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>user A pays 1 USD to exchange for 1 USD of bitcoin
>user B pays 1 USD to exchange for 1 USD of bitcoin
>total of 2 USD of bitcoin in the market
>tether in the market is 0
>tether prints 1 USDT
>user A exchanges 1 USD bitcoin with tether for 1 USDT
>user A spends 1 USDT to buy 1 USD of bitcoin from user B

the only capital now in the market is the initial 2 USD, but there are 2 dollars and 1 tether money now in the market.

User A ends up with 1 USD of bitcoin
User B ends up with 1 USDT of tether
Tether ends up with 1 USD of bitcoin

can someone explain this?

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brainlet spotted

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go on.

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>>can someone explain this?
yes, you are dumb

>there are 0 tether
>user A deposit 1 usd
>1 tether is printed
>user A gets 1 tether and loses 1 usd
>user A exchanges 1 tether for 1 usd worth of btc

same shit with user B, C and Z.

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Anon, do you hate easy money? If not then join$$

https://discord dot gg/6ddqFHd

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if this was the case, why has tether printed $550m in five days during a crash, more than it did in the entire month of december when BTC doubled its value.

you see, the prior theory was "of course tether is printing, everyone is exchanging their bitcoin for tether!". which your theory flies in the face of.

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>which your theory flies in the face of.
no it's not, you can short on bitfinex. whale deposited tons of cash so they can short btc.

there is really nothing strange here, this tether fud is fucking retarded

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This is how it's meant to be, but this isn't what's happening.

What they're doing is printing tether, sending it to an exchange, and then buying BTC with it (hence why BTC pumps).

Unless you can name one person who has exchanged USD for USDT ... and how I would be able to do that too.

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>Unless you can name one person who has exchanged USD for USDT
evebody who deposits on bitfinex

>This is how it's meant to be, but this isn't what's happening.
nice source, tinfoil hat faggot

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I think teathers are printed to keep usdt price = 1 dollar when usdt is in high demand.. esp when there is a dip or dump expected.
So i think whenever usdt gets printed it because insiders know that shits gonna crash and loads of ppl are gonna cash out into tether.
But tether must always = 1 dollar so they print more to keep price constant.

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Except there is no link between what Exchange accepts in USD and what Exchange (as Tether) prints as USDT

In reality your scenario is:
>Exchange accepts X USD for Y BTC/Pixelmoney
>Tether prints Z quantity of USDT
And it seems apparent that Z>X by a great amount so that
>1 USDT = 0 USD

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i wonder..

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view this ... for some basic info:



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Yeah but they could legitimately only do that if Tether actually held more real USD. The USDT is supposed to be tethered to actual USD holdings, so them "printing" more USDT is (if legitimate) just be a proxy for them having more USD in reserves.

Except they just hit the print monopoly money button.

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But its all justified if they have a bank or lender financing them.. then its just balances on a ledger.

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Tether fud thread 64/100 today.

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Based US government protecting their citizens from the 2018 Tether collapse

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They have to say that because the US will come after you if you contractually peg anything to the dollar.

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Yes, "if."

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Why doesn't the usgov kill bitcoin and tether by making a digital us dollar? Basically tether which is not a scam.

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>It's the governments fault for having anti-scam laws
>Weasel TOS and exiting the US to try to avoid jurisdiction because those damn Americans won't let us run a scam

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Are you impyling bitfinex is using tether to pump btc? The. Youre a retard like.bitfinexed

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Because crypto is a meme that has no real purpose. And if ever does gov will step in and establish a monopoly like they did in the Free Banking Era (as you suggest).

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Tether is a way to circumvent the 'old boys banker club'. These exchanges lost all their relatiopships with banking due to 'money laundering' laws — if they didn't have tether they woldnt be able to operate. If you knew anything about hiw banks operate then you would know the purpose of tether

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That fact alone says its a ponzi, if people are flooding back to fiat, they don't have to do shit.

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I guarantee that bitfinexed guy is on here posting at least 2 tether threads a day

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He does nothing for the crypto community except make baseless accusations. Hes just salty cause he fell for the tethet fud and sold btc at 2k

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i'm barely invested in shitcoins ... tether is the BIG STINKING DOGGO IN THE ROOM

and every god damn normie will soon catch up to it

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brainlet detected - you dumb fucker can't even take in the info that is pre-chewed and served on a platter

oh boy ...

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>Print monopoly money and lie about it being linked to USD cash on hand
You're describing the hook/motive for a scam

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Ah youre the deluded idiot who thinks finex is pumping btc with tether, you're a retard.

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