BarterDEX due to XCAT support
> dynamic block time that increases in speed (down to 1 minute minimum) during periods of high use vs BTCP's static 2.5 min block time

Why haven't you sold your ZCL for HUSH yet?

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pajeet tier coin
you'll never win our love
you fucking faggots
we will DDoS your network

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> pajeet tier
> being created by one of the biggest names in the privacy coin space
> BTCP being developed by devs of random ZEC fork that was less than $10MM before the fork was announced

yeah ok

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Cool fud. Doubled my zcl stack today at the bottom of the dip.

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BHush: 20% dev premine

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Bump. It appears that it's over for btcp.

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BTCH has a 0.71% dev fund and no premine.

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Hush anon, they're faggots who won't fomo in until it's too late.

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you haven't replied to the ddos concern

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>calls others pajeets
>posts faggot reddit wojak
lol fuck off curry nigger

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this shit is pretty pathetic OP. putting bitcoin in front of these new coins isn't going to make them big players. sad...

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Wow I'm impressed. BTCP fud that actually has it's own thread for once.

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This looks like a scam. Just look at the BTCH website. I want all of this info confirmed before I drop my ZCL stack into Hush.

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> Just look at the BTCH website

What about it looks like a scam?

> I want all of this info confirmed before I drop my ZCL stack into Hush.

What is confirmed for BTCP but not confirmed for BTCH? The dev team can be confirmed by reaching out to them. Everything else is just as up unconfirmed for BTCP as it is for BTCH as the only way to confirm all of the various coin features is to release the client post-snapshot.

However the dev team is:

1. jl777: The founder and lead dev of Komodo
2. Dukeleto: The guy who *wrote the two way replay protection code for BTCP because Rhett didn't know how*

So if your concern is about the team's ability to deliver, then I would be a lot more concerned with BTCP than BTCH.

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Fuck, I'm convinced. Transferring to craptopia.

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I don't think it's accurate that BTC holders will get BTCH. Can anyone confirm?

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it will fail because the name is really fucking gay.

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Check the website: http://btchush.org

For each 1 HUSH, you will get 1 BTCH.
For each 1 SUPERNET/Unity, you will get 1 BTCH.
For each 1 DEX, you will get 1 BTCH.
For each 1 BTC, you will get 1 BTCH.

SUPERNET is like $140 and DEX you can't buy anywhere (I think its a token used internally with BarterDEX? But I'm honetly not very familiar with it. Its another jl777 project) so if you want to buy into the snapshot the best option is HUSH

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It's not even a BTC fork, pajeet tier lead dev who wants people to buy his shitcoin for the airdrop. BTCP is going to be the standard privacy coin by Q2.

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oh also, make sure to transfer off cryptopia before Feb 1 if you plan to hold through the snapshot. The easiest way to do this is to use the web wallet: wallet.myhush.org. This is a trustless litewallet, kind of like MyEtherWallet. Use a strong password tho because it generates a private key based on your password, rather than generating a random private key and giving you an encrypted store like MEW does now

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As a miner, I'm all in on HUSH for this fork. Following today's announcement of BTCP, it's clear it's vaporware.

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After getting burned by ZCL I am a little hesitant to invest in "BTCP 2.0," but I am definitely keeping tabs on this project and will look forward to the release of the BTCH whitepaper.

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0.71% dev fund****

Fixed it for ya

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>be jl777
>make btcd
>its garbage
>make KMD
>it works nicely
>tell others you wont leave KMD and its a permanent solution
>go on to make bitcoin cuck

You fucking fag

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Its a KMD childchain bruh... and jl777 is working on multiple projects. He's also the founder/lead dev of the BarterDEX XCAT decentralized exchange. Dude is just brilliant and can do lots of shit

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Burned by ZCL? I bought ZCL at $27.5 and sold at $250. If you got burned, you're a retard.

Bought Hush at $8, going to sell at $20+ pre-fork and go on a vacation to Italy.

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you do realize ZCL was developed by HUSH, right? Cuz Rhett had to outsource since he sucks

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No one got burned by ZCL unless you sold at a loss. This will still go to $500 pre-fork

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yeah it will be a slow burn to 500$ as volume decreases

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Is that why overactive ZCL noobs FUD'd hush so bad a few weeks ago? Insecure about their investment cuz they chased the pump.

I fucked up like an idiot and sold ZCL for what feels like a long while back at $10 to make a cheap buck on what I got in at ($0.8), but am now considering throwing my $$$$$ behind HUSH cuz it actually looks semi promising compared to the other new privacy coins.
Also pretty much guaranteed to pump pre fork, probably sell 75% off then and HODL the rest for BTCH.

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Fork might never happen now, noob. Get out as soon as your comfortable, it's never gonna reach $200 again after the last announcement

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lol sold at $10, see you later cuz

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right-- but when is that fork again?

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they are doing simulations now son...

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> will be immediately supported on BarterDEX due to XCAT support

WTF is Barterdex? (Checks CMC) $9500 volume lol (pic related)

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The fork got delayed you fools.

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Its the first crosschain decentralized exchange. BarterDEX support wont matter now, but it will in a year when scaling has been worked out for bitcoin.

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also expect a regulatory ramp up over the next couple years which will drive demand for decentralized exchanges

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Alright. I'm in.

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