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This board has really gone to shit since December. I have never seen such a sudden decline in quality. It's sad, because I used to enjoy coming here.

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Blame reddittors

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normies crashed /biz

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still a respectable 12000 iq points level

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It's also /pol/. It's really all of them.

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>dude, TA is just fortune telling
>total supply doesn't matter, dude
>tether is backed by usd, bitfinex is a conspiracy

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It's funny because I'll leak info on people and events I know personally in quality threads, and they will go to archive 5 mins later under a flood of soyjacks.

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buy the dip

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Guys am really smart am have iq 120-130! money always go bye tho? help why

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You mean May.

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I blame redditors and normalfags, and most of all insecure newfags calling everyone else redditors. And mods who refuse to delete normalfag blog threads. Just cancer in general, especially this new wojak, it's fucking trash. /biz/ isn't fun anymore. I'm surrounded by people that I don't want to be surrounded by.

Summer was fun.

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Someone from /g/ posted this a few days ago.
Where do I get charts like this?

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im pretty sure this has all happened before. if this bear market continues enthusiasm will die and everything will be back to normal.

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>muh /pol/ boogieman
its the redditors theyre pretty obvious

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vechain shillers every other post becomes broing

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/pol/ is cancer, if you can't see that then too bad for you. /biz/ resisted for some time, but pretty much gave up trying a while ago. The mods don't really help so... Now /biz/ is /pol/'s bitch, like several other boards. Oh well.

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There's a dev on /g/ that maintains that, ask around on /g/

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You seriously need to get out of biz and reddit amd start using proper discords like q9xXVCC if you want to survive these crashes

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Yep, a portion of /pol/ migrated to /biz/. Instead of wasting time discussing the news, they are now shilling coins.

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/pol/ is at least 50% redditors and newfags

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/pol/ left /pol/ because of the influx of redditors. The real problem aren't even racists, it's kekistan.

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post /trv/ please

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Pajeets don't feel at ease in pol since their flags are shown and everybody tells them to poo in the loo, so they have migrated here.

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Ahhhhh fuck sell sell sell!!!!! It's crashing.

Buy high sell low!!!
Biz way deeeeerrrrrrrrrp

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That's why it's filled with Reddit screen caps.
It used to be /b/ newfags landed on. Then /g/ in 15, then /pol/.
Everyone wants to feel like they discovered a secret club. They know they are redditors, thats why it's the insult fly's because there is no Upvote to give each other 'street cred'

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Woah, such a hassle to use a non-country flag.

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Where to buy IQ? How high is market cap?

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Those are obvious coverups for loos and leafs though.

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I said it's all of them. Reddit, /pol/, normies, and annoying third worlders too. What are ya gonna do? The face of the Internet has changed, radically.

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feel the green wojacks touch. he will guide you to great gains and you will feel comfy once again.

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old /biz/ bought me my first house

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I agree. what's up with the racism? the sexism? the anti semetism? the facism? We need mods like reddit has that can ban the nazis so we can have free speech.

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/pol/ could migrate wherever they want, if they were capable of leaving their /pol/ where it belongs. But they're not. They can't help themselves but spew their poison around them wherever they go. Until half the threads on the board are partially or completely derailed into "muh race" or "muh jews". That's what happens when you give that shit a foothold in your room. You might think /pol/ is some kind of solution but I see things more clearly. It's the cancer.

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On the few odd occasions that I posted on /pol/, I never used my flag, despite being a Eurofag. I'd much rather use a flag of my political alignment, so that I avoid
>I don't like your post so I'll call you whatever ideology I hate

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yeah how could people have different opinions than you! Dont they know unless you agree with you entirely they must be raycisss.

Give us flags and half the poos would be forced out within the month we can go back to nromal

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And what group do you belong to? LGBT?

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How the fuck does that thing even see the food it's eating? Or can it not even move to get it, trapped as a blind paralyzed food disposal?

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Thanks, Just brought 100k IQS

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The old school way, before redditt even showed up here, was no tolerance toward /pol/. It was


at the first sign of any of that bullshit. Even /b/ would kick /pol/ out back then lol. A few boards still have that attitude, and they're better for it.

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I'm just a jolly fat guy from Missouri who looks like Santa Claus.

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>A few boards still have that attitude, and they're better for it.
aka you also shitpost on other boards like this whenever you feel offended

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Yup, the fact that people actually fall for the "whale here" posts is astonishing.

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Oh yeah I'm shitposting, alright.

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I think the problem with /pol/ was it got infected with the_donald and all their whining and victim complex. the classic, if you act like idiots eventually idiots show up who aren't acting. And then they spread everywhere. Nobody cares about racism or homophobia but it's the instant defensiveness anyone from nu pol goes into at the slightest criticism of anything is unbearable. And pol didn't used to be like that.

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The fact that you think people have a problem with your opinions just shows how new and clueless you are. Just stay on your containment board and never leave. You'll be doing everyone a favour. You even want flags, as if IDs weren't bad enough. Back to normal? You are so lost.

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>ITT /pol/ faggots getting offended at the reality that they're the reason this board went into the shitter

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Thanks found it.

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Lol old school, none of you itt know what old school is. You've been cancer so long you actually think you're even close to what 4chan once was.

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I've been here since trumpcoin... I can assure you it has been terrible for a while.

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Shareblue has invaded this site.

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I blame Twitter

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zoom in retard

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Fucking lul'd

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Was december 2017 by chance the time you started to browse biz?

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Truth hurts.

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LOL muh mods. Freeze peach! Fuck off. It is going to be fun having the second holocaust vs the current wave of immigrants.

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What do you think

And they complain about immigrants, isn't it so hilariously ironic?

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Don't worry. /biz/ will go back to quality posting and less pajeets after the crypto bubble pops in 5 years.

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Ya ya back to your safe space soy nigger.

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it's other boards invading us trying to get rich, on those boards you have to make a thread with an image of a thot or wojak or else no one will reply to it. that's why half the biz threads now are ass and tiddy OP images.

all they will do is buy old/biz/'s bags in the end though and leave, so I'm fine with it.

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Guess what? There was a massive decline from July to December as well.

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>come here in august
>complain about other people ruining this board

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one thing is true

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The old /pol/ that were here were fine, because they were also /biz/.
It's the new normie/pol/reddit refugees that are toxic and trashy, screeching and whining nonstop about pajeets, niggers, kikes, women, redditors, soyboys. With how stupid, ignorant, and incapable they are, I genuinely believe many of them are mentally retarded. For example, the endless screeching about their misunderstanding about US tax laws, when they can correct themselves doing a simple search on the Internet.
It's like having a rowdy horde of special-ed. children loosed upon a club.

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